Ellen/Kanda (Ohowonderful)

A/N: Kanda and Ellen are both 18 in this story.

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Summary: Fated encounters hold a special meaning. Everyone has come across fate. It was fate that made Kanda stay in the same house as Ellen. It was also fate they fall in love with each other.

Chapt 1 The first meeting:

It was late in the middle of the night and Ellen woke up to get a glass of water. As she went to the kitchen, she heard the main door opening.

Not again, Cross keeps coming back so late that one day, something bad will definitely happen to him. Ellen muttered to herself.

As Cross' red hair could be seen entering the house, a dark silhouette was seen following behind him.

What the fuck, a freaking robber? Noooo!

She grabbed a broom close by and charged towards the 'robber' , whacking him on the head non-stop. Cross pulled her back and restrained her. As the 'robber' glared at her with so much hatred that Cross seemed to be an angel.

Cross bonked her head. "Baka what the hell! You nearly killed our tenant!"

Oops, thought it was a robber who was gonna kill you

Wait a second. Tenant? Sine when was their house a boarding house?

"Due to some reasons which I can't tell you,(A/N: While Cross was running away from some debtors, Kanda scared them off with his mugenXD) Our tenant Kanda Yuu, willing be staying with us. Also, he will be attending your school so you better guide him well or else..." Cross threatened.

Ellen huffed, that was so like Cross.

"Konbanwa. Hajimemashite." Ellen bowed deeply to Kanda while he replied with a mere che.

Ellen rolled her eyes and thought darkly to herself, great! What a cold guy. Just effing great.

The next day...

Yawning widely, Ellen woke up and started to get ready for school. She chose a short pleated miniskirt which she matched with a black graphic tee and knee-high black boots. She left her long snowy-white hair cascading down her waist and a simple silver hoop earring.

As she walked downstairs, she saw a young man around the same age as her with long blue hair tied up, eating soba and green tea. " Kanda?" (A/N: Last night was dark. So...)

"..."rolling of eyes.

Ellen huffed and took in what he was wearing.

He was dressed casually in a black tee which showed off his lean muscles and tight denim jeans which emphasised his sexy ass O/O. Ellen had to admit he looked hot. Too bad for his grouchy old man-like personality.

She grabbed a slice of bread and stuffed them between her mouth, walking out of the house.

Kanda POV

Wow. Can't believe she looks be because I didn't see her clearly last night. Well, whatever as I mentally scolded myself for finding her cute.

When I followed her, she yelled at me. " Why in hell are you following me? Stalker huh."


"What! So you have nothing to say eh."

" Baka Moyashi, Cross said last night that I was going to your school."

Oh shit. Wait, Moyashi? "Who are you calling a Moyashi?" She blushed.

"Che. Of course is you, dumb beansprout."

"Hey! I'm not a beansprout! Bakanda!" I said angrily as I kicked his shin.

What did she just call me? I glared at her.

Ellen POV

Eep. I mentally panicked. That was a wrong move. He is so going to kill me.

I dashed off towards school, leaving Kanda behind.

Oh well. The school is just in front so he should be able to find it unless he's blind. Heh.

I reached my class and took out my geography textbook. It was free period and there was going to be a geography test two days later, so I decided to make full use of my time. (A/N: It is true for me. Geog test): )

A period past and soon, Mr Szayel, my homeroom teacher walked in. (A/N: Think Bleach:P)

"Class, today we have a new transfer student and his name is Yuu Kanada. Please guide him along in case he can't cope."

Everyone in the class started whispering excitedly about the new guy, especially the girls.

Ellen discreetly banged her head on her table. Why? Why same class as her? Arrgh!

A model with luscious blue hair and stony handsome face walked in. Rather, stormed in with a glare.

A fanclub was instantly formed for Kanda and those fangirls started squealing.

"So handsome! Oh em gee! I love you Kanda please marry me!"

So annoying...

"Errr...ok...So, Yuu will be sitting behind Ellen. Ellen, raise your hand please."

Ellen raised her hand reluctantly and groaned aloud when Kanda walked towards her with a sly smirk on his face. I'm gonna get back at you for kicking me...

"What's wrong babe, why is he smiling at you? Do you two know each other?" A handsome guy with dark-coloured skin and curly hair questioned. Tyki Mikk.

Konbanwa- Good evening

Hajimemashite- Nice to meet you

Moyashi- Beansprout (DUH!)

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