Disclaimer: I do not own you, Neal. As I'm sure you're ecstatic about, given what is wr

Dear Neal,

I can see where your confusion lies. Most would deem it horrible and unloving to put you through so much pain. Only a sadistic few (villains, abusers, politicians, etc.) would think it loving. In the real world, that is.

However, as a hurt/comfort writer, I may be able to enlighten you on a few aspects as to why we are so determined to maim, mar, or mangle you in many ways. At least, from this fan fiction writer's point of view.

First, there is nothing better than an action/adventure story, one that keeps you hanging on the edge of your seat, heart near stopping as you wait to find out what happens next. Now, you are probably wondering why there has to be some type of physical or emotional hurt in these stories. Well, if there was no threat to you or Peter, then it wouldn't be very interesting, would it? Say you were kidnapped (again) or taken hostage (again). If your captors did not threaten you in some way then Peter would not have urgency in his search. He may as well stay home with El and watch a game if the villains are simply going to feed you pizza and beer.

Second, in your recovery process from our vicious "whump" you are able to grow as a person. Now granted, you don't always have to have your shoulder dislocated or a bullet through the side to learn life's little lessons, but they do stick given the circumstances. One lesson you may learn could be this: Tell Peter The Truth. I think you'll find that you'll fair better this way.

Third, and most important of all (in my p.o.v.), you are allowed to be coddled. Everyone, and most definitely you, have a guard up. Normal people let it down every once and a while. You, and Peter to some extent, seem to be able to hold it up 24/7. However, after you have been stabbed or run over by a speeding getaway car, your guard is let down as is those who care for you (I.e.-Peter, El, June, Mozzie, etc- another lesson you should learn-there are people who give a damn about you.). And this is why I enjoy reading, and watching, hurt/comfort because I love to see the interactions of people after the fact, when they are forced to let their guard down and admit how they feel for each other.

Ergo, the next issue-slash. While some enjoy these types of fics, it just isn't my personal cup of tea. Same goes for the disciplinary fan fictions. However, as a fellow replier to your letter pointed out, I skip these stories. If some writers wish to write these fics and some readers wish to read them, that's their prerogative.

Now, I hope you understand this. We do sympathize with you. But, unfortunately for you, we crazy fan girls won't stop writing hurt/comfort, angst, tragedy, or slash. I'm sorry this isn't what you wanted to hear, but that's the truth of the matter.

Bottom line: Get used to the Whump!


One Of Your Unrelenting Whump Writers

This was very fun to write! And it most certainly helped me with my budding writer's block. I encourage anyone to write!