A.N My first Mentalist fic – I love Lisbon and Jane so much. I find their relationship intriguing.


Caught Out

Lisbon sat on her couch, watching the Casablanca credits scroll on her television screen. She played with the spoon in her hand – she'd only watched one movie and she'd eaten nearly a whole tub of ice-cream.

Suddenly, she felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end – someone was watching her. She looked out the window to see some kids roll past on their rollerskates. Sighing, she settled back into the cushions.

This was her Thanksgiving. While her team, Cho, Van Pelt and Rigsby, were off visiting friends and family, Lisbon sat at home. She had no idea what Jane did for the holiday – for all she knew, he could be surfing in Australia. She'd always suspected he'd spent some time over there; whenever he was very tired his voice took on an Aussie accent.

Lisbon lied to her team every Thanksgiving, telling them she was traveling east to be with her brother's house. She only ever spoke to Tommy, and that was on very rare occasions.

She wondered if Jane knew she'd lied again. He'd busted her last time. "…I knew you were actually planning on having three days at home alone to watch old movies and eat icecream."

Was she really that predictable?

Bored, she changed the disc in her DVD player and waited for You've Got Mail to begin. A barely audible creak of her front door had her up on her feet, gun in hand, waiting for someone to enter the room.

"Afternoon," Jane greeted, as he walked into the lounge. Before Lisbon could ask him what the hell he was doing in her apartment, he set down a pizza and a large bag of popcorn on the table in front of her before sitting on the couch.


"You're translucent, my dear," Jane said, saying the exact words he'd used when he'd caught her out the first time. "At least last year you had a packed bag next to your desk to create the illusion that you'd be leaving; this year you either forgot or couldn't be bothered."

"Why aren't you on holiday?" Lisbon pressed. "What are you doing here?"

"I don't go on holiday, you know that. And I knew you'd be alone, and thought I'd keep you company. No use having two lonely people in the world on Thanksgiving. What are we watching?"

Lisbon gestured to the title screen, and his smile doubled in size. "Forbidden relationship cultivating in a passionate love. Always a crowd pleaser."

Lisbon offered him the popcorn, then made herself more comfortable.

This would definitely be a better Thanksgiving that last year.