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Six weeks after Esme had first broken her leg, her parents took her back to the hospital. On the way there, Esme looked calm and relaxed on the outside, but on the inside she was extremely excited and a little nervous. She wouldn't admit this to anyone, but she was really happy that she was going to see Carlisle again.

At first, it was hard for Esme to get around the house with crutches on. The brunette was glad of the crutches though. During the six weeks, Esme didn't have to do many chores and was grateful for it. The girl was glad that she climbed that huge oak tree that day.

The stopping of the car brought Esme out of her thoughts. She opened the car door and her dad helped her out of the car. Once out, Esme grabbed her crutches and swung herself into the hospital.

She waited for a few minutes as her mother signed her in. Esme sat down in one of chairs in the waiting area. Her parents sat down next to her. Her mother sat in the chair on her right while her father sat to the left.

Moments later, a nurse with blonde hair came over to them. The blonde nurse led Esme and her parents to a room. She told the three of them that a doctor would be with them in a minute. Esme's parents sat in the chairs. It was quiet during that minute.

The door opened and Esme expected Carlisle to come walking in through the door. Esme's hopes were crossed when a male doctor that she hasn't seen before entered the room. The doctor had short reddish-brown hair with green eyes. He was around six feet tall. A brown-haired nurse walked in after the doctor.

"Hello there. I'm Dr. Smith. I'm here to check on your leg."

Esme was confused.

Dr. Smith. What? Where's Carlisle?

"Where's Dr. Cullen?" Esme asked the nurse.

"Dr. Cullen left us unfortunately. He went to Chicago." the nurse replied.

"When did he leave?" Esme asked.

"He left several days after you first came in. Everyone was so sad when he left." The nurse responded.

Esme was saddened about this statement. She couldn't believe that Carlisle left.

Dr. Smith checked Esme's leg. It didn't take long at all. He took some X-rays and vitals.

"Well, I'm done. The bone isn't fully healed yet, so the cast will stay on for another two weeks. Then we'll see how the bone is then, and we'll go from there."

Esme's parents thanked Dr. Smith and stood up. Esme got up as well. She made her way out of the hospital and into the car with her parents. Esme became a little depressed at the news that Carlisle left and she may never see him again. She would never forget him.

Meanwhile, Carlisle was walking down the sidewalk to begin his shift at Chicago General Hospital. The sky was cloudy today. He had a feeling that it was going to rain; maybe even a storm would roll in. These past five weeks had been good. However, at the same time, Carlisle felt depressed and lonelier than ever.

There was no time to dwell on that thought now. He had a job to do. He had patients to see and care to. He left out a sigh as he arrived at the hospital front doors. Carlisle's eyes were golden today with very dark circles around his eyes. He knew that he would have to hunt again soon.

After seeing at least ten patients, Carlisle went to his office on the east side of the hospital. It was his first break for the day, and he could use the time to sit and relax for awhile. Many of the nurses that he passed in the hallway to his office blushed. When he got to his office, Carlisle opened the door and stepped inside.

Carlisle closed the door and sat in his chair behind his desk. He began to contemplate on things. Ever since he left Columbus, he couldn't stop thinking about Esme. He wondered how she was doing. He wondered if he would see Esme again. Sometimes, he would even wonder if she missed him just as much as he missed her in a way. Carlisle would never forget her.

Little did Carlisle and Esme know, they would meet each other again in ten years. This second meeting would change their lives FOREVER!

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