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Definitely Rated M. Shortie that's sort of smut, but not totally. Takes place some time after Parts in the Sum of the Whole, but before the Season 5 Finale.

Oh yeah, It's written from Brennan's perspective

I Don't Know What That Means

"I don't know what that means," I said honestly, confusion present in my tone. My brow was slightly furrowed and my arms immediately crossed, because I wasn't quite sure I wanted to know what it meant.

"Come on Bones, I think you do know," Booth replied in a teasing tone. His usual soft smile was replaced with a knowing smirk. He leaned in closer to me and I inhaled, savoring his scent of aftershave, mint and just Booth. "Bones, seriously? You don't know what that means?"

"Booth, I already told you I don't know what it means. I would like to know, so if I ever find myself in this situation again, I can correctly identify it. It," I paused, unsure if I wanted to continue with the conversation at all. I glanced up at Booth, but he patiently waiting for me to finish my sentence. He was still in my personal space, looking down at me with what can only be described as speculation in his eye. Tilting my head, Booth tilted his in response. If I took half a step forward, we would be kissing. Slightly turned on by the idea, I pushed it aside and continued. "It was disconcerting to be having a conversation, but not comprehending the relevance or meaning behind it."

"Bones, he was talking about sex. All Hacker does is it hit on you," Booth snapped, pulling away from me. His cheeks grew slightly pink, as they always seem to do when the topic of sex comes up. "He wants you."

Well now I was completely confused. We had been discussing an anthropological dig that was currently going on in Southern Egypt and Andrew had managed to turn that conversation into sex? My mind raced as I watched Booth slide into the chair behind his desk. His smirk had disappeared to be replaced with a look of annoyance. I grabbed the closest chair to his desk and pulled it closer as I settled in for our conversation.

"So when Andrew said he'd like to help me find undiscovered treasure with me any day," I trailed off, waiting for Booth to translate his comment.

"He meant he'd like to have sex with you," Booth bit out shortly as he began filling out paperwork. Rather forcefully, I might add.

"So that would explain his excitement over the material I sent him about the upcoming anthropological dig in Brazil?"

He froze, pen in mid-air. "You did what?"

"I sent him information on an anthropological dig in Brazil," I took his silence as confusion and continued. "I included a note saying that I would enjoy looking for treasure with him too."

"You told Hacker you wanted to have sex with him?" Booth's voice sounded odd, almost like he was angry and laughing at the same time. "You told him you wanted to have sex with him in a note?"

"No, I said I wanted to go on an anthropological dig with him. However, now that we have had this conversation, I believe he may think I have agreed to have sex with him."

"Of course he does Bones, he's male. Hell, he's human." Booth was getting increasingly agitated as we talked. At this point, his pen had been dropped and he was out of his chair, pacing back and forth behind it.

"I don't know what that means," I said again, feeling completely lost. "Of course he's a human being. And I'm one hundred percent sure that Andrew is a male."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Booth asked hotly and before I knew it, he was leaning into my personal again, inches away from my face. He had one hand on each arm chair, effectively boxing me in. "Hmmm, Bones? You know, in fact, you're one hundred percent sure he's male?"

My abdomen fluttered slightly in arousal, again at Booth's proximity. His eyes were darker than usual as they traced over my features and I knew enough to know he was angry. He seemed angry that I could identify Andrew as a male, which I found extremely insulting considering my career.

"Yes, I'm one hundred percent sure," I snapped back, my tone a little harsher than intended

"You're never one hundred percent," He whispered through clenched teeth. "Never."

"I can be one hundred percent sure about something as simple as sex," I replied indignantly. Beyond feeling insulted at this point, I attempted to stand. Booth's rigid stance didn't move, and I fell back into the chair. "Let me up."

"Since when is sex simple?" Booth breathed, crowding me further into the chair. He stepped between my legs, essentially forcing them open. My skirt slid up and you could clearly see that I had opted for thigh-highs that morning. "Oh Bones," he muttered as his hands moved from the chair to tracing lazy patterns up my arms. His lips slid to my ear, his day-old beard grazing the skin of my cheek and I know I whimpered at the sensation. "Or maybe sex with the wrong person is simple."

"Booth," His name slipped from lips as a sigh as his lips brushed the sensitive lobe of my ear. His lips ghosted down my neck then up my jaw, getting closer to my mouth and I knew that Booth and I were at a turning point. We either kissed and moved this forward, or we walked away from each other. Again. I wasn't sure our partnership could survive that again. I was terrified. My hands were gripping the arms of the chair as though it were my salvation. My heart was pounding, my mouth had gone dry and at some point my eyes had slid shut. I was waiting to feel his lips crush down to mine and take me by force. His breath puffed softly against my lips and I opened my eyes slightly to watch him. A satisfied smile slid across his face as he by passed my lips and slid to my other ear.

"Trust me Bones. Sex is complicated and messy," He nipped at my ear, tugging at it with his teeth. I whimpered again, my eyes clamping shut at the overwhelming sensation of wet warmth between my legs. One bold hand found its way to my breast, cupping and squeezing with just the right pressure as Booth finished his thought. "Sex with me will be messy Temperance. Messy. Complicated. Satisfying."

He emphasized each word with a graze of my hardened nipple and I groaned loudly, thrusting my chest into his eager palms. His hands released my breasts and traveled down my waist before pulling away entirely. My eyes snapped open at the lack of contact. My body screamed in protest, well aware that the possibility of finding a sexual release with Booth, as opposed to myself, seemed to disappear instantly.

"What are you doing?" I gasped out in sexual need and confusion. Booth rocked back on his heels before settling on the edge of his desk with his arms crossed. He seemed completely unaffected by what had just happened, where as I had dreams of sliding all of his paperwork onto the floor, pushing him onto the desk and riding him until I came. Maybe until I came twice.

"What?" He asked innocently staring down at me. "You're dating Hacker and not in love with me, right? So having sex with me is not anywhere on your agenda, correct?"

"Right," My voice trembled slightly and I cleared my throat quickly, attempting to settle my nerves and my arousal. "You are correct, Booth."

"Right," He repeated softly, looking broken. I knew, then, that I had not given the answer he wanted to hear. I shook my head, attempting to clear my thoughts and stood to leave.

"Later Bones," Booth said dismissively, sitting back at his desk and picking up his pen. "Good luck with your Hacker situation."

At the mention of Andrew's name, my attention slipped back to our conversation. "Booth," I waited until his eyes met mine. "I said I was one percent sure he was male because that's my job. It's in his bone structure. As an anthropologist, it's the first thing we learn to identify."

"Right. Of course Bones."

I gauged his reaction and he still seemed to have dismissed me.

"If you need me, I'll be finishing the paperwork on the case," Getting no reaction, I offered one more thing. "Dinner later?"

"Sure. At the diner?" His words said yes, but his tone was still cold.

"Pick me up at my office at 6:30 please," I asked, still annoyed he had yet to look at me.

"Sounds good."

I walked away, unsure if we were on what Booth called solid ground. As the elevator doors slid shut I released a breath I didn't realize I had been holding. Trailing my fingers over my neck, I traced where Booth's lips had been, making me shiver. An idea swept quickly through my brain. Masturbate first, then do paperwork. I nodded decisively as my body gave a screeching yes to the idea. Otherwise, I would get absolutely no work done.

That decided, my brain moved onto the next issue; Andrew. What to do about Andrew…

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