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The Forth Wall
Written by Fights

(tech. 4)

This was one of those "My heart says yes, but the boxes say no" situations.

Wade was unsure how to continue the phone call. On one hand, he had been told he worked at Agency X in the past, on the other hand he didn't remember and the information was second hand. "I'm sure you've never met me before. This is Wade Wilson."

"Give that back," argued the man on the other end of the phone line, there was a plastic clack before a friendly woman's laughter was audible as the other man's voice faded out, "Idiot used to work for my company."

"Hello, Mr. Wilson."

"Hello," maybe it had been a bad idea to call against the boxes advice, but Wade couldn't stop thinking about him. "Who am I speaking to?"

"Inez," the woman was overly friendly and happy for someone who worked at a company that killed people. "What can I do for you, Mr. Wilson?"

"I wanted to ask about Cable," Wade cringed as the woman held loosed a squeal of happiness, "would you be able to reach him for me? I wanted to ask him some personal questions. I appreciate it."

The woman said something quickly that he missed before he nodded, "Yes, goodbye."



Wade had expected the place to be dark and covered with low-lives but it was actually well lit and inviting. He knew it was silly to think all mercenaries were alike, but he had thought that they might have been messy like he was. Everything was nice and orderly, the people cheerful.

"Inez Temple and..." Meeting Cable and the strange characters at Agency X was unusual in itself. "—Sandi Bradenburg." Wade awkwardly introduced himself, despite the fact that they probably already knew him "I'm Wade Wilson. I'm sorry have we met?"

The two women looked at him like two heart-broken puppies or a Logan equivalent after a day's worth of teasing.

Wade bit his tongue, maybe he had slept with both of them. How tactless of himself. "When I was Deadpool?"

The red head twiddled the end of her hair as a man with a skull motif gave him a hard and cruel look. "We used to work with you..."

"Oh, when I was a mercenary. Well now I work for the Daily Bugle and am a freelance writer." Wade smiled much to the shocked expressions of the three, "I still find it hard to believe I was a mercenary."

"No, you were really good at your job." The skull themed man spoke quickly, despite the woman who seemed to be his girlfriend slapping his arm. "You wanted to talk to Cable, he's in there." She pointed to a door down the hall.

A normal door stood between him and Cable. All this time he had expected some big reveal…but it was better than nothing. After thanking the three, he stood in front of the door; thinking.

"You wanted this Wade," He had forgotten he had an audience. He did his best to try to ignore the curious glances behind him. Taking a deep breath, he opened the door.

Cable was the same as he remembered from that day.

He had been expecting him. He studied him as Wade entered the room "You seem hesitant." Cable said.

"It seems like everything in the universe is saying no," Wade closed the door behind him, eyes never leaving Nathan Summers. Cable. "May I sit?"

Nathan nodded and Wade moved to sit on the only other chair in the room that wasn't occupied.

"Cable, Nathan Summers."

Nathan seemed to cringe as Wade said his full name.

Wade let his eyes fall to the floor. A sudden feeling of shame coming over him, "I don't remember anything about the past."

Wade looked up and saw that Cable had such an odd expression. He had never truly spoken to the man in full up till this point.

"Maybe it is better that you didn't, Wade."

"You're right. I don't want to ask you a lot about that. I know what I did and what type of person I was just from the apartment. I didn't come to talk about that." Cable was an unreadable person, but Wade tried to push forward.

"I just wanted to know… if I used to love you." Wade asked offhand, rolling his wrist. "It just seems like I did. Like you were really important to me or something, I always felt that."

Cable's mouth gaped slightly, but he shut it. His expression wasn't angry or hateful, he actually look surprised.

"But it was probably something fucked up, right?" Wade tried to play it off as a joke but inside he was starting to crumble like pie crust. "Like…you didn't love me back?"

"Wade, I don't know what you're talking about." Cable paused, "That's something only you… You would have known."

"Huh." The brunette's eyes widened as he looked up at the large red rectangle that stretched across his vision so large, the words were in bold white sans serif.

'He never knew, Wade. I should have told you, but I didn't want to fuck you over with that hard lesson the way I got it. It would be easier… This way… I'm… sorry.'

'I've been trying to prevent this all so you wouldn't trip into this situation and really embarrass yourself,' the red boxes continued, 'but it can't be helped now that you went ahead with this.'

'The truth is, Cable didn't care about you at all,' The box started to flicker, crumble, and fade, 'couldn't be bothered to look for us when we were missing and I'm the last person he wants to remember even though I cared about him more than I'd ever admit.'

Cable didn't really know at all.

'But you did love him. And he was really important to you, but… He didn't care.'

Wade paused, he would have gasped but it was something he should have known. He was a killer. He had killed so many people in the pursuit of money. Something like this had to be from karma, punishment for who he was. There was always a strange pull, something about Nathan that made Wade always turn his head to look at him, seeking something unchangeable that he couldn't understand, but not now. He was too ashamed at being unlovable.

"Wow, this hurts. No wonder I didn't want to remember." Wade Wilson cupped both eyes as much as he could but completely missed his tears as they fell. This hurt even more than Wade's own body being mutilated and played with for science. This hurt far worse. He didn't listen to the boxes warnings. They told him it was a bad idea. But now he knew that the man behind the curtain was a fake.

It was easier to think about Cable as someone distant. Cable wasn't as noble or great as he had imagined him to be; and that soft feeling of probably being in love had burst into a drippy mess.

"I guess I answered that myself," The dumbfounded look on Cable's face as he tried to hide his tears, made him realize the man was more of an idiot than he had ever thought. The red boxes were right. He didn't care. "I'll be leaving now."

Wade opened the door and closed it behind him, it was too late to dry his tears and save his dignity.

'The thing is, you're not held back by the past anymore,' the boxes pitched in. 'Before, you couldn't remember and you never knew a lot of it existed. It doesn't matter if you were Deadpool or Wade Wilson, or if you're not Wade Wilson at all. You've got a new future now, you're better than that guy. Sure, you got so fucked up that everything in your life got flipped inside out but you know that's life.'

'To be honest, everyone hated you anyway and you didn't have a memory to begin with. So now that the jig is up, it's time you get used to me being your fucked up conscious. At least we can remember some things instead of remembering nothing. And you can remember for the rest of your life at least that Cable was a dick to you today. I'd say that's different from what you had before, so it's an improvement.'

'I know I told you not to see him, but I guess it was unavoidable. Guess he'll always be the type of guy who doesn't notice something until it's gone.'

'Should I shut up?'

"No, keep talking," Wade wiped his eyes, he had just noticed that Inez was following him. He was quite embarrassed for her to see him like this. To make things worse, her friend was with her too, along with people he didn't really know. Now there was a crowd to see him cry, great. "it makes me feel better..."

'You and I both,' the box tsked and angled itself in a more relaxed position. 'And don't say I never did nothing for you.'



"He hasn't shown signs of reverting back to his prior condition, nor signs of becoming entirely "normal" either," Xavier read the sheet quietly, "like someone I know."

"You said you didn't know how long he was going to live," Logan approached his old ally and stopped, "it doesn't really matter. I've lived longer than most of my wives."

Charles watched Logan storm off, but with new direction that Logan had once lacked in his life.



When Nathan was caught by Logan, Hope was in attendance, as was his father and several others.

"I heard about what happened between you and Wade," Logan was serious and the crowd began to chatter about the love fight over the former Merc. Logan snarled at the snickering crowd "Yeah, shut up!"

The crowd fell silent, but Hope raised a hand to her mouth to stifle a giggle. "If you're not serious about him, do you mind stepping out of the way?"

"OHHH!" some voices bellowed.

"Snap!" others snipped.

"Did you guys just hear that, Logan just told Nathan off?" Someone called from the crowd.

Nathan's face softened as a guilty expression took his face.

"I don't deserve someone who would have waited like that for me," Nathan sighed, "and the entire time I thought he'd forgotten about me. But, when he came to see me…it was like I was the only thing that kept him going." He admitted.

The crowd that was used to death and carnage was watching a serious love drama unravel and even Scott Summers was looking uncomfortable.

"That was the only memory he looked for." Logan accused. "He kept asking about you from the second he saw you. He would have waited forever for you, and you were too stupid to figure it out. Waiting in a box or vat somewhere until you realized he was missing or dead."

Cable closed his eyes, "I know."

"Like some fucking princess in a tower," Logan pushed pass some guy as he grumbled, "Wade Wilson, who would have thought."

"He'll be happier this way," Cable continued to no one but himself. "No cancer, no disfigurement. It worked out."

Cable turned to see his father following after his long-time friend leaving the room, "Where you going, Logan?"

"I'm talking too much. I'd rather not be talking to you, Cyke."



"Where's Logan?"

It wasn't as if he and Logan were currently on good terms, but in Nathan's stomach he was beginning to care a little about what Wolverine had said.

"You know Logan goes and sees Wade on laundry day," His father replied, "That's the day everyone goes to see Wade. He's pretty unpredictable at any other time just like his old self."

Nathan looked at his stern father, it was something strange to think of him being into gossip, but he could imagine it was the latest news regardless. "Why laundry day?"

Cyclops shrugged. After Cable remained silent, he raised an eyebrow under his visor. "You're just going to let Logan take Wade like that?"

"I thought you would be the most against us," Nathan replied, not really meaning his words.

"Now you're admitting there is an 'us' when it comes to you and Wade," not that Scott was the best person to give advice. Due to some questionable life choices the man had made, but as a son he was required to listen to half of it. "I think you're the one admitting something. Wade was always a fixer-upper, although that's overtly cruel to say. What I meant to say, he really cleans up nice right?"



"Wade," Logan rolled his keys in his palm, "you ready?"

"Oh hi Logan," Logan threw his keys on the mattress and put his hand against his eyes as soon as he saw the clean laundry. He noticed the costume in front of Wade, half pulled over his lap. "Don't worry. I..."

"I just wanted to do something to thank someone."

"Him," Logan stalked over and poked the costume where the groin was, which got him a girly shove and got him pushed away from the sprawled, empty suit. The eyes looked as mischievous as ever.

"Do you want to go see a movie or something?" Wade smiled, brushing his brown hair flirtatiously.

Logan's eyes widened as he scooped up the keys, threw them up in the air, and caught them without looking. "Sure."

"Oh I met someone down at the Laundromat, his name is Jack Hammer. What a weird name."

"You don't say."

"There was another girl by the Laundromat, Siren… Sy-something… You spend a lot of time with me, shouldn't you be out picking up chicks. I got a hard look from a girl who when you were chatting me up."

"I think that was for me."

"Really? Well..."

"You're pretty oblivious yourself aren't you?"

"And can we grab some chimichangas?" Wade grabbed Logan's elbow as the both tried to squeeze through the door, side by side with much rivalry and failure. "And poutine?" asked Logan.

"Is that for you or for me?" Wade raised an eyebrow curiously.

Logan paused.

He didn't mind ending up here for a while.

In fact he wanted to, and those trickster eyes made Logan want to stay. Before Wade Wilson could wiggle out of his quick grab, he kissed him.

And meant it.

And Deadpool secretly smiled into that kiss.

the End

Author's Note:

Thanks for reading guys! It's over!

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