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"Now put your hands together for..." Barbie announced through a toy mic as she gazed around the toys of Sunnyside. "...Allen and the Chipmunks!"

"Yeah!" Chunk hollered as he and the rest of the toys clapped while the lights of the toy stage dimmed. " Those are my boys!"

"Easy, boo," Stretch chuckled before she reached a stretchy arm and draped it over his rock head.

"It's always easy when I've got you around..." Chunk responded thoughtfully, casting her his special smile.

Stretch blushed before her arm draped around his shoulder as they awaited the chipmunks to make their performance. The roof of the daycare center had finally been fixed and it was back to one of those nights where the toys of Sunnyside would just throw a huge dance party once the place was free of humans, and tonight would be a special night considering it was going to be filled with songs of three special, wonderful voices...

The toys cheered as Allen walked onstage, waving to everyone as his brothers followed step behind him. Chunk smiled as he gazed at what Allen was wearing on his head that the rock monster had found in a box full of Ken's old accessories.

A red hat with an 'A' on it.

"Yo, Sunnyside!" Allen shouted before he winked at his brothers.

The music started, and they began to sing.

We are family
I got all my sisters with me
We are family
Get up ev'rybody and sing

"Come on, let's dance!" Chunk urged with a laugh before he pulled on one of Stretch's many arms and dragged her into the middle of the dance floor as all the other toys began to dance as well.

Stretch laughed, her heart beating faster than the rhythm of the music. The song those boys were singing said so much.

They were a family now.

The chipmunks loved Chunk...Chunk loved the chipmunks...

...and Stretch loved Chunk just as much as he loved her.

It seemed almost too fast had she realized those feelings, but maybe from day one had those feeling started at a low progress before it had started working its way up over the years. Who would have known that three troubling but ever loving chipmunk toys could make those feelings accurate?

What was even more accurate was that Stretch was beautiful, Chunk told her so. And while she may not have the figure of a Barbie doll, Stretch already knew she was just that attractive. Plus, everyone stopped referring her as the 'girls' guy toy'.

And Tilford had even told the stretchable toy how pretty he thought she was as he got to know her more. How sweet!

"You think another ceiling accident might happen again soon?" Stretch asked before she twirled Chunk around playfully. "You know...Allen..."

"If it does happen again..." Chunk chuckled, smiling at her. "I'll be ready for it. And besides...I got you to back me up."

Stretch chuckled, feeling her cheeks becoming more pink than purple as she smiled at the rock monster toy.

"Yeah!" Allen shouted as he pretended to play guitar while his brothers sang backup vocals. He did a high jump, pretending to madly strum an electric guitar.

Suddenly, with the impact of his feet upon the stage which was very light of weight, he had it tipped forward, sending his brothers flying.

"Whoa!" Sullivan cried as he covered his glasses before met face-first right into the stomach of Big Baby.

It knocked the baby toy down to the ground and making it drop its bottle. Big Baby wailed, flapping his arms around as he lay on the floor. Chunk ran over to aid Sullivan while Barbie and Ken ran over to sooth Big Baby.

"You going to say it?" Ken asked Chunk as he patted the baby's back.

Chunk huffed as he stroked Sullivan's head. "Not going to say it."

Theodore, fortunately, landed on a stuffed elephant.

Unfortunately, the elephant had a gash that was forgotten to be sewn, thus stuffing flew everywhere, making it seem like it was snowing.

"You going to say it?" Stretch asked before running to aid Theodore, picking him up like a little baby in her arms while a few toys aided the empty elephant.

Chunk ground his virtual teeth, one digital eye twitching. "Still not going to say it..."

Allen shook and picked himself off the ground as he rubbed his head before adjusting his cap. He gazed up as stuffing fell atop him. He made a check over his toy body.

"I'm okay!" Allen shouted, quickly raising his hands up in triumph.

Unfortunately, one of his hands had hit Bookworm's light...a little too hard.

The light broke out and the room became pitch black.

"Oops..." Allen muttered.

"You going to say it?" Stretch asked through the darkness.

"Yeah..." Chunk muttered. "I'm going to say it..."

Then he took a deep breath.


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By the way, 'We Are Family' was sung by both the Chipmunks and the Chipettes in the Squeakquel.

And the ending was a little something I got from the first AATC movie. ;)