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A week had passed since the brutal murder of Lucille Orrington. Elizabeth had hardly left the house. Despite the fact that the pursuits of the Doctor had ceased for a short time. But even then she was frightened of him.

Mary Ann was trying everything to get her friend out of the house. Eventually she had run out of ideas and called upon Alec to assist her. One day Elizabeth was the only one in the house. Uncle Arthur was out and Mary Ann was at the Library.

Alec snuck into the house to find Elizabeth asleep in the sun room. An open book lying across her chest. A shall was wrapped around her shoulders keeping her warm. "Mi amore?" He kept his voice soft sitting down beside her. His cold hand caressing her cheek.

Mary Ann watched from the doorway her eyes filled with worry over Elizabeth. A sudden gasp escaped her when she felt an icy hand on her shoulder. Spinning around she was met by a pair of ruby red eyes. "Oh Felix." She exclaimed when she saw his handsome face. Her arms flung around his shoulders "Oh Felix my darling."

Felix smiled holding her smaller frame to his larger one. "I've missed you My Ann." He took her by the hand leading her out into the garden. Leaving Alec alone with Elizabeth.

Felix wanted some time alone with Mary Ann, all this death, grief and fear put him on edge. He wanted her close to him at all times now. He needed to be with her now more than ever. The feelings deep inside him were growing beyond what he had ever expected.

"Felix where are we going?" He lead her through the garden maze all the way to the center. Still holding her hand they walked across the stepping stones leading to the large stone sitting bench in the middle of the pond. Carefully placing her to sit upon it.

Felix knelt before her, hands cradling hers as if she were the most fragile thing in all the world. Ruby eyes staring straight into hers.

"Era il giorno ch'al sol si scoloraro

per la pietà del suo factore i rai,

quando ì fui preso, et non me ne guardai,

chè i bè vostr'occhi, donna, mi legaro.

Tempo non mi parea da far riparo

contra colpi d'Amor: però m'andai

secur, senza sospetto; onde i miei guai

nel commune dolor s'incominciaro.

Trovommi Amor del tutto disarmato

et aperta la via per gli occhi al core,

che di lagrime son fatti uscio et varco:

Però al mio parer non li fu honore

ferir me de saetta in quello stato,

a voi armata non mostrar pur l'arco."

She smiled down at him "What does it all mean darling?" He almost laughed remembering she didn't know that much Italian. Though he happily translated for her.

"It was the day the sun's ray had turned pale

with pity for the suffering of his Maker

when I was caught, and I put up no fight,

my lady, for your lovely eyes had bound me.

It seemed no time to be on guard against

Love's blows; therefore, I went my way

secure and fearless-so, all my misfortunes

began in midst of universal woe.

Love found me all disarmed and found the way

was clear to reach my heart down through the eyes

which have become the halls and doors of tears.

It seems to me it did him little honour

to wound me with his arrow in my state

and to you, armed, not show his bow at all."

His thumbs gently rubbed the backs of her hands before his lips placed a single kiss to each one. "Mi Amore. My Ann. You know of what I am. You know of what I have done, and can do. Yet you still accept me." He took her hands and placed them over his chest "You make my heart feel alive again. I know this may not be the best of times to ask this of you. But if I do not do it now, I may not get the chance ever again. Mi mine. Be mine forever. Join me in eternity, as my wife, my love, my dearest friend. Be by my side always."

Mary Ann couldn't believe it her heart was beating like thunder in her ears. He wanted her? He wanted her to be a Vampire with him? Not just a Vampire but his wife? His wife?! Her breath hitched in her throat her hands squeezing his tighter. "My love you must breath." Felix reminded her softly his lips claiming hers as they always did. Her lungs were filled with fresh air.

Once his lips pulled from hers she was calm. Her eyes looked into his a happy smile on her face as tears came to her eyes.


She watched his red eyes brighten with happiness "Si?"

Mary Ann nodded "Si." Felix's face broke out into a smile his lips kissing her hands then her lips.

"Grazie amore mio, grazie." He muttered over and over between their kisses. He now sat on the stone bench beside her. Their lips never seeming to leave one another as they shared in loves bliss.