Cotton Candy

"Blue, Teddy! Get blue!"


"Ewe! Not strawberry!"

"Is there chocolate flavor?"


"Quiet!" Teddy exclaimed. "Granddad gave me money for three kinds!"

The Weasley/Potter children were at a Muggle fair and had been begging for cotton candy all night. Finally, Arthur just gave teddy some money and told the kids to be back later. All the parents were happy with that.

"We're next." Rose pointed out.

"I know, Rosie." Teddy told her. "Like I said, we have money for three and there are three flavors; Strawberry, Blueberry and Grape. I'm just gonna get one of each."

"Good idea." Victoire told him.

"I know." Teddy said, before laughing. "Okay, everyone calm now, it's our turn."

Teddy walked up to the small stand and got their cotton candy. He led his cousins and siblings over to the picnic tables, and everyone helped push two together. Then, they all sat down.

"Okay, let's try and not get too sticky-" Teddy started, but Fred cut him off.

"Just bust it out!" Fred exclaimed.

"Fred!" Roxanne exclaimed. "Don't be a jerk!"

"I'm not being a jerk!" Fred snapped at his sister. "I just want some freakin cotton candy!"

"Teddy was getting to it!" Roxanne shot back.

"So?" Fred inquired.

"So it was rude!"

"Well you're not the boss!"

"No one said I was!"

"Well you were acting like-"

"Stop!" Teddy exclaimed. "Let's just eat already!"

"Yeah!" Everyone exclaimed.

"Okay, just let's not make a mess." Victoire said.

"Don't boss us around." Dominique murmured through pursed lips, but no one heard her.

Teddy opened up the bags and everyone quickly dug in.

"Mmmm…" Everyone moaned in delight together.

"I wove stwaberry!" Lily said happily. Her face was sticky and pink from the sugary treat.

"You're all icky, Lily." Rose said idly, as she stuffed purple cotton candy in her mouth, her face not much better.

"So are you." Lucy told her, her own face blue.

"I think we're all sticky." Molly said, although her face was almost spotless.

"Not yours, Molls." Louis said, his mouth full of cotton candy.

"Ewe don't eat with your mouth full." Molly chided him and James laughed.

"How's he gonna eat then?" James asked with a smirk. Molly just glared at him.

"You know what I mean." She said shortly and James just laughed again. "Ugh, you're so stupid James!" Molly exclaimed in exasperation.

"You're too kind, Molls." James said as he stuffed more pink cotton candy in his mouth. Molly shot him another glare.

"Let's all calm down." Victoire said soothingly, as she too ate more of the puffy treat.

"It's almost gone." Rosie said sadly. She, like her dad, had quite the appetite.

"Yeah," Everyone agreed and within seconds, the last of the cotton candy was gone.

"What now?" Albus asked as they all held out their sticky hands.

"We'll have to clean ourselves up some how." Teddy said.

"Maybe there's a drinking fountain somewhere." Roxanne offered. "We could rinse off."

"I don't think there is." Victoire said. "We're at an outside, Muggle Fair." The way Victoire said 'Muggle' made it sound as if that were the single reason there wouldn't be any drinking fountains.

"I want a snow cone." Rose suddenly said with a thoughtful look on her face.