The Ice King woke up weakly as he slowly opened his eyes, rubbing them as he shoo his head. He looed around, to see that he was on a huge red tongue. He then turned to his left, gasping in shock, to see a collapsed Lady Rainicorn. Rushing to Lady Rainicorn, he patted her yellow hair as he took a brief moment of silence.

"I now you have been following me all around the Land of Ooo... but this is not the place or time to be dying on me." The Ice ing stated as he stood up, muttering a strange, bizarre spell as he clapped his hands several times, summoning a powerful magic. "Now he who has eaten us, prepare to have your butt kicked by thus!"

With this rhyming chant, the Ice King screamed as he zapped beams of white freezing electricity at the gigantic red colored angler fish's teeth, causing the beast to bellow as it opened its mouth. The Ice King screamed as he grabbed Lady Rainicorn and swam as fast as he could out of the beast's mouth, with proceeded to shoot red lasers from its eyes. One of the lasers hit the Ice King's beard, setting it aflame, which was impossible since they were underwater, but it went aflame anyway. The ice King screamed as he fired a bolt of ice lightning at the anglerfish while swimming to the top of the ocean with Lady Rainicorn in tow as fast as he could, his old age starting to back up on him as the angler fish came trailing right towards them. The Ice King screamed as he was desperate to make it to the surface in time, but the angler fish was getting closer and closer...

...And then Lady Rainicorn woe up, glancing quickly at the Ice King, and then looing down at the angler fish, gasping as the angler fish bellowed angrily as it revealed its sharp daggers, enough to slice anything in one swoop.