Movie Magic

Teddy- 16 James- 9 Albus- 8 Lily- 6

"Fifty-seven… fifty-two… sixty…," Lily counted loudly.

"Ugh, can you just stop!" James whined just as he had for the last 60 or so numbers.

"No James!" Lily exclaimed. "I need to finish!"

"You're not even counting right!" James exclaimed.

"Lily's trying her best." Ginny interrupted her children before they could break into a full-blown fight. "You need to be nice to your little sister."

"Fine." James grumbled and Lily smirked, before beginning to count the kitchen tiles again.

"Sixty-one, sixty, sixty-one," Lily pointed to each one as she counted.

"Ugh." James groaned.

"It's not that bad, Jamie." Albus told him. "Plus, you're almost done with your lunch."

"Teddy's coming over after lunch." Ginny told them. "You guys can all do something together. He said he had a surprise for you three." At this all three of her children's faces lit up.

"A surprise!" Lily exclaimed, her eyes lit up with delight. "Oh no!" She exclaimed. "I lost count!"

"Haha!" James laughed at her. "Sucks for you!" Lily stuck her tongue out at him.

"You're so mean, James!"

"I just think it's funny!"

"Well it's not!" Lily snapped. "Is it, Mummy?"

"No, it's not." Ginny agreed. "Apologize to your sister, James."

"Sorry." James mumbled, although he didn't look very sorry.

"Let's just finish lunch in peace, okay?" Ginny looked at each of her children in turn and all three nodded. "Teddy will be here then."

Twenty minutes, another fight and a few tears later, lunch was over and Teddy had just floo'd in.

"What's the surprise?" Lily asked excitedly.

"Yeah, what?" James and Albus were just as eager.

"Guess!" Teddy's eyes and voice held a mysterious gleam to them that only made his sibling more anxious.

"Just tell us!" James exclaimed. "We don't know!"

"Okay," Teddy mock sighed. "Drum roll!" James, Albus and Lily quickly patted their thighs, clearly all excited. "I have a Muggle video camera!" Teddy exclaimed but the three young Potters just gave him blank stares.

"What's that?" Albus asked.

"You know Muggle movies?" Teddy asked.

"Uh-huh." They all nodded their heads.

"Okay, well they film them with a video camera." Teddy explained.

"Oh cool!" James exclaimed. "So we can make a movie?"

"If you guys want to!" Teddy nodded his head.

"Yes!" They all smiled excitedly.

"Well I wrote up a script-" Teddy started, but Lily cut him off.

"A script?" She asked questioningly.

"It has what will go on in the movie and the lines you guys will say." Teddy again explained. "It's like a guideline for the movie."

"Oh," They nodded their heads.

"It's gonna be an action movie." Teddy said. "And then we'll show it to the family when it's done!"


"Let's start!"

"Yay!" They all were quite excited.

-Scene 1-

"Okay, in this scene-" Teddy was playing director, and as he explained, Lily again cut him off.


"Part of a movie!" Teddy exclaimed in exasperation.

"Geez, I only wanted to know." Lily grumbled.

James was dressed in his old pirate costume, Albus in a super hero costume and Lily in a princess dress.

"As I was saying," Teddy continued. "Lily is going to be tied up in this scene, by James the evil pirate and Albus is going to come and save her."

"How am I gonna save her?" Albus asked. "I don't have real super powers and James gets a sword!"

"Well pirates have swords." James said with a small smirk.

"Well don't I get something?" Albus asked.

"Oh true," Teddy looked thoughtful. "Well, I guess you could be a super hero with a sword."

"Yay!" Albus exclaimed happily and he ran off to get a play sword.

When Al returned, Teddy quickly explained what they were going to do and then he got the camera ready.

"Okay, action!" Teddy exclaimed.

"Does that mean go?" Lily asked from the chair she was tied up at.

"Yes, Lily, it means go!" Teddy exclaimed and James and Albus both quickly sprung into action. "No, no! Let's start over!"

"Why?" James asked.

"Let's just start over." James said simply.

"Fine." James and Albus got back into place before quickly Teddy called action.

James and Albus quickly got to action and they started word fighting. But, as they smacked them back and forth the two boys got vicious.

"You git!" James exclaimed. "Don't hit so freakin' hard!"

"I'm not hitting any harder then you are!" Albus defended.

"Just come save me, Albus!" Lily exclaimed. "These jump ropes are starting to hurt!"

"Well James is being freakin' stupid!" Albus yelled. "How am I supposed to save you? Teddy!" Albus stopped slashing his sword and turned to Teddy, but as he did, James smacked his arm with the sword.

"Owe!" Albus exclaimed. "You idiot!"

"You shouldn't have stopped fighting!" James exclaimed.

"My wrists are hurting!" Lily yelled and Teddy just shook his head.

"Cut!" Teddy yelled.

"Cut what? These jump ropes?" Lily asked.

"No!" Teddy exclaimed. "Cut means end the scene!"

"Oh," Lily nodded her head. "Okay."

-Scene 2-

"Now this is the scene where the Princess first gets captured." Teddy explained. "James you just come over, pick Lily up and carry her over there." They were currently in Teddy's bedroom, because there was forest scenery on the walls.

"Okay." James nodded his head.

"Al, you stay over by me, and Lily right there." Teddy pointed out where he wanted them. "Okay, action!"

Lily just patiently stood in the middle of the room, waiting for James. Within moments, James came rushing on stage and came flying at Lily. He tried to stop himself, but when he grabbed Lily, they both went flying to the ground.

"You're so stupid!" Lily exclaimed. "What was that for?"

"I'm just trying to capture you!" James defended.

"Well you don't have to throw me to the ground!" Lily yelled.

"Whatever, just come on!" James got up and then hauled Lily to hers and he pulled her out of the room.


-Many Scenes' Later-

"Ugh, I'm done!" Albus exclaimed. "I don't wanna play movie anymore!"

"Come on, Al!" Teddy encouraged. "This is the last scene!"

"You promise?" Albus asked. "I've really gotta go pee!"

"Just go pee now!" Teddy told him. "Be fast!"

"Okay, I'll run!" Albus promised, before he was off.

Five minutes later, Albus returned.

"That wasn't fast!" Teddy exclaimed.

"Well I had to get a drink, too!" Albus told him.

"Fine, let's just do this!"

-A Few Days Later-

A few days later and the entire Weasley/Potter clan were situated in the Potter Manor theater room. Teddy had told everyone about the movie, but after he had gotten it made, it seemed more like a comedy than an action/adventure.

"Okay, I think everyone's ready." Harry told Teddy after a moment. "You ready?"

"Yep." Teddy nodded, before pushing play on the movie.

Half an hour later, the movie was over.

"Good job, you guys." George said. "That was really good."

"Yes it was!" Grandmum Weasley said cheerily, a proud smile on her face.

"It was hilarious!" Fred said. "All us cousins should do one!"

"Yeah!" Everyone exclaimed.