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Sam found his mate unconscious and laid out on the cold surface of their back deck. The sight of his Heart sprawled haphazardly on the ground, filled him with paralyzing fear. His mind became blank with terror as he raced to the limp body of Isabella. Phasing back to his human form, Sam crouched over her and began to run his hands and eyes over her chilled body. He searched frantically for injuries but he found none, other than a growing bruise on her elbow from the impact of the fall. Surrounding his mate was a strong haze of that disgusting, sickly sweet smell of Vampire. Sam tried to calm himself with the thought that the Vampire that came so close to his mate was now dead, but he couldn't stop that nagging thought that Isabella's life was in danger. It seemed much too unusual that of all the places in the world, that Vampire chose their home, chose his mate to interact with. Recalling Isabella's emotional trauma earlier and finding no major physical injuries made Sam believe that his mate passed out from the emotional blow of coming face to face with a species she now hated.

Gathering Isabella up in his arms, Sam made his way inside. He laid is mate down on his thread bare couch and covered his small body with a heavy quilt from the closet. Sam thought quickly, trying to figure out ways that he could make his mate more happy now and when she woke. Racing to the kitchen, he put some tea on and grabbed a pack of saltine crackers from one of the lower cabinets. After his kitchen duties were done, Sam ran back to the couch his mate was lying on and he moved her so that he was now underneath her, with her head in his lap. Moments passed slowly by and Sam moved his hand continually through Isabella's silky hair. His heightened sense of smell picked up on the faint odor of burning Vampire some way from the house. Sam reveled in the smell, knowing that His mate would never have to see that one ever again. Isabella whimpered and that brought Sam attention away from his thoughts of victory and onto the well-being of his woman. She whimpered again and Sam made purring noises in an attempt to comfort her. Isabella's eyes slowing opened. Sam watched her closely.


Bella opened her eyes to the most beautiful sight in the world. Sam leaned over her, worry and concern clearly in his eyes. The events of the past few hours flew back to her mind's eye in a dizzying flash. She gasped wildly, clutching desperately at Sam. All the emotions came rushing back and she held steadfast to him. Bella sobbed his name as she clung to him. Sam's presence and the need for answers brought Bella back from her emotional trauma.

"W-what happened?" Bella hated how her voice trembled.

Sam made soothing noises and played with her hair.

"Why don't you tell me what happened first, if you're able?"

So Bella began to tell him how she woke up alone, searching for him. When she questioned him as to were he had been, Sam simply shook his head and told her he'd tell her later. She continued to tell him of her experience and their shadowed visitor. Bella didn't know exactly how to tell…but she refused to keep anything from him.

"Sam, I asked him what he wanted and…he said he wanted…me."

Sam's reaction was exactly as she had feared: explosive.