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"Well, what are you waiting for? The storm spirits to come back, get in this chariot now or I'll drag you three in" Annabeth shouted from over the chariot

Jason eyed the chariot up wearily, the horses had wings! And they was no seatbelts but the girl called Annabeth was still holding her knife so Jason turned to Leo

"You see them too yeah? I'm not just the only one hallucinating am I?"

Leo shook his head, he walked into the chariot behind Annabeth, Piper followed him, Jason took one last look in the sky, feeling something watching him. The girl was still watching with a murderous look on her face so he had no choice to follow his two 'friends' – well if they really were his friends as he couldn't remember.

The Chariot took off and Piper grabbed his hand in alarm as the chariot rocketed up into the havens

"Wooh slow down you nutter" Leo screamed, holding the seat "Your going to kill us"

"I will kill you if you mess up my chance of finding my boyfriend, but the way things are going we need to get you to the camp before any more monsters attack" Annabeth and Butch made the horses fly faster.

"What is this camp you keep talking about anyway? And what if we don't want to go, we were happy at our school" Jason shouted over the noise of the wind. Even though they're both scared Leo and Piper both smiled to themselves

"We were happy?" Piper asked, her eyes changing to blue

"You are demigods, the camp is the only safe place for you, you have a choice to leave but you will be killed by monsters" Annabeth shouted back, looking up at the sky again

"I feel sorry for any boyfriend of hers, he must be very dim witted to put up with he..." Leo began but he was forced to stop as Annabeth turned around and lounged at him with her knife. Jason and Piper both grabbed her arm at the same time and Butch stopped the chariot.

"Annabeth, we need to get them safely to camp, not hurt them, just ignore what he says, he doesn't know Perseus" Butch started the chariot again

Piper turned and whispered into Leo's ear, Jason turned to the two people

"You said a word, something like demigod, what is that?"

"At camp you shall meet the director, he will explain to you" Was the girls reply.

Jason looked down; they were flying over a country lane

"We'll be at Camp soon, see that pine tree? That is the borders to Camp" said Butch.

Leo looked at the pine tree; something gold was hanging over it and sat next to the tree was…

"That's a big lizard, is it some sort of Komodo dragon with no legs? He asked

No one answered him

"Ok then" Leo reached inside his pocket and started to play with more pipe cleaners.

They flew over the boarders and Jason looked down at the most crazy site ever, loads of young people were doing activates like riding winged horses, climbing a wall that was running with lava and unless his eyes were acting up…some of these weren't human

"What the hell is this place?" He asked as the chariot stopped outside a big blue house

"A place of misery and hardship boy" came a voice behind him. All three looked behind, a man with yet black hair stood behind them; he was wearing the weirdest clothes they had ever seen on a human

"Right, we've seen the place can we leave now" Leo asked Butch, who shoot him a warning look and got out the chariot, he then bowed to the man behind them

"My Lord, I and Annabeth have brought the demigods safety to camp" Butch said to the man, who shrugged

"Oh and is that suppose to make me happy? No it dose not, now get out of there at once the horse is waiting" he walked away

Leo laughed
"Who the hell was that and why did you bow to him? If he spoke like that to me I would tell him where to go"

Annabeth looked at Leo "Be polite" and she walked off to a set of steps, Jason and Piper moved near to Leo
"What is this place?" Jason looked around, he should not be here and it didn't help that he couldn't remember a thing. He felt in his pocket for his coin and took it in his hand, he felt safer with it close.

"Get up here" Came the man's voice who has spoken to them when they landed, Jason lead his friends up the steps to a table where a man in a wheelchair was sat next to the black haired man

"Welcome to Camp Half Blood brats, I hope your stay here will be painful"

"Why thank you, My Lord, but really I'm off" Leo gave a fake bow and turned away but a voice told him to wait

The man in the wheelchair came closer

"What are your names?" He asked, his voice was calm and welcoming

"I'm Piper, this is Leo and this is…" Piper looked at Jason, she didn't know weather to tell them he had amnesia "This is Jason" she finished

The man looked over them to the blonde girl

"Was Percy there my dear?"

"No, just them two and him" Annabeth's voice was sour on the 'him' part, which Jason guessed to mean him, but than the girl started crying, she got up and walked away, covering her face

"Pardon Annabeth, she has been very worried over the sudden disappearance of one of our campers who was very close to her" The man said

"Oh by no means is he a lose Chiron, I guess the boy went to Fish-man without telling anyone" The man everyone seemed to call 'My Lord' moved his hand and as he did so a can of coke appeared in his hand.

The three new heroes' mouths fell open

"Sit down please" The man called Chiron said "Yet again our camp video will not work here, you three have all been attacked my monsters from our word so I will have to tell you myself"

None if them understood a word he said. Monsters? Camp video?

"Who are your parents?" Chiron asked.

Jason felt unease in his stomach, what was he going to say? He can't remember anything! Leo looked down and Piper looked at Jason

The black haired man looked from one blank face to the next

"Ohhhh…these three are so over the age of 13, some gods are in trouble! We made Poseidon's brat a promise to recognize our children and here are three undetermineds" He laughed so much coke slipped down his top.

Chiron looked between the teenagers

"You don't know who your parents are, am I right?"

"Well yes…but we live at our school, but my father works in the..." Piper said but Chiron held up a hand

"I mean your godly parent? Your mother, who is she?" Chiron asked her, her eyes flashed with anger

"You have no right to know that!" She shouted but the black haired man roared with laughter

"She doesn't know, what about you or you, do you know both your mother and father?" he said to Leo and Jason, both boys shook their heads. He laughed even more

"By Styx some gods will pay" He laughed

"You said gods? They's no such think" Leo said. Thunder banged from the heavens

"No such thing?" the black haired man asked

"No, any god is fake" Leo got to his feet, he now knew what this camp was – Bible school and this was some trap the school had played on them and now they were going to be brainwashed into zombies.

"Fake?" the man said

"YES! And I wont bow to you like he did" Leo pointed to Butch, "You wont make me bow to you, you are no Lord, what do you think you are…a god?"

The man grinned and his eyes flashed purple

"Why yes"

Leo fell to the floor

"Stop it, stop it, please"

He coved his face in one bloody hand and with the other he pushed invisible things away, he tossed violently. The black haired man blinked and his eyes when back to their normally colour.

Leo opened his eyes to find Piper and Jason next to him

"You alright?" Piper asked him, helping him sit up

Leo looked at the black haired man, who was now shearing out cards

"You're a god?" Leo asked, he didn't want to believe it but how else could that man make him see things like men turning into dolphins and killing themselves

"Yes and you are a demigod and will respect me, now bow"

Leo bowed his head down a little

"That's better; I like you keep you brats in place"

The man called Chiron moved a chair and Leo got up and sat back down

"You three are demigods, children of the gods, but last year the gods made a promise to recognize their children. All of their children, but you three have not been claimed by a god, are you all clear with the term Greek Gods and Mount Olympus? it's all real. Mr D here is one of the 12 Olympian gods, he is with us as his father Zeus banned him from drinking and put him down here to dry up, Mr D is the Greek god of wine"

Jason looked at the black haired man

"So you will be Bacchus, god of wine?" he didn't know how he knew that

Mr D turned to Chiron

"Well we can rule out him being a child of Athena"

Then he turned to Jason

"Tell me boy, what is the name of the Greek god of wine, Greek god that's G-R-E-E-K god, give you a clue, his name starts with D, hence Mr D"

"Erm…I don't know, sorry" Jason said

"Well boy" Mr D said "I will enlighten you, the Greek god of wine is Dionysus, and so what is my name?"

"Dionysus" Jason said

"Wrong! To you it's Mr D"

"I'll show them to Cabin 11" Chiron said "But before we get you to bed you need a little help"

His eyes looked over Leo who was still bleeding from the cliff and to Jason who still only had one shoe, he waved to them to follow him into the house were he handed Leo and Jason a drink

"Drink it slowly, it will heal you"

Leo looked inside, it looked like apple juice, he took a sip and nearly dropped it, for it wasn't apple juice inside, Jason did the same. The cuts healed straight away. Chiron got some trainers for Jason.

Than he made a movement like he was going to get up and he did, but when he stood up a horse came from under him, Jason rubbed his head, the drink must have been drugged or something as standing in front of him was a centaur

"Shall we go down to cabin 11 then?" Chiron asked and walked down the steps. Piper had her mouth open in shock and Jason gave her a nudge to get her to walk, Leo was staring at his hands.

They walked over to the woods were loads of cabins stood, Chiron was pointed to each one and said which god that cabin belonged to, he finished by telling them they had to build more last year as minor demigods also had moved into the camp. They came to a cabin that looked more like a typical camp cabin; it has a pole with two snakes and wings at the top

"Cabin 11, Cabin of Hermes, god of thief's, travellers and merchants" He knocked on the door and opened it, inside was a bunch of teenagers, they stood up and bowed to Chiron.

"More?" A boy with brown hair said

"No…they haven't been claimed" Chiron said slowly.

A deep silence followed, people inside the cabin were looking at Leo, Piper and Jason

"That can't be true…the gods promised" The boy said

"They have only got here, they will be claimed in time" Chiron said, though he didn't sound convinced

Pipers head was swimming, they will be claimed? What did that mean?

"Come in you three" Chiron said to them as they had been standing in the door way, when they entered Chiron turned to leave

"Goodnight everyone" Chiron said as he left

"So, welcome to Cabin 11, Home to the children of Hermes" the boy said "I am Connor and this is my brother Travis" he pointed to a boy who looked just like him

"You can have these beds here, you're lucky to have a bed, as every year since last this cabin was full to burst" Travis pointed to three empty bunks

Leo, Jason and Piper sat down on the beds, aware of the other eyes on them

"Why are we here?" Piper asked them

"You're here as you are demigods, outside this camp you'll get hunted by monsters and die, this is the only safe place for us" one said

All eyes were now on Leo

"What?" he said

Everyone laughed

"Sorry but we know who your father is" Connor said with a sly grin

"Who?" Leo asked, his mind was blank

"Well…which Greek god has elf-ish looks?" one boy from near the door said

"Erm…the Greek god of elf's?" Leo guessed

"Hermes" everyone said

"You are a son of Hermes, we can tell just by looking at you, but why he hasn't claimed you..."

"Well father has been…you know"
"Don't talk about it, if he heard we were talking about him, Hermes wont be too happy"
"Why not…Why not talk about him? Father has been driving himself crazy over his de..."
"Look, he was our half brother, we can talk about him and we should, he was a hero"
"Yes but its still bothering Hermes"

Erm, sorry but who are you talking about" Jason said, for he got the impression he was missing something

The boy called Connor looked at him

"They was a son of Hermes, he was called Luke and he…well his life was pretty sad really now we think of it, he was left all alone with his crazy mother and our father Hermes couldn't help him as it was Luke's fate to be evil and betray us all and he did, but at the end he turned hero and saved us all, he made a demigod promise to get the gods to claim us and he did, Luke in the end saved us all and made our lives better but…well"

He looked at his brother

"Since his death Hermes has been controlled by his grief, it's tearing him apart, he used to be so cheerful and now he's different, he never got to make it right with his son so he bottles it up and he wont claim any of his children no more, the river Styx always comes down hard on him these days but it's like he's doing it on purpose as he still feels bad, Zeus his father told him to stop and he did say he would but as you haven't been claimed…"

The boys continued their conversation as Leo, Piper and Jason got into bed, Jason fell asleep straight away but Leo laid listening to the boys and Piper wiped her eyes.

"You okay?" Leo whispered to her

She shook her head

"We shouldn't be here, we don't belong here, it's not right"

"Lights off in five minutes" The boy called Connor said

"No ten" His brother Travis shouted

"It'll be ok" Leo whispered back to her. He opened a pocket on his jacket and handed Piper a cloth to dry her eyes

"Thanks" She said back to him "Do you think they know who my mother is?"

"I don't know, they seem to think my father is this Hermes guy but I've never heard of him and why has he so many children?"

The lights went off and the boy called Travis moaned

"What will they do to us?" Piper whispered

"I don't know, I don't think they'll hurt us" Leo muttered back to her, trying to make out her face in the dark

"That girl did, she was horrible" Piper handed him the cloth back

"Yeah" Leo pulled the blankets up and closed his eyes.

Jason was having a dream, he seemed to be standing in the middle of a battle, he ran at a group of people, his sword ran someone through, he could feel blood on his hands, he woke up gasping for breath and coved in sweat, he could still hear the person screaming in his ears...

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