Hello dear readers. Here is yet another twilight story for your liking! This story is also for my buddy Dani whose character is Mary Ann. My Character is Elizabeth. Now the introduction is a bit short and i apologize about that. Chapter one will be longer.

But for now here is the introduction and Case File. Enjoy

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from the Twilight Saga

Case File number 2279

Name: Elizabeth Marie Wellington

Date of Birth: 27th May, 1870

Age: 18 years (making Alec and Jane older)

Height: five feet four inches Weight: 120 lbs.

Hair Color/Length: Red; Waist. Eye Color: Hazel.

Complexion: Fair.

Family: None. Guardian: Mr. Charles Devonshire. Relation: Family Friend

Date Went Missing: 19th April 1888

If Assumed Dead: Yes

If Any Suspects: Yes. Name of Suspect/s: "JACK THE RIPPER"

Items Found At Scene: A scarf, a hat, several items of jewelry and purse all belonging to victim


The soft jingle of the door bell rang as Elizabeth walked inside, giving her umbrella a few shakes before placing it beside the door. "Mary?" She called as she looked through the library, "Mary Ann?"

"Up here Beth!"

Elizabeth looked up to see Mary Ann on the second floor. "Uncle Charles sent me to get you. He was afraid you would miss tea. Again" she said with a laugh as she climbed up the stairs.

"I must have lost track of time."Mary Ann said with a smile.

"You're always loosing track of time when you are here. It's almost as if time stands still for you here."

Mary Ann smiled, "Perhaps." She said as she headed down stairs to retrieve her coat and hat. Elizabeth slowly descended the stairs making sure that she didn't fall.

"Have a decent amount of customers today?"

"Yes actually I did. Four people from Italy came in today. The great big tall one was very handsome, quite polite too."

Elizabeth smiled, as the two linked arms as Mary Ann turned out the lights. Elizabeth opened her umbrella and they walked out of the store; only stopping for a moment so Mary Ann could lock the library up.

"Shall we then dear?"

Mary Ann smiled at her friend as they headed down the long street home. Cheerfully talking away and laughing and smiling about their day.

Not knowing that they were being watched by two people. One who openly stood in the rain, while the other, lurked in the shadows of the ally.