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She opens her eyes. She's on the open sea, leaning over the edge of a sailboat. The navy blue water laps against the side of the boat, she breathes in the salty air and looks upwards towards the clear blue sky. She leans over the edge of the boat and dips her hand in the water. It leaves a pool of light silvery liquid in her hands. She closes her eyes.

They're open again. She's sitting on a ledge, high above a bustling city. Ancient cathedrals and stone clock towers and paved stone streets lay out in a labyrinth below her. Her feet are bare; she's wearing a bright blue silk dress that's ruffling in the light breeze. Her eyes draw closed.

She sighs and slowly opens her eyes once more, revealing a dimly lit room. There's smoke in the air, velvet curtains draped across huge windows. She's sitting in the back, a cabaret singer in a red dress up at front. A heavy rain washes over the windows, she can smell red wine and cigarettes.

And then she's awake. Jolting out of her chair in the warehouse, a cold sweat covering her forehead. She takes a deep breath in, she can see her breath when she exhales but she doesn't mind the cold.

Ariadne had waited until everyone had finished their work before entering her own dream. She kept it a secret, she had always been introverted, but when she was exposed to this entire new world she couldn't help but act on her nagging curiosity.

She used her dreams to live out her fantasies. It was exhilarating. Every time she closed her eyes, she found herself surrounded by something new...something strange...something beautiful. She closed her eyes and lingered in the moment for a second; trying desperately to cling to the euphoria she felt when she was in the dream.

The sounds of footsteps against the stone floor jolted her out of her reverie. She scrambled out of the chair, clutching the side of the desk. If anybody found her here, they'd know she wasn't focusing on the task at hand and she might risk the possibility of losing her job. The thought terrified her.

"Hello?" she called nervously; her voice reverberated off the walls, echoing back to her.


She turned around and came face to face with Arthur. He looked uncharacteristically messy, his hair slightly tousled, a concerned look flashed in his eyes, "What are you doing here? It's three 'o clock in the morning."

Oh god, she thought, he's completely on to me. Her heart was still racing, her hands jittery.

"I was... I just... I forgot my..." she scanned the desktop for something, anything, " jacket!"

Arthur raised an eyebrow at her, "I'll give you a ride home." She nodded and followed him outside; the streets were deserted, the only sounds were the flickering streetlights and two pairs of footsteps across the cement. He led her to a shiny black car, immaculately polished. She smiled to herself. Of course Arthur's car would look like this, he was a perfectionist. He opened the door for her and she slid into the cold leather seat.

As he jammed the keys into the ignition the car grumbled to a start. He peeled out of the lot and they drove in silence. Ariadne pressed her face against the cold glass of the passenger seat window, watching as her breath left a light fog that faded as quickly as it came. Kind of like a dream, she thought to herself.

"You can just drop me off at Charleston station," she said quietly, "it's right by my house."

"I'm not leaving you at the train station at this time of night, Ariadne" he responded firmly, "there are all kinds of people out here who could hurt you." She chuckled softly. "I'm serious," he persisted, "just let me take you home."

She sighed and reluctantly gave him her address. They drove along in silence for a few moments more before she shifted in her seat towards him.

"Why were you in the warehouse so late?"

He stared straight ahead on to the street, but she noticed the faintest of smiles creep on to his face,

"Wouldn't you like to know?"

Ariadne couldn't quite tell if he was just teasing her, but there was something in the back of her mind that told her not to question him. It didn't matter anyways, they were at her house. She thanked him for the ride and hurried towards her front door. She noticed his car was waiting until she was inside.

From inside his shiny black car, Arthur watched Ariadne as she fumbled with the key, shivering. He wished he could walk her to the door, wrap his jacket around her shoulders, give her a little kiss. She was so naive. A lost jacket, he laughed to himself quietly as the image of her wild-eyed, caught-in-action look came to his mind.

If you look closely enough in the background, you might just discover something incredible. If you look closely at the picture of a girl on a sailboat, dipping her hand into the warm waters of the ocean, you might just see a man on the other side of the water, looking up at her from beneath the turquoise waves. If you take a second glance at a girl swinging her bare foot over a ledge, you might notice the silhouette of this man against the wall, taking in the sight of her profile. Those heart shaped lips, the way her hair cascades down her back.

If she would just take a split second to really see things, she would see a man hopelessly infatuated, she would see the silhouette of somebody who had feelings he couldn't ignore.

She would see Arthur.