Author's note: I know this AU concept has been done before, but I just had to write my take on it. I really hope you enjoy reading it.

Finn desperately scanned the crowded hallway, Mr. Schuester's words had been looming in his head all week and the stress of it was starting to take its toll. Twelve members, they needed twelve members if they were going to stand a chance as a club. Where would they find seven members in time for sectionals? It was impossible.

"Hey Finn, you poaching students again" Mercedes said, walking up next to him.

"No I'm just looking for new glee members" he said cluelessly.

"You do realize that it's impossible to know if someone's a good singer just by looking right?"

"It's not impossible. Look at that guy, look at his shoes. I bet he can't even hum."

"Wow, that's some gift you've got there" Mercedes said sarcastically. "Now, can we please go to lunch, you're starting to freak people out."

"Yeah, what else is new?" he said, following Mercedes into the lunch room. They took their seats next to Artie, Tina and Kurt, the remaining three members of the team. Artie slid an extra plate of spaghetti to Finn while Mercedes unwrapped her ham sandwich.

"So, how's the headhunt going" Artie asked.

"Hopeless, nobody wants to join up with a bunch of losers" Finn said, attacking his spaghetti violently.

"We'll find seven people, It's just going to take time and possibly some sexual favors" Kurt said.

"We don't have time, and I can't pull off a pimp hat." Artie said.

"Who said you'd be doing the pimping?" Kurt said.

"What we need is somebody popular, somebody who'll make other students want to join" Finn said, glancing at the pretty brown-eyed brunette sitting across from them. He hadn't meant to look at her, at this point it was more of a reflex than anything.

Mercedes looked in the direction Finn was looking, promptly rolling her eyes at the sight of Rachel. "Okay Finn, I'm going to stop you right there" Mercedes said. "If you're going to use our little crisis here as yet another excuse to bring up Rachel Berry then I'm just going to have to tune you out right now"

"Yeah, what is it with her anyway?" Tina said.

"I didn't say we should ask Rachel." Finn said defensively.

"Yes, but you were thinking it, seriously John Edward would have a field day with you" Kurt said.

"Well, why not Rachel? I mean, you've seen her at the rallies, we can use a good dancer like her" Finn argued.

"And by that you surely mean you want to make sweet love to her on a pile of red and white pom poms" Kurt teased.

"I just think she's sort of nice" Finn said sheepishly.

"Sort of nice? She's a total bitch, you can do so much better than her" Tina said.

"She is not, you don't even know her" Finn shot back

"Do you?" Kurt said.

"I have Mr. Schue's Spanish class with her, she let me borrow her pen onceā€¦ it said Rachel on it" Finn said, smiling stupidly.

"Wow, where are you guys registered?" Mercedes teased.

"Look, Tina's right" Artie said. "She's a Cheerio, it's pretty much a requirement for her to be a bitch. Besides she's dating that Puck guy. I say you do yourself a favor and let that one go man."

But he couldn't let her go, Finn had been crazy about Rachel Berry for as long as he could remember. From the second she smiled at him on the first day of school he was a goner, and as much as he tried to hide it from his friends almost every lunch period ended the same way. He brought Rachel up in random conversation, they rightly accused him of worshipping her and quickly let him know how stupid that was. Deep down he knew that they were right, that it was idiotic for a singing dancing dork like him to even consider wanting to be with a girl like Rachel, but then she'd walk by him again and all of the thoughts his friends had put into his head were quickly replaced with thoughts of her. He wondered what her hair looked like down, he wondered why she always ate her dessert before her lunch, he wondered what she could possibly see in a jerk like Noah Puckerman and most of all, he wondered what her voice sounded like when she sang.