Summary: At one, she was helpless. At four, she could stand. At five, she learned. At six, she lived. At seven, she became. At eight, she was..Naru Uzumaki, container of the Kyuubi no Yoko. Afraid of forever being weak, she took it upon herself to train at a young age and become the greatest ninja. But for who would she live for? Herself, others, or would she become strong simply to be strong, to where no one could stand in her way?

Notes: Slight Bleach crossover warning. Nothing major. However, there will be an on-going survey of who can tell me the creator / user of the moves Naru uses throughout the story. At the end of this chapter, I'll give an example of what I mean.

Also, Anything Post-Time-Skip did not happen. It's not there. There is no Madara, no Namikaze, nothing like that. There is not even Sai. I may keep somethings, but otherwise don't expect everything to be picture perfect. This is strict AU following a line, I am considering not even putting Haku in this story.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything except the idea of this story. If I owned Naruto, well..Honestly, half the crap they make wouldn't even be in the show! Namely Dei dying and Tobi being anything other than Tobi. Uchiha Madara is overrated.


A Chunin, shown by the green vest he wore over the baggy blue shirt which was seemingly connected to his baggy darker-blue pants, sighed for what he felt like the hundredth time. His job was simple, but rather boring and he felt it was a waste of his talent. He was to guard the Jutsu library due to there being several reports of scrolls being misplaced, or missing entirely, after closing hour. So he was standing there, in front of the main door, waiting for something to appear.

Normally this wouldn't be a big deal, something a Genin could do, but the Hokage said..

"We have constant surveillance along with trap Jutsu around the entire building after hours. Whoever is getting in there, knows a flaw. A flaw that could damage Konoha's well being. A Genin would not be a match for someone who can evade those traps."

So here he was, guarding the library. He was tempted to leave but then he knew he would be in serious trouble if he left his post, so he continued to stand still and wait.

Time passed, but there was still no sign of anyone coming and he repressed another sigh as he saw the sun beginning to raise over the hill top. He continued to stand there, waiting for the owner to come to relieve him of his duty.

He smiled at the middle aged man coming down the road, his blue robe trailing behind him as he looked up at the Chunin. He was around 45, but his face was already becoming wrinkled and he constantly kept his back hunched over, giving him a very short appearance despite that, in his youth, he was one of the tallest Civilians. He went by Sentesu, but nothing else.

"So, there was no break in tonight?" Sentesu asked casually, slipping a hand into his pocket and holding up a silver key while motioning with his hand for the Chunin to step to the side so he could unlock the door.

The white-haired Chunin nodded. "I felt no chakra in the area the entire night. I also never saw anything out of the ordinary." Sentesu nodded in response, opening the doors and beginning to look around slowly, only to stop dead in his tracks about half-a-foot in the door.

The Chunin stared at him, confused until the old man motioned for him to step forward. He did so, gasping in surprise as he saw that half the library was now scroll less, along with part of the scrolls being spread across the ground in a random amount or stack, some even just seemingly dropped from their shelf.

Sentesu growled lowly, glaring towards the Chunin. "It'll be your head for this! My life's work.." He bent down, gently grabbing a scroll nearby and rolling the contents up. "I'll report to the Hokage myself." He announced, stepping past the Chunin who followed him with his eyes narrowed.

This simply was not Mizuki's day.

0-0-0-0 Hokage Tower 0-0-0-0

The Hokage nodded as he listened to the reports of both Mizuki and Sentesu. Sentesu blamed the incompetent Chunin for the loss of his scrolls, while Mizuki felt that there must be a breach somewhere where the traps were not set or perhaps that Sentesu himself was stealing the scrolls to get insurance claims.

This caused the old man to round over onto Mizuki, shouting and scolding the Chunin for even suggesting such a thing, only halting as Sarutobi held his hand up.

Sighing, Sarutobi tossed a bag of money towards Mizuki who stared at him in confusion. "The mission was complete, Mizuki. You stood guard and it appears that even a Chunin cannot best whoever is sneaking into the library. I will assign someone of higher rank to the job." He said calmly, stroking his white beard.

The Chunin bowed, turned, and left. Sentesu frowned towards him as he left but then turned back towards Sarutobi. "I hope you catch this little thief, Hokage-Sama." He said, a dark look crossing his face. "It would be unwise to allow such a mass of Jutsu scrolls out of the library at such a time. Who knows what the thief intends to do with them?" Sarutobi nodded but did not seem to have anything to voice to the matter, giving Sentesu the cue to leave.

The Hokage waited before pushing his chair back and spinning once, stopping to stare at the large window to his left so he could see the whole village.

He stroked his beard carefully, curious to who to send for this job.

0-0-0-0 Hours later 0-0-0-0

There were soft tapping sounds coming from the Library as the ninja approached it. The ninja carefully formed a couple seals, before sinking into the ground and re-appearing inside the library itself. He looked around and his eyes widened at the sight of a small girl, no older than seven grabbing scrolls from the shelves.

She hadn't noticed him yet, as her vision was blocked by her long blonde locks that flowed down her back, but part of it went over the shoulder that was facing him. She let out a giggle, patting down her brown shorts that let out a cloud of dust, while her other hand held three Jutsu scrolls in her hands.

"This'll teach that old guy." She said grinning, unaware of the ninja walking close to her until it was too late, and she felt herself being lifted up by the black tank top she wore, which stopped just above her naval and had thin straps. She froze in his grip, her head slowly turning and a look of horror was on her face, thinking she was down for the count.

The ninja stared at her, taking a step closer to a nearby window as he did so revealing himself to her. Her horrified look became a grin, her bright blue eyes gleaming in the moonlight while her whisker marks twitched. "Jiji!" She said, grasping the arm of the man, who was smiling himself.

"It's good to see you too, Naru-Chan." The Hokage said with his smile becoming larger as he let go of the girl, only to let out a soft chuckle as she held onto his outstretched arm like she was hanging from a branch. "Now tell me, what were you doing in here?" He asked curiously, watching the girl swing herself back and forth on his arm.

She looked up at him, tilting her head. "Getting some Jutsu scrolls of course, Jiji. What else?" She dropped down, the moonlight shining on her white tub top as she put her hands on her hips, the three Jutsu scrolls she had before now laying at her feet. "What are you doing here, ne Jiji? You already know all these I'm sure!" She stated, sticking her tongue out.

The Hokage shook his head, still smiling. "I do not know all of these, my affinity is for Earth and Fire so I mainly focused around those Naru-Chan. Now tell me. How did you even get in this place and why do you not check them out the normal way? Not only that, but you have taken from the forbidden section which are to not leave the library." He asked, frowning slightly to show his displeasure in the events.

Naru paused briefly, before crossing her arms. "I don't know what an affinity is." She stated, then proceeded to speak once more. "The way I got in is rather simple" She pointed downwards, smiling. "I just moved through the earth. Not hard when you know the Jutsu." She ignored the surprised look the Hokage gave her as she continued. "I don't check them out the normal way because the old man who works here just yells at me and tells me that they're not written in the language of demons, whatever that is, and kicks me out." She nodded as the Hokage frowned. "As for the Forbidden ones, I didn't take those. They're still here."

Sarutobi frowned and looked towards the small section for forbidden scrolls, noticing a large chunk missing from them. "I do not see them in their shelves, Naru-Chan." Naru grinned and held up the three scrolls she held previously, motioning for him to take them. He took one, read the small label that said "Katon, Karyuu Endan" and he opened it up. He was surprised to see that the contents were not that of Karyuu Endan but instead one of the forbidden Jutsu themselves! He looked at Naru who put her hand up in the familiar seal of "Kai" and the label was returned to it's normal naming.

He looked at her with a surprised look. She was barely in the academy and already knew Henge along with a way to transport herself into the earth. He shook his head and gave her the scroll back. "I will not turn you into Sentesu-San but you will return the Jutsu scrolls you took and stop sneaking in here, along with putting the scrolls back on their shelves." Naru pouted, her large blue eyes widening up.

"B..but Hokage-Saaamaaa!" She said, hugging the older man's leg and nuzzling herself into it. He shivered, trying to resist until he made the mistake of looking down into the largest puppy-dog pout he had ever seen. He instantly caved in, sighing and lowering himself to eye level with the girl.

"Yes Naru-Chan?" He asked softly and she poked her fingers together, looking up at him through her long bangs.

"Can I learn oneeee Forbidden Jutsu before you make me do that?" He frowned at this, saying it depended on which one and she held up one from the pile she had earlier. He quickly read the label, which said "Kage Bunshin".

He scratched his chin lightly. "That requires a lot of chakra Naru-Chan. I do not think you can make one." She narrowed her eyes at him before putting up the familiar seal for the Kage Bunshin and shouting out the name.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" She let out, her chakra flaring but quickly becoming controlled as clones began to appear beside the Hokage who could only stare in shock as twenty Naru's now stood around him. They all grinned and looked up at him, giving him large puppy dog eyes. "See Hokage-Sama! We're okay!" They let out at once.

The Hokage chuckled softly, taking the scroll from what he believed was the original Naru. "Nice try Naru. This contains another scroll doesn't it? You already know the Kage Bunshin so I am doubting this would be useful to you." Naru shook her head.

"It's not that! There's a second part, I haven't got to see it yet. The one that makes them explode!" Naru shouted out, waving her arms around.

The Hokage frowned before slowly handing the scroll back. "Alright, then you will return it and put it in it's right place." Naru nodded quickly. "Along with any others you have taken. Alright?" Again Naru nodded. "How many exactly is that anyways..?" Asked the curious Hokage, watching as a grin spread across her face.

"Well I've already looked at all the scrolls here except for the Forbidden ones of course!" She nodded then tapped her head. "I have a Photographic memory I think, so I've just needed to look through them once to see what they contained." She stuck her tongue out. "I've been training since I was five Jiji and I've never given up!"

The Hokage was surprised. A photographic memory was a very handy tool for a Ninja to have and he couldn't help but wonder what Jutsu the girl had already learned from this library. He turned to leave, his mind working with many thoughts until he felt a hand clasp onto his own and he looked down at the blue eyed girl.

"I'll make you proud, okay Hokage-Sama?" She said, smiling which, in turn, caused the Hokage to smile back. "And..Do you think I could take the Genin exams this year? I think I'm ready!" She announced, but the Hokage shook his head slowly, causing the girl to frown. "Why not!" She asked, tears beginning to appear in her eyes.

The Hokage sighed lightly, putting his hand on her head. "Just a few more years alright?" He said softly. "Perhaps four, if that's alright? I do not want you becoming a ninja at such an early stage in your life Naru. You have much chakra but physically I do not believe you're ready." He explained quietly.

Naru's eyes narrowed before they widened and she nodded her head. "Okay then. I'll start training right away!" She announced, causing the Hokage to smile as he nodded.

The Hokage soon left after that, using the same Jutsu he used to get in, and made his way back to his tower.

0-0-0-0 The Next Day 0-0-0-0

The Hokage smiled and nodded, hearing Sentesu report on how all of the scrolls, except one, were located back in their correct positions. He motioned for the man to leave, and he looked out the window once more.

He wondered how Naru was doing, but he focused back on the task at hand as he studied the large amount of paperwork in front of him. He let out a sigh and got to work, wondering why he ever took this job in the first place.

0-0-0-0 Konoha Woodland 0-0-0-0

Miles away from the Hokage tower, but still within the village itself, there was a heavy tension in the air as a blonde Academy Student stared down her opponent. She growled, getting no response from her opponent which only angered her further as she made her way towards it.

"I'll destroy you. And your little seedlings too!" She shouted before grabbing her opponent, then taking a bite out of it, sending juices everywhere as she bit into the red apple. She groaned and choked it down before tossing the core into a pile that was made of many different peelings and cores of many fruits. "Hokage-Jiji was right. I need to get stronger and smarter." She said aloud, before preforming a cross seal.

Three clones appeared in front of her, all looking exactly like her down to the blue eyes as they waited her orders. She held out a brown scroll, which one clone took. "Study that." She then took two sticks from a nearby tree and threw them to the other two clones, who stared at her questioningly.

"What're these for boss?" The left one asked, tilting her head at her original.

Naru grinned her foxy grin, wagging her finger. "Read the scroll all of you. I want it in my memory by the time I get back or no ramen!" She threatened them, causing all of them to stiffen up and instantly get to work as the blonde turned and left, a grim look on her face as she thought of no ramen. "I want you to practice it while I'm gone too! Then we'll get to real training!"

0-0-0-0 Konoha Village 0-0-0-0

Naru looked around the town, ignoring the glares and the mutters of "Demon" as she passed the villagers. They would learn her name soon enough, but not now. She continued to look around for a specific shop before she came upon one of the least famous shops in the village.

She looked up, studying the large sign that said "Ten ways to wield Ten weapons" and shook her head, smiling slightly as the silly slogan before making her way inside. She was instantly greeted by a girl with brown hair, two buns on the side of her head for some reason, and she smiled at the girl.

"Hello there! I was wondering if you had any weights?" She walked up to the counter, ignoring the curious look the girl gave her.

"Well we do" She said slowly before waving her hand. "My dad has got some in the back but I don't have the key to the storage. What does a kid like you want with those anyways though..You're still in the academy aren't you?"

Naru nodded before answering. "I need to get stronger if I plan on being a Kunochi, no?" Naru grinned a bit.

The girl shook her head, laughing. "Finally a girl who gets it! I thought I was the only one!" She stepped out from behind the counter, looking the girl up and down. "Most girls are fan girls, looking at people like Neji Hyuuga or that Uchiha kid." Naru nodded, agreeing wholeheartedly since all most all of the girl's in her class were after the Uchiha's pants.

"I know what you mean! So, my name is Naru. Naru Uzumaki. Yours?" She questioned the brown haired girl who grinned, pointing at herself.

"Tenten Urahara." She held her hand out and Naru shook it with her own. "Pleased to meet you Naru-San. So, are weights the only thing you need today?" At Naru's negative nod, she continued. "What else then? A weapon?" Naru nodded and Tenten motioned for her to follow her. She took her to a darker area of the store where many weapons were displayed on the shelf ranging from Katanas to Scythes.

"See anything you like?" Tenten questioned, but did not get a response from Naru as she scanned the shelves for a weapon.

After a few minutes she finally spotted it, a long sword held near the top shelf. It was still in it's sheath and seemed to be about three or four times her own height. The sheath was black in color with red along both sides and the hilt of the blade was black with yellow gems imbedded inside of it.

She pointed at it, ignoring the frown Tenten got as she climbed up and took it from it's holder and brought it down to her. "Are you sure Naru-San? This is a Nodachi, it's way too large for you." Naru just shrugged, taking it from her hands and holding it in her own.

"That's fine. I'll grow into it. I already grew two inches last night." She grinned, ignoring the eye-roll Tenten gave her as she shrugged and headed to the counter again. "How much?" She asked, putting the Nodachi onto the counter while pulling out a cute frog-change purse.

Tenten looked at the handle for a moment and drew the blade out slightly from it's sheath, showing it's silver coloring and the sharpness of the blade, before closing it again. "Five thousand yen. Way out of your league unless you've been saving for ye-" She stopped as she saw the Ten thousand yen bill held up by Naru's small hand.

"Should be enough for this, the weights, and a set of Kunai and Shuriken, right?" She asked, smiling at Tenten's dumbstruck look.

"W..What did you do, raid your mom's bank account?" She grumbled, taking the bill either way and getting some Kunai and Shuriken.

"I don't have a mom." Naru said, shrugging as she saw Tenten glance at her. "Don't need one. Been fine on my own with Jiji's help." She nodded and Tenten let out a sigh of relief.

"So you live with your grandpa?" She asked, putting the Kunai and Shuriken out and placing them beside the Nodachi.

Naru shook her head. "I can't live with Jiji. He's got too important stuff to do to worry about me."

Tenten frowned a bit. "What does he do? Is he a ninja?" Naru let out a laugh and nodded. "Then why doesn't he just do his missions while you're at the Academy?" She questioned and Naru grinned at her.

"Hokage-Jiji doesn't get down with Paperwork till at least midnight." Tenten paled considerably. The Hokage was her grandpa? That explained a couple things, such as the money, but she didn't know the Hokage had any grand kids other than Konohamaru.

"Ah.. I um.. See" She stuttered out, earning a giggle from Naru. "I'll go see my dad about those weights okay? Be right back." Naru nodded as Tenten disappeared behind a curtain behind the counter to get her father.

Naru sat down on the counter beside her Nodachi, swinging her legs back and forth as she waited for Tenten to return.

She heard Tenten's voice, along with a man's voice she didn't recognize but assumed to be Tenten's father, until she heard the curtain draw back and she turned her head to look. She expected Tenten but instead there was a tall, around 6'1, man standing there. He had light brown hair that swished around his shoulders and brown eyes like Tenten. He stared at her with an uninterested look, chewing lightly on a tooth pick.

She noticed his face was covered with black marks, as was his hands, and he was wearing a dark-green sleeveless shirt, the sleeves seeming to be ripped off, and a pair of long blue pants. He rubbed his nose slightly with the back of his left index finger before holding out four white-flat pieces of thick leather and placing them beside Naru.

"There's your weights kid. And here." He tossed her a package with his other hand, which she studied for a moment. It was a plastic sealed pack full of odd flat oval rocks, all of them being white. She looked at him questionably, watching as he held up one of the leather weights. "These are the weights. You put the pills into a pocket" He demonstrated by putting his finger into a small, almost invisible, pocket that was on both sides of the weight. "Insert chakra and blam, they become weighted down. I suggest one each time you get used to it until you get to three a weight, then add two, then you're on your own. Got it?" She nodded, smiling. "As for the tip I gave you, I'll take the rest of that Ten thousand Yen you gave my daughter, alright?"

She nodded again and gathered up her belongings. "Want some help?" He asked, watching her struggle to hold just the weights and pill-packet, but she shook her head and formed a seal. The man watched with slightly widened eyes as three Kage Bunshin appeared, grabbing the rest of the stuff and running out of the store. She waved bye towards him, which he returned as she retreated out of the store.

"What a weird kid."


Naru walked back into the Konoha woodland where her clones still stood. The two with sticks were dueling each other, making sure to only hit the stick so that they did not dispel themselves. They didn't even glance up as the real Naru, plus the new clones, walked up however the third clone that was left in the woods glanced up from the scroll she was reading.

"Oh hey boss. How'd it go?" Naru just grinned at her clone, dispelling the two clones she brought with her and setting her equipment down. She proceeded to put on the weights, one on each wrist and one on each leg just above her foot, then did a seal to cause the three clones to dispel and the sticks to fall to the ground.

She opened the weight-pill packet and proceeded to put one pill into each side pocket, two per weight, and pushed her chakra into the pills. She let out a gasp as she struggled to keep herself upright, due to the mass of chakra she pushed into the pills and she took two experimental steps forward before collapsing onto the ground. She groaned slightly before pushing her way up and grinning ear to ear.

"This is so going to be worth it!" She let out a laugh and preformed the Kage Bunshin seals once more, causing two clones to appear. She pointed at the left one. "You! Go home and prepare some ramen in exactly four hours but be sure to include some fruit with it." The clone nodded, and ran, or hobbled due to the extreme weight, off towards Naru's apartment as Naru pointed at the remaining clone. "You will join me in some jogs! I only get half the muscle mass from you but that's still half more then I'd get on my own." The clone nodded, already proceeding to walk slowly away to get more used to the weight.

Naru smiled and bent down, nearly falling again, as she grabbed her Nodachi. She stumbled backwards as the weight of the Nodachi came upon her as she straightened herself up again but managed to hold her ground. She pushed the Nodachi behind her back, sliding it into her top and she felt her cheeks heat up slightly as more then a fourth of the Nodachi slid into her pants and out the left pants leg. She ignored the feeling and preformed a seal again, causing two red-faced Naru clones to appear infront of her.

She glared at them. "Don't give me that look and get to work! Keep practicing those forms and use the Nodachi!" They nodded, already drawing the blade from the sheath. "Practice the Lucky Style first, we need to get used to the weights of both the sword and sheath." The clones nodded, taking the sheath out and holding it in their left hand, while the right struggled to hold the heavy Nodachi with just one hand.

She nodded and took the rest of the pill-packet and stuffed it into a nearby opened tree, which was filled with many copies of scrolls that held Jutsu explanations for all the scrolls she read at the library. Despite her Photographic memory, she had trouble picturing somethings if they weren't in front of her.

She smiled, watching the two Nodachi wielding clones swing their swords at each other, making sure to not hit themselves and sometimes using the sword or sheath to catch themselves as they stumbled. She knew this would be worth it but she shook those thoughts from her head as she proceeded to jog with the clone that had already gotten used to the weights and managed to do four while the original Naru was busy.

She let out a laugh as the clone tagged her, saying "Tag!" before running off, leaving Naru stumbling behind to catch her.

'Who needs friends?' She asked herself as she nearly caught the clone, only to be out ran with the clone's surprising burst of chakra from her feet. 'I have me, myself, and I. I don't need anyone else!'

0-0-0-0 One year later 0-0-0-0

Iruka Umino frowned, something that seemed to take over his entire face since the beginning of the school year, as he went over the classroom for the second time.

The kids, of course, noticed this behavior and some of the nicer girls even asked what was wrong, but Iruka just waved them off with a small smile without answering them. In truth, however, it was the fact that a certain girl was not even in the class that was Iruka's problem.

Naru Uzumaki had completely stopped coming to school since last year. He questioned the Hokage about her whereabouts but the Hokage simply said that, where he was aware where the girl was, he was unable to give the man the information he wished. Iruka pestered the man for days until the Hokage snapped at him, saying that he should focus on all his students rather than just one.

Iruka stopped questioning but he still remained worried for his blonde student. He sighed, thinking quietly to himself as the students talked. It was just after lunch, but due to a construction going on outside the students had to stay inside for recess.

He felt a tug on his arm and looked down to see a young child, around ten years old, staring up at him. The boy had messy black hair that hung down to about his shoulders and he had a red cloth wrapped around his head, to keep the bangs out of his eyes. He had impressive bushy eyebrows and was wearing a white shirt with a pair of dark green pants and black slip-on shoes that had small laces to hold them to his feet.

The boy's name was Lee. Rock Lee, and was the first student he ever taught that was unable to use Ninjutsu or Genjutsu due to his body being unable to mold chakra. Of course, chakra was the life of your entire being and Iruka sensed Lee had plenty of it but his coils, according to medic Nin that examined him after he himself found this out, his coils were twisted and unable to flow correctly.

He smiled down at the boy, absentmindedly scratching at his scar on his nose. "You want to leave early again Lee-San?" He asked, receiving a nod from the boy. "Alright. Go on then and don't get in any trouble okay." He received another nod from the boy as he hurried out of the room.

He sighed again, watching him leave and he looked towards the window of the class room, only seeing the dense woodland of Konoha. He let out a sigh, this one more peaceful then the last, as he stared at the falling woodland of Konoha.

He blinked. Falling? He stared more intently, then his eyes opened in shock as he saw a few trees, far from the academy, falling down and landing with a small cloud of dust raising from the impact.

He rubbed his eyes, to make sure he wasn't seeing things, but when he opened them again the cloud was gone and the trees had returned.

He frowned and rubbed his eyes again. The stress must be getting to him. He looked out to his class and cleared his throat. "Alright class lets begin lesson.."

0-0-0-0 Konoha Woodland 0-0-0-0

Naru cursed loudly, and slammed her fist into a nearby tree once more, leaving another dent in the bark. Several trees already had these marks in them and there were a few that were laying on their sides. "I told the clone..NOT to do that." She said, glaring towards the spot where the trees shouldn't be, but they were. She quickly transformed her clones into large trees, mimicking the ones that fell over, to avoid any suspicion that something had caused them to fall.

She summoned twenty five clones and turned them into large saw blades, only to make fifty more clones which each took one side of a saw blade and began to saw the real fallen trees.

Naru, nodding towards her clones sighed as she formed a couple seals and then bit her thumb, making five swift markings onto the transformed-clones that were Henged into trees, causing the "tree" to glow for a moment before the glow died down and the tree shook. She smiled, proud of her work.

While digging through her notes, both through her head and the pile of scrolls she copied, she had discovered sealing. While she was no master, she could do the more basic seals such as sealing objects or chakra into a specific seal. The notes were lacking however, as she only found minor ones and no major sealing techniques, but they worked.

Combined with her Shadow Clones, she found she was able to seal the chakra of the clones so that they did not run on her chakra, causing the chakra used to regenerate much faster without the link to her clone. She also found that by combining a "gather" seal (Which caused a very minor amount of chakra to be pulled into the seal at all times, even from the user unless modified otherwise) with the chakra seal, she was able to indefinitely keep her clones fed so that they did not poof when running out of chakra.

She figured the woodland could spare a few samples of chakra, although she hoped a woodpecker would not mistake her cloned trees for a real tree as the clone would still disappear after being hit once.

Combined with this feature of her seals however, she also found she could improve her weights by adding a chakra seal onto the pills. She was up to twenty five for each pocket, and she had been forced to return to the shop several times to buy more packets or weights when they broke, and found she could store chakra inside to keep the weight gain for each pill even higher by increasing it's capacity. She also put minor-chakra draining seals, causing the weights to continuously draw from her own chakra supplies to increase the weight every ten or so minutes by a pound until the chakra seals filled up to the brim and she was forced to add more pills.

Naru shook her head to clear her thoughts, before beginning her jog around the woods (Which already had some footprints and dirt imprints of her constant jogs) as the clones continued to work on the trees, already finished carving up one while Naru ran up and down one of the real, still standing, trees using her chakra.

She grinned to herself and made a clone, pointing at it. "Let's have a race! Who can make it to the top first, ne?" The clone grinned back at her and nodded.

"Your on!" It announced, and so began the race.

0-0-0-0 Three years later 0-0-0-0

Iruka sighed, rubbing the back of his head as he scanned over the class to make sure everyone was here. He casually called out names, in order of their last names, before pausing at Uzumaki Naru. He sighed, slowing saying it only to jump in surprise as he actually got a response. Likewise, everyone turned to a seat in the back where a blonde girl with bright blue eyes was holding her hand up.

"Present." She said, smiling and Iruka smiled back, his tired face disappearing entirely. He carefully examined his student, his eyes widening slightly as he stared at her upper half, the rest being hidden under the desk she sat at.

Her long unkempt blonde hair hung down to about her mid back, and her bangs covered her left eye very slightly but most of her bangs were kept back by a headband she wore wrapped around her head. The headband was red in color, clashing slightly with her blue eyes and she was wearing a black top which went over the forming mounds on her chest, he also noticed that around her wrist were two odd white rings. He couldn't see her lower half so he wasn't sure what she was wearing on her lower half so he let his eyes drift elsewhere.

"It's been quite awhile Naru. Where have you been?" The students also seemed interested, except for a certain Uchiha, and seemed disappointed when Naru just shrugged.

"Places Sensei. I had things to do, people to hang with. You know, the works." She said casually, while Iruka was slightly surprised she was had hung out with anyone, but happy as well thinking that she had a friend.

He cleared his throat slightly. "Alright, well tomorrow is the Genin exam, but before you can take it you have to give us an asset of your abilities if that's alright?" Receiving a nod, he continued. "Then follow me, it's sparring day anyways. You know where to go class."

The class got up, walking out to the usual sparring area outside but Iruka stayed behind, waiting for Naru to pass him and he put his hand on her shoulder, glancing towards her long Jounin pants (with many pockets) that clung to her slightly curved legs and her blue sandals. He also noted odd straps on the back of her top, small hoops that looked like they were there to hold a sword sheath, along with two white bands, just like the ones on her wrists, located on her legs just above her feet.

She looked towards him, giving him an uninterested look with one of her bangs falling between her eyes. He stopped for a moment before giving her a smile. "It's nice to have you back Naru." He said, silently wishing Mizuki could be here for the return of their student, but he hadn't seen his friend all day.

Naru seemed slightly surprised before shrugging once. "I only came back for the exams Sensei. Hope that's not a problem?" Iruka, slightly surprised at the response, just shook his head. "I'll meet you outside Sensei." She then walked out, leaving a slightly confused Iruka at how closed she became.

'What happened, Naru?'

0-0-0-0 Sparring Grounds 0-0-0-0

Iruka went across his clip board, before nodding. He figured he start out small, but not too small, and called out Naru and Kiba. "Kiba and Naru will go first. No Ninjutsu, Taijutsu only and Kiba, keep Akamaru away from the battle." Kiba grinned and nodded, putting the white dog onto the ground.

Akamaru sat down, looking slightly miffed he had been woken from his nap inside Kiba's coat, but he stood still as Kiba made his way to a small white circle, which was drawn in using chalk and chakra (To keep the chalk from disappearing from rain). Naru was already standing at the other end and was looking at Iruka, waiting for him to start the match.

Kiba smiled and let out a wolf whistle, eying Naru up and down. "Well ain't you a looker now huh Shorty?" He grinned, but became slightly irked as Naru looked at him with an uninterested look on her face.

"I'm taller than you." She simply stated, earning a few giggles from the fellow girl-students as Naru was indeed taller. She was already about Sasuke's height, if not an inch or two taller, due to her healthy diet of ramen and fruit, and workouts.

Kiba growled and got into his clan's Taijutsu stance, glaring to the girl. "You're still a dead last!" He stated, earning a small giggle from Naru in which she put her left hand to her mouth.

"If you say so, dog breath." She said quietly, staring at him with an amused expression. "Tell you what. I won't even move." Kiba growled and was about to charge when Iruka held up a hand.

"Alright then..Kiba vs Naru. First one to admit defeat or be pushed out of the ring wins." He looked once a both, Kiba looking mad while on all fours in his family-style Taijutsu while Naru just stood there with her arms at her side. "Begin!"

In an instant, Kiba appeared in front of Naru, swiping towards her chest. Just as he was about to hit her however, he suddenly flew back and landed with a thump on the ground. He slowly got up, groaning and staring at his stomach then he looked back up to Naru.

She never moved a muscle.

Kiba began charging over and over again, only to get punched back by an invisible force. All the students, and Iruka, were watching intensely trying to figure out what Naru was doing. Sasuke had his eyes narrowed, staring intently towards Naru's hands while everyone else was just staring towards her body.

Finally, Naru sighed and grabbed Kiba by his shirt collar, ignoring the swipes he gave at the hand holding her. "I'll end this now, Kiba. You're a dull opponent." with that, she casually tossed the boy out of the ring, winning the match.

Kiba growled loudly, about to pounce towards her but was blocked by Iruka's hand in front of his face. "That's enough Kiba. You lost. Back to the line." Kiba glared towards him then sighed and walked to the back of the class line, grumbling the whole time while Naru stood back at the front.

Iruka went through several other matches, until everyone except Sasuke had a turn in which he called Naru and Sasuke to the ring. Naru raised an eyebrow but went to the ring while Sasuke wore a small smirk as he stared towards the girl. "I know your trick so don't even try it." Naru just raised her other eyebrow, the other one having never gone down then let out a soft laugh.

"I'm not a one-trick pony." She stated, then suddenly disappeared in a blur as Iruka said 'Begin'. Sasuke looked around wildly, wishing he had his Sharingan, until he felt a large pain in his stomach. He let out a gasp as his breath was knocked out of him, looking upwards he barely had time to register the blue eyes staring down at him before there was a kick at the side of his head, sending him flying out of the ring onto the hard ground.

There was several gasps and cries of "Sasuke-Kun!" from the audience, then several girls yelling at Naru for doing that to Sasuke-Kun. Naru ignored them, only staring at the wide eyed Sasuke.

'How is she so much stronger than I am! At this rate..I can't beat Itachi. Not if I can't even beat this dead last!' He dimly was aware of Iruka calling Naru the winner as he began to swiftly preform seals. He heard Iruka shout his name as a large fire ball form in his mouth, which expanded as it left his mouth. He blew harder and harder , pumping his chakra into the move to send a giant fireball towards Naru and the rest of the class. His eyes widened as he realized what he did and he quickly shut off his chakra, a disbelieving look as he realized he might have just incinerated his entire class.

However there was surprised gasps as the fireball disappeared, and Sasuke followed the trail of burn marks which stopped just at Naru's feet. Naru herself had one hand extended with the entire hand seeming to have a large drill of wind spinning around it. The wind fell apart and Naru looked at him coolly, her eyes half open and a half-smirk on her face at his surprised expression.

"Is that all, Uchiha?" She asked casually, hands on her hips. Sasuke just hn'd, turning his head to the side and walking back towards the Academy. The rest of the class watched him go while Naru walked up to the stunned Iruka. "May I go home and return tomorrow, Iruka-Sensei? I'm sure you know my skills, or some, by now so I'd like to just wait for tomorrow if that's alright." At Iruka's small nod, she turned and left.

Iruka watched her go, looking back to the burn marks a moment later.

'How much have you grown in those four years, Naru?'

0-0-0-0 Later that night. Konoha Woodland 0-0-0-0

Mizuki panted heavily, leaning against a tree in the woods. He had already taken out most of his energy dodging and evading the Shinobi of Konoha as he attempted to escape with his prize. He pulled the large golden scroll closer to his body, grinning as he pulled it closer to himself.

It had been tricky to get it, as most of the traps were required to have a very small frame (That of a child) to get to but he managed. The only problem was that he ran into the Hokage on his way out, and had to jump out a window and use his chakra to slide down the Hokage Tower in order to escape.

He walked along, slowly as he attempted to catch his breath from running so much, and came upon a strange clearing in the woods. He looked around, a confused expression on his face as he studied the footprints in the ground. They weren't fresh, but not too dry either, probably made this morning. He carefully looked around, but stopped when he spotted strange seals on three trees in front of him.

He pulled himself towards the trees and touched the seal. He looked down, frowning as he saw the stump of the tree, near the roots, being completely black as if it was decaying but the tree itself seemed perfectly healthy. Too healthy. With Fall starting to approach Konoha the trees should have started to turn different colors but these trees were all green as if frozen in time.

He punched one, giving it an experimental test and was greatly surprised when it disappeared in a poof of smoke. He looked at his fist for a moment, back at where the tree was, then gave another of the sealed trees a punch. It also disappeared, confusing the silver-haired Nin even further.

He shrugged, about to walk towards the village wall again before he was suddenly stopped and sent flying by a fist slamming into his face. He did a couple flips in the air and landed neatly on his feet. He wasn't a Chunin for nothing!

He looked at his assaulter, and couldn't help but grin as he made out the features of the Demon Child. He could have sworn she was shorter though, and he instantly tensed slightly as he saw the large Nodachi strapped to her back.

She glared at him, gripping the handle of her Nodachi. "What are you doing here, Sensei?" She asked, her voice being slightly strained. "And why are you holding that scroll so tightly?"

Mizuki just laughed. "I'm taking it from the village, and I'll be taking your life as well Demon!" Naru didn't even blink or seem angered by the remark, but Mizuki continued. "Do you know why the villagers hate you?" At Naru's shrug, the man kept going. "You see! They hate you because you're the Demon! Sealed inside a babe at birth, you're the Kyuubi no Yoko!" He announced, he waited for the surprise on Naru's face as he reached for a Kunai, waiting for his chance to strike.

He was surprised, however, when Naru let out a small laugh. "They hate me for Kyuu? Really? She's nice when you get to know her." Mizuki suppressed his surprise and charged, angered that his tactic didn't work.

In a swift movement, Naru pulled her Nodachi out and struck. Mizuki blocked with his Kunai, struggling slightly with the surprising strength the superior weapon had over his Kunai, but was surprised when she used her other hand to slam her sheath into the back of his head. He stumbled, and was rewarded with another blow to his stomach which knocked his breath out of him.

He slashed towards her with his Kunai, but was surprised that she was no longer there. He felt a presence behind him and let out a gasp as he felt a blade slice through his side. He attempted to hit her again with his Kunai, but missed on his own as his vision began to swim and blur. "G..Genjutsu?" He asked, only for his answer to be a swift strike onto his forehead from Naru's sheath. He fell over in a crumbled heap,

Naru let out a hn, looking down at the golden scroll. She cautiously opened it until the entire thing was laid out in front of her. She scanned over it quickly, her eyes widening and she quickly made a few clones, a couple of them rushing over to a tree to receive some paper and a couple ink-pens as they began to quickly hand out the paper and pens to the rest of the clones to copy the notes of the scroll.

After seven Jutsu had been copied down, Naru sealed it up as it was before. The rest of the Jutsu was illegible, being a large amount of mixed numbers and code letters that would be impossible to unlock without the Key Code to figure the entire thing.

She ordered the clone to pick up the scroll while she herself picked up the unconscious Mizuki. She preformed a one hand seal and both her, the clone, and Mizuki disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

0-0-0-0 Hokage Tower 0-0-0-0

The Hokage glanced up for a moment from his constant worrying and fretting over his crystal ball (Which was currently showing his hidden supply of Icha Icha Paradise that were located in a drawer beside the Forbidden Scroll's resting place).He was surprised that the man he had been searching for (not) suddenly appeared in front of him, slung over the shoulder of the blonde Nin he had grown quite fond of despite her recent disappearances.

Naru said nothing as she tossed the man onto the ground and then motioned towards her clone that stood behind her, which tossed the Forbidden Scroll onto the desk in front of the Hokage. She smiled at him as the clone disappeared and gave a small bow. "I found him in my training area, Hokage-Jiji." She explained, still keeping her old name for him which made him smile a bit. "It was lucky really, I had no idea he was there until.." She paused.

"Until what Naru?" Sarutobi asked curiously, his hands folded calmly on top of the desk.

She scratched the back of her head, smiling her foxy grin like she used to as a child. "He punched an old clone, probably three years old, and I saw it through her being that he was there. It hurt though.." She trailed off but continued at the Hokage's confused expression. "Like..I got all that information back into my head at once. Every bit of it. My clone was transformed into a tree at the time, and I saw everything she saw for the past three years.." Naru shook her head. "I got lucky that he was inexperienced, I nearly threw up on the trip here from all that information in my head." The Hokage nodded. Information overload was the worst part with the Shadow Clones.

"Anyways Jiji." Naru continued, motioning towards the man. "He told me about Kyuu, but I already knew about her." The Hokage paled.

"Naru..I.." Naru held up a hand, silencing the man.

"It's okay Jiji. I don't hate you, or the fourth for doing that. I don't even hate Kyuu. You'd be surprised, she's really nice when she wants to be." At the Hokage's doubtful look, Naru just grinned. "Really! She is. She gave me history lessons and even took over my body for a moment to help me with something.." The Hokage paled further. If he was any more white, the ANBU would wonder if Orochimaru had suddenly put on the Hokage robes.

"She took..over your body..? And..The Kyuubi..Is a girl?" He said slowly, his old mind trying to process the events.

Naru giggled, then her face split into a wide grin. "Oh yeah, you'd love how she looks Ero-Jiji." Her grin went further. "Big bouncy boobs, strawberry red hair, and a firm butt!" The Hokage pictured this, and casually wiped blood from his nose, causing the blonde to giggle again before she continued speaking. "She only took it over to teach me the correct form for a sword style I had attempted to do with my Nodachi. Something about "Having fought the guy who made it in the underworld." She trailed off a bit, before shaking her head. "Anyways Jiji. Exams tomorrow, so I'll see you later." Sarutobi nodded, taking a puff of his pipe.

"Very well. Put those skills to good use..But still be wary of the Kyuubi, Naru.. Foxes are crafty." Naru narrowed her eyes a bit, teasingly, as the grin was still on her face.

"Of course Hokage-Jiji. I admit I'm pretty crafty." With that, she disappeared in a swirl of leaves, leaving a confused Hokage.

Sarutobi sighed, staring at the paperwork smashed under the forbidden scroll. He frowned, noticing the latch was undone and he slowly opened it, staring at the first Jutsu on the scroll. "Kage Bunshin?" He said to himself. Then, as if struck by lightning, he stood up with his eyes wide in excitement. "That's it! I have been torturing myself for so long but the answer was so clear!" He let out a loud laugh, leaving the ANBU outside wondering if the Hokage was alright.

Owl, one of the Sarutobi's best and oldest ANBU, peaked into the window and he let out a soft laugh, confusing Cat who stood beside him.

"What is it sir?" She asked, looking into the window before laughing as well, quietly going into the room and grabbing Mizuki (as the Hokage had promptly forgot about him after the clone discovery) and disappeared to deliver him to Ibiki in the Torture rooms.

Twenty five Sarutobi clones were busily filing paperwork, but the ANBU could sense that none of them were the real Hokage.

The real Sarutobi was laughing at home by now, a full glass of sake clinched in his hand and a smile on his face.

No more paperwork! All thanks to Uzumaki Naru and Mizuki!

0-0-0-0 Chapter End 0-0-0-0

Next chapter – The Genin team is placed

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