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The silence on the other line just about killed me, until I heard my mother begin to stir. Charlie spoke up finally, "Renee, stop with the damn theatrics! Our baby girl is getting married and is pregnant with twins, she doesn't need the stress of thinking she just gave you an aneurysm or something! Just be happy for her and try not to make this about you for once!"

Renee: Fine. It was all just a little overwhelming to hear. So…October, huh? Well, I'll just book the next flight out, and we'll get this shindig started! Do you have a dress yet, Bella?

I responded, "Well, not yet, but Edward's sister Alice is designing me one, so I'm covered. The whole thing is being covered by Vanity Fair, so my coordinator is taking care of the details. I just really have to approve or disapprove and the rest is done. The colors are royal blue and silver and the theme is "When Dreams Really Do Come True: An American Fairy Tale." You should see the venue, it is so gorgeous!"

Renee: Good! I'll be there in a few days. I have a few ideas to run by you, which would definitely match that motif. What kind of budget do you have to work in?

Edward responded, looking deeply in my eyes as he surrounded me with his love, like a security blanket, "None. I want nothing but the best for your daughter, because that it what she deserves."

Renee: Oh sweetheart, he's definitely a keeper! Well, it's getting late, so I had better go."

Edward responded, "Oh Mrs. Dwyer, I wouldn't worry about the flight as you have been scheduled to have a car pick you up at eight in the morning tomorrow and our family's private jet will pick you up at the airport in Jacksonville. You have a suite booked at the Fairmont Olympic for the duration of your stay. There will also be a car and driver at your disposal during your visit. You will also have a line of credit available to you for personal expenditures such as food, shopping, etc. Feel free to indulge yourself."

Renee: Well, Bella, if I wasn't so in love with Phil, I might consider going cougar and poaching this one right out from under you! I'll see you and Emmie for dinner tomorrow.

Emmett and I yelled in unison, "We love you too, ma! Bye!"

With that, the evening slowly died down and Esme offered to hold on to the twins, while Edward and I decided to crash in the pool house. Edward stoked the fireplace, as the air had begun to take a bit of a chill after dark. He put on a movie while I slipped into something special and we snuggled on the couch, drifting to sleep in each other's arms. I awoke to the sound of Edward humming softly in the shower as tea brewed in the kitchen. I smirked to myself as the mere thought of his naked body in the steamy shower instantly drenched my core. I slipped out of my negligee and made my way to the bathroom. I slipped into the shower asking smugly, "Need a helping hand, big boy?"

Edward flashed me his sexy crooked smile and his eyes darkened as his honey-laden voice responded sexily, "I'd like a whole hell of a lot more than a hand, love." I had reached out and stroked his mammoth length a few times, before I dropped to my knees, trailing little kisses down his stone chest and washboard abs, licking and nipping along the way. I tenderly cupped his balls in my hand and squeezed as I lavishly ran my tongue along the underside of his shaft, swirling it around the tip, as he fisted my hair and released a guttural moan.

I hummed a bit as I began to take him into my mouth, one hand working in unison with my mouth at the base as I bobbed up and down at a frenzied pace. The other was still working his balls, as I increased the suction and tried to take him deeper. I wanted him to lose it, so I swallowed around his shaft and for the first time ever, I had him completely encased in my mouth. He yelled out, "Oh fuck, Bella! That is so, Fucking holy…FUUUUUUUCK!" I felt his cock pulse and the hot, thick ropes shoot down my throat while his hips bucked, and his orgasm ripped through his body. His legs began to quiver and his knees slightly buckled as I drained him of everything, before releasing him with a wet pop. I stood and he kissed me, before he kissed down my neck sucking on my pulse point, which began fanning the ache in my crotch to a raging supernova of epic proportions. He expertly handled my breasts and then worked each nipple with either his mouth, tongue or deft hands. I was officially a puddle of goo, when he slipped two finger into my dripping hole and began to work my clit with his thumb simultaneously. This action caused me to thrash about and scream out in gibberish as orgasm after powerful orgasm ripped through my body. Just when I thought I was about to go insane, He had me grip the wall as he lifted my leg straight in the air and drove his beautiful erection as deep as it could go into my core in one expertly smooth motion and began pounding into me with a force and speed that I had yet to experience. I came on his cock so many times that I lost count and each one was stronger than the last. We were both grunting and screaming out each others' names unintelligibly as the climax found us collapsing in a heap on the shower floor. I screamed in ecstasy, "EDWARD! HOLY…OH! MY FUCKING !" I know it has been mentioned a few times since I met Edward, but I really do think I saw God at that point. Yep, it was official, my hubby-to-be had fucked me stupid, and I could not for the life of me regret it! This was the life.

Those last few weeks were hectic as we put together both Angela's and my wedding. Angela's wedding was spectacular, and everyone had a really great time. The reception was a blast as we embarrassed the hell out of the wedding couple during our toasts. Emmett being the best man, told everyone about how Ben had been caught panty-raiding a sorority, and had got himself cleared by offering the matron, a 62 year old grandmother a ride on the Cheney Express, to which she simply shrugged and scoffed telling the frightened young man that she was completely satisfied in that department. She was going to call the cops when Ben bum-rushed the granny and took off like a bat out of hell. He had lost her and ended up ducking into Bella's room, only to find her roommate in an awkward moment, changing after a shower. He was wearing a pair of panties on his head and she mistook him for an intruder. Angela proceeded to beat him like a cheap rug, but it was love at first sight. Emmett said he knew right there that they were meant to be, because it looked so cliché, the angry woman beating the guy with a shoe.

Everyone laughed. I told everyone of how the walk of shame the morning after their first date told me they were meant to be. She came strolling in with the biggest shit-eating grin on her face and her clothes on inside out. Even her underwear was on backward! Not even thirty minutes later, a dozen roses and a sweet card arrived at our door. They were inseparable after that. I told everyone that I knew it was not a question of if, but of when by the time Ben popped the question.

I danced with my fiancé and my surrogate family until my blisters had blisters, and then we went home and made love until the early hours of the morning. The days coming up to my own wedding had just flew by me, and here I was, in a room, waiting for the hour to come for me to float down the aisle and become Mrs. Edward Cullen, and I could not wait. Esme, Renee, Sue, Angela, Alice and Rose were all doing my cosmetics and hairstyle, while the photographers from Vanity Fair caught a few candid photos after I was decent. I was nervous as hell, but I knew a few moments were all that separated me from my destiny. Who would have thought that an arrogant jerk totaling one's car in a school parking lot could have led to all of this? I was definitely the luckiest bitch alive.


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