Okay just so you guys know, I have had to change the rating to M. The reason, I decided to put in a small yaoi scene knowing some of you guys would like to see it and if you guys don't like that I'm so sorry you can just skip over it. I'm not good at writing yaoi, better an shounen ai, so hope you guys don't murder me at my attempt.

Wir Gehören Zusammen

Wait, did he just say, he loved me? Roderich couldn't even begin to comprehend at what he had just heard come out of Gilbert's mouth. It was preposterous yet appealing at the same time. His thoughts never even began to think if they could get in a relationship but he couldn't help but hope for it all this time. Now that the words he was hoping for were said, he didn't know if he should return them. After all he did have a streak of one night stands. Yet somehow, he believed him, full heatedly. "Somehow… I love you too."

Gilbert pulled away a bit to look at the now blushing Austrian. Normally when you confessed your feelings you could look at the person but considering the aristocrat… He lightly grabbed Roderich's chin so he could look at him and kissed him softly on the lips. Roderich kissed him back without hesitation this time keeping the kiss soft and innocent. The Prussian moved his hand to stroke his cheek lightly and smiled a bit feeling him move closer to his hand. His other hand tightened around his waist so there was no chance of him falling off and was a little shocked as he felt a pair of arms slowly move around him as well. He must really mean it.

Roderich was enjoying these small moments and wondered when… He blushed a darker red at the thought not exactly able to think about that yet. The kiss continued and more pressure was applied and their grips tightened to pull each other closer. The albino began to lightly nibble on his lip asking for entrance and he felt his body reacting instantly. He opened his mouth slowly slightly unsure but Gilbert lightly rubbed his back with his hand gently moving his tongue inside his mouth. This is a first. He's being gentle…

They both pulled away after a few to catch their breaths and it took all of Gilbert's will not to start just attacking the body in front him. He smiled at Roderich who was still blushing and at least able to look at him now. "Awesome!" he exclaimed pulling him closer now with both hands around his waist.

"D…do you want some cake now?" he asked hoping to change the conversation so he could be let go. Not that he was comfortable, no, this is the most comfortable he has been in a long while but he just didn't know how to handle this. They apparently both love each other, he's being nice, and it could only last so long right? He won't be this way all the time. That would just be too good to be true.

"Nein." Gilbert replied smiling at the Austrian and never relinquishing his hold on him.

"Warum?" he asked looking down at him surprised his offer for his… God cake was turned down by the man who gave him the initiative to make it. Roderich did always like watching his reactions to his new creations or just how he liked his food in general. It was nice to see even though one of his best friends was Francis his food could rival his cooking.

"Because I want something else." the Prussian answered smirking a bit. Gilbert didn't care for the cake, well he did but right now he just wanted more of the Austrian. They didn't really say they were going out but, he would like that a lot. This would be the first relationship he would actually be in since he always avoided marriages because he'd rather be fighting, but now, he really wanted this, and he wanted it to work because he's always liked the aristocrat.

"What could you possibly want that could rival…"

"Beat." he interrupted catching him off guard.

"Okay beat the promise of your favorite treat?" Roderich asked finally able to finish his question.

"You." he smirked. Roderich really wasn't expecting that kind of answer and stared at him a little confused. Gilbert sighed and closed the already small space between them to kiss him again with more pressure form before. He couldn't stand to not kiss the man because he was nearly as addicting as his sweets were, maybe even more. The kiss continued to deepen more as he was granted access in to the Austrian's mouth again rubbing his tongue a little harder than before.

Roderich didn't mind as he roughened the kiss because he did, truly love the man, even though he gave him multiple headaches in just an hour span, but he loved him all the same. His arms tightened a bit to bring him closer as the kiss continued.

Gilbert was still wondering about that little blemish as Roderich called it, and just had to sneak his hand up to his cheek like he was stroking it but instead brushed his thumb over the mole. He didn't really get why he said he couldn't touch it but found out that exact moment. Roderich moaned and suddenly pushed closer to him nearly knocking the chair backwards. The Prussian had to pull away keeping his finger close to his mole. "Whoa Roddy not so much at once unless you really want my five meters that much." he snickered. The brunette gave him a death glare that wasn't all that effective seeing as he was breathing heavily, blushing madly, and his eyes were slightly lust covered.

"Don't… do that." he breathed trying to pull away now.

The albino felt bad at that and held him tighter, "Why can't I aristocrat?"

"It's just not good." was the lame response.

"But what if I liked the response." he said beginning to smirk.

The Austrian blushed a darker shade looking away. "I don't like it…" Like that will stop him.

"It's okay I don't need an erogenous zone to make you want my five meters." Gilbert declared smirking widely. One of his hands slowly slipped up and onto Roderich's chest lightly tracing over it. A shiver ran over his body feeling the other hand slip under his shirt. His blush deepened as Gilbert began to slowly undo his jacket.

Roderich's hands shot to his to stop his actions shaking his head a bit. "Nein, not that." he nearly whispered.

Gilbert blinked a little surprised but not from the fact he said no. He acted like he never had done anything like this, at least with a man anyway. "Specs?" Roderich looked at him again finally catching his breath. "Have you been with a man?"

The Austrian nearly scoffed at the idea, "I was married to Antonio before…"

"Not like that, I mean been with a man before."

That made him freeze up because out of all the time he spent with Antonio, he gladly let him keep his space and they didn't do anything. "That is none of your business." he huffed looking off to the side.

"Wow, you really haven't have you?" he asked moving to look at him eye to eye. "Roddy, I won't hurt you. I can't hurt you because I love you."

Roderich looked at him smiling still a bit uncomfortable, "I know that and I love you too."

Gilbert knew that no matter how much or long he prepared the other man under him it was still going to hurt since this was his first time. He leaned over Roderich kissing him as his fingers kept scissoring back and forth stretching him wider. Roderich was moaning a bit and was muffled as he kissed the Prussian wrapping his arms around him pulling him closer. His fingers left his entrance and he pulled away to look at him. "Roddy, it will still hurt you know that right?" he asked running his hand lightly over his cheek.

Roderich would like to see this side more from Gilbert but knew it would only happen every now and then. He smiled and leaned up to kiss him as he felt the other positioning. "I know." They both kissed again as the silverette slowly pushed inside.

Gott, he's really tight… He slowed down feeling the other tense and grip him tighter. The kiss seemed to halt as he continued to push in deeper. When he finally felt himself all the way inside he pulled away to see he was definitely in pain, but a lot less since he took a long time to prepare him. Roderich was so tight he was already panting a bit from the feeling and he wasn't even moving anymore. "How are you doing?" he asked having red eyes meet violet.

The reply was a little nod and a shift of the hips. Definitely hurts but it could be worse. His breathing began to calm down and his grip lessened. Roderich moved against him a bit, "Go… ahead." Gilbert could've waited as long as he wanted to, no matter how much he just wanted to start pounding away at him because he finally had him and he felt wonderful. He complied anyway and began to slowly pull out before thrusting back in a little quicker than the first time. Roderich began to feel the pain ebb away by the oncoming of pleasure and slowly moved with him. This was the Prussian's cue to begin moving faster and faster slowly setting up a rhythm. Their moans were getting louder and their breathing was heavier with each thrust. The Austrian suddenly cried out arching his back earning a smirk from the ex-nation.

Found it finally. He picked up his hips a bit so he could thrust in deeper aiming now only for the other's prostate. His free hand moved to Roderich's neglected member instantly moving his hand in time with his own thrusts thumbing the head every now and then. Gilbert leaned over his body kissing his neck, shoulder, and collarbone leaving a variety of small and large hickeys behind.

Roderich could feel himself getting closer and closer with each thrust that seemed to be perfectly aimed to his bundle of nerves. His moans were getting louder and he suddenly gripped Gilbert tightly as he reached his peak releasing on their chests and stomachs. "Gilbert!" he moaned loudly arching his back.

Gilbert felt the walls tighten around his own member only making him last a couple more thrusts before releasing inside of him. "Roderich!" he moaned at nearly the same pitch panting for once using his full name. He collapsed on top of the other trying to catch his breath just like the man underneath him.

His hand searched out Gilbert's and held it tightly, "Ich liebe dich."

"Ich liebe dich auch." was the reply before their lips met again.

Gilbert knew there was no way he was going to stop smiling for the rest of his life. He finally got Roderich, in all the ways he wanted him for so long. They were officially going out since last night, or early morning and he was now heading to Ludwig's house so he could congratulate him.

Roderich's back still hurt and it took a lot just to make it look like a little limp as he waited for Elizaveta to come over. Every now and then though, he would find him smiling because his thoughts would travel to the Prussian. He may be annoying, but, I love him.

The Prussian walked up behind Ludwig wrapping his arms around his neck. "Oi! Guess what?" he exclaimed smirking widely.

"What bruder?" he asked trying to keep calm since he hadn't heard from him since yesterday but he got no call from Roderich.

"Kesesesese~, Roddy and I are dating."

"What?" yelled Elizaveta trying so badly to hide her excitement wondering what kind of footage she may have gotten.

"Ja, we are dating as of last night." he confirmed not able to hide the dark blush that was spreading across his face.

About time they started going out. "Where is he?" she asked not really hearing the obnoxious voice anywhere.

"Telling that bi… Elizaveta." he said knowing if he wanted to stay on the good side of Roderich, he'd have to call her by her actual name.

"Bruder, you better not be playing with him." Ludwig scolded.

"I'm not West! It's like we've always…" started Gilbert pausing for a second.

"I think we've always..." Roderich began to answer Elizaveta.

"Belong together." they both ended with a smile even though they weren't near each other at the time.

~The End~

Yes sadly this is the end of my story. My yaoi scene wasn't long because it's hard for me to do them without having my heart feeling like it's going to explode or whatever. Anyway, I hope you guys like how I ended it. I really hope I didn't just lead you on something epic and kill it. I'm very happy for all who have followed me and I give you all hugs and 3. Now I did want to have a little fun at the ending because I haven't really read one having the conversation be lead into another situations and so forth so I hope you guys like my little bit of creativity and enjoyed my story!


~Ich liebe dich auch-I love you too


~ Wir Gehören Zusammen-We Belong Together