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Isabella Swan felt utterly dsconnected from herself, from what she once was.

Edward had left her, as well as the golden-eyed vampires she loved so much. They had tossed her away liketrash in a gusty wind.

Emmett, her big brother, her protector, left.

Alice, her best friend and sister, abandoned her.

Esme and Carlisle, the only parental figures she had ever had that she didn't have to take care of, the people that showed her how a family was supposed to be, left.

Jasper, her quiet and watchful brother and Rosalie, the beautiful blonde she had never really known, yet had respected, left.

They were all gone. She had been nothing more than a pet to them, nothing more than entertainment.

This knowledge hit Bella in sickening waves of grief as she lay, shivering on the soggy ground in the dense Forks forest.

Before she had come to Forks, she had been an independent young woman, strong. But then she met Edward and she had abandoned herself of the idea of love.

How foolish she had been! Bella saw that now but the damage had already been dealt, the bomb had already been dropped.

She had loved Edward, would have spent the rest of her existence with him but that was all just wishful thinking now.

Bella hated this feeling that was overpowering her, this sadness, this ache within her soul for more.

She also felt anger, an emotion she didn't feel all too often, at least not to this magnitude.

There she laid, curled up in a fetal position as if to protect herself from further harm. Minutes spent marinating in a world of hurts led to hours.

The outside world had ceased to exist for Bella. She forgot about Charlie or dinner, chores, schoolwork, life.

She was replaying in her mind the moments spent with Edward, with the Cullens, had any of those times been sincere? Was the love that had shown in Edward's eyes only been

amusement at her expense? Had they been laughing at her this entire time? The thought was unbearable. She had opened herself, her heart, to the Cullens in a way she never had

before and they had scorned her. She closed her blurry, world-weary eyes as if to shut herself away from the pain.

She drifted.

Bella woke to the feeling of something soft and incredibly warm brush up against her face and down her neck, the warmth was comforting and homey.

She heard a very faint rustling of the foliage surrounding her. Curiosity slightly piqued, she opened her eyes for the first time in hours.

A man, lithe and incredibly tall, stood before her. Her eyes travelled slowly up to his face and looked into his concerned eyes.

Suddenly, her world had been revolutionized. What she had known before had passed away.

Something deep within her being, something she never even knew existed, instinctually knew this man. He was strength and safety and Bella knew she could trust him.

Feelings she had never felt so intensely swam within her soul. The man knelt down to her level and looked deeply into her eyes, as if he was searching her soul.

He touched her cheek ever so softly, with an infinite gentleness that warmed her bruised heart. Bella couldn't help the soft smile that rose up on her lips.

He smiled back as he continued to gaze intently at her. He spoke then, his voice rough and deep, yet soothing. His words caressed her in a warm embrace. "A-ya u-ha wu li s qu a dv a

wa dv di ni hi, u na li go hi. A-ya gv ge yu i ni-hi a le a s qua ni go do di ni-hi ni ga na ye gv na ni dv le nv da e s ga i gv ne hi." (Translation: I have finally found you, my mate. I love you

and I will keep you safe from harm.) Bella may not have understood the words, but the meaning still rang through to her. She didn't understand it but she was eternally connected to this

man. Bella composed herself enough to find her voice, though it was shaky. "Who...who are you?" She wanted to know this man, in every way. The thought was surprising to her. His

deep vice responded lowly, as if afraid to startle her or break the sweet silence of the nature encasing them. "I am Sam Uley."

(A/N: The language spoken to Bella by Sam is not actually Quileute, but Cherokee. Sam is most definately Quileute in this story but there is not many Quileute websites for translations, at least not that I could find. If you know of a good Quileute translation site please PM me! The translation is very rough and I apologize.)

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