AN- Sorry about the long wait. Again. I'd explain why I was gone for so long, but honestly, you don't care, do you? You just want the story. So here it is, my newest story, to tide you all over whilst I am writing for my other stories.

Warnings- First time writing in first person, Trio friendship, Ron POV,

Strong For You

In the middle of the night, amongst the snuffles and snorts of sleep, a faint whimpering sound can be heard clearly. It is this soft sound that wakes you from your slumber. Though you don't know who is making the sound, you have pretty clear idea. Silently, you slip out of your bed, and pad over to your best friend's. You pull the curtains back, revealing your closest friend, Harry Potter. The brunette boy is easily the smallest of your year, and even your friend hermione stands a good four inches taller then him. It is this smallness, this almost unearthly delicateness that makes him so unique. It is also this delicateness that makes people think they can take advantage of him, which they do. As you climb into the bed with Harry, you think back on what led to tonight's nightmares.Remembering the day's Potions class, you seethe. Snape has always been too lenient with the Slytherins, but this was pushing it, even for him. There was no way he didn't see what Malfoy was doing to Harry under the table. Harry cries out in his sleep, begging to be left alone. You can remember with ease how Malfoy snickered as Harry pleaded with him to be left alone, how anyone could see how terrified the little brunette was. You remember Hermione gritting her teeth at the Slytherin side of the room, and Neville hissing at the blonde boy to leave harry alone, with a surprising amount of venom in his voice. It isn't until the end of the class that Snape, ever so casually, tells Malfoy to save his sexual favors until the end of the day, not once acknowledging Harry's distress. Just thinking about it makes you furious, which Harry picks up on immediately, moaning in his sleep. Deciding that you need help, and the dormitory is no place to comfort a scared friend, you scoop Harry into your arms and make your way downstairs. You aren't surprised when you spot Hermione already seated on the loveseat, blankets and pillows in hand. When you ask how she always knows, she just shrugs, and makes room for you to sit, Harry's sleeping form still safe in your arms. Hermione leans on your shoulder and wraps a huge blanket around the three of you. More comfortable then you've ever been in any bed, you sleep.