I'm Happy Alone

Roderich was walking home carrying his groceries that he bought so he could restock his depleting sweet count. It wouldn't go so fast if Gilbert would stop stealing them. He paused hearing a rustle behind him. After a couple minutes of waiting patiently, he heard nothing so he continued his way home.

Gilbert sighed and began following Austria again. He bought ingredients for sweets! He smiled already feeling his stomach ache for the delicious treats. I think it's time to visit my good friend Roddy… Prussia smirked and followed Roderich excitedly.

Roderich got home and began taking out his groceries but instead of putting them away, he left them out so he could begin baking. He threw on his apron and began busily making cakes, brownies, apple strudels, and cookies.

Gilbert followed inside after waiting about five minutes to make sure Roderich was too engrossed into baking to notice him. He went straight for the piano room knowing it would take some time before he would be done cooking. He saw by the size of the bags, he wasn't baking on a whim; he was completely refilling his sweet storage. He plopped himself on the couch and began to relax so he could take a quick nap.

Gilbert woke up to the smell of a variety of sweets and smiled. He got up quickly and walked to the kitchen to see Roderich with his back to him. Suddenly smirking evilly he went over and wrapped his arms around him. The Austrian dropped the knife he had ready to cut into a cake. "Beilschmidt…" he snapped glaring at the Prussian.

"Roddy, it's been too long." he smirked pulling him closer. Roderich began to try to push him away only having him tighten his grip.

"You insufferable…" started Roderich before the other man whispered in his ear.

"Invade…" He sneered feeling the Austrian tense.

"Don't…" he warned.


"You…" Roderich continued his voice lower.


"Dare!" yelled Roderich pushing back into him sending them both to the ground. Gilbert, surprised, hit the ground releasing him so he could stand and back away. "Gilbert… leave." demanded Roderich glaring at him.

Gilbert sat up pouting, "But Roddy!"

"Stop calling make that and leave!" he yelled pointing at the door. Gilbert looked at the door then back to Roderich smirking, "No… j… just go." he said losing his anger having overcome by fear. It's always so difficult with him.

"Nein." he said standing up looking over confident at the nation. Gilbert began moving slowly toward him as he backed away from him. "You know, since I'm not a nation, I can't take Silesia anymore."

"Gilbert, don't…" he warned having it fall on deaf ears.

"But I can still invade your vital regions." he winked taking a couple more steps in silence before jumping at Roderich. Roderich thought he dodged him until he felt his hands grasp his sleeve and bring him down to the floor. Since Roderich landed on top he jumped up only to have his ankle grabbed and fall to the ground.

"Let go!" he yelled as he was pulled underneath the ex-nation.

"Aw, come on Roddy, your paranoid." he teased moving one hand lower as his other held Roderich's wrists above his head.

Roderich was blushing madly as his hand nearly reached his vital regions before a frying pan hit him right upside the head, "You perverted sex crazed moron!" screamed Elizaveta. Gilbert jumped looking a little sad as he stole one more glance at the confused Austrian before taking off. Roderich let Elizaveta chase him out and sat up trying to figure out the Prussian's face.

Usually he just winks while smirking. He shook his head and stood up to finish his baking.

"Gilbert, I'm surprised you haven't gone to torture Roderich." expressed Ludwig as his brother walked into his room. He only took a quick glance from his book but then had to put it aside. "Gilbert, are you okay?"

Gilbert looked tired and stressed but he nodded, "Of course I'm okay! I'm awesome like that!" Germany shook his head and picked his book back up. He sighed and sat down on the bed staring at the wall. "It's boring."

"Why don't you visit Francis then?" sighed Ludwig.

"I wanna visit that fucking aristocrat but no! That bitch of an ex-wife hasn't left his house since my last visit." complained Gilbert lying back on the bed.

Ludwig's eyebrow raised, "What exactly did you do?"

Gilbert smirked devilishly as he sat up, "Found a new way to invade his vital regions." he winked.

"You deserve every frying pan and curse known to man then." stated Ludwig deciding to go back to his book to keep his own sanity.

What he didn't expect, however, was for his brother, who supposedly hates the Austrian with a passion, to grab his book and demand, "Have him visit here."

Ludwig blinked a couple times, "What? When did you get so desperate to see him?"

"Just do it! It's boring without picking on stuff shirt!" he yelled flustered.

Ludwig figured there was something else he had planned but sighed, "Fine…"

"Make sure only he comes." smiled Gilbert widely. Ludwig instantly regretted this decision but nodded to assure his brother he would.

"Elizaveta, I'm going to Ludwig's." declared Roderich after getting off the phone. He really didn't have to tell her since she was hovering over his shoulder for the duration of the call.

"You shouldn't have agreed." she snarled not liking the idea she couldn't follow and protect him.

"Ludwig said we should catch up on regular affairs and he's going to invite Feliciano as well." he explained walking to the kitchen still devoid of his bubble as she followed mere centimeters behind him.

"This is Gilbert's doing." she spat feeling her Horny Prussian Radar go off the charts. Roderich froze for a second at the mention of his name.

That's right he'll be there as well. He hung his head before continuing to his room to get dressed for the dinner tonight

Ludwig was going to answer the door but halted in his tracks as he turned to look in Gilbert's room, "Bruder?" he asked shocked.

Gilbert jumped and messed up his hard work at tying his tie, "Fuck, West!" He turned to face him, in a suit, an actually clean suit.

Ludwig's eyes were wide and wanted to ask but heard the knock get louder. He sighed and went to answer it before the Italian could break down his door. "Ludwig!" yelled Feliciano glomping his best friend. "I didn't know you also invited Roderich!" Ludwig looked over his shoulder seeing Roderich fixing his suit and glasses.

"Hello Feliciano and Roderich." he said welcoming them inside. Gilbert came down the stairs after hurriedly putting his tie back on to see Roderich talking with Ludwig. "Something is wrong with Gilbert." he said concerned.

"What's wr…" Roderich started to ask before Feliciano piped up.

"Gilbert! When did you get a suit?" exclaimed Feliciano running over to hug him. Roderich raised an eyebrow at Ludwig's expression before turning to see he, in fact, without a doubt, had a suit on.

Gilbert glared at him as he finally got Feliciano off, "Don't give me that face priss." he snapped. He was taken off guard though when Roderich moved quickly over to him and grabbed his tie.

"Learn to tie it if you're actually going to try to be civilized." he sighed fixing it quickly and easily. Gilbert froze staring wide eyed at the Austrian and for some reason, felt his heart quicken slightly.

"Even when you're being nice, you're such a fucking nag." Gilbert stated happy that Roderich finally pulled away not liking how his body reacted at all.

"Well dinner is ready if you guys' are done." stated Ludwig dragging the Italian behind him since he was hanging off his arm. Roderich began walking first and Gilbert couldn't help himself.

"You know Roddy…" he smirked coming up behind him. "Even with a suit you still look like a girl." he teased swiping his hand across his ass just as they were about to enter the kitchen. Roderich froze giving him a death glare watching him go into the kitchen.

I knew it but why does it still surprise me? Roderich sighed and walked in taking the seat next to Gilbert. Sadly it was the only chair left at the table. He knew it would be like this because Feliciano deeply cared for Ludwig and took every opportunity to be near him. The meal was just fine and was a mixture of German and Italian cuisines. Roderich kept to his tea, Feliciano, wine, and of course the German beer was for the other two. Everything was going just fine and Ludwig had even made sweets for them. The only bad part of the dinner was it seemed like Gilbert's goal was to get wasted and accomplished it just in time for dessert.

"Roddy!" cooed Gilbert leaning in close to the Austrian's cheek.

"Gilbert, please remove your presence from my space bubble." calmly demanded Roderich taking a bite of cake.

Gilbert frowned and took his phone out grabbing Roderich's shoulder to pull him close, "Geez, Roddy, smile." He snickered taking the shot and quickly saving it.

Roerich blinked a couple times before pushing the Prussian throwing him off balance to the ground, "Gilbert, you need to calm down."

Gilbert looked up at him pouting, "But Roddy, it was just a picture, be happy I didn't reclaim your vital regions." Ludwig began to remove Feliciano from the kitchen wanting him to stay innocent. Roderich blushed and wished Ludwig didn't leave him alone with his drunken brother. He quickly tried to leave the room but was grasped by the arm. "Where are you going?"

"I believe my presence is no longer needed." explained Roderich trying to get free only getting a tighter grip. "Let go." he sighed not wanting to deal with him.

"I get dressed up and all you did was complain about my tie. I try to make an effort and you just push me away." Gilbert growled tightening his grip more causing bruises on Roderich's arm. Hearing the gasp of pain brought him back to reality instantly letting to. Roderich held his arm as Gilbert stood up looking concerned. "Shit, Roddy, I…" he tried as a hand went across his face.

"Gilbert, don't bother trying to get out with another lame excuse about your lack of 'Awesomeness'." he spat turning on his heel leaving quickly. Gilbert froze for only a second before chasing after him.

Ludwig heard a commotion and stood up about ready to kill his brother as he saw Roderich heading to the door quickly, "Rod…" he started as his brother ran into the room.

"Roddy!" he exclaimed stopping the Austrian from leaving the household. Gilbert waited until he turned around sending daggers while crossing his arms. He froze at the way Roderich was staring at him it was of pure hate and he felt his heart break slightly. The angered man sighed and left the house without another word. Gilbert stared at the space that used to have his body occupying it for a few minutes before storming off to his room.

"Ve~, Ludwig, they fight like a couple." stated Feliciano nearly gliding over to him. Ludwig blushed severely and knew what was going to be coming the next morning.

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