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0-0-0-0 Hinata vs Tenten 0-0-0-0

"Will the two named on the board please." Cough. "Step down to the arena?" Hayate said rather quickly, as if eager for this to all be over. Casually he began to take out a small box and pop a few pills into his mouth as the two Genin made their way down the stairs and then stood across from each other on opposite sides of the room. Gulping his pills down, Hayate raised his hands up. "When I say Go, begin the fight."

"Let's have a good fight Tenten-San." Hinata said with a soft smile, sliding into her gentle-fist stance. Tenten grinned, holding up a Kunai.

"I won't hold back just 'cause it's you, Hinata. You'd better not either!" Hinata smiled, nodding her head with her head-band back in place across her broken eye, having put it there on her walk down.

"Of course."

Hayate looked back and forth between the two before throwing his hand down. "Go." The effect was instant. Both Kunoichi instantly jumped away from each other with Tenten throwing several Kunai and Shuriken, seemingly out of no where, towards the Hyuuga Heiress who responded by a short Kaiten that sent the bullets flying to the side of the arena, and blocking the view of the pained expression Hinata had on her face as the chakra flared in her system.

Tenten smirked, having expected such a thing, and suddenly dashed towards the blue-haired girl. She pulled a Katana out of thin air, only a small poof being any indication she used chakra to summon it, and proceeded to slice and hack at Hinata who dodged with a graceful ease, barely moving her body at all and only moving back because Tenten continued to move forward.

Tenten jumped back as the girl neared the wall and threw several more Kunai, keeping Hinata on the defensive while also tossing her own Katana towards the girl. Hinata dodged the Kunai with just small twitches of her neck and literally back-handed the Katana away from her as it neared her face. Smirking, Hinata starting to move forward when she found that she couldn't move her feet. Frowning, Hinata looked down and her eyes widened to see several nails literally piercing her shoes, about three on each side of both shoes and impaling themselves into the ground.

Tenten grinned, holding up three Kunai between her fingers on both hands. "Got you now Hinata. I've trained with Neji a lot and I know all the little tricks a Hyuuga can pull!" She announced in a rather triumphant voice. "Give up now and I won't throw these at you!"

Hinata smirked, lowering her body a bit as she started to slowly wiggle her feet back and forth, knowing that bending down and undoing the straps of the sandals would just leave her wide open. "Go ahead Tenten, I have no intention of losing. I'm not just a Hyuuga either." She smiled at Tenten's slightly confused expression, but it turned to a frown as Tenten herself smiled.

"Have it your way!" She tossed the Kunai at her but then started to preform several hand seals in a speed that took weeks of practice. "Sealing Art: Thousand Bolts!" She yelled out, chakra leaking out of her body and connecting to the Kunai she threw, and then there were loud pop sounds as Kunai began to appear in the air beside the Kunai she threw, all of them heading directly towards Hinata in a spread out fashion, leaving many holes but due to the sheer number that were directly going for Hinata, there wasn't much places to move.

Hinata felt her body go cold at the sight of all the Kunai coming towards her but quickly calmed herself as her gauntlet began to extend it's claws. 'I can do this..' As the weapons drew closer, Hinata began to move her body rapidly, like that of a changing wave. She twisted, turned, tilted and blocked every Kunai that came her way, all without moving her feet. She smirked as she saw the last few Kunai coming towards her and moved to dodge one, only for her eyes to widen at the sight of another under that one that she didn't see! Thinking quickly, Hinata completely bent her head backwards, a loud metal clang echoing across the room as the Kunai slammed against her head-band, sending it flying off and hitting against the wall behind her.

Tenten watched with her hands clinched into fists, and a bit of sweat going down her body. "Oi.. You okay Hinata?" She asked quietly, as the Hyuuga Heiress had yet to pull her head back up. She felt a sense of dread as Hinata slowly looked towards her, her blind-eye cracked open and showing a milky red color underneath.

"Never better" She said with an odd echo to her voice as red chakra started to pump out of her in small waves, and all eyes widened as black and red chains began to spread across her face. "In fact.. I feel great." Her voice became darker at the end, and her lips spread into a grin as she literally ripped her sandals off by lifting her feet, the chakra pulsing even faster now. "and now.. Tenten, I'll be winning this fight." She slid back into a gentle fist stance, her voice back to normal, or so it seemed, but the chakra continued to pulse off of her in an alarming rate and seemed to get faster every few seconds. "Here I come!" She yelled, charging towards the slightly stunned Weapon Mistress.

Tenten was brought back to her senses as Hinata drew closer and she quickly threw several Shuriken in her direction, which were hastily dodged but Tenten still smiled as the Heiress drew closer and she pulled out a large cleaver, again out of thin air, and brought it down towards Hinata's shoulder.

Hinata jumped back, narrowly dodging it and she let out a slightly feral growl, the chains spreading faster along her body and wrapping around her arms, leaving Tenten rather bewildered. The Jounin, however, were all holding tightly onto the bars of the railing, each having a slightly strained look on their face, minus the Lightning Jounin who was staring with a calm indifference. The Hokage and Jiraiya, however, were perfectly still but their narrowed eyes betrayed their discomfort upon seeing the chains.

Hinata's broken eye was slowly edging itself open, further and further as Tenten restarted her ranged attack, throwing Kunai, Shuriken, Katanas, and even a few maces towards the Heiress who responded by dodging or catching the weapons, sometimes even slicing them in half with her Kikkyou. Finally, when it was half-way open, Tenten paused in her throwing and stared at Hinata with her eyes wide as saucers.

"H.. Hinata.. Your eye.. it's.." Hinata just grinned, as if expecting this reaction.

"Fine? I know.. I've known for awhile." Indeed, Hinata's eye was now almost completely back to what an eye should be, however the entire eyeball was a milky red, as bright as blood but as smooth as silk, and the slit was a light lavender, the only thing that remained of the Hyuuga's past eye. "And now I'll show you, Tenten.." She said softly, forcefully pulling the eye lid up on her eye so the entire thing was staring right at her. "Why I am not a Hyuuga.. but rather, a Hinata!" She began to quickly rush towards Tenten with renewed speed, despite having been pushed back towards the wall due to the onslaught of weapons that kept going at her.

Tenten frowned and threw five more Kunai at the Princess, intent on stopping her but was surprised when the Kunai, when reaching a certain distance away from Hinata, completely and utterly stopped in the air. Tenten's eyes widened and she stared confusedly towards the Kunai, noticing that it didn't completely stop but was rather going at a pace that would be considered sluggish, as it was barely moving an inch every second.

Hinata smiled, lightly batting the Kunai out of the way and then walking past them, and when she reached a certain distance away from them they started up again, only this time going in the direction she moved them but with the same force Tenten herself had put behind them when she threw the tools.

Tenten frowned, throwing several Kunai towards her again while flicking her wrist, slicing a string she had set up earlier and sending several Kunai at Hinata's backside. As expected, all of the Kunai immediately froze when reaching a certain point near Hinata and she just casually brushed them aside, while using her Kikkyou to hit the ones behind her and slice through them like butter, but they only fell apart as she walked away from them and towards Tenten.

"Alright then Hinata.. I don't know your trick but let's see if you can stop all of my weapons at once!" She jumped back, pulling out a scroll for the first time in the battle. "Ninja Art: Wall of Iron!" She yelled, preforming a seal and causing a huge mass of weapons to appear around her, the quantity an quality of the weapons even causing Hinata's eyes to widen as Tenten began to move in a single blur, throwing every weapon towards her just a second before they hit the ground or sometimes before they even reached the top of their height from being summoned out.

Hinata just stood there, her blood red eye glaring towards the wall of iron approaching her but it was slowly closing, and Hinata slowly moved forward, each step seeming to take longer then the other as her breathing became louder, just as the wall descended upon her and blocked her from view completely.

Tenten continued throwing her weapons, however, until the entire field was covered in the mass of weapons, forming a large wall of iron and steel weapons that filled up nearly half way towards the railings. She panted lowly, her arms and legs numb from moving so fast and throwing so hard but she was sure she got Hinata at least once, but she hoped it wasn't fatal.

It was then that a figure slowly stepped through the wall, causing Tenten's eyes to become wide as saucers as Hinata's eye finally closed itself and she could see a large chunk of her wall suddenly become split in two, or fly in a left or right direction. Gulping down her nervousness, Tenten slid into a loose Iron Fist stance, having never really practiced it before. "How did you get through all those..?"

Hinata gave her a forced smile, her Byakugan eye showing a sign of vulnerability in them and her voice was tired and labored, but the chains still remained on her skin. "That .. is my Babylon. My eye.." She pointed towards her closed eye. "is able to control the time around my body, and I can slow things down or.." Her eye cracked open and a small trail of red leaked out from Hinata's socket, and she was suddenly in front of Tenten, her fist just an inch away from the Weapon Mistress's face. "speed things up."

Tenten jumped her heart pounding in her chest as she slowly sunk to her knees, laughing nervously, and slightly embarrassed, as she saw Hinata's confused look. "My legs gave out.. I give up! I'm out of weapons anyways.. and you've obviously got enough chakra to keep going for at least another few minutes." She said softly, rubbing the back of her head. "You win, Hinata. Congrats."

Hinata smiled, helping the girl to her feet as Hayate held his hand up. "Winner is Hinata Hyuuga." Hinata's smile grew and the chains on her skin slowly receded, but if Tenten noticed she didn't say anything.

Helping the girl to the Medic Nin that ran up quickly to the field, Hinata was rather surprised to be pulled aside by a tall white haired man with a large scroll on his back. "Come with me. We have something to discuss." Hinata narrowed her eyes but nodded slightly, glancing towards her teammates who were staring at her with a curious, and slightly worried, expression on their faces (although Tayuya's was masked into a frown and Naru just had her eyebrow's lowered). She gave them a wave and then ran after the white-haired man.

Naru frowned, looking towards Kurenai, who she had decided to stand beside with Tayuya on her other side, with her nose scrunched up in confusion. "Who was that guy that Hinata went with?" Kurenai jumped slightly, as if just noticing the blonde's presence and the distraught look on her face erased instantly, as she didn't want to worry her student.

"That was Jiraiya of the Sannin. A notorious pervert and.." She frowned, noticing Naru's wide eyes and slightly slack-jawed look as she stared at her raven-haired Sensei. "Uh.. Is something wrong, Naru?"

Naru shook her head quickly. "Of course not! Everything is fine! I mean I can finally get.." She paused mid-sentence, noticing everyone giving her odd looks, but more importantly the pointed look that Shikamaru gave her from across the arena. He lightly tapped his finger against the wall he was leaning against, a motion that would've been missed by most but they had spent more then enough time to expect the unexpected when it came to their messages.

"Zip it" His message said, eyes still narrowed into a pointed look.

Naru frowned, unsure what he meant when it dawned on her. She was just about to tell Kurenai, who hated perverts with a passion, that she was going to get an Autograph from the writer of Icha Icha Paradise. She slightly nodded in Shikamaru's direction, thanking him while Kurenai watched her with an eyebrow raised. "Finally get what, Naru?"

"Uh.." Naru paused, unsure of what to say to that question when Tayuya suddenly lurched forward, pointing at the screen.

"Next fights up! Boy that looks fun doesn't it?" She said quickly, trying to obviously be a distraction as two names lit up on the board and the two retrospective Genin straightened themselves up as they readied to go down to the arena.

0-0-0-0 Sakura Haruno vs Nagi Kamiki 0-0-0-0

Both Genin started to make their way down to the arena, when Hayate raised his hand up. "Please wait while we clean up the arena." He said softly, coughing after wards as several Chunin and Hayate himself began to pick up the scattered weapons using their chakra and scrolls and then put them all in a pile, with two Chunin picking them up on a stretcher, as there were nearly 30 stacks of scrolls and some weapons still weren't put into them, and began to haul them out of the room.

After they were done, he nodded once towards both of the Genin who's names were still displayed on the board. They made their way down to the arena and stood across from each other and Sakura instantly started studying her opponent.

He was a thin boy with tan skin, as most Cloud Nin spent their time out in the hot sun without much shade from trees as they lived in a high-peaked mountain. He was wearing a red jacket, which matched his amber colored eyes, and there was a black chain-mail shirt underneath it which was shown to the world, although Sakura could see that the jacket was actually cut in half, as she could see the jacket's zipper still zipped up, but there was still a large hole that split the jacket apart with most of it being on the boy's left side.

He was about three inches taller then Sakura, and his dusty brown hair was about mid-neck length with his bangs ending just over his eyes. Sakura glanced down to his lower half and was surprised to see that he was also wearing black gloves which went to his elbows (as his hands were at his sides), and on the gloves were thin metal sheets that went all around his fingers, stopping at his knuckles but his finger tips themselves were completely uncovered. Hiding his legs was just a pair of long pants which hid his feet from her view, but as he moved his legs a bit she could hear the soft clang of several chains hitting against each other inside the mesh of his pants.

Sakura shook her head slightly, smiling towards the boy. "Sakura Haruno." She said gently, holding out her hand. "Let's have a good fight, ne?" The boy arched his eyebrows before nodding, smiling as he grasped her hand in his own and she jumped slightly as she felt a jolt from his fingers.

"Nagi Kamiki. Lets, Sakura-San." She nodded, stepping back so she was slightly away from him as Hayate raised his hand. Narrowing her eyes she moved one hand towards her Shinobi pouch as she surveyed the Cloud Genin. They were known for their Lightning Jutsu so she would have to keep her distance, but at the same time he may have another sort of ability.. 'I'll use Genjutsu to get him to reveal his secrets.. Thankfully I should have enough chakra for that!'

Hayate looked back and forth between the two before throwing his hand down. "Begin." In an instant the boy threw a Kunai towards her, which she narrowly dodged and her eyes widened at the small sparks it left in the air as it passed her. He grinned at her and flung his left hand to the side, a long row of Kunai sliding out, all connected by strings wrapped around the circle at their hilt.

She hastily formed seals, staring at him as he twirled the Kunai around and put them in a connected circle, static charge connecting them so they didn't fall apart and he threw it at her as a large spinning disk, static coming off of it in waves.

"Bunshin no Jutsu!" She called out, splitting into three separate Sakura's who all dodged the spinning circle of Kunai. They all smirked but it quickly fell to a frown as the Kunai separated and shot off like rockets towards the walls, forming a star shape across the entire room, with strings connecting into the center where the Kunai had split apart.

Sakura frowned, each clone mimicking her actions as she began to form hand seals quickly. Nagi ran towards her, ducking under one of the strings on his Kunai for a moment and he pressed his hand against the soft flesh of Sakura's stomach, and she let out a gasp as the metal on his gauntlets began to spark. "Shock Lick." A large blast of energy slammed into Sakura, sending her into the wall, leaving a small imprint of the girl into the stone. Nagi smirked, crossing his arms. "Was that it? I thought you'd put up more of a fight then tha-" He slung himself backwards as a Kunai slid past his vision, nearly cutting his nose off.

He glared at the Sakura standing there with a Kunai in her hand and a smirk on her lips, then looked towards the one he had hit and wasn't surprised to see it poof out of existence. "So when you said Bunshin no Jutsu.. You meant.."

She grinned, jumping at him with her Kunai raised high. He blocked it with his left wrist and then aimed a punch at her stomach, only for both to pass through him and he stumbled forward as the weight of his punch sent him in that direction. 'What the..?' Suddenly, the ground under him disappeared and he did fall down, but hastily got back up as a Kunai flew towards him from below. He pushed himself out of the way as he was getting up and frowned, looking around for his attacker but to no avail as the entire arena had disappeared.

'Genjutsu' He commented to himself, putting his fingers up in a hand seal. "Ka-" He started to say, cutting himself off as he ducked to the side, using his hands to balance himself as Kunai flew across the air where his head was moments before. Nagi growled, looking back and forth for attacks while starting to slowly move along the ground with his knees bent and his back hunched over slightly.

Meanwhile, the audience watched with slight wonder as the Cloud Nin began to walk around cautiously, while Sakura was standing on the other side of the field, doing hand seals as she moved away from the male whenever he came a bit too close to her. Suddenly he stopped, just as Sakura finished her hand seals. Nagi reached up, grasping something in the air but Sakura didn't seem to notice, and brought her hands up to her mouth.

Memories flashed into her head of the Jutsu she was about to use, having learned it from the Library when Kurenai had given her a few days off during her training but due to her low chakra reserves she hadn't had a chance to really use it, but since her chakra training she was sure she could pull it off.

'Inhale.. Spin the chakra in your gut... Concentrate Sakura! You can do this..' She thought to herself bringing her head back as her cheeks began to bulge slightly. "Katon: Fire Dragon's Roar!" She muttered, throwing her head forward and letting out a very large wave of chakra and fire rush itself towards the still crouched Nagi.

Sasuke felt his eyebrows raise as he watched his teammate's Jutsu, rather interested in why she would pick that specific Jutsu, while their Sensei had a small smile on under his mask, proud of his student's growth.

Nagi, however, was feeling the opposite of the two Sharingan males as he felt the hot flame wash over him. He grunted at the pain but bore through it as he began his counter attack, and Sakura yelped, shutting her mouth in the process, as lightning shot through the strings that were connected to the Kunai, which Sakura had been beside causing her arm to get a nasty shock and a slight numb feeling in her right arm.

Nagi grinned, slowly making his way to his feet as the flames died down. His skin was tinted black with soot and burns but he had a grin of triumph on his face as he held onto the string he used to thwart Sakura's plan. "Not bad girly! Although I'm surprised you didn't swap with a shadow clone of yours!" Sakura smirked slightly, holding her right arm.

"I don't know Kage Bunshin." Nagi's eye brows rose while Sakura tried to lightly heal her tingling skin. "I used a Genjutsu to make me poof after you hit me to lure you into a false guard while I prepared my other Genjutsu, which was the Mind's Eye: Shadow Fall Jutsu." Her smirk grew as Nagi narrowed his eyes in slight irritation.

"Not bad, Sakura-San!" He held his left hand up, grinning ear to ear as lightning started to cackle around his gauntlet. "But I'm afraid I'll have to end this soon.." He punched the center of the strings, and Sakura hastily brought a Kunai out as the lightning began to channel through the strings, making them spark and cackle in a blue light.

She threw the Kunai to her left while the other went to her right and then moved herself to the center of the two strings she was between, just as the lightning in the strings began to grow even more fierce and powerful. The strings began to spark between each other rapidly, creating long flashes of light and energy, but the lighting slowly slowed down to a gradual pulse, leaving only small sparks going along the strings.

Nagi panted softly as he looked towards where Sakura had been standing, only for his eyebrows to raise up as he saw she was completely unharmed and standing inside the two strings she had been between. "Not bad at all, Sakura-San.. I may have some respect for you but I'm wondering how you managed to evade me that time, it couldn't have been Genjutsu."

Sakura held up a Kunai, smiling. "You use the metal strings to channel your lightning into the Kunai, making a chain reaction and making them even more deadly.. But." She nodded towards her own Kunai that she had thrown moments before Nagi's attack, which were now laying uselessly on the ground at the corner of the arena. "I threw my own Kunai and hit them against the strings, which caused the most of the energy to channel to those Kunai since they conducted the electricity sooner then your Kunai did." Nagi smirked, nodding to himself.

"I see! I suppose I'll need to work on that then after this match." He pulled out another Kunai, twirling it around one finger before tossing it at Sakura who hastily moved out of the way, just as it began to spark and cackle with electricity. She was unprepared, however, when Nagi was suddenly in front of her, sparks of chakra and electricity bouncing off his arms as he aimed his fist for her head.

Acting purely out of reflex, Sakura brought her arms up and blocked the blow with her arms in a X fashion in front of her face. She screamed as the lightning channeled itself into her system and was unprepared as it exploded from Nagi's fist, sending her flying back into the wall once more.

She grunted and pulled herself out, her hands and legs shaking from the electricity running through her system. She panted lowly, feeling for her chakra as she watched Nagi crack his fingers then pull his hands back for another punch. She braced herself, readying to dodge and rolled to the side when he punched at her, putting her hands against the ground to flip herself onto her feet. Just as she started to push pressure into her hands, Nagi's foot slung itself towards her back, and his fist came at her face from the other side.

'Shit!' She yelled in her mind, her eyes wide as saucers. She was unprepared when she suddenly flipped over his foot and was suddenly flying through the air. She stumbled as she landed on the ground and frowned, noting the look of pure surprise on Nagi's face showing that he was as surprised as she was.

'Well well well.. Looks like I was just in time.' Sakura flinched at the familiar voice.. which resounded in her head like a old television screen. Time seemed to slow down as Sakura slid into the back of her mind, becoming face to face with the black version of herself with the word 'Inner' tattooed across her forehead. 'Welcome back.'The girl said, grinning ear to ear, something that didn't look right on Sakura's face.

'I thought you left..' Sakura crossed her arms, glaring at the girl before her. 'without even saying anything!' The "Inner" Sakura chuckled, shaking her head.

'I did no such thing~ You sent me away.'Her grin grew at Sakura's confused expression. 'I was brought to the surface by your need to be someone else. To be someone stronger, to belong and make the choices so that you could be who you wanted to be. Of course, you ignored most of my advice..' She rolled her hand around a bit, smiling a little less now. 'But that's alright, the conversations we had were enough for me.'

"But why did you leave..?" Sakura put her hands down to her sides, a slightly sad look on her face as she stared at her previous friend.. someone she had always spoken to whenever she was down or lonely from either her parents working or Sasuke rejected her once again.

'Like I said.. You sent me away.' She smiled towards Sakura, her eyes narrowed and her lips turned into a humored smirk. 'I wasn't needed anymore. You became strong.' Sakura's eyes widened as the Inner Sakura gripped her hands, black tears flowing down her empty cheeks. 'You made me happy, despite that I was alone.. Because I felt like I did my job right at last!' Her eyes narrowed suddenly and the tears were as gone as quickly as they came. 'But now you need me again..and I'll do whatever it takes but only if you accept my power.' She held her hand out towards Sakura, smiling once more. 'What do you say, Partner?'

Sakura smiled and gripped the girl's hand, shaking it firmly. "I accept!" The Inner Sakura's eyes gleamed and she nodded, the mind-scape slowly fading away into nothing until Sakura was once again standing in front of the still surprised Nagi, who was just now beginning to pull his fist back and put his foot down.

"What the hell..?" He asked, mostly to himself as he stared at Sakura, who just grinned back and held her fists up.

"Bring it on, Nagi!" Sakura exclaimed, her voice having an echo to it as if two people were speaking at once. 'Alright Partner.. Listen up, cause I'll only explain this once!' Inner Sakura said calmly in Sakura's mind, just as Nagi began to ready himself once more. 'I am apart of you, and, as such, split myself from you just as easily!' Sakura narrowed her eyes. 'What does that mean?' Inner Sakura grinned in her head, leaving an image of her empty lips in the Pink Haired Kunoichi's mind. 'You let me worry about that, when you figure it out I'm sure that big brain of yours will figure out what to do with it!' 'Alright then..'

Sakura ducked Nagi's Kunai that he threw and ran towards him with her fist pulled back, chakra swirling around it as she tried to pump more power into it. "Here it comes, Nagi!" Nagi smirked, lightning cackling around his gauntlets.

"Like physical attacks are going to work that well against me.." He punched towards her fists with his own, lightning cackling faster, but was unprepared when two black hands grew out of her wrists and pushed his hands down, seeming to be completely unaffected by the lightning going around them. "W.. What the hell!" Nagi muttered, struggling against the strength of the black hands.

Sakura was equally surprised, hesitating in her charge towards Nagi. 'Go! I've got him stunned!' Sakura shook her head to clear her thoughts and charged forward once more, connecting her chakra empowered fists into his chest. She let out a shout, just as he grunted in pain, and channeled more and more chakra into her fists, sending Nagi flying across the room.

She smirked at him, the black hands worming themselves back into her skin and disappearing from view. Nagi spat blood onto the ground, his arms hanging limply at his sides but he quickly straightened himself up and smirked back at Sakura. "So you had a trump card the whole time Sakura-San.. Interesting indeed!" He punched his fists together, lightning cackling around his arms in large waves, going all the way down to his elbows. "I'll have to pull mine out as well!" Sakura narrowed her eyes, not bothering to correct him, as large lightning spikes began to flow all around his body, the sparks shooting off and connecting to the Kunai that were still embedded in the wall.

Not wanting to get hit by another lightning Jutsu, Sakura quickly began to form hand-seals, intent on stopping him before he started but she yelped as lightning shot out onto her hand, breaking her concentration and not to mention making her hands shake from the energy going through them, preventing her hands from forming seals.

"Looks like victory is mine." Nagi stated, his hands flashing through seals even faster now that he was sure of his win, however his eyes widened, as well as Sakura's, as two black hands rose up from her own and began forming the seals at twice the speed she had been going before.

'My soul is apart of you, as are my hands! Use the Jutsu, Partner.'Inner Sakura stated, grinning a wide grin that was mirrored on her pink-haired counterpart as she channeled a surprisingly large amount of chakra to her entire being. "Ninja Art!" She rushed forward towards the stunned Nagi, who was pulling his hands back as if to block the tight fist she was aiming towards him, which now swirled with a large amount of wind that ripped the ground below, causing large slabs of rock to also go around her arm. "Mother Nature!" She shouted out, sparks dancing off the rocks from Nagi's previous discharge.

He let out a cry of pain as the rocks slammed into him, the powerful wind underneath the slabs causing him to spin around with the current and he flew back, becoming embedded in the wall behind him with much of his clothing around his stomach now being at the end of the slabs due to the chain-mail getting caught at the tip of one.

Panting, Sakura released the Jutsu around her arm and fell to her knees as the risen slabs fell down towards the ground but all landed perfectly where they had been before, only one being misshapen due to the chain-mail caught on one of it's corners. Grinning she looked towards Hayate who put his hand to Nagi's neck and nodded. "Nagi Kamiki is unconscious and unable to continue, Sakura Haruno is the winner." He announced, nodding towards the Medic Nin that rushed in to get Nagi back on his feet.

Sakura pumped her fist up in the air, a black image of herself mirroring the action. "CHA! That's what I'm talking about!" Kakashi smiled at his student's action while keeping down the pride he felt at her sudden strength. He made his way over to Kurenai as the Medic Nin put a few minor touches on Sakura's nerves to erase any side-effects the lightning Jutsu might have had on her arms.

"Do you know where she learned that Jutsu, Kurenai?" The Jounin glanced up with a bit of surprise, her mouth half open as she had been about to ask Naru what she meant earlier but it was quickly forgotten as Kakashi approached.

"If you mean the Genjutsu, yes, I taught that to her.. However for the Image she created and the other two Jutsu she used, then no I haven't a clue where she obtained those." Kakashi nodded slightly, then flinched as he noticed a marking on Naru's neck. Seeing his gaze, she hastily made her way past the man towards the other side of the arena, Tayuya following her closely.

Kakashi looked towards Kurenai with his eyebrows narrowed together, causing Kurenai to raise her own back at him. "Something the matter?" She asked politely, a little disturbed at his sudden reaction and Naru's sudden leave.

"Naru.. that marking on her neck.. Where did she get it?" Kurenai's confused gaze told him what he needed to know so he shook his head slightly. "Never mind. I must have been seeing things." Kurenai raised her eyebrows again, disbelief on her face and was about to call him out on it when Hayate announced the next contestants to come down to the arena.

0-0-0-0 Neji Hyuuga vs Tsuguru 0-0-0-0

Neji made his way down the stairs, studying his opponent as he did. The man was wearing a black veil over the lower half of his face and a pair of small black glasses that blocked out his eyes, along with a purple outfit that was matched by his other teammate and Kabuto, who had dropped out.

Neji stood with his hands to his sides, letting a smug look cross his face. "Give up now. You were fated to lose here." He heard a little gasp from behind him from Tenten, his teammate, but it was quickly quieted down by a few whispers from Lee.

Tsuguru glared, shown by his eye brows narrowing and a soft scoff from his mouth. "Big talk, little Hyuuga, but I think you were the one fated to lose here." Neji smirked, sliding into a loose Jyuuken stance.

"I needn't worry then, as fate is only a block put by one's opinion. My word against your own, and my word is stronger then yours." Tsuguru's glare increased and Hayate slid his hand down to indicate "Begin" just in time for Tsuguru to charge at the Hyuuga. 'Got you..' Neji thought a little smugly.

Punching forward, Tsuguru met with no resistance as his fist sailed through the air as Neji ducked under it to deliver a jab into Tsuguru's side, but was surprised when the arm he just dodged wrapped around his body, pinning his arms to his side. "Got you Hyuuga.. Now give up or I'll snap your neck!"

Neji frowned openly, his Byakugan flaring to life and he smirked slightly as he saw the inside of his opponent. Rather then dislocating them, the man had separated them with his chakra in order to stretch and flex his flesh the way he wanted to. Neji grunted and let out a short burst of chakra, using his Jyuuken proficiency to completely server the string of chakra the man used to stretch his arms.

Tsuguru let out a yell of pain as his arm fell down, the chakra also having been what kept him from actually feeling his bones get dislocated, and looked up in fright as the Hyuuga Prodigy put two fingers to Tsuguru's head, claiming his win as the man's arm laid at his feet. "H.. How the hell..?"

Neji looked towards Hayate who nodded, raising his hand. "Winner is Neji Hyuuga." Neji pulled his hand back and stepped out of the coil of the man's arm, turning his back to him as he made his way back towards the stairs.

"To put it simply.." Neji said as he walked, the Medic Nin going to collect Tsuguru and his broken arm. "I severed your tie with Fate." Tsuguru's angry growl echoed across the room, rage enveloping his mind as the he stretched his other arm towards Neji, only to be blocked by Hayate who gripped the arm tightly with a blade held in his other under the wrist of his hand.

"I suggest you return your arm to your body before I sever something else from you." Tsuguru hastily complied, while Neji silently glanced at the Chunin who nodded in response before returning to the center of the arena.

"Yosh!" Lee announced, grinning wide as Neji stood beside him. "I knew you could do it Neji!"

Neji smirked, crossing his arms and turning his head towards his teammate. "Indeed, my only regret is that it wasn't you I was put up against, so I could prove who's.." He looked away with his smirk twitching, almost becoming a smile. "Fire of youth was stronger."

Tenten slapped her face slightly, eyes rolling under her hand while both Gai and Lee grinned, laughing. Quieting himself, much to the joy of others, Lee put his arm around Neji. "Do not worry! We will have many spars to prove such a thing Neji! But it will be I who is the victor!"

"Is that so?" Neji questioned, putting a finger to Lee's arm and pushing him back slightly. "I hope you don't cry when I prove you wrong then." Grinning, Lee nodded, looking forward to the spar just as the next names came up on the screen.

Hayate looked up towards the board then back towards the stands. "Will the contestants please come down to the arena?"

0-0-0-0 Tayuya vs Gaara 0-0-0-0

Naru stiffened as she read the names, looking towards her new friend who also seemed slightly spooked at the idea of who she had to go against. Feeling Naru's gaze, Tayuya hastily broke out into a grin as she moved towards the stairs. "Oh well. Wish me luck Blue." She stated simply, already half way down the stairs as Naru spoke up.

"If it gets too dangerous.. Give up. You still owe me flute lessons." Tayuya paused for a moment, glancing up towards the blonde with her eyes a little hardened.

"I'm not some weakling, Blue. Compared to you.." She looked towards the other demon container, who was already beside Hayate with his eyes narrowed in slight irritation to how much time she was taking to get there. "He's nothing but an ant." Naru seemed confused at that, but Tayuya ignored it and made her way over towards the other red head. Seeing there was no need for words, as both stood there staring at each other, Hayate threw his hand down and jumped away from the two.

Gaara's attack was instant. He sent a large wave of sand towards her, intent on crushing her quickly but was surprised when she easily out ran the sand as it chased her. She threw a few Shuriken at him but they were easily blocked by his automatic sand shield that rose up. Seeing her chance, Tayuya brought her flute up to her lips as she jumped over two waves of sand, and began her tune.

Gaara frowned as the world began to swim before his eyes and he flinched as he felt a searing pain as if his arm was being burnt off. Growling and clutching his arm, he let his chakra flare to disrupt the Genjutsu, but as the world came back into view he saw a white fist with red lines around the fingers slam into his shield right in front of his face.

Flinching back in slight surprise he saw another fist slam into another side of his shield, and at least a dozen more were coming towards him. Frowning he attempted to wrap his sand around them but they either moved out of the way or punched through the sand to free themselves, before resuming their attacks on his sand shield.

Annoyed, he let out a yell and threw his hands up, waves of sand washing over the hands and sending them onto the ground where they feebly tried to punch their way out but fell as he began to crush them, smirking as he felt the thin blood inside slide through his sand. His head jerked up in surprise, however, as he heard a yell of "Gotcha!" from Tayuya as she closed the distance between them in moments.

He frowned, assuring himself that the shield would protect him but was surprised that it didn't move at all as she slammed her fist into his face, sending him skidding across the ground until he hit the wall under the left stand. Several gasps were heard from the stands as Tayuya grinned, cracking her knuckles as the sand sluggishly moved around in front of her. "Take that you sand rat."

Naru smiled to herself, letting out a breath she didn't know she was holding but gained slight worry as she noticed the boy beside her, who she recognized as the one who attempted to harm Konohamaru, was gripping the bars of the stand so tight that his knuckles were turning white. "Problem..?" She asked calmly, but a part of her felt like she already knew the answer.

"That girl hit Gaara.." Kankuro muttered, much to himself, as he looked towards the blonde haired girl. "No one has ever hit Gaara, or made his sand separated from him.. If this continues, Gaara will.." Naru frowned, narrowing her eyes and looking back towards the arena as the Sand Demon made his way back to his feet, head hanging as his sand tried to make it's way towards him.

"What did you do.. to my sand?" He asked slowly, an odd tone in his voice that put Tayuya on guard despite her current advantage.

"Simple.." She said with a small smirk on her features despite her growing dread. "My Doki demons have extremely thick blood, and when you let your sand eat it all up it made your sand soaked and too heavy to move itself."

"I see.." He said simply, smiling as he walked towards her, only to stop a few feet away and hold his hand up in the air. "Then that sand will not assist me until I fill it with your blood to wash out the thick blood you poisoned my mother with. Then I will feed her Uzumaki's blood.. Then Uchiha's.. And then my father's." Tayuya narrowed her eyes as sand began to form in his out-stretched hand, taking the shape of a double-ended spear that was about two feet taller then Gaara himself. Spinning around expertly to show he was no novice in the art, he charged at the girl with surprising speed considering his past "Stand Still to Kill" method of fighting.

Dodging his first swing, Tayuya hastily tried to increase the distance between the two but it was difficult due to the spear's long reach and Gaara's speed. 'Guh!' The Sound Demon thought to herself, ducking under another swift swing as she looked up towards Gaara's psychotic smile that was stretched across his face as he took a few locks of her hair. 'How the fuck is this sand-rat so fucking fast! Damn.. If he'd give me some space I could summon my Doki but at this rate..' She narrowed her eyes, slipping under another blow and she attempted to roll past him, but was surprised when the back part of his spear fell off and embedded itself in her pathway. Hastily correcting herself she pushed herself away from the fallen spear just in time to dodge being impaled on the end Gaara was still holding. 'That was close..'

"Whats wrong..?" Gaara said with a bone chilling tone, eyes slightly wide in a psychotic happiness as he walked towards Tayuya once more, causing the red-head to take a step back as the fallen spear sprang itself up back towards the end Gaara held, reforming into it's long double-ended form. "What happened to all that attitude? That boldness that made mother crave for your blood... TELL ME!" He suddenly shouted, lunging forward with his spear held behind him. "TELL ME SO THAT MY MOTHER MAY FEAST ON THE BLOOD OF THE FIRST TO HIT ME!"

He swung his spear forward, intent on decapitating the Sound Demon, but was surprised when she dodged it, along with the falling back-end of the spear that flung itself towards her chest. She hastily slammed her fists into his gut, earning a gasp of pain from both of them as she hit his rock hard sand-skin armor, while Gaara gasped from her hand pressing his own armor against him with her strength, sending him flying a few feet into the air, his spear laying at the girl's feet as he lost his grip on the other end.

Not wanting to lose her chance, Tayuya hastily brought her flute up and summoned two large Doki fists that were pure black and were about three times the size of Gaara himself. The fists did a thumbs up sign in the air beside Gaara then, with one on each side of him, clapped together earning a crack sound as Gaara's sand armor crumbled into dust between them. Her eyes widening in surprise, she barely dodged the spear that flew towards her from the ground, but only managed to land in a large cloud of sand that instantly made it's move to wrap around her, only to slam her up against the wall as her Doki hands dispelled due to her lack of concentration.

Gaara was grinning, a large hole in the sand-armor at his stomach in the shape of her fist and he was standing in the large pile of sand that Tayuya had, admittedly, forgotten about. Glancing towards the side of the pile she saw a large mass of white blood, indicating that the sand itself had worked the blood out of it's system enough to move at Gaara's will. "Now my mother will feast on your blood.." He stated slowly, slamming her into the wall once more, causing the red haired Kunoichi to let out a grunt of pain as he held his hands up. "Sand Co-"

Crack. Gaara's eyes were wide as he was sent flying back, and he looked up only to find himself staring down the point of a gleaming green blade and the red eyes of the blonde standing over him. He couldn't help but feel confused, and yet excited at the same time, at why the girl had suddenly attacked him. He looked towards his previous victim and wasn't surprised to see that she was on her knees coughing, the sand that was holding her being slashed in half to assure her freedom.

Her red eyes narrowing she spoke in a cold hollow voice, one that sent chills of excitement down his spine. "Do not touch my friend.. Or I will destroy you, inside and out." She slowly stepped back as Hayate put his hand in front of her, narrowing his eyes at her himself as Gaara got up, his psychotic smile spreading across his face.

"I look forward to it, Uzumaki.. I will let you live for now, then." He said calmly, despite his smile, with the last part stated at the still coughing Tayuya. Hayate looked towards the Medic Nin who hastily ran to Tayuya's aid while Gaara made his way back up to the stands, his face returning to it's normal neutral expression, but everyone he passed stepped out of his way until he reached his spot beside his sister.

Hayate looked towards the blonde as she sheathed her blade, her red eyes melting into her normal blue once more, but he noticed her wince slightly and grab her neck. Ignoring it, as he supposed it was just an injury she got in the forest, he addressed her with calm indifference. "Uzumaki-San, please refrain from such actions in the future or I'll be forced to disqualify you." Naru narrowed her eyes but nodded, walking back up the stairs but she gave a glance towards the hallway where both of her friends had disappeared down.

"I'll keep it in mind, Chunin-San.." She said lightly, her voice echoing due to the silence that had fallen across the room. "But I do hope you remember what it means to be a Konoha Shinobi if such a thing were to happen again." Hayate narrowed his eyes slightly while the eldest Sarutobi chuckled softly, shaking his head with a smile at the meaning behind the words.

'She truly has grown from the little girl I found in the library, ne..? You would be so proud, Arashi." His lips falling into a frown he looked towards his blonde granddaughter with worry in his eyes. 'But she definitely has a Curse Seal. Damn that Orochimaru.. If it wasn't for this preliminary I would have Jiraiya place the counter seal.. On the other hand..' He leaned back slightly, smiling again. 'I'm sure that her Will of Fire is bright enough to snuff out the shadow Orochimaru has placed on her. Of that, there is no doubt.'

Bringing his attention back to the field, he was surprised to see that Jiraiya was walking back towards him, having expected the man to return with the Hyuuga in tow, but the girl was no where to be seen. He gave a brief nod to Hayate as Jiraiya passed the Chunin, as the man had glanced at him with a silent question. Nodding in return, Hayate returned his gaze up to the screen which flickered with the names of the contestants, and there was a gasp as the names flashed onto the screen, and dread filled the face of a young blonde.

0-0-0-0 Sasuke Uchiha vs Ino Yamanaka 0-0-0-0

"Sasuke Uchiha and Ino Yamanaka, report to the arena." Hayate said with calm indifference, his hands behind his back as he glanced at the contestants coming down, one with his hands in his pockets and a small amount of pain on his face and the other with her face full of dread, her arms hanging limply at her sides.

Ino sighed , looking up towards Sasuke with a small pout gracing her features. A rose colored blush crossed her cheeks as she stared at his well-toned form, but it disappeared as she saw him flinch in pain, no doubt from a wound he received in the Forest of Death. Shaking her head she raised her hand, biting her lip slightly. "I think I would like to gi-" She was stopped, however, as Sasuke held up a hand, smiling at her.

"Ino.. I want to see how far you've grown." Her eyes widened at this and she felt her blush re-appearing on her face. Why was he interested in her, all of the sudden? Shaking his head, he continued. "I'm interested how everyone has grown, Ino. You used to be pretty decent in what you did, and I'm sure you've been training more since then, so why not show me the effects of it?"

Ino flinched slightly, rubbing the back of her head for a moment. In truth, she was the weakest of her group, as she never trained with anymore then practice spars that she lost rather quickly, and a few chakra control exercises, but between the Flower Shop and hanging out with her friends, she had hardly any time to actually train herself effectively. But since this was Sasuke that was asking her to fight, it shouldn't be too much of a trouble and it may put her in his "interesting" book if she showed him how strong she was!

"Alright Sasuke! I'll accept, but don't expect me to go easy on you just 'cause you have a handsome face!" She said with a grin, sliding into a basic Taijutsu stance as Sasuke chuckled softly, smiling at her.

"I'll keep that in mind." He said calmly, his stance mirroring hers but she watched as he slowly shifted his body a bit, slowly and pointedly, his eyes glancing at her own form as he fixed his. She hastily copied him, and saw his smile light up again but disappear as he flinched, his hand rubbing his neck for the briefest moments before sliding back down. Narrowing her eyes, Ino made a silent point to let Sasuke win, even if she some how got the advantage on him.

Seeing both contestants were ready, Hayate raised his hand and then lowered it just as swiftly. "Begin!" He shouted out, followed by a small cough as he jumped back away from the two fighters.

Ino charged towards him, intent on taking the first blow but wasn't surprised when he adjusted his stance, blocking her blow easily and then lightly punching into her stomach under her out stretched fist, barely a tap but it got the point across that it was an opening in her stance. Ino frowned, jumping back and sliding into her own stance, causing Sasuke to raise his eyebrows as she let her arms hang limply at her sides, a light blue outline of chakra swirling around her and then she ran towards him, spinning around on her heel and slamming the back of her limp-arms into his side, sending him skidding slightly and he smirked a little bit, charging back at her in his own Uchiha-Fire stance.

He slung his fist into her arm, watching with slight interest as it wormed its way out of the blow and the rest of her body moved accordingly, until she was slightly bent out of the way of his fist. He continued with a kick towards her slightly tilted head, which she hastily dodged while still keeping herself wormed between his fist, showing her flexibility to it's maximum as she was literally between his arm and leg for the briefest moments. Sasuke smirked a little and suddenly brought his leg down while his arm went upwards, causing Ino's eyes to widen and then close tightly as she waited for the blow but again it was just a small tap and then Sasuke pulled his limbs back, standing up straight now as he smiled down at her.

Coughing a little she straightened herself as well while Sasuke eye-smiled at her along with keeping his previous smile. "Your Taijutsu isn't bad but your stances are full of openings.. Now how about your Ninjutsu." He smiled sliding into a stance while Ino bit her lip slightly before nodding.

"Alright! You asked for it Sasuke! I'll admit I'm not that great since my chakra is kinda small but.." She hastily began to go through seals, her cheeks puffing up slightly and then she let out a powerful gale flying towards Sasuke, who's eyes widened as he did a flip out of the way, but was unprepared for the after-shock that sent him flying into the wall. He grinned with a bit of grimace on his face as fell slightly onto his knees, his neck throbbing in pain. "N..Not bad.." He admitted, noting how Ino seemed rather winded from the Jutsu but not to the point where she'd be crippled. "Anything else?" He said with a small grin but Ino shook her head slightly, raising her hand towards the announcer much to Sasuke's confusion.

"I give up. I'm out of chakra and he's physically stronger and faster." Sasuke frowned a bit but nodded, as Hayate raised his hand up.

"Winner Sasuke Uchiha." He announced, just as Jiraiya made his way to the floor again, but this time he was followed by Kakashi who lightly patted Ino on the shoulder on his way down to the arena as she went up, earning a confused glance from the girl but she quickly shrugged it off.

Jiraiya smirked down at the boy who rose to his feet, confusion on his face. "Come with me boy. I'll give you some pain killers." He said with a slightly edged tone, which Sasuke caught onto immediately and nodded as he walked towards the exit of the arena, pausing so Jiraiya could pass him then falling into step with Kakashi.

Kakashi smiled down at his student lightly ruffling his hair, much to Sasuke's annoyance. "You did good Sasuke. I'm impressed, you went so far as to help a fellow Shinobi out in battle. It's a step up." Jiraiya glanced back at the two then resumed walking as Sasuke gave a soft 'Hnn..' in response to Kakashi's words.

Take a small breath Sasuke spoke rather quietly, a small smile on his face. "I only did what any Konoha Nin should do. We look after our comrades, and I can't say Ino would make a bad Kunoichi if she trained a bit harder." Kakashi's smile grew and he nodded in agreement, just as the trio reached a empty room that was covered from floor to ceiling with black seals. Sasuke's eyebrows arched at the sight of Hinata Hyuuga standing to the side, looking as if she just woke up from a nap and Jiraiya grinned over at her, lightly patting her back.

"Feeling alright Kiddo? The seal I put on you is different since you said it doesn't cause you any pain, I simply altered the pathway so that it wouldn't effect your coils any but still produce the effects of being a seal. More like just a place to put excess chakra." Hinata nodded slightly, staring up at the man with her one Byakugan eye.

"Thank you Jiraiya-Sama." She said quietly, bowing respectfully to the man who just gave a loud laugh, patting her on the back again.

"Don't mention it! Go back to your friends, alright? I need to deal with the boy." Hinata nodded and began to walk back towards the arena, nodding towards Sasuke who took a step forward towards the legendary Sannin. Jiraiya pointed towards the center of the room suddenly, and Sasuke followed the point to a large circle that had the only empty-space in the room. "Stand there and remove your shirt, give it to Kakashi and then I'll seal away that marking Orochimaru put on you." Kakashi narrowed his eyes, quietly matching the mark up with the one he saw on Naru but saw that, besides the color, they didn't match. He put it off to ask Jiraiya after the sealing was complete.

Sasuke nodded, walking towards the spot but was surprised when a purple chakra shot out from the shadows of the room, earning a curse from Jiraiya as he jumped in front of Sasuke, with Kakashi mirroring the action behind him as the purple chakra began to swirl around them. Narrowing his eyes, Sasuke pulled out a Kunai as he saw two yellow eyes glowing in the darkness over Jiraiya's shoulder.



Back in the Arena, all was quiet as the next contestants made their way down towards the floor, the only sound being the soft yapping of a dog as his master made his way down towards the floor. "Alright Akamaru!" Kiba shouted, grinning as he faced his opponent. "Time to show this chick who's top dog around here."

Across from him stood a pale skinned girl with dark ebony hair that went to her mid-back. She was around 5'7 with light gray eyes, with a cloud head-band proudly displayed on her forehead, holding up the two black bangs that fell down just in front of both of her eyes. Her outfit was similar to that of her teammate's, being a thin-black shirt under a opened jacket, which was unzipped rather than cut as Nagi's had been, and a pair of long black pants that stopped a little bit above her feet, which were uncovered and bare but had imprints that suggested she had been wearing sandals beforehand. Narrowing her eyes, she drew a Kunai from the inside of her jacket with her left hand while pulling a foot long metal pole with her right hand, twirling both around in her hands. "The top dog will be standing the biggest pile of corpses, and I plan on standing on two." She stated with a wiry grin, earning a glare from Kiba who slid into the standard Inuzuka stance.

"That's it girl, you're gonna get it!" Hayate looked back and forth before holding his hand up, then throwing it down.


0-0-0-0 Kiba Inuzuka vs Ekijou Teikei 0-0-0-0

Kiba took the first shot, zooming across the room using enhanced speed from his Shikyaku no Jutsu to cover the distance faster, his fist slamming into the wide-eyed girl who slammed into the wall behind her, leaving another imprint in the abused wall. He smirked watching her crumble onto the ground and turned towards the announcer. "Think I hit her a tad too ha-" He didn't get to finish his sentence as he was sent flying to the other side of the arena. He winced looking up, seeing Akamaru standing beside him with worry in his little eyes and the girl having a large sadistic grin across her face, the metal pole she was holding now having one side of it enlarged to look like a bat.

"Here doggy." She said with a grin, spinning the Kunai in her other hand and Kiba watched with fascination as it slowly melted, the liquid sliding down slowly towards the ground over her hand and then it seemed to solidify into the shape of a bone, with the edges of it being blades and the ring of the Kunai being in the center of the metal bone, allowing her to continue spinning it around. "Got you a nice little bone for you to die on." She said with a grin, throwing it at him like a boomerang.

He dodged it easily but was surprised when it splattered against the ground beside him, as if it was made of water, and the sharp metal flew in all directions. Thinking quickly, he grabbed Akamaru and rolled out of the way, wincing as metal buried itself into his skin, tearing through his jacket easily. 'Even if was made of Liquid she didn't put enough force for it to pierce my skin like that..' He put Akamaru down, ignoring the worried whimper the white dog gave him as he held a Food Pill to his companion, keeping his eyes on Ekijou who was grinning and spinning the pole around between her fingers, which was now back to it's original shape. 'Alright, that pole is the only weapon she has left, I don't doubt she has more in that jacket of hers though so I'll get rid of that too.' He thought to himself, throwing his own jacket off.

Ekijou apparently got tired of waiting and charged towards him, slinging her pole out words him, which he noticed was now shaped like a sword and even had a metal hand-guard over the part she was holding which was shaped like a hilt. He easily dodged the blow and started to move around her, dodging her rapid swings which seemed to get faster by the second. He nodded towards Akamaru and put up a hand seal, sending some of his chakra towards his friend. "Jujin Bunshin!" Ekijou's smile faltered slightly as Akamaru slammed into her from behind, tearing into her back with a Gatsuga and Kiba grinned watching her pain-filled face fly towards him and he slashed towards her hand, watching as she let out a soft scream and let go of the pole, which he hastily snatched up along with using his other hand just as she fell to rip off her jacket and toss both to the side to where she had been standing at the start of the battle. "Alright!" He grinned at his partner, giving him a high-five which the dog returned with a grin of his own. "Good job Akamaru! Now we got this chick."

He wasn't surprised when she got up, having figured she was tough but he was surprised, and a little flustered, when he saw her head band had also fallen off, letting her bangs cover her eyes. Her shirt was in tatters, as the back had been ripped to pieces by the Gatsuga and her gray eyes were glowing as the shoulders of her shirt slid down, exposing part of her decent sized chest as her bra's straps had also been destroyed. She grinned, reaching towards her left arm and tearing off what remained of the sleeves of her shirt, causing Kiba to gasp and several eyes in the audience to widen as they were shown her completely black arms, which went down from her shoulders to her elbows and even had signs of going around her chest and possibly her stomach and legs.

Up in the stands, Gai turned towards the lightning Jounin who was smiling under her mask, her blue eyes gleaming slightly in pride for her student. Clearing his throat to get her attention, which she gave easily enough, he nodded towards Ekijou in the arena. "May I ask what happened to her arms to make the skin so black?" She grinned at him, putting her finger up to her lips as if she was Shhing him.

Gai's eyes narrowed a little in confusion as she began to speak anyways, keeping her finger in front of her mouth. "Her flesh isn't black, it's written on. That's not a wound.. It's a series of what she takes pride in." His eyes widened as Ekijou seemed to pull a sword from her shoulder blade which was glowing blood from the seals activated on it and she pulled several Shuriken from the arm that was pulling the sword out.

"Amazing." Gai said, crossing his arms. "She is quite talented in seals then, I take it?" The blonde Jounin nodded.

"My fellow teacher and comrade is a seal master, as she uses seals much like her student down there in order to seal away the many weapons she uses. Of course their style of fighting is completely different but they share the same personality, although Ekijou doesn't have the habit to curse." She grinned at his quizzical look as she watched Ekijou fling the Shuriken towards Kiba, who dodged easily but let out a gasp as the Shuriken all splattered against the ground behind him, piercing his back with the sharp fragments it formed.

"That's also something curious about her." Gai said quietly, looking towards the Jounin out of the corner of his eye. "Does she have a bloodline to control the properties of an object?" The Jounin shook her head, putting her finger back in front of her mouth.

"Her bloodline can change whether or not the metal she is holding changes to liquid or a solid, and she's able to control it's form with her chakra. I'm guessing she's using something along the lines of a shrapnel bomb, putting small fragments of the object inside of itself and then letting it explode outwards after she throws it." She grinned further, her eyes curving into an eye-smile that Gai had seen mostly on his eternal rival, Kakashi. "Of course, that's not all she knows how to do."

Kiba had taken the offensive, both him and Akamaru charging at the girl using Shikyaku no Jutsu to speed up their movements, but the girl seemed to speed up each time she dodged a blow and eventually she slid through both of them, ending up behind the two and slamming the hilt of her blade into one of the Kiba's backs while dropping her foot down onto the other one. The one she hit with her sword went down with a thump followed by a yelp as it reformed back into the red Akamaru while the real Kiba pushed himself to the side to dodge the blow, returning quickly with a powerful Getsuga that sent Ekijou skidding back, as she held her sword's flat end up to block the tornado.

Grinning, Kiba pumped more chakra into his Getsuga, intent on cutting through the sword to her but was surprised when the girl mirrored his grin, letting go of her sword suddenly and jumping out of the way, just as it melted and splattered onto his skin and shirt, coating his face in the thick metal. He groaned in pain as the sharp liquid splattered his eyes slightly and gave a soft hmph as he dropped to his Shikyaku form once more, Akamaru joining him as a Jujin Bunshin. "Don't think me being blind will help you any! I can still smell you!" He announced, reaching into his pouch and throwing several smoke bombs towards her direction.

She immediately backed up but was unable to escape the massive cloud that covered most of the arena. Kiba grinned, nodding towards his partner. "Alright Akamaru! Lets do this!" They both charged forward on all fours, jumping into the air half-way into the cloud and starting to spin around rapidly, using Getsuga and flying towards Ekijou's location. However, where as they could smell her scent they couldn't smell the metal she had on her body and was surprised when they slammed into a large iron wall which seemed to fall on top of them as it bent from the force they put on the center of it, until it completely wrapped around them and formed a large sphere of iron with both Kiba and Akamaru inside of it.

When the rest of the smoke cleared from the ball falling onto the ground, Ekijou had her hand into the orb and tugged Kiba's head out, followed by Akamaru and she grinned down at them, watching Kiba struggle in the thick metal that constricted his limbs. "Give up, doggy?" He glared up at her, glancing towards Naru for the briefest of moments before grinning ear to ear, his eyes and face clear of any metal as Ekijou had removed it accidentally while pulling him out.

"Fat chance." He announced, growling loudly as chakra began to pump into his limbs rapidly, causing Ekijou to step back in surprise as he literally began to pull his way through the metal with brute force. "I ain't losing to you.. I still have to beat her." He continued to growl loudly, pumping his body with more and more chakra until he was glowing from head to toe with a thick blue aura which pushed the metal casing to the side, freeing himself and half of Akamaru's body. He growled loudly, jumping towards her on all fours like a wolf, his eyes glowing blue along with the tips of his claws leaving a blue chakra trail behind his finger tips and causing a slight after image of himself to follow his movements.

Ekijou hastily started to step back, blocking a blow from his claws with the flat end of her sword and stepping to the side to dodge from another blow, only to let out a gasp of pain and surprise as the first blow that she blocked slammed into her right shoulder. Cursing and jumping back with blood dripping on the ground from the gash on her shoulder, she began to pull out several Shuriken, tossing them at the crazed Inuzuka who simply ducked under them then rolled to the side of the shrapnel that flew from the liquid explosion, followed by charging Ekijou before she could react and slamming his head into her stomach, but just as she started to fly away from the force he gripped her leg, digging his claws into her flesh and then spun around, throwing her right into the wall where she slowly slid down, blood sliding from her wounds and her eyes closed. Kiba grinned, falling to one knee as his chakra slowly died down to a small glow on his finger tips. "T..There.. How was..that.." He gasped for breath, watching as she slowly sat up and turned towards him, panting herself as she grinned loosely.

"Not bad..mutt... But I'm not going to let my Sensei down.. That's more important than your stupid grudge." Kiba narrowed his eyes in slight confusion as she grinned, holding up a Kunai towards him. "If I lose this, I'll die. She'll do unspeakable things to me.." Kiba's eyebrows arched while the blonde Jounin in the stands chuckled quietly her eyes gleaming still. "So I'll claim this victory. We're both wounded, unable to move much, and you know I can cause this thing to explode so it'll get you even if you manage to fall down and dodge." Kiba grunted, his eyes closing as he raised his hand slightly.

"Alright.. I give up." Ekijou smiled and slowly lowered her Kunai, sighing slightly as her eyes flickered close.

"Good.. I was..out of time anyways." Her smile didn't falter as the medics rushed over towards them while a few attempted to free Akamaru of his iron bindings. "I have thin bleeding isn't exactly the best thing for me." Kiba grinned at her as they both were loaded up on the same stretcher, which still had enough room for Chouji if he decided to lay on it, and were carried off towards the medic wing.

"Guess I'll make it up to you somehow, but you'd better not waste this and lose to some idiot in the finals." She smiled loosely at him, her head sliding down as she drifted towards unconsciousness.

"Don't worry about that, stupid mutt.." She muttered quietly, half asleep. "I'm taught under the three Thunders of Cloud Village.. No way I'll some fool."


"Now tell me Jiraiya.. What made you think I would simply let you seal away what I worked so hard for?" Orochimaru asked, smiling as a large cobra flung itself towards Jiraiya, only to be punched back by a right-hook from the Toad Sage.

Grunting, Jiraiya glared at his old friend, holding his hand up and powering up a spinning orb of chakra into his palm. "I didn't think you would, but I can't say I care much for what you think, Orochimaru!" He charged forward, only to stop as another large cobra slung itself towards him, only to meet it's end through his Rasengan that shredded the beast into mince meat. He frowned seeing Orochimaru was no longer in front of him and turned back towards his companions to see their progress.

Sasuke was fending off a cobra by himself, already having stabbed it in the eye, which was now bleeding rapidly onto the stone ground, and just finished kicking it's skull into itself, destroying what remained of it's eyes and killing it as he crushed it's brain with it's own scales.

Kakashi was dusting his pants off, a cobra dead at his feet with it's head severed from it's body, which was still twitching slightly as if having spasms. He nodded at them just as Orochimaru appeared once more, this time in front of Sasuke who stepped back in surprise, eyes slightly wide.

"Come Sasuke.. I can give you power. Power to defeat your brother and restore honor to the Uchiha name. Isn't that what you want?" He grinned seeing Sasuke's eyes cloud with a brief flash of anger. "Yes, I can tell you loathe your brother.. So come to me Sasuke, I will set you on the path you wish to follow. The path of an Avenger."

"Don't listen to him Sasuke!" Kakashi shouted, stepping towards Orochimaru with sweat going down his brow, obvious fear in his eyes as lightning crackled in his palms. "You know as well as I do that the path you're on now is the only way to defeat Itachi." Orochimaru chuckled quietly, calm indifference in his eyes.

"Oh please.. Do you honestly believe that boy?" He grinned holding his arms up. "This village is worthless. The people, the Hokage, the ninja.. All weak! They can't give you what you need.. Power. I can give you power, Sasuke! I can help you avenge your family. All I ask is that you follow me." He held his hand out towards Sasuke, dodging to the side as Kakashi ran towards him with a Raikiri and then he spun around swiftly, slamming his foot into the Copy-Nin's face and sending him landing beside Sasuke.

Sasuke glanced down at his Sensei who was groaning slightly. He knelled down slowly with his Kunai in his hand and he straightened it slightly, pulling it up in the air. "It's amusing." He said softly, a small grin on his face as he stared down at his seemingly petrified Sensei who was staring at him with fear in his eyes, and slight disappointment. "How you can.."He suddenly spun around, throwing the Kunai towards Orochimaru who caught it between his fingers right before it was about to imbed itself in his eye. "Say that.." He ran towards the snake Sannin now, catching him by surprise as his foot slammed into the side of Orochimaru's head, sending him onto the ground for a brief moment before he jumped back up, glaring daggers at Sasuke who grinned back at him. "When all of the people I hate were trained in Konoha and all of which are extremely powerful. All the people I have made my precious people." He held his hand up and then clenched it into a fist, his Sharingan spinning around despite the obvious pain he was forcing onto himself from the Curse Seal messing with the chakra flow to his eyes. "Are all in Konoha, and powerful by their own rights. If village is weak.. Then it is people like you who make it weak, and the Shinobi of Leaf that make it strong enough to fight the poison you plague us with."

Orochimaru let out an angry growl, his hands beginning to form seals. "That does it! I have had it! No more playing games! You all die here!" He shouted out, causing the Leaf Shinobi's eyes to widen as the entire room lit up in his dark purple chakra.

"Damn it!" Jiraiya shouted, running in front of Sasuke. "Get out of here boy, take Kakashi and g-" He was surprised when Orochimaru flew past all three of them, but not nearly as surprised as Orochimaru who looked up in shock from his imprint in the wall, staring towards the one who had assaulted him. Jiraiya's eyes narrowed at the outline of the figure as it slowly stepped into the vision of the Ninja. "I know you.. You're.." The figure smirked and blurred past him, appearing in front of Orochimaru who flinched in slight fear as a fist came flying straight into his face, which melted into mud afterwords and fell to the ground.

Orochimaru's voice slid through the shadows, coming from all directions at once. "Very well.. You may live for now, but know that I will destroy you all and Konoha.. and that Sasuke will come to me if he truly wishes to avenge his family!" And with that, the Snake Sannin's chakra disappeared from the Ninja's senses.

Jiraiya let out a sigh of relief, nodding towards the figure who started to walk towards them once more, only to stop and bow in front of the trio, with Kakashi now standing and rubbing his most-likely broken nose. "Thanks for the help." Jiraiya said sincerely, a smile gracing his features. "Didn't think you'd be a Jounin Sensei, with what you did during the war." Both Sasuke and Kakashi looked surprised at that but Kakashi eye-smiled as he finally recognized the figure, nodding in agreement with Jiraiya's words.

The figure smiled, stepping into the light. As the light slid over the figure they were given a full view of the Cloud headband over her right arm, along with the thin lavender colored robe that slid down to her feet, with a V cut at the top giving the men a good view of her large bosom, although smaller then a certain Slug Sannin, and a pair of black and white gloves she wore on both hands. Her hair went down to her neck and was a dark blue color and her skin was pale, but it was her eyes that stood out the most. Her left was a dull gray with a bright red dot in the center while her other eye was pitch black with a red slit that had small blue tendrils near the bottom that pulsed with chakra every so often. "More surprising things happen." She looked down towards Sasuke, being about Kakashi's height, and she smiled down at him. "Evening Sasuke-San." She said softly, her voice gentle with an edge of respect. "I am known as Flicker Scorpion, but you may call me.. Aeon." Jiraiya and Kakashi exchanged knowing glances with the girl, which were missed by Sasuke.

Sasuke nodded slightly, bowing towards the woman. "Thank you for your assistance, Aeon." He turned his gaze back towards Jiraiya, who returned the gaze knowingly and nodded. Sasuke nodded back and proceeded to remove his shirt, although he felt a slight twinge of embarrassment at taking it off in front of Aeon, and handed it to Kakashi who stood back beside Aeon who smiled and watched with quiet fascination as Jiraiya slammed his hand into the boy's neck where the Curse Seal was, causing it and the entire room to glow blue as seals swam around the boy's neck, forming a thin circle around the seal itself.

"That will do for now." He said, watching the boy crumble to his knees and then onto his face as he fell unconscious. Turning back towards Aeon, he smiled with a bit of a perverted grin. "Now then, we have much to discuss."

Her smile never faltering, she held up a thin needle towards the man. "If you continue your train of thought, Jiraiya-Sama, I will be forced to teach you why your most prized tool has a hole in it."

Both men gulped and nodded, taking a small step away from the woman. Both knew the power of her sting, as she was one of the key factors in the Third Shinobi War, having taken down most of Iwa's senior officers single handed without ever revealing her face to them.

0-0-0-0 Kin Tsuchi Vs Temari 0-0-0-0

The two combatants were already on the arena floor, staring at one another. Temari scoffed slightly, giving the thin black-haired sound nin an appraising look before smirking confidently. Kin pulled out three thin senbon needles that had small bells attached to them, her coal black eyes narrowed towards Temari's confident teal eyes.

Hayate glanced back between the two, before throwing his hand down, exclaiming "Begin" before jumping back away from the two. Temari's smirk grew as she puled her large fan up, blocking the thin needles that flew towards her. "Is that all you've got girl?" Temari asked in an arrogant voice, not seeing the smirk on Kin's face as the bells on the needles began to vibrate, causing Temari's eyes to widen as the world began to swim.

Recognizing it as a Genjutsu, a sound induced one at that, Temari slung her fan open and spun around, swinging it with all her might. This caused the senbon to fly right back towards Kin who gasped, dodging to the side to evade the jingling bells. With the sound of the bells so far away and Kin's concentration broken, Temari felt her world slowly becoming clear once more and she grinned, spinning her fan around for another attack* "Lets see if you can take this, girl!"

"My name is Kin!" The Sound Nin yelled back through the roaring winds created by Temari's fan. As the large wave neared closer Kin dove to the side, bouncing off one hand to flip onto her feet and she took a moment to steady herself, wincing as she felt a cut go along her arm from the gust. 'How the..? I was sure I dodged it' She questioned in her mind, glaring at the Sand Kunoichi who smirked confidently still, holding her large fan up with one hand,the three purple moons on the fabric seeming to radiate with chakra.

"If you're wondering how I cut you, the answer is simple." Temari stated, pointing towards the ground with her free hand. "My gust cuts up the ground, and sends the fragments everywhere.. The only way to dodge it would be to completely negate it and I don't see that happening.. But I'm done playing games, girl." She grinned at Kin's angry look, spinning around again and releasing another gale of wind, but this one was accompanied by three more gusts that were sent hurdling towards the black-haired Sound Kunoichi.

Kin felt her eyes widened and she momentarily glanced up towards her teammates, Zaku and Dosu who stared at her with their own wide eyes, genuine worry shining in them and Zaku seemed to be screaming something. Through the gale sound of the force coming towards her, she couldn't make out the words Zaku was shouting at her, but that didn't matter. 'I will use it..' She thought quietly, feeling her chakra beginning to swim in her body.

Temari smirked, watching dust and pieces of rock finally slam into Kin, and she began to turn away, thinking it was over, when she felt a powerful wave of energy slam into her, making her crumple to her knees and cover her ears as the powerful shock wave broke through the air, making her head swim and her ears begin to pop.

As the dizziness faded she looked up towards the stands, unsurprised to see most of the Genin holding their ears, with the exception of Gaara who plugged his ears with sand before hand, and then she turned her head towards Kin, her eyes becoming wide as she looked at the broken rock scattered across the field in front of the Sound Nin.

Kin stepped forward, her normally black hair being a pale white with black tips and the headband she had around her forehead being cast to the side, seeming to be broke in half from the shock wave Kin had let out and the scarf she had around her neck previously was now on the ground in tatters, seeming to be cut in thousands of places. Her skin was also different, now being a milky white with dark black runes going down her arms.

Up in the stands, Dosu's nodded his head as if agreeing with something, much to the annoyance of his teammate Zaku. "What the hell is that, Dosu!" Zaku questioned, glaring down at his mummified teammate, while quietly thanking Kin had such a trump card. "How the hell did Kin get like that?"

Dosu glanced up at him with his one good eye before looking away. "I forgot Kin is older than you and that we had teamed up before you came along.." He stated, though quickly continued seeing Zaku's annoyed look. "That is Kin's bloodline, Eguru Naka (To Hollow Inside). It gives her abilities similar to that of, lets say, a Banshee.. Allowing her to produce piercing screams, be able to become incorporeal, and control objects with her chakra. At least this is what she has shown to be able to do in the past."

Zaku's eyes were wide as he stared down at his teammate, gripping the bars that were in front of him. "Why not just use her normal Banshee Voice, and why doesn't she use this more often.." He watched, while using a Silence Jutsu to keep himself from hearing Kin's piercing screams but still hear Dosu, as Kin dove towards Temari, screaming and causing Temari's senses to go off whack as the now white-haired Sound Kunoichi sliced at the blonde with a Kunai, drawing a bit of blood from her cheek that seemed to bring Temari back to reality and jump away, swinging another gust at Kin who responded with a large shock wave of sound that overpowered the wind and sent Temari flying back.

Dosu shook his head, having his own silence Jutsu on but his was more for blocking out unwanted eavesdroppers, not that anyone could hear with Kin's constant assault on Temari. "You recall that Kin was an outcast to her family, and ran away because they treated her poorly." Nodding, Zaku slowly crossed his arms, his eyes flashing with brief pain as he thought of his own childhood. "It wasn't because she did something bad, Zaku. She was different." Zaku raised his eyebrow but said nothing, a surprise if you knew him. "The family that held this bloodline were all mutes, in a way, simply because that if they ever spoke then each word would be like nails on a keyboard, making everyone want to get away from them lest their ears begin to bleed."

Zaku frowned, putting his arms back down and lightly tapping the tubes in his palm against the pole. "Meaning that.. since Kin can talk normally she was outcast because she didn't have the same weakness they had, and they envied her."

Dosu nodded, closing his eye. "Not only that but she was unable to fully use her abilities because no one would teach her. Later, however, Orochimaru found out about her bloodline and questioned her about it.. After some minor scans, Orochimaru found that her bloodline strengthens her vocal cords to handle the more powerful sound waves she can produce.. However, not nearly as strong as the children in her family were able to create simply by crying." Zaku frowned, rubbing his chin.

"Then how is she doing this now? Did Orochimaru experiment on her as well?" Dosu nodded, shuffling his melody arm slightly as he watched Temari feebly try to block a sound wave with another gust of wind, however instead of being overpowered the gust completely canceled out the sound wave. Kin glided through the gust, her feet not touching the ground as she spun around, landing her foot on the side of Temari's head, sending her onto her side and then the white haired Kunoichi took in a heavy breath, letting out a scream a second later that tore up the ground as it flew towards Temari, who quickly rolled to the side and threw a Kunai at Kin before adding a gust of wind, making the Kunai fly at her like a bullet.

Kin didn't even flinch as the Kunai went completely through her body, landing on the other side of her without so much as a drop of blood on it's metal. Kin dove towards Temari again as Dosu began to speak. "He did.. He added a box that can only be activated by Kin's chakra that strengths the cords further and awakens her dormant bloodline. However.." Dosu paused, ignoring Zaku's annoyed gaze as he watched Kin dive in towards Temari once more, Kunai at hand. "Each time she screams there's a chance the cords might break from the strain and fill her throat up with blood.. There's a chance she could survive, of course, but she would be utterly mute and unable to use her bloodline's full potential after wards."

Zaku's mouth fell into a grim line as he looked towards his female teammate, his fists clinching together and, for not the first time since he woke up from Sasuke's attack earlier in the forest, he questioned why they served someone who didn't care for their well being, only for the strength they provided him.

Down in the Arena, Temari was honestly scared for her life. Her head was ringing from the screams the girl kept producing, although she had long since gone into a state where she couldn't hear at all. The sand Kunoichi knew she wouldn't last much longer, she could feel bumps along her fan where she blocked the sound waves and she could feel cold sweat going down her face as she backed up hastily, trying to escape the ghost that flew towards her.

Since she was backing up she did not notice the rock fragment that was right behind her, and her foot bumped right into it. She let out a gasp, time seeming to slow as she neared the ground and she glanced briefly towards it, seeing large and small fragments of the arena all along where her head would land, and she closed her eyes, bracing for the impact.

However, despite not seeing the rock herself, Kin did and she pushed herself forward with a burst of chakra, her arms wrapping around Temari's thin frame as the Sand Kunoichi dropped her fan to the ground, her eyes tightly closed as she thought she would fall, possibly to her death or unconsciousness.

Once the blow did not come, Temari's eyes slowly cracked open and she found herself staring into the milky brown eyes that seemed to be glowing a dark blue, the same eyes that had been chasing her down for the longest time. She felt a gentle hand cup her ear, while the other stayed it's place around her and began to help her to her feet. 'They feel like marshmallows..' She noted quietly, finding herself eerily calm as the hands cupped her face, light blue chakra pulsing into her ears and slowly restoring her hearing, though the ringing in her head continued.

Kin's hair slowly began to return to it's black color, along with the runes along her arms receding back into her skin and her eyes returning to their dark brown color. Kin slowly lowered her hands, her head tilting. "You alright?" At those words Temari jumped, stepping back away from the girl.

"Uh.. Yes.. Mostly. You gave me quite a beating.." She grinned a little, rubbing her cheek where it was cut. "I know when I'm beat, since you have my fan now, but I am wondering why you stopped me from falling.." Hayate began to move forward, rubbing his ears as he stared at the two, waiting for the final outcome.

Kin frowned, her knees bending as she picked up the large fan, hauling it up to Temari who thanked her quietly. "I want to win, but I don't want to cause you any more harm than I need to.. You falling like that may have given you a concussion or possibly some brain damage.." Temari nodded, having figuring that herself.

"Well.. Thanks anyways girly." Kin frowned as Temari smirked, suddenly bringing her hand down and popping Kin right in the neck, causing the girl to let out a gasp and crumple to the ground, her eyes blank as she fell unconscious. "But I want to win too. No hard feelings, I hope." She smirked still, pulling the girl up and leading her to the medics as Hayate spoke, ignoring the outraged cries from Zaku in the stands.

"Winner is Temari."

0-0-0-0 Stands 0-0-0-0

"What a troublesome woman.." Shikamaru grunted out, eyes a little narrowed as he watched Temari walk away with Kin in her arms. Zaku, hearing this as he was beside the boy, grunted in agreement.

"It's a bullshit move is what it is.. Kin had that in the bag, if only she hadn't shown mercy like that." Shikamaru nodded slightly.

"I don't think we should kill each other either but I definitely would have knocked her out right after saving her if I was your teammate." Zaku grunted again, finding himself getting a bit of respect for this pineapple headed Ninja.

"What's your name?" He asked, pointing at himself as he stared at Shikamaru. "I'm Zaku." He jerked his head back towards the mummified Sound Nin behind him. "That's Dosu the Mummy."

Dosu rolled his eye as Shikamaru smirked, holding his hand out which Zaku grabbed, both of them shaking each others hand. "Shikamaru Nara. Team 8 of Konoha." Zaku nodded, retracting his hand as he looked towards the field which was being repaired by a select few of Doton specialist Ninja. Shikamaru followed his gaze, scanning over the large chunk missing from Kin's powerful sonic wave. "That's a pretty dangerous bloodline your friend has."

Zaku's eyes widened as he looked towards Shikamaru, although Dosu only gave him a sideways glance with his one good eye. "How the hell did you know that she had a bloodline?" Shikamaru smirked up at him, shoving his hands into the thin pockets of his jacket.

"I didn't know for sure, but you just told me." Zaku cringed slightly and Shikamaru chuckled. "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone if it's supposed to be a secret. It looked like she was under strain, however." Zaku nodded, his arms crossing.

"It hurts her vocals, or so Dosu here says."

"Yes." Dosu added in, looking towards Shikamaru fully with a slight respect forming in his eyes. 'He noticed this without even knowing the contents of the bloodline. He has a sharp mind.' Shaking his head to clear the thoughts he turned towards the almost fixed arena. "The vibrations that make her attacks, and some defenses, all hurt her insides due to how weak they are compared to the rest of her family."

Shikamaru frowned, rubbing his chin. "A bloodline like that shouldn't have such a defect.." Dosu and Zaku exchanged curious glances with each other before turning towards Shikamaru, about to ask what he meant when he began to speak again. "I mean.. Lets take Kiba, the dog boy that fought before your teammate. He has sure signs of his clan, with his large canine teeth and ability to talk to dogs, possibly other animals.. All of that is part of his genetic code, and the Inuzuka's bloodline is as thick as mud, so they have never had any defects."

"What the hell does that mean?" Zaku questioned, a little annoyance creeping into his eyes. He hated long-winded explanations.

Dosu frowned under his bandages, nodding towards Shikamaru. "He means that it's possible Kin's body is that weak because her mother or father were not fully clan born and had her with someone who wasn't related to the clan at all." Shikamaru nodded in response as realization flashed in Zaku's eyes, just as Shikamaru held his finger up.

"It could also have been intentional." Their heads jerked up towards him at this and he quietly thought it was odd at the looks of betrayal in their eyes. "I mean.. Someone could have intentionally put her genetics to the side if they knew enough about reconstruction and things like that. You would have to be very qualified as a Medic or, I suppose, a scientist to do something like that." Zaku and Dosu exchanged glances again, with Zaku's fists clinching in anger.

"Lets hope you're not right about that, Shikamaru." He stated quietly, looking up towards the screen as it began to flash again. He felt a grim grin form around his face. "Well! That's unexpected but welcomed, I wondered how good you'd be in battle, eh?"

Shikamaru glanced up towards the screen, a smirk covering his face as well. "Same here.. May the best Nin win."

0-0-0-0 Shikamaru Nara vs Zaku Abumi 0-0-0-0

Both quickly jumped down to the field, with Shikamaru walking onto the opposite side, before Hayate could even ask them to. Seeing both were ready, with Shikamaru calmly slipping his hands out of his pockets and Zaku flexing his fingers, he threw down his hand and yelled. "Begin."

Without any hesitation, Zaku threw his palms up, sending a heavy gust right towards Shikamaru, earning a groan from the Doton specialists as the powerful wind began to tear up the ground again. Zaku smirked watching Shikamaru get hit dead on, only for it to fall into a frown as he poofed into a torn up log. Thinking quickly he jumped to the side, narrowly dodging a Kunai that flew right into the ground by his feet and he looked up to see Shikamaru standing on top of the ceiling, a grin fixing his features.

Not missing a beat, Zaku quickly threw his hands up, aiming another air blast towards Shikamaru but was surprised when he felt the ground push up from under his feet, causing him to fall back and completely miss Shikamaru by a few inches as his hands were slung backwards. Relying on his reflexes, Zaku felt his hands slap against the ground as he flipped back onto his feet, glancing at where he was standing previously to see two small bumps where his feet were but they quickly sunk back in and made the ground flat once more.

"So you have a few Doton Jutsu up your sleeves huh?" Zaku questioned, only earning a soft chuckle from Shikamaru as he flipped down from the ceiling, landing neatly on his feet.

"Something like that, yeah." He pulled out a Kunai, with Zaku mimicking the action. Both of them rushed each other quickly, pushing metal against metal with their eyes staring into the others. "Not bad, Zaku."

"Not bad yourself, but you had a slight miscalculation." He grinned, holding up his free hand with wind starting to gather up as he prepared for another Zakuha.

"I assure you, Zaku.. I've made all the calculations." He grinned as the wind slammed into his body, causing Zaku's eyes to widen as he crumbled into mud with the Kunai he held clanging uselessly onto the ground. Zaku quickly began to look around for him but was surprised when he couldn't move his head, or any other part of his body but his mouth and eyes.

Smirking, Shikamaru slowly rose from the ground with his hands held in the familiar Kage Mane Jutsu seal and his shadow was connected to the bits of mud and the Kunai, having wormed around them as the mud clone crumbled and connected straight to Zaku's shadow.

"It's over, Zaku." He said calmly, making sure to keep his palms up into the air so they're aiming at the ceiling above.

Zaku gritted his teeth before letting out a sigh, followed by a soft chuckle. "Yeah you win.. If you had kept my hands down I could have got away but.. it seems you really did make all the calculations. I give up." Hayate nodded as Shikamaru released the Kage Mane and held his hand out towards Zaku, shaking it once more as they headed back into the stands since neither received any injuries.

With the field clear of the combatants the Doton repair crew quickly fixed up the missing rocks that Zaku's attack on the ceiling and floor made before walking off as the screen began to flash again just as Hinata finally made it back, a small cup of coffee in her hands.

Naru, seeing her, waved slightly as the lavender eyed Heiress made her way to her blonde companion. "What has happened since I left?" Naru frowned, slowly explaining who won, how they won, and then she explained what had happened to Tayuya after a brief questioning from Hinata on why she wasn't with Naru.

After she was done explaining she calmly took the cup from Hinata as it had began to break under the strain of the Hyuuga's angry grasp. "How dare he.. " She said quietly, glaring towards the red head that was standing calmly on the other side of the arena, his eyes focused on the center as he awaited the next battle.

"Don't worry.. She'll be fine, I made sure of that." Naru stated, grasping her neck for a moment, causing Hinata's angry gaze to shift to a concerned look as she saw Naru's pained expression.

"Are you alright..? You didn't use any chakra did you?" Naru flinched lightly before nodding.

"I used it while using Sondio to get to Tayuya faster and stop her from getting crushed.." She frowned further at Hinata's still worried gaze. "Is that a problem?"

"It is.. Naru, when your fight comes please don't' use any chakra.. Your system is all messed up from that seal he put on you.." Naru frowned, before letting out a slight sigh, turning her head away.

"I see no reason to listen to you Hinata, I've gone by my own rules before and this won't effect you at a-" She was lucky, she supposed, that Hayate had just called out the next contestants at the top of his voice as no one heard the slap that resounded from Hinata's hand connecting to Naru's face.

Naru turned her gaze towards Hinata, an angry red flare flashing in her blue eyes but it quickly faded into a guilty look as she stared into the teary eye of her teammate. "H..Hinata I didn't mean to.. I mean I.." Hinata said nothing and turned away from her, and Naru felt shame grasp her heart but she could not think of any words to say. Shaking her head, she turned her own gaze to the arena where the two contestants were already gathered.

0-0-0-0 Haku vs Yoroi 0-0-0-0

At the get-go, Yoroi, a black clad Shinobi with a veil over his face much like Tsuguru had, charged forward towards the Ice Kunoichi and made a motion to grab at her. Haku, seeing a faint glow around his hand, hastily moved herself to the side, dodging the grab as she drew out senbon from her sleeves, tossing them towards him.

He grunted as they went against his hand and he tugged them out quickly with his other, charging towards her again while preforming seals, calling out "Bunshin no Jutsu" as he finished them, making two images of himself run beside him towards the Kunoichi. Haku frowned at him, blocking his hand as he attempted to grab her with a Kunai causing his eyes to widen in shock behind his black glasses, though he was thankful that it was the blunt end and couldn't pierce his skin. "How did you..?"

"You did not quiet your footsteps.. It was easy to tell who was real when only your foot falls made a sound." The two images of Yoroi poofed into smoke as his hands began to glow blue, his other hand reaching straight for Haku's head.

"It doesn't matter, now you're mine!" He yelled only to let out a scream of pain as his hand was blocked by a thick layer of ice that seemed to float in front of Haku's face. He grunted, his hands glowing still and he pushed it forward, draining the chakra inside the ice and making it crumble to small shards onto the ground.

Haku jumped back away from him just as he lunged for her head once more. "Your ability is useful to be sure, a trump card if there ever was one. But you rely on it far too much for it to be useful to you." She held up her left hand, forming hand seals with it while the other threw a Kunai towards his head.

Yoroi dodged the side of it, smirking as he did so. "Like you're one to talk, you've done nothing but use Ninja tools. You have no way to stop me other than those!" He made a move to go forward again only to find that he couldn't move at all. He looked down towards his feet, surprise coming to his face again as he saw that his entire left leg was encased in ice. "What the hell? There's no water here!"

"There is moisture in the air." Haku stated, walking towards him as the ice began to creep up towards his chest, his other leg becoming coated too. Yoroi made a move to drain the chakra when the ice on his legs suddenly spiked towards his hands, literally impaling through them. This caused Yoroi to scream in pain as Haku smiled, a sadistic look coming across her face as she snapped her fingers, causing the ice to explode into large sharp shards, cutting up Yoroi's pants and skin and leaving him bleeding on the ground as he succumbed to the pain. "Pointless." She said softly, turning around and beginning to walk away as Hayate held up his hand.

"Winner is Haku." The medics came and rushed Yoroi to the medical bay just as Haku stood back beside Kurenai's right side, ignoring the meaningful look that Kakashi was giving her.

"You did well out there, Haku-San." Kurenai said gently, a smile on her face. "I see Anko has rubbed off on you more then she did on Hinata."

Haku giggled slightly, looking towards her with a smile and her eyes closed into upside down U's. "All of my Sensei have had some effect on me, even Kakashi who has not taught me at all." Kakashi smiled a bit at her and reached over, patting her shoulder.

"I plan on training you all after this preliminary is over, you have my word on that." Haku nodded to him, turning her gaze back towards the arena as the next two combatants made their way down to the floor, and she held back the slight disappointment she felt at Sasuke not being able to see her match.

0-0-0-0 Dosu Kinuta vs Shino Aburame 0-0-0-0

Both contestants stared at each other quietly, despite Hayate having stated to begin awhile ago, both sizing up the other. Finally it was Dosu who cut the silence. "An Aburame, I see.. I'm afraid you'll be at a disadvantage in this battle."

Shino's eyebrows rose and he began to slowly unbutton the front of his jacket, revealing the black undershirt beneath it. "I will not hold back then if I am at a disadvantage as you say." Dosu's eye narrowed slightly and he ran forward as Shino's form began to become covered in a cloud of insects.

Dosu's lips twisted into a smirk underneath his bandages as he swung his melody arm towards the cloud, causing most of the bugs to fall over as they were torn apart by the powerful sound waves. As the cloud fell, however, Dosu's eye widened at the lack of Shino inside and he jumped back instinctively, narrowly dodging a Kunai that embedded itself into the ground where he was standing moments before.

"I see.. So that arm of yours sends a wave of sound depending on the force and direction you punch." Shino said calmly, walking towards Dosu from his left side. Bugs began to swarm out of Shino slowly and steadily until his arms were coated in thin clouds as he stared his opponent down.

'He got all of that from one attack?' Dosu thought, putting his melody arm up towards Shino before rushing forward again. 'I won't miss this time!' He brought his fist down towards Shino's head, but was surprised when the bug user simply caught the fist by the bottom of his wrist.

With this, the melody arm's effect only managed to kill a few of the bugs as most of the wave comes out from the holes on the front end, which was on the opposite end of where Shino was holding. Dosu struggled in Shino's grip, using his other hand to bring a Kunai up towards Shino's chin, only to be blocked by a cloud of bugs that began to sap his strength rather quickly.

After a few moments of draining and struggling, Dosu slowly fell to his knees with a grunt a soft chuckle escaping his lips. "I hadn't realized such a huge flaw in my plan when fighting a faster enemy.." Shino extended his hand towards the fallen Nin and Dosu accepted it quickly. "It seems mostly Konoha Nin are going to pass this year."

Shino hmphed as he helped Dosu get back to the stands since he did not take any real damage. "It is still not decided who will become Chunin though I believe everyone who made it here should at least get the chance to prove themselves publicly.." He pushed his glasses up slightly as his other hand worked to button up his jacket. "But I do not make the rules here, Dosu-San."

Dosu nodded, crossing his arms slightly together. "But it looks like we're nearing the end, Aburame. There are only two more fights left.." Shino's eyes narrowed together as he leaned against the wall behind him, giving a glance towards Shikamaru at his other side.

"Indeed.. But I only care for one of them." Dosu gave him an odd look while Shikamaru nodded without looking towards Shino, the same thing going through his mind.

Who will Naru fight?

0-0-0-0 Hokage's Seat 0-0-0-0

Sarutobi Karuma rubbed his chin thoughtfully as he watched the battles take place, each seeming to be more interesting than the last. He felt his eyes narrow in worry at the sight of a crestfallen Naru standing to the side, her blue eyes glancing towards the girl beside her who seemed to be avoiding her gaze. He quietly wished that the problem between them would heal quickly.

Sensing someone behind him, Karuma turned his head to see his white-haired student walking up behind him, but Karuma's eyes narrowed towards the blue haired woman beside him, both of her eyes staring right at him with a small smile on her face. "It's good to see you again, Karuma-San." She stated quietly, a giggle escaping her lips at his confused gaze.

"Forgive me.. My memory isn't what it used to be." He smiled towards her, studying her features slowly but at the sight of her chest he put his fist into his palm, looking back towards her face which had a small anger-tick mark on it. "You're Aeon aren't you? My you've grown." He said with a nod, smiling but it quickly fell as Aeon put a Kunai up to his neck, the tick mark on her forehead seeming to throb a bit.

"Please don't tell me you recognized me because of my chest.." Behind her, Jiraiya sweat dropped but did not move to stop her as he himself learned his lesson.

Karuma, however, paled and shook his head quickly. "No no! It was your eyes of course.. It just took a moment to register is all.." He gulped as her Kunai slowly pulled away and she stood beside him, looking over the railing towards the arena. Thanking his luck, Karuma slowly walked forward and looked down at the arena as well. "Since you're here I am guessing the other two are..?"

Aeon nodded her head, her arms crossing. "Yes.. One is already here.." At this she looked towards the blonde standing to the side and Karuma chuckled, shaking his head.

"I can't believe I didn't recognize her sooner.." He sighed slightly. "And what about miss Yasha?" Aeon nodded, stepping back slightly.

"She's sleeping but she's in the tower. She stayed up all night training her student in seals again." Jiraiya chuckled, stepping in on Aeon's other side.

"I see.. So she really did decide to use those seals I gave her after all, huh?" Aeon nodded, smiling then suddenly shook her head with a frown gracing her features.

"This isn't the time to be talking about this however.. We have much to discuss." Jiraiya nodded, looking towards the Hokage as he began to explain the appearance of Orochimaru and what the Snake had let slip.

Once he was done, Karuma rubbed his chin thoughtfully watching as the next two combatants made their way down to the field. "It seems he has a much grander scheme then simply corrupting Sasuke.. He isn't the one to lose his cool over something like that. We will have to keep on our toes." Aeon frowned, nodding in agreement.

"Yes, he did seem..out of it. Something must have happened or perhaps it was his plan all along to make Sasuke think he was no longer interested. At any rate I would worry for the other sealed as well.." She stated lowly, looking down towards the arena. "With so much time to fester the seal is probably very unstable, especially considering who it is."

Jiraiya and Karuma nodded grimly, glancing at each other. Jiraiya cleared his throat slightly, getting their attention. "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.. For right now let's watch, these kids are pretty interesting.

Nodding in agreement, the other three turned their gazes once more to the fight already brewing on the stone floor.

0-0-0-0 Chouji Akimichi vs Kankuro 0-0-0-0

Chouji grunted, feeling Kankuro's Kunai bounce off his hardened flesh as he began to rush forward once more towards the puppet user, having already gotten Kankuro to reveal it by throwing down some explosive tags right off the bat, ripping off the thin cloth Kankuro had tried to hide himself in on the back of his puppet, and causing the fake casting around the puppet that made it look like Kankuro to fall off.

Now they were both exchanging glancing blows, but Chouji was receiving the worst of it as he actually took the blows while Kankuro simply blocked all of Chouji's blows with a weapon or his puppet, which was already sporting several dents and small holes from Chouji's powerful fists.

Kankuro himself was getting rather annoyed with the Akimichi, as he had hoped to end this quickly without much trouble. 'Damn.. He's not too slow either and he's starting to pick up speed, or rather I'm starting to get tired from all this moving around.. I'll have to end this quickly.' He had Karasu toss several more Kunai from it's wrists and mouth while he moved back, a few darts shooting out of Karasu's mouth behind the Kunai it had just thrown.

Chouji managed to dodge a few of the flying Kunai but most, including the needles, still made contact but didn't pierce his thick body due to his Partial Expansion that allowed him to bulk up certain areas like a heavy balloon making his skin too tough to pierce with Kankuro's dull Kunai.

However Kankuro continued his assault, Kunai spraying towards Chouji at seemingly random points from Karasu's open mouth and holes in the palm of it's hands. Chouji himself continued his charge but was beginning to slow slightly as he stamina began to run out from using so much chakra and he felt his teeth grind together in slight frustration as he began to pump chakra into his fist.

"No more running around!" He shouted, slinging his arm to the side suddenly towards the direction Kankuro was running and the flesh of his arm began to stretch and expand causing Kankuro to gasp in surprise as the large arm flew towards him.

Thinking quickly, Kankuro jumped up in the air trying to go past the arm but was unsurprised when it moved towards him. Smirking he tugged on his strings, releasing large net from Karasu's mouth that went over the hand going towards the Sand Shinobi. Grunting, Chouji was forced to lower his arm as the net's weight set him off balance, causing him to fall onto his side as his arm was pulled down.

He hastily retracted his arm, causing the net to fall off since it didn't retract as fast as Chouji's arm could, as several sharp looking swords impaling the ground where his arm had been moments before. He quickly spun to his feet, looking up at Kankuro in the air who had a slight annoyed look on his face, most likely at missing his target by inches.

Kankuro landed lightly on the ground, crossing his arms in front of him and Chouji narrowed his eyes towards him. "Looks like I got this one in the bag." Kankuro said with a grin and Chouji's eyes widened at the sight of his fingers moving slightly. Seeing the glint of the chakra strings, Chouji quickly jumped into the air smirking as he saw Kunai fly by him and straight towards Kankuro who hastily jumped to the side, narrowly dodging them.

"Not likely!" He said, using chakra to push himself just above Kankuro, confident of his victory as he put up seals for his Expansion Jutsu. However his eyes widened as the wooden face of Karasu in Kankuro's clothing looked up at him, cackling as it shot a purple sphere straight towards him. He let out a grunt, feeling gravity over-take him again as he began to dive down, landing right beside Karasu as he felt his body start to go numb and he punched the ground, grunting. "Damn.. You got me."

Kankuro smirked as Hayate walked over, checking Chouji for a moment and slowly helping him to his feet. "The winner is Kankuro." He announced, leading him over towards the medics just as Chouji began to cough and hack. He stopped, however, when Kankuro gripped his shoulder from behind.

"Hang on a sec there Ref." He said calmly, walking in front of Chouji and holding up a small vial. "Open wide kid, you'll be suffering for hours if you don't take this." His eyes gleaming with gratitude, Chouji opened his mouth and Kankuro poured the contents of the vial inside, and Chouji smacked his lips slightly with a grin.

"Not bad, a mix of Sand Cactus and yellow-spotted Lizard blood." Kankuro's eyebrows rose and he chuckled slightly as the purple coloring of Chouji's skin began to recede and he pulled himself off of Hayate.

"Can't say I've had someone figure out my antidote from just tasting it." Smiling he turned to make his way back to the stands but paused as Chouji began to follow him. "What do you want kid? Isn't your team over there?" He gestured his head towards the medics, since both Kiba and Ino were still resting in the medical bay. "Might want to pay them a visit, tell them you did a good job but still got beat, eh?"

Chouji chuckled at that, nodding. "Yeah I'll check on them in a bit, but a moral of the Akimichi clan is to treat others stomach's the way they treat you." At Kankuro's confused and slightly curious look he smiled. "You gave me an antidote and lessened my suffering for a good few hours.. the least I can do is invite you and your team to a dinner, eh?" Kankuro's eyes widened and he glanced towards Gaara briefly, alarm in his eyes.

Noticing this, but not seeing the real reason behind Kankuro's alarm, Chouji smiled. "Of course he can come too. I wouldn't worry to much if he has some anger issues, a good Akimichi dinner will make anyone smile." He said and Kankuro, his alarm never fading, nodded slightly.

"I'll talk to them about it.. Thanks for the invite ki- ah.. Chouji." He said with a grin appearing on his face as Chouji nodded, walking towards the medical bay to talk to his teammates while Kankuro made his way up into the stands.

Hayate, seeing the talking was over and the field was emptied of the Kunai Kankuro had left behind, put his hands up. "Will the last two contestants, Rock Lee and Naru Uzumaki please come down to the floor for the final battle."

Hinata looked towards Naru instantly, but was surprised when the blonde's swords were shoved into her arms and her blue eyes were staring intently into her single lavender eye. "N.. Naru? You're going without your swords..?" She questioned quietly, a little taken back by the look Naru gave her.

The Kyuubi Holder nodded slightly, moving past Hinata towards the stairs. "I will not use any chakra, Hinata." She said simply, before adding halfway down. "Plus my swords are weak right now and need rest, it would be only hurting them if I fought someone like Lee with them in that state." Hinata frowned but nodded as Naru stood across from Lee, who had jumped down after a few words with his Sensei.

Holding his hand up towards Naru, the back of it facing her, in the typical Goken, stance Lee smiled warmly towards her. "I look forward to this fight Naru.. But are you really not going to use your blades? I warn you, I will not hold back."

Naru's eyes narrowed slightly and Lee's smile fell into a slight frown as he saw black sparks cackle off Naru's right arm. "I am sure Lee. My blades are hurt and need rest.. Also.. I do not want you to hold back." She put one fist up while the other stayed stiff at her side, her eyes narrowed into slits that were hidden under her bangs. "Come at me.. with everything you have." More sparks danced around her arm, seeming to leak from her right eye as her lips slowly broke out into a thin smile. "I, too, look forward to this fight."

Lee's eyes hardened at Naru's changed aura, as it was not the calm blue aura he was used to feeling. No.. This one seemed.. Darker. Twisted even, and it pulsed with a dark purple light, intent on nothing but causing pain and suffering. This was not Naru, therefore, through his own logic, Lee figured that Uran or Kyuubi must have taken a hold of Naru's mental state while she was weakened. Nodding to himself, but not voicing it out loud despite his better opinion, he readied himself for the oncoming battle.

Seeing the two were ready, Hayate threw his hand down for the last time in this preliminary.


0-0-0-0 Rock Lee vs Naru Uzumaki 0-0-0-0

As soon as Hayate jumped back the two were at each other, fist meeting fist. Grinding their teeth together, each trying to over power the other as their fists pushed back and forth. Lee jumped back first then spun forward in the air, yelling "Konoha Sepu!" Naru ducked under the first leg and then blocked the second with one arm, then she gripped it tightly with a smirk and began to spin around herself.

Lee grunted, his eyes shut tightly at the wind going hard against his face and he let out a gasp as Naru suddenly let go, causing him to fly swiftly towards a wall. Thinking quickly he flipped twice, his feet slamming into the wall. Using this, he jumped off the wall and straight towards Naru who suddenly jumped over him, aiming a heel at his head.

Lee slammed his hand to the ground, pushing himself to the side lightly and causing Naru to miss, a small crater appearing where her foot landed. Using his position to his advantage once more, Lee pushed his other hand down and began to quickly spiral around, one leg aiming for Naru's head and the other heading straight for her side as he yelled "Konoha Toppu!"

Naru, having managed to duck the high kick again, was taken by surprise by the low which sent her flying to the side. Naru flipped and put her feet hard against the ground, causing her to skid to a stop as she stared at Lee who had already risen to his feet. "It seems at this speed we're evenly matched, Lee." She said, her fingers seeming to twitch as her lips formed a thin smile still.

Lee nodded in agreement, his hands reaching down towards his orange leg warmers. "I think I get what you're saying, Naru-San. I will, of course, wait for you to take yours off as well." Naru smirked, a soft chuckle escaping her lips.

"You're always so sweet Lee." She said softly, earning a slight red tint from the Green Clad Shinobi as she slipped the white bands off her wrists, followed by the white bands on her legs which snapped off completely. Lee mimic'd her action, having taken her up on the offer of wearing her Henge weights awhile back, on both his legs and wrists. In perfect unison, the two threw their four weights back behind them, causing large holes and very large clouds of smoke and dust to appear from where they landed.

Up in the stands, almost every face was full of shock and awe as the two contestants literally disappeared in blurs, the only sign of battle being a soft grunt, a suddenly missing piece of the arena, or an imprint of someone's body or fist.

The Jounin themselves were having trouble watching the fight going on and most were relying on Kakashi, who returned during the last battle, to tell them what happened as he watched with his Sharingan eye.

"Lee just punched Naru in the face.. Naru spun and kicked him across the room.. Lee bounced off the wall again and attempted to kick Naru in the gut.. She dodged, slammed her fist into his leg and attempted to kick his gut but he gripped her leg and threw her into the wall.." Kakashi supplied to Kurenai, who's ruby red eyes were as wide as saucers. Kakashi smiled slightly at her expression and glanced towards the Hokage, unsurprised by the old man's eyes following every move they made with perfect accuracy, or that the two beside him were also following it perfectly, even as the two fighting exchanged nothing but quick blocks and punches in the middle of the air.

Kakashi then turned his gaze to the quiet Gai, who had said nothing since Lee had gone down to the arena. "Something wrong Gai? I figured you'd be proud of your student at being so fast. You've hardly said a word." Gai chuckled at his rival, a smile gracing his face.

"Of course I'm proud Kakashi, that's why I can't bring myself to say anything to distract him." Kakashi's eyes widened slightly at the thought of Gai being quiet and he was about to make a retort when Gai's smile fell into a frown. "However, that girl.. Naru.. She worries me." Kurenai's eyes snapped over to him instantly and he paled slightly at the intense gaze he was given. "Do not get me wrong, she is strong and fast.. definitely worthy of Lee's attention." He said with a nod, his eyes moving with the fight. "But there is something different about her.. Darker.. Haunted. It doesn't feel.." He paused, looking for the right words.

"It doesn't feel like Lee is fighting Naru at all." The other two Jounin frowned at this, exchanging glances then nodding as they focused on the battle once more, with Kakashi explaining things Kurenai couldn't follow.

"You're not bad Lee!" Naru called out, her foot connecting with solid rock as Lee narrowly dodged her blow again.

"Nor yourself, Naru!" He yelled back, his own foot heading for her shoulder which she dodged hastily and jumped away from him. Both stared at each other for a moment, which to them seemed longer than it actually was. The two were moving faster than they were used to, making it feel like everything else had simply slowed down until even the air itself and the dust they had gathered from their missing blows seemed to last for a life time before settling down.

Jumping towards each other again, the two exchanged fists and kicks, all which were blocked or countered by the opposite fighter. They disengaged from each other, each panting heavily but as they stood and stared at each other, it was obvious that Naru was the most hurt.

Her left arm hung limply at her side, still moveable but sore and her face and legs were coated in bruises and bumps with her right cheek beginning to swell into a rosy red color. Lee wasn't in good shape himself, having his right eye closed with a purple knot just above it from Naru's fist in his face and his chest and fists had several bruises of their own but not nearly as intense as Naru's were.

The two continued to stare at each other however, the only sound in the arena being their heavy breathing as they regained their breath. It was Lee, though, who spoke up first. "Why do you use no chakra, Naru? You haven't even enhanced your strength or speed in the slightest with it."

Naru flinched and retorted. "Neither have you! Although you can't, you still haven't." Lee's eyes narrowed slightly as he began to pant more softly.

"That gives no reason why you are not using any, you are not the type to even the playing field without reason, Naru." She flinched again but did not speak as Lee began to slowly unwrap his wrists with the bandages that were always around them. "Very well.. If you will not use chakra then I will force you to." Her eyes narrowed, along with Gai's up in the stands, as Lee bent himself slightly while staring at her intently as his body began to pulse with chakra."If only so you go back to normal, Naru!" She flinched once more, and he sprung, disappearing in a blur.

Naru's eyes widened and she hastily began to push herself back, but due to her hesitation she was unable to react in time and Lee, who had gone right under her defenses and kicked up towards her chin, sent her flying into the air. Following his action without missing a beat, Lee spun towards the ground and then pushed himself up into the air behind her, his bandages wrapping quickly around her body, making a large dome around her that restrained her movements. He spun downward like a bullet, yelling "Omote Renge!" as they both slammed into the ground, causing a large amount of dust to appear and coat the area.

As it cleared, Lee was on the ground but raising to his feet, panting and huffing but his eyes were narrowed, trying to stare into the large cloud that kept Naru's body hidden from view. As it completely cleared, however, he felt his chest throb at the sight of her standing on both legs, which were bent inwards towards each other and her hair was covering her eyes still but he could see fresh blood dripping down from her head to the ground below, forming a small puddle.

He slowly made a move to step towards her when he was sent stumbling back by a pulse of black chakra, which seemed to set off flags of alarm as there were simultaneous widening of eyes in the adults as Naru's form began to glow a dull black.

Drip drip drip.. Naru groaned slightly, her hands shaking as she brought them to her face. Drip drip drip... Naru frowned as her hands touched her face, wincing at the sharp pain that tore through her skull at the feeling. Drip drip drip.. She grunted, looking for the source of that infernal sound when she saw it, the blood dripping from her face onto the ground and she felt a cold chill go through her body. 'I'm not healing.. Drip drip drip.. Not healing.. What's wrong with me? My head.. it hurts so much.. I can't..'

'Let me..' Said a quiet voice in her head, seeming both far away yet so close at the same time. 'Who..?' Naru questioned, her hands still shaking in front of her eyes, coated in her own blood. Drip drip drip.. "Stop it.." She said aloud, her head slowly raising and Lee felt his heart catch in his throat as he stared at the wide scared blue eyes that were surrounded in blood. "That.. It hurts.. My head is throbbing.. Why does it hurt..? I don't like that." She was staring only at Lee, and yet seemed to be talking to herself. " Drip drip drip.. "Stop it.." She said again, eyes closing tightly as pain tore through her head once more. Drip drip drip... "I said STOP IT!" She yelled, throwing her head back and griping at her scalp, digging into the flesh with her nails.

'Chance!'Said a voice in her mind, just as it went blank. However she found peace in this, as the dripping and throbbing had finally stopped. In her own mind scape, which was blank and full of nothing but darkness, she drifted along, barely aware of her own existence.

Outside, however, she laughed. Her hair extended, now going to her mid-back with blood coursing through it and seeming to dry quickly, turning it a dull dark red. Her head snapped back up, the aura around her pulsing with black and white chakra, the edges of the aura being a dark purple. Her eyes were wild and slitted, the white now being a dull black and the pupil was slitted and red with the normally blue iris now a dull dark purple.

Lee stared at this new Naru, who was grinning ear to ear with her canines sticking out, blood no longer flowing down her face as it had all seemed to go straight to her hair, even the puddle on the ground was gone, leaving no trace behind. Lee had cold sweat going down his face and his fists were clenching and unclench, while his breath came in short and shallow bursts.

Naru giggled at this, tilting her head and allowing her bangs to fall to the side, showing the black and pulsing tear marks that were going down her cheek and around her neck, forming what could be described as a necklace of tears around her neck.

"Evening." She said with a grin, her head tilting side to side as her chakra continued to swirl around her with several large tendrils swinging behind her like tails. She began to walk towards Lee, still grinning as Lee seemed to finally get a hold of himself, his fists clenching tightly and he slid into the Goken fist once more. "You're going to fight me? I thought you would stand there and drown in your own sweat.." She smiled, her left arm slowly drifting to the side where it seemed to pulse with sparks of chakra and there was a squeek from Hinata as Hebi Hime flew from her arms, spinning in the air with the hilt landing right into Naru's palm.

Lee's eyes narrowed as the purple chakra spread along to Hebi Hime as it's sheath fell off, clattering to the ground uselessly as Naru began to walk forward again, her sword spreading apart with it's eyes now a bright red and it's body a deep black with purple stripes. It hissed and spat at Lee, just as Naru giggled once more. "Come on come on. Don't just stand there!" She swung Hebi Hime towards him, causing the blade to hiss through the air, stretching towards him swiftly and opening wider in an attempt to swallow Lee whole.

Lee jumped back quickly, disappearing in a blur as he ran past Hebi Hime in an attempt to get at Naru. However, before he could get to her he found himself staring into two bright red eyes and he quickly skidded to a stop, jumping back just in time to dodge the sharp blades that closed around where his head had been moments before. Suddenly he felt a hand on his back and he looked around with his eyes wide, as Naru was right behind him in the middle of the air.

"Don't forget dummy, I'm playing too!" With this she pulsed chakra through her hand, sending him flying right towards Hebi Hime's gaping mouth. She laughed as he spun around, slamming his heel into the hard steel of Hebi Hime's head, sending it right into the ground. "Now that's what I like to see!" She grinned, throwing Hebi Hime to the side now, the blade returning to it's normal state and being impaled in the wall.

Lee landed neatly on his feet but was instantly forced to defend himself as Naru ran towards him, spinning around and kicking at his head. He ducked quickly, his knees bending and he used them to jump back into the air, dodging a leg-sweep by Naru's other leg. She hastily began to run towards him as he backed up again, blocking a fist with his open palm and he aimed his own fist at her elbow, snapping the bone and causing it to fall limp at her side, but it rose again swiftly. She only giggled at this and punched at him with her other hand, which he narrowly dodged as it noticed it pulsing with her dark chakra.

He was glad he dodged it as he saw a large hole appear around where her fist landed, seeming to vaporize everything around it. She turned towards him smirking, charging again and beginning to glow a dark purple once more, her cheeks expanding into a humorous size as she took a heavy breath. Noticing this, Lee hastily jumped up into the air, bouncing off the railing above him as a dark black fire began to spew towards him from Naru's open mouth, causing onlookers to back up as it licked against the railing.

She suddenly closed her mouth, smiling at Lee who was now in the air in the center of the large dome of fire that had formed from the flames she produced. She suddenly disappear from his view and he felt a heavy kick slam into his back, sending him flying towards the ground. Following this up, Naru held her hand towards him with her fingers twitching. "Night night!" She yelled out, the earth where Lee was heading spreading apart and the flames beginning to rush towards the hole.

Lee disappeared into the hole, his eyes wide and his screams echoing off the walls as the hole slowly closed, Naru landing neatly on top of where it had been. Her head was staring towards the ground, a grin spread along her face and she suddenly threw her head back laughing. "Game Over!" She giggled, tapping her foot on the ground, ignoring the shocked stares from the audience. She smiled and did a twirl suddenly, giggling. "Dancing on someone's grave is always so heart warming, wouldn't' you saaay Leeee-san?" She said in a sing-song voice, smiling ear to ear still.

There was a sudden shout from the audience and Naru looked up with a smile as she saw Gai being held back by Kakashi and Kurenai, with Neji and Tenten also being held back by Chouji, Shino, and Shikamaru. "Whats wrong?" She asked, holding her arms apart with her dark chakra spiraling around her. "You wanna play too? I'm just getting.." She blinked, her eyes darting behind her suddenly with a small smile now forming on her face. "Well well well.. Looks like someone got burnt."

This caused even Gai to pause as the earth burst out behind her, flames spewing out of the open hole as a large pillar of green pulsing chakra towered through the room. Lee appeared a moment later, his skin a dark red and his eyes completely white and flames trailed behind him, slowly becoming only sparks in the air as his chakra over powered them. Naru turned towards him with a giggle, her mouth opening to speak when she was suddenly sent flying back by a powerful punch that left her in a hole in the wall behind.

She sat up quickly, eyes wide and her face split into a grin that showed all of her teeth. "Hehehehe.. Now you're a real man! C'mon! Hit me!" She jumped out of the hole, chakra pouring over her as she charged towards him with her left fist tugged back. Lee charged forward as well, his right fist in the same position as each fist landed on the respective cheek, sending both of them flying back. Both slammed their feet down, forcing them to stop with their respective chakra flowing around them like flames.

They charged again, Naru sending a blast of her chakra towards him from her hand. Lee met the blast head on, surprising Naru as the blast simply spread apart from Lee's own aura and went past him. Lee's fist slammed into her face, sending her falling back. However he didn't seem to be done as he gripped her shirt, pulling her close and slamming his knee into her stomach, causing her to double off coughing. She grunted, punching at his face with a grin still on her face but it was blocked, his chakra pouring over it as he punched her in the gut , sending her doubling over again but this time she was face to face with his foot, sending her flying back into the air.

She let out a gasp as Lee jumped towards her, kicking her several times in the stomach and sending her higher and higher into the air. He grunted as pain began to shoot through him from opening the Gates, and he hastily kicked her up one more time, disappearing in a blur suddenly and re-appearing behind Naru, his fist slamming into her back and sending her flying at the ground like a bullet.

Just as she was about to reach the ground he reappeared below her, slamming her back into the center of the arena's air. He repeated this action from several sides, with Naru unable to do anything but take it as there was barely an instant of relief as the attacks came from all directions. All the while he had been wrapping her in the bandages around his wrists, limiting her movements even further and by the end she was in a large cocoon of his bandages and he appeared at the top of the arena, gripping one bandage tightly as he pulled the cocoon towards him, eyes burning with determination as he slammed his fist into it, sending the bandages scattering around while sending Naru straight into the hard arena floor, making a large crater around her broken form which was coated in blood and bits of rock from the ground.

Lee fell to the ground panting heavily, his eyes half open as he stared towards Naru's form and he felt shock come to him as he realized what he had done, as he saw several bones around her spine sticking out and a even more dominate one being at her shoulders, now being up against her head. He choked it down, slowly beginning to crawl towards her. "Naru..? Naru!" He yelled out, shame overcoming him as he felt warm tears drip down his face.

The stands were no different, with Kakashi holding Kurenai close as she sobbed into his chest and Gai holding his head down cast, despite the anger he had felt with her not moments before. The Genin of Konoha seemed to be unable to completely understand what happened, as they all just stared in shock at the scene before them except for Hinata, who was on her knees with her eye wide, tears streaming down her cheeks. Karuma himself had his hat tilted down, covering his eyes from view as he stared down at the form of Naru on the ground.

It was a red head that broke the silence, her feet tapping hard against the ground but slowly coming to a stop as she stood behind lee, her red hair flowing down to her shoulders and her brown eyes wide as saucers. "What the hell.. What the hell did you do!" She yelled, glaring down towards Lee and stopping her foot. Lee didn't even look towards her and said nothing, his eyes glued on Naru's form. She gritted her teeth together, bandages covering most of her body which was currently shirtless and there were two medics running behind her, calling her name.

"Tayuya! I told you not to..." The head doctor, a white haired man with dull gray eyes and wearing a white medic-nin outfit, stopped as he stared at the broken form before him. "Oh.." He muttered, already knowing the cause was lost.

"Do something!" Tayuya yelled, turning towards him and stomping in his direction. "Do something dammit! It's your job isn't it? Do s-" At the look he gave her she just grunted, turning her head away with tears streaming down her cheeks. "Dammit Blue..." 'Why do I feel this way dammit? So full of pain.. Is this was it's like to lose someone important? But I barely knew her, and..' She grunted again, falling to her knees as questions swarmed through her head.

Then her head jerked up as a feeling washed over her, and she slowly turned her head towards Naru's broken form, ignoring the pulling on her arm from the Medic as she felt her lips turn into a thin smile. "She's not dead.." She muttered quietly, causing the Medic to pause in his pulling as he too looked towards Naru's body.

Sure enough, she was slowly standing, black and red chakra swarming around her in waves as the bones slowly placed themselves back together into her body, the holes they formed closing nearly instantly with a dull hiss and puff of steam. All were silent as she slowly raised up, her head being the last to rise and her eyes were shut tightly and her body showing no form of any injury that had befallen her during the battle. It was her eyes, which opened slowly and flickered as if she were just waking from a nap, that caused everyone to breath once more. Her eyes were a dull red with the white being completely black, and she grinned ear to ear with her teeth also being a dull black.

"Well well.." She said, her voice echoing as if someone else was talking at the same time. "Looks like I fixed it just in time.. I'm supposing you're my opponent, ne? You're pretty beat up.." She giggled, slowly walking towards Lee who stared up at her silently, his mouth agape as she approached him and then bent her knees down until she was face-to-face with him. "Tell you what, you give up and I won't hurt you. Kay?" Lee could only nod silently and 'Naru' giggled, turning her head back towards Hayate who had taken shelter behind the fingers of the hand-sign statue in the room. "You saw that right Ref? He gave up, so that's makes me the victor!"

She smiled still as Hayate jumped from his hiding place, hastily running over towards Lee. "Yes.. uh.." He seemed at a loss for words as he held his hand up. "Naru Uzumaki is the winner.." He nodded towards the Medics who helped him haul Lee up, the three of them hastily taking him towards the med-bay for treatment as Naru giggled once more, her eyes looking towards Tayuya who was smiling up at her a bit, tears still on her face.

Naru seemed a bit taken back at this and she sighed, pulling the girl to her feet. "Queen would kill me if I let you just sit out here all broken like this.. Come on." She pulled the Sound Demon towards the med-bay as well, pausing to retrieve Hebi Hime from her place in the wall and then to turn her gaze towards Hinata. "Bring Queen's swords for me babe? Thanks." She grinned, seeming to enjoy the shocked looks that were following her as she exited, a silent Tayuya and Hinata in tow.

Hayate returned soon after, calling everyone who won down to take a slip from the box he held in his hands and Kurenai stated she would draw for Naru, while the blonde Lightning Jounin said she would draw for Ekijou. Once all were drawn, they held their slips up and Hayate explained that each number would fight the number above it in the finals. One would fight two, and three would fight four, so on and so forth.

After the slips had been correctly set, Hayate copied down the list and handed it to the Hokage who simply nodded silently, studying over it.

First Match: Shino vs Haku.

Second Match: Temari vs Hinata

Third Match: Neji vs Shikamaru

Fourth Match:Sakura vs Naru

Fifth Match: Sasuke vs Gaara

Sixth Match: Kankuro vs Ekijou

Agreeing with these placements, the Hokage handed the paper back to Hayate and ordered copies to be made and spread to the nobles. Nodding, Hayate rushed off quickly to the supply tower and once he was gone, the Hokage turned towards the gathered Genin and Jounin and cleared his throat to gain their attention, while Aeon stood behind him.

"I ask that you, as Shinobi and Kunoichi, do your best in the upcoming finals." He stated simply, his eyes boring into theirs. "However, before you leave I ask you not as a Hokage, nor even as a man.. No, I simply ask you as a worrying grand father to not speak of the events that took place here." The Konoha Shinobi nodded, but the Sand trio did not as they turned to leave. The Hokage watched them go, turning around himself to get a bit of privacy when he was stopped by a voice suddenly calling out.

"You need not worry, Hokage-San." Said a gruff calm voice that seemed to tremble with excitement underneath. "We will not tell a soul, if only so I can make sure no one sinks their fangs into Uzumaki before I can." receiving only a slight nod from the Hokage, Gaara and his siblings left the tower.

After the Sand Trio had left, slowly but surely the rest filed out, each speaking quietly amongst themselves and all of them having solemn looks on their faces.

Once they were all gone the Hokage took a puff of his pipe which he had hidden in his robe and turned towards the two Lightning Jounin who had stayed behind and he kept his eyes downcast, hidden behind his hat, while quietly noting that Jiraiya had sneaked off at some point, most likely to talk to Naru.

It was then that Aeon and the blonde shared a look and nodded, and Aeon smiled, touching Karuma's shoulder softly and Karuma smiled up at her, grateful for her support, but was surprised when it was the blonde instead of Aeon who spoke up.

"We need to talk. Sit down somewhere, or you're gonna fall on your rear in surprise anyways." Arching his eyebrows he couldn't help but wonder what she could possibly tell him.

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The main factor is that it has chakra condense itself in a 360 degree around Hinata, having taken that factor from her Byakugan. This causes everything that enters this area, even slightly, to slow down to however Hinata see's fit, even to the point where it stops completely in the air as seen in her battle. With this factor, she's also able to fool her opponents into thinking she's moving faster than normal, when in fact, she is not. She still has her standard speed but if she gets you in the area of effect then you are the one slowing down, but only your outside is. Any chakra you mold or release are all at standard speed, making it impossible for her to kill just by keeping you in there so long that your heart stops.

Sakura's new power and Nagi's abilities – Sakura's ability is somewhat like Sakon and Ukon's "shared body" bloodline where one lives off the other, and yet it is also entirely different. There are no extra limbs and 'Inner' Sakura cannot invade others like Ukon can, and also unlike Sakon and Ukon, both Sakura share only one source of chakra... Which is Sakura's own chakra supply.

Using Inner Sakura does consume some of her chakra for however long 'Inner' is out, but if Inner Sakura were to separate from her completely she would dissolve back into Sakura's mind scape unless she had a steady supply of chakra..

Nagi – His bloodline is to control the current of electricity and put it through any type of metal. He was, essentially, created by a friend of mine though I had planned on having him here anyways, I had no idea what I should make his abilities. His bloodline is touch-based however and cannot go any further than he can send it, thus the use of his Metal strings that allow him to flex how far and where he is reaching.

Ekijou's Ability – She is able to control any Iron's base shape between liquid and solid and mold it accordingly. This allows her to, basically, make anything from any source of Iron.. even her own blood, but with her thin blood she only uses that as a 'last ditch' effort.

Gaara's Spear – Basically, it's made of sand..but he cannot control it as he does his demonic sand. It is utterly stuck in that same shape except when summoning. However, as seen in his fight, it is able to detach itself rather easily, even in the middle of battle.

Kin's Bloodline – As said in Zaku and Dosu's discussion, Kin's ability revolves around her vocal cords and as such, she cannot use it without breaking them unless she activates Orochimaru's device. This, o course, also retains to her other abilities in the form if you were wondering why she didn't use the power to "go incorporeal" or control objects with her mind. Simple factor is: To go "incorporeal" she is actually just vibrating at a extremely face pace by humming, making her molecules very fast and able to be moved easily like water. As for the controlling, that is actually done with her mind, but it's also a thin layer of her own molecules wrapping around the object she's controlling and moving like that... once again, requiring a lot of vibration from her vocal cords. Going Incorporeal and Controlling objects normally wouldn't hurt her Cords at all but..well, you'll see later!

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