The return of a sin


I am mostly fixing this story rather than revising it. But my character rachael does start to tone down –weapon wise - later in the story and also in the next one. This was my first Transformers fic. I was bothered by the punctuation errors I made when I first typed it. So I hope the repaired version is better for you all.

Story takes place a while before the episode Megatron Rises.

By the way, someone said Rachael was a female version of Ratchet and clank. i tried going for that.

You can consider her a Mary sue if you want. But i like her.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything that is copyright protected with the transformer animated series. I own only the story.

Character: Rachael

Age: 16

Description: long white hair

Red eyes

White sleeveless belly-top

Blue pants

Black boots

Summary: three years ago, Isaac Sumdac committed a dastardly act. He genetically altered a family member. He wanted to test animal gene splicing but didn't have anyone to test it on. except for his family.

His daughter – Sari – was five years old when this incident occurred. While Rachael was sleeping he had put a special gene within her system. A gene that scientist concluded to be a hybrid between a bat and lizard. He stood by her for a few minutes, and saw nothing happened. He slammed his fists against the room walls. The experiment was a failure. He left her room without a sound, without another thought. He went to bed, thinking on his failure.

The next morning, at 3:OOAM a blood curdiling scream was heard. Isaac and Sari ran into Rachael's rooming, hearing her scream in pain. She was writhing, twisting, and turning, clawing at her bedding. She fell out of bed, claws sprouting from her hands and feet, fangs protruding from her mouth , her blue eyes changing to red, her once lavish brown hair turned white, bat wings coming out of her back, and a tail. Isaac concealed Sari's eyes, not wanting her to witness such a horror. But even that didn't help. Sari could hear rachaels cries of agony. They made Sari weep out of sorrow.

When the transformation ceased, Rachael laid on the floor in a and Sari faced her. Rachael gaze seemed to be staring off into another place. It was as if she was she was looking past the ceiling and into the heavens. Tears spilling from her eyes, thankful that the pain was over. Rising to her feet, she still had a blank stare. When she turned she saw Sari and Isaac staring at her, almost terrified. "What?" she asked. They didn't answer. "Why are you looking at me like that?" When they still wouldn't talk to her, she looked in a mirror and saw she was morphed into something. Something beyond that of a human and animal, "What!" she cried. "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?"

"Rachael," Sumdac said, "Calm down."

Her eyes turned to narrow slits, "CALM DOWN." She shouted, "I LOOK LIKE a VAMPIRIC DRAGON AND YOURE TELLING ME-"she stopped, seeing Isaac's tearing face, "What did you do Sumdac?"

"I-I-" he sputtered.

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO?" she roared. She grabbed Isaac by the collar of his shirt, scratching his flesh. "Answer….me!" she demanded.

"I don't know why I did it, but I-" He pulled out the siringe. It was labeled 'Hybrid animal.'

Rachael bared her fangs to him, "YOU PUT ANIMAL DNA IN ME." Sari slinked to the other side of the door. Peering around so she wouldn't miss anything. "HOW COULD YOU?"

"I had to know what would happen." He replied shakily. "When I input the DNA it didn't react right away, so I thought nothing would happen. But I was wrong – so very, very wrong."

Rachael, unable to harm Isaac, threw him down. He backed away into a wall. She clawed at her hair, pacing back-n-forth. When she stopped, she calmed her nerves. "Tell me you can change me back." Isaac turned away; he couldn't bring himself to answer. Rachael grew furious. She grabbed Isaac by the shirt lifting him off the ground and slamming him into the wall. "Tell me you can change me back!" She growled. Sumdac dropped his head. Rachael knew what that meant. "You spliced me, without a way to change me back." She threw him to the ground.

"I'm sorry-" he tried to apologize.

"No Youre not." She hissed. " If you were you never would have done this to me in the first place." She readied her claws, preparing to claw Sumdac. But when she saw Sari – Sari's pleading eyes – she couldn't bring herself to do it. She retracted her claws. Rachael hissed to Isaac and then went to the window, spreading her wings.


"Who said anything about flying?" she said emotionlessly. Isaac tried to stop her. But rachael jumped from the window before he could get a word out. Sari and Isaac ran to the window, praying she was fine. Rachael was more than fine, she was flying. Isaac and Sari couldn't believe their eyes. Rachael was actually flying. the moon was shinning down on her white hair, her red eyes shimmering from the moons glow – the shimmer of hate. She pointed a clawed finger and declared, "I'll make you pay for what you did Sumdac," she looked at Sari's fear stricken face, and then turned her back, "I swear I will." Rachael then flew off, disappearing into the night.

Sumdac dropped to his knees in tears, "What have I done?"

Current time

Aaaaaaah. Sumdac screamed. he awoke in his lab, sweat dripping down his face, terror in his eyes. He put a hand to his forehead, and sighed with relief, "Only a dream." He panted. He leaned back into his chair and said once again, "Only a dream."

"Was it?" spoke the disembodied head of Megatron. Isaac faced him. "Or maybe what you saw in your head was a vision – no – a fear." He concluded slyly.

"A fear?"

"A fear that you hope will never become reality."

"No-no. It was only a dream. Just an old nightmare." He said, trying to convince himself.

"Believe what you wish, my friend," Megatron insisted sympathetically, "But lest we forget – if what you told me is correct – it was three years ago today that you changed your nieces life forever. If she is the kind of girl you say she is, she will keep her word and return."

Sumdac didn't want to admit it, but he knew Megatron was right. Racahel was a girl of her word. She declared that she'd return. And Isaac took her word for it. BOOM! Came an explosion. Sumdac ran to the window and saw smoke coming from the direction of burger bot. "I fear you may have been right my friend." He commented.

"I may be a robot, but I do know the minds and motives of humans. And by the sounds of things outside, she is hell bent on achieving her revenge." He said sinisterly. "Are you sure you can tame such a beast of a girl?"

"Maybe not," he admitted. Isaac walked over to the door. "But – unlike three years ago – this time I will try to save her." leaving the lab, Sumdac ran to his control center and turned on the large TV. "I am Sadie Turrent here live at burger bot as a young girl fights and shoots her way through a battalion of Captain Fanzones police force." The camera moves in close to the fight scene, but unable to get a good look at the girls face. the white hair though sent a chill down Sundak's spine. "It's her." he breathed.

Footsteps were heard speeding down the hallway. The door burst open. "DAD," Shouted Sari as she came stampeding in, "I think it's-"

"SSH!" Isaac urged. His eyes full of fear. Sari could barely remember the last time she had seen her father so terrified. To see that expression again, she felt her world slow down.

Both the Sumdac's turned back towards the TV screen. The news woman continuing to broadcast. "The girl shows no signs of exhaustion or ammo loss. As she progresses in her effort to fight, the police are baffled by her endless supply of weaponry – wait, we're getting a visual on her face." The girls face was came into view as Isaac and Sari gazed in shock. The red eyes, the white hair – it was Rachael. "The police, as well as this reporter are wondering three things: who is this girl? Where did she come from? And where does she keep those weapons?" Isaac turned the tv off. He leaned on the panel. A hand to his forehead.

"Dad?" Sari whimpered.

Isaac moved from the panel. "Let's go sari." Sumdac grabbed his keys and sped out the door. Sari following close behind them.

At the fight

"GET OUT OF MY WAY!" Rachael pointed her gun at the ground and a huge shockwave rippled on the ground, sending waves of energy at the police car units. The police as well as their vehicles were sent flying as the waves of energy struck them. "No one will stop me, I will kill Isaac Sumdac." She aimed the gun once more.

As it was charging, lightening shot it out of her hand. She looked for the source and saw five large robots. "Sorry to disappoint you," said the leading bot with the ax, "But we can't let you do that."

Rachael laughed to herself. "And whose gonna stop me," with a flick of her hand, a new gun appeared in her hand. As she aimed, a rocket shot out, hitting the blue and yellow bot. "BUMBLEBEE! PRIME!" The green bot shouted. He sent a wrecking ball at Rachael; she jumped and landed on it, putting it in the ground. "WHAT?" he gasped. Rachael sat on the ball, smiling. The green bot pulled at his wrecking ball. "I can't get the ball loose!" he said. Rachael ran up the ball wire, drawing a hammer and swung at the bot. When she hit him, the green bots cable snapped and he skidded to a painful halt in the gravel.

"Bulkhead," cried the red and white bot. He ran over to him. "How are you doing?"

"How do you think I'm doin Ratchet?" Bulkhead hollered, "I just got laid out by an organic."

"Now it's your turn grambot," she leaped for Ratchet, swinging the hammer again. Ratchet brought out his magnets and took the hammer from her. Rachael let go of the hammer and landed on a street light. Magnets huh,she thought. Reaching into her pack, she pulled out two grenades. Ratchet sent magnet waves at her, trying to stop her. Rachael jumped from the light and ran alongside the building that ratchet was near. "How does she-"Rachael was above him and threw the grenades. Ratchet tried to stop the bombs, but when they exploded red nets spouted out and wrapped around his hands. "What are these?" heat surged from the net, disabling Ratchets magnets. "My magnets, they're offline."

"That's not all that's going to be off line." Rachael aimed a rifle and shot ratchet through his chest plate. Rachael went back to the ground and ran down the street.

"Prowl get her." Shouted the yellow bot. prowl? A gold and black bot blocked her path, drawing what appeared to be ninja stars. Skidding to a halt, Rachael got into a stance. Not taking her eyes off the bot. Putting away the guns, Rachael produced dual katana attached to a chain, circling around her arms. "What are you after?" prowl demanded.

"Something important."

"So important that you need to endanger innocent lives."

"That was Fanzones fault, he and his mall cop flunkies got in my way," she readied herself to attack, "Just like you." She charged at Prowl. He threw his stars at her – when they were close to striking her…. they hit? No, she blocked them. The stars were grinding on her swords. Pushing back, the stars were sending them back. Prowl caught them with ease. "You'll have to do better than that ninja bot." She mocked.

"As will you?" he mocked back.

"Then let's take things up a notch," Rachael flexed her muscles and groaned. Prowl gawked, fangs came from her mouth – claws protruding – wings and tail appearing. Her transformation stopped and she was once again a demon.

"What in the name of the all spark?" Prowl gasped.

"For someone who's made of wires, you're easily surprised." She said psychotically. She licked her lips. "You are now witnessing the crime that Isaac Sumdac committed against me three years ago." She expanded her wings. "Although it's not too bad. For you see, thanks to these wings, I rule the skies." She launched into the air, drawing out blaster cannon, sending waves of attacks at the ninja bot. prowl ducked and dodged out of the way. He sought cover behind a building, as the relentless onslaught of attacks kept coming. He's quick. Good, I wouldn't want this to be too boring. Something caught her eye. Unfortunately, I have to cut this short.

After a few minutes the attacks ceased. Prowl peaked around the corner, Rachael was gone. Prowl sheathed his weapons. "Whoa," Prowl heard bumblebee gasp as he staggered to stand, "That news cast lady wasn't kidding. she is a one man arsenal."

"Dontcha mean one girl arsenal?" retorted bulkhead, rubbing his head.

"Alright you two," said prime, helping ratchet, "We need to stop her before she gets too far. Where is she heading though?"

"She mentioned Sumdac," said Prowl. "She said that he committed a crime against her."

"Autobots to Sumdac tower!" Prime ordered. The bots transformed into cars and sped off.


"Dad how do you know where to find her?" Sari asked, hanging onto the car door.

"I don't," Sumdac answered, "But she'll know where to find me. She's always been good at find people." Sari could see that her father didn't want to be out there. But something was compelling him to keep going. BAM!Something struck the ground causing Sumdac's vehicle to spin out of control. The car flipped and crashed into a nearby wall, the windows broken and wheels missing. Crawling out, Isaac and Sari got out of the totaled car. "Sari, are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine." she groaned.

"Which is more than I can see for you, Isaac," Isaac saw Rachael. She stood across from him, wings extended, tail flicking left to right, red eyes narrowed slits. Although she was glaring at him with such disdain, although she presented herself as the monster he turned her into, Isaac's face impassive. "You don't seem surprised." Rachael commented.

"I'm not," he answered listlessly. "In fact," he sighed, "I knew you would come back."

"Well I'm here," she drew the katana's once again, "And now I will finish what I started." she put them Sumdac neck. "You will die Isaac."

"NO!" Sari shrieked.

"SARI STAY THERE!" Isaac ordered. sari didn't move. She wanted to help her dad so much. But what could she do? She closed her eyes, not daring to watch.

Then a sound brought hope to her heart. Sari heard the horns of the robots called Autobots appear. "Guys!" she chimed. When they switched back to bot form. She saw the state they were in: Broken, bruised, and battered "What happened?"

"She beat the bolts out of us." Ratchet replied, holding his chest. Sari went over to check on them. She took out her key and plugged it in them. Although they were healed, they were still in no shape to fight. In fact they still felt their previous beating. The bots and Sari watched the standoff between Sumdac and Rachael. No one dared to move, mainly because they were too injured to do so.

All Rachael did was stand there. She glared daggers at him. The hatred in Rachael's eyes bore deep into Sumdac's heart. The only thing he could think about was that no punishment could compensate for what he did to her. To be staring at the monster he created…. "No, not a monster," he whispered.

Rachael strained her ears. "What did you say?"

"Youre not a monster," Isaac repeated solemnly. Rachael's stare lightened. "Youre a sin," he whimpered, "my sin. I wanted to prove something so bad that I didn't take you or your feelings into consideration." He went to his knees, "and there hasn't been a day that goes by where I don't curse myself for what I did. I know you can never forgive me, but I am so sorry." Tears came from his eyes as he stared into Rachael's. There was a change in her gaze. He didn't see hate, he saw remorse. Rachael lowered her swords, dropping them to the ground. She sauntered over to Isaac. At first she looked down to the kneeling man. He eyes void of any emotion. Then, just as it seemed she was going kick him, Rachael knelt down and hugged him, squeezing him tightly. Isaac, as well as Sari and the Autobots were shocked. "How can you forgive me?" Sumdac asked.

Tears streamed down her face, "Some part of me forgave you years ago," she said while crying, "The other half wanted to know if you truly were sorry for what you did." The two parted. "Now that I know, I can't hurt you. In fact, I never wanted to hurt you in the first place." The two hugged once again. Relieved that the fighting was over, everyone let out an audible sigh. Isaac and Rachael giggled.

"So," Bumblebee spoke, "can I assume this fiery vengeance trip of yours is done and over with?" he put his hands together, praying that she would say yes. When Rachael and Isaac nodded, Bumblebee shouted, "THANK CYBERTRON." Then he collapsed on the ground and fell asleep.

Next chapter will take place when Blitzwing and Lugnut first arrive.