It was official, Megatron had returned. He stretched his servos, enjoying the fact he could move. "It's nice to be back in the mechanical flesh." He went to the roof, and saw Starscream and Lugnut terrorizing Sumdac and Bumblebee.

When the two cons saw their leader, they threw their captives to the side, and Lugnut bowed to his leader. "Megatron, so good to see you alive and well," Starscream falsely greeted.

"It is good to see you Starscream," Megatron placed a hand on his shoulder, "Allow me to reward you for your devotion." With the key in his right hand, he punched Starscream in the chest plate, turning the con offline. Megatron threw Starscream off the building, and watched him crash.

Since the power was out, the force field was down and Bulkhead and Optimus made their way up.

When they made it, they saw Megatron. "It's not possible," Optimus whispered.

"Lord Megatron, what is our next course of action?" Lugnut asked.

"With the child's key, we shall locate the Alspark, and use its power to lay waste to this back water planet. Now Decepticons, Transform and rise up." All three cons changed into their flight vehicles and flew off.

Optimus saw Rachael, lying in Prowls arms, unconscious. "Prowl…I don't know what to say."

Prowl shook his head, "don't say anything," he laid Rachael down, "professor-"

"I shall take care of her, the rest of you stop those Decepticons." Bumblebee joined them, he was ready to go. The Autobots left. "Rachael," he wiped the blood from her face, her white hair stained with it, "This time, I will help you."

The Autobots sped after the Decepticons, Prowl putting out the extra gas. "Prowl take it easy, we'll find them." Optimus assured.

"When we do, Megatron is mine." The venom in his voice sent chills through the other Autobots. The chills became stronger when they looked at the sky; the Decepticons were right above them.

"Alright Autobots, Sky launch maneuver, go." Changing back to bots, Optimus and Bulkhead held out their hands, Prowl and bee jumped on and were launched. Prowl threw his shuriken and Bee used his bolts and increased the speed. They hit Megatron in the wing, making him cash land. Lugnut and Blitzwing landed with him. "WHAT IN THE NAME OF THE ALSPARK?" Megatron then saw the Autobots. His focus was drawn to Prowl and the deadly glare. "That's a scary look my young ninja bot. I had no idea you felt so strongly about that girl," Prowl clenched his fist, Lugnut and Blitzwing preparing for a battle, "I must admit, I found her screams enjoyable. Her writhing body, her dead face – it all brought me such pleasure," Prowl struck at him with his shuriken, Megatron held him off with his sword. "I wouldn't mind doing it all again." Prowl pushed on the taller mech's blade, not allowing Megatron to beat him. The other Autobots charged at the other two cons. Lugnut against bulkhead, Prime and bumblebee versus Blitzwing.

Prowl used his jump boosters and pushed Megatron off the freeway and into the downtown Detroit street.

Bulkhead and Lugnut stayed on the freeway, the two muscle bruisers able to battle it out in an open space.

Prime and Bumblebee took their fight to the buildings, Blitzwing more than happy to follow.

Sundak put Rachael on a lab table, many wires attached to her. Her vital signs were failing; the animal DNA in her blood was separating from her. "This is terrible," Her heard footsteps coming up the way, and saw Sari and Ratchet. "RACHAEL," Sari cried.

"Her vitals," Ratchet analyzed, he saw her DNA beginning to malfunction, "Is that-"

"The DNA I put into her was disoriented by the electrical shock she was put under. The cells are dying, pretty soon her own cells will die as well," Sumdac put a hand to his head, Sari gripped Rachael's hand, a sense of déjà vu flowing through her mind, "She used to be like this…three years ago."

Ratchet was contacted by Optimus, "Ratchet, we need a pick up."

"I'm on my way."

A few minutes later

"Whoa, what happened?" Sari gasped. Prowl was dented and scratched, Bumblebee and Bulkhead were on the border line of totaled. Prime was just crestfallen. The sight Rachael was in didn't make them feel any better. "We should be asking that?" Prowl staggered to Rachael, "What's wrong with her."

Sumdac and Ratchet told them how her cells were failing. They predicted that her death could come in less than 24 hours. "You have to help her." Prowl pleaded.

"I wish I could," Sumdac sighed, "It's just like three years ago."

"What happened three years ago?" Sari asked.

"Three years ago – actually further than that – a year after her parents died – Rachael was diagnosed with a rare disease. Slowly but surely, her body would eventually waste away. No matter if she was active, her body would become atrophic. Not wanting her to die, I experimented with many forms of DNA, even looked for donors – the only thing I had left, were the untested animal DNA. I pulled out the beaker that one of my colleagues believed was dragon blood, when in truth a scientist before me had created a hybrid of lizard and bat blood. I studied the sample, ensuring it was safe, I even mixed it with human blood. When I saw the progression the mix created, I injected Rachael."

"And that's how she became mutated." Optimus concluded.

"The result of that I wanted to try and correct it, only to bring back that horrible Megatron."

"You brought back Megatron," Everyone yelled.

"Because he mentioned that he could help you guys and Rachael. How foolish I was."

"And now he's got the key." Bumblebee mentioned.

"Megatron has the key," Ratchet reiterated.

"Yeah and he's on his to the alspark, and we can't stop him." Optimus said.

"PRIME, I PICKED YOU UP IN THE SHIP, AND IT HAS THE ALSPARK IN IT." Everyone's jaw dropped, Megatron would be there any second, and none of them were able to fight. Then an idea came to ratchet, "The alspark," he went over to Rachael and scanned her equipment.

"What about it," Bulkhead asked.

"Most of the equipment Rachael has is cybertronian. Since some of it is linked to her body, the alspark may give her a jump start."

Prowl jumped up and ran to the ship. When he came back, he was out of breath. "You think this will work,"

"It just might." The gang hooks up the wire to her gloves, boots, belt and torso, attached it all to the alspark. "Cross your fingers." They powered the alspark, the technology scanners went haywire. Rachael's body wiggled around as the energy surged through her body. When it ceased, she lay relaxed on the table, she had flat lined.

"No," prowl whispered, he went over to Rachael and sat by her, holding her hand. Tears came from his eyes, they dripped on Rachael. "Rachael, please…you can't leave…we need you…I need you," he pleaded, he went down to her, and whispered as low as he could, "I love you." He rested his head. Sitting next to the dead Rachael. Everyone sat in silence, and waited for the Decepticons arrival. Beep, prowl raised his head, beep, "Ratchet," Ratchet ran over to the vital scanner, he heart beat was rising.

"By the powers that be, she's coming back." She stirred, and groaned. Her eyes opened to the auto bots and Sumdac's around her. "Hi." She sat up and smiled, as if nothing happened. Prowl hugged her tightly, "gah…prowl. Can't breathe."

"I'm sorry," he wheezed, "I'm just so happy Youre okay."

Optimus approached her, a look of shame on his face. "Rachael-"

"I'm sorry, do you want to talk to an insubordinate demon," she said folding her arms and turning away, pretending to be mad.

"Yeah," Bumblebee agreed, "are you sure you can work with a bunch of insubordinate malfunctions."

"I know what I said, and I'm sorry. Since we brought back a friend," he knelt down to Rachael and held out his hand, "I was wondering if we could bring back our friendship." Rachael jumped up on his shoulder and pecked him on the cheek, "it never left."

"Alright," Bulkhead said, "one of us is good to go, but what about the rest of us. I couldn't transform into a trash heap."

"Let us take care of that." Sumdac and Ratchet said.

Megatron, Blitzwing, and Lugnut made it to lake eerie, where the last alspark signal had resonated. It wasn't there. "The alspark signal has moved," Megatron turned to the direction he came from, "It's a Sumdac tower…no…it's-"

"Right behind you." The three cons saw the Autobots and Rachael; ready to battle it out.

"So you live after all, my dear." Megatron readied his gun, "I shall remedy that." He fired. Evading the attack, the battle had begun.

It was an all-out brawl, Lugnut and Megatron stayed on the ground while Blitzwing provided air support. Taking to the skies, Rachael battled Blitzwing, using the fan that Ratchet had made for her. Ratchet was on the ground providing support.

Down below, Optimus, and prowl were fighting Megatron, Bulkhead and Bumblebee with Lugnut.

Rachael was chased all through the sky, trying to escape Blitzwing attacks. He stayed locked on to her, not letting her out of his sight. "Zhe more you run little one, zhe more you excite me." She turned to launch an attack, the jet was gone. Thud. She saw Blitzwing in full con mode, smiling at her. She pushed off him, and sent out an energy wave at Blitzwing. He effortlessly dodged it, "Is zhat zhe best you've got. A proto form is more dangerous."

"Had to get you to move somehow." She shrugged. Blitzwing cocked an eyebrow, and saw Rachael pointing to his chest. When he looked, something that beeped was on it. "BOOM BOOM BYE-BYE." It imploded, creating a giant hole in Blitzwing chest, "Ratchet fire," Ratchet shot the hole, frying Blitzwing circuits, sending the con down hard into the frozen lake.

Rachael landed on ratchet, both proud of themselves. They then saw Lugnut land in the lake, "Bulkhead, you and bumblebee done already?" ratchet questioned.

"Wasn't hard, he wouldn't shut-up about Megatron." Bumblebee commented.

"Speaking of which," Ratchet saw the fight going on with Megatron, he was winning, and "We need to help Prime and prowl."

Megatron had prowl under his foot, "I seem to recall you slicing off this arm," he raised his sword; "I've waited 50 stellar cycles to pay you back," his sword was knocked out of his hand. He saw Optimus ax fly back into his hand. "You'll have to wait a bit longer." Megatron pressed down harder onto the ninja bot, and then felt his foot knocked from under him. He saw Rachael with her hammer and a giant dent in his leg. Megatron was furious. He was outmatched and outnumbered. But he still charged.

Ratchet and bumblebee shot at the approaching con; he parried the blast with his arm. He managed to grab his sword and jabbed at Optimus. Rachael brought her hammer down on it, putting the Cons sword in the snow. Prowl and Optimus slashed Megatron, scratching his face. Bulkhead let loose with his wrecking ball, making Megatron lose his footing, "Alright bulkhead," Rachael went into bulkheads palm, "Launch me," and so he did, like a bullet Rachael flew. As hard as she could she swung the hammer. Megatron was knocked back a few feet.

He knew he couldn't take them, so he retreated into the woods, the Autobots giving chase. Megatron had discovered the Autobots ship. Blowing a hole through the front, he entered.

"NO, THE ALSPARK," Ratchet shouted.

"SARI," cried bumblebee.

"ISAAC," Rachael yelled. Everyone ran to the ship. Megatron had torn through; the Sumdac's nowhere to be seen. Aaaaaaah came a scream. It came from the cargo hold.

Megatron had the alspark, and he was prepared to use it. Sumdac and Sari lay on the ground, terrified of the giant mech. Sari had her key, but even that couldn't help. "The alspark is mine." He opened it, ready to unleash its power. Rachael wasn't going to let that happen. "Youre not going to have it for much longer," she drew her fan, charging it for an attack. "Everyone, get down," she unleashed her attack, everyone ducking for cover. The energy wave struck the alspark itself, overloading its capacity. Unable to put it down, Megatron glared at Rachael, "This isn't over." He declared, and in a flash, the alspark imploded.

It was silent; everyone came from their hiding place. Megatron was gone, the alspark shattered. "Sorry," Rachael said.

"No, it's better this way," Optimus said, "Now no one can use the alspark." Everyone was over joyed – Megatron was gone. Sari looked around, "Hey guys, where's my dad?"

Down a ways by lake eerie, Blitzwing and Lugnut sat on the shore. Blitzwing running on reserve energy. The two saw something bubbling in the lake stream. Megatron shot out of the water, holding Isaac Sumdac, "Well professor, it would seem our destinies are intertwined once again."

The end

Not my best work a bit corny. But I wrote it anyway. I'm not good at making up characters, I just pieced her together.