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Columbus, Ohio 1911

A medium-sized farm was located on the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio. The house itself was small compared to the large red barn behind the house. On the right side of the barn stood a small white chicken coop that contained several rows of chickens. The small garage situated on the west part of the house contained a small automobile. A huge oak tree could be seen toward the east part of the house.

The east side of the house only contained small windows. The topmost window was the only one with curtains. It was the early morning and the sun was starting to peak out from the horizon. The sun's rays slowly made their way through the topmost window and crept into the small bedroom. Once inside the room, the rays of light crawled onto the face of a sleeping female lying on her side facing the window. A wooden table with a small lamp was on the right side of the bed. The walls were white and the ceiling was also white. A dresser was could be found in a far corner. A closet was positioned in the middle of the wall opposite of the bed.

The sleeping female began to slowly open her eyes. When she became blinded by the brightness of the sun, she turned onto her back and fully opened her eyes. After stretching her arms, the female sat up and ran her small hand through her hair. Several moments later, the girl grabbed the covers and threw them off her and onto the middle of the bed.

She walked her way over to the dresser and picked out a light blue skirt. Next, she made her way to the closet and opened the doors. The girl immediately began rummaging through the many shirts and blouses until she chose a blouse that she liked. The blouse was yellow with a purple butterfly in the middle of the shirt.

"Esme, sweetheart, breakfast will be ready in ten minutes," said a cheery voice, coming from the bottom of a staircase on the first floor of the house. The female, now known as Esme, moved herself out of her bedroom and down a hallway toward the bathroom.

Once inside the bathroom, Esme Anne Platt closed the door. The sixteen-year-old took off her flannel nightgown and laid it upon the bathroom floor. She put on the clothes she picked out and stood in front of the sink to wash her face. Placing a towel in her small hands, Esme dried her face. After that, the sixteen-year-old looked up into the mirror above the porcelain sink. Her hand managed to grab onto her hairbrush and began to brush her shoulder-length caramel locks. A small smile formed on her heart-shaped face ready to start a brand new day.

Exiting the bathroom, Esme went back to her bedroom to put on her plaid shoes. When she finished, Esme left her room for the second time that day and made her way down the stairs on the opposite side of the hallway from where the bathroom was located at the end.

Walking into the tiny kitchen, Esme noticed that her mother was nowhere in sight. The girl figured her mother was dusting in another room somewhere else in the house. Esme sat down at the table and began to eat her breakfast-two fluffy pancakes topped with a little butter and syrup, scrambled eggs, a piece toast with strawberry jam, and a small glass of milk.

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After finishing breakfast, Esme placed the plate and glass in the sink. She went outside to begin her chores. The girl walked around to the back of the house where a large of tub of water and soap was located. A basket of clothes and bed sheets could be found next to the tub. Esme took some of the clothes and put them in the tub to be washed. After rinsing the laundry, she grabbed a small basket of clothes pins that were on the steps of the porch at the back of the house and the basket of recently washed laundry and walked to the clothes line a few feet away.

Putting both baskets on the ground, Esme started to take the laundry and pin them on the clothes line to dry in the sun. When she finished, the girl put both baskets on the porch and grabbed another basket for carrying eggs. She ran to the chicken coop and went inside to gather a batch of eggs. After that was done, Esme carefully walked back to the house. Walking into the kitchen, the sixteen-year-old gave her mom the basket of eggs.

"Mom, I finished my chores. Can I go play now?" Esme asked her mother.

"Sure you can, honey," Esme's mother responded.

With that, Esme went out the door and stopped in the middle of the small front yard. She was deciding on what to do. She glanced at the huge oak tree and a light bulb went off in her head. Her parents told her many times not to climb the tree, but today, at this moment, Esme was feeling the teenage rebellion every teenager goes through at least once in their lifetime. Without even noticing it, she had strolled over to the base of the tree. She glanced at the lowest, empty branched and told herself to remind her father to put a swing there. Looking around, Esme found out that she was alone. Her mother was inside and her father was….somewhere else. The almost subtle cool air breezed around her, and she could feel the summer sun's warmth on her skin.

Slowly, Esme started to climb the tree being very careful on where she put her weight. After about ten minutes, Esme had finally reached the topmost part of the tree. She glanced at the beautiful scenery in front of her. The houses several miles down the road could be seen. The meadows and crops, full of life, were swayed gently in the breeze.

As Esme slowly climbed her way back down the tree, something terrible happened. One branch in the middle of the tree was unsteady and couldn't hold her weight of her foot as she came down it. With a snap, the branch broke and Esme fell toward the ground.

On impact, Esme's right leg broke. Searing pain shot up through her leg causing Esme to cry and scream in pain loud enough to get the attention of her parents. All of a sudden, everything around Esme became pitch black.

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