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Chapter 2- Kanda's miserable attempt in getting back at Ellen

Tyki Mikk. The son of Millenium Earl, heir to Noah Corporations, a business specialising in technology. Hot, sexy and rich. All female population and some males in the school lusted for him, except Ellen. He seemed so arrogant to her! (Insert scowl) However, Ellen never noticed Mikk's tendencies to glance her way very often with a dreamy look, or blush slightly whenever she laughed. Yes, the great Tyki Mikk harbouring a crush on Ellen Walker, acting all high and mighty just to impress her. Too bad it didn't work as Ellen is oblivious. (Dumb moyashiXD)

"Nothing." Ellen replied.

She shifted ever so slightly away from Tyki.

Why the blazers did stupid Mr Szayel put her next to Tyki? Asshole...

As homeroom began, Ellen was suddenly struck on the head by a paper ball.

"Who the hell did that?" She shouted as she stood up.

Everyone stared at her while Kanda smirked, happy that his childish prank worked.

"Well, Miss Walker, thank you for volunteering. You, Kanda and a few others will represent our class in a play for our school festival. As Kanda is a new student, I feel that he should be given an opportunity to act in a play. Before I forget, we will be acting out Sleeping Beauty so please start planning what you are going to do."


That wiped the smirk off Kanda's face.

The other students not involved in the play scowled at either Ellen or Kanda. Male to Kanda, female to Ellen.

How come that bitch/bastard gets to be paired up with our princess/prince? I was hoping I could get the leading role and he/she stole it from me! No fair! They get to kiss!

Holy shit!

Ellen and Kanda both thought as they remembered the kiss Aurora received from the prince (AN: Did the prince have a name? I forgot...) This is batshit insane! NO freaking way am I kissing Ellen/Kanda!

So it seems that Kanda's plan to land Ellen into trouble backfired:D

~~Tyki POV~~

Him? Him with MY

Ellen? How dare he purposely throw that paperball at Ellen to land her into trouble? My beautiful princess is so graceful that unrefined rogue made her swear. I will be a prince charming who saves Ellen, the beautiful princess from kissing a lowly guy.

I smiled as a plan formed in my mind...

~~Kanda POV~~

Though I was pissed off due to the fact of me being the prince, the thought of kissing Ellen made me blush ever so slightly. From the back, I saw Tyki smirking like a maniac to himself. I frowned. What is that guy thinking? From the looks of it, he must be thinking of something evil.

******Few days after script confirmation******

"Yay! Now we got our script, let's start practising. Those not acting, please try to help out too. Minna ganbatte!" Lavi, the class president cheered, his red hair bouncing up and down in his excitement. Groaning, there was a sound of chairs scraping really hard across the floor as they reluctantly stood up. Hours of rehearsing and clothes measurement and they were done! Everyone muttered a silent sigh of relief. Having Lavi as your class president could be really scary when he got excited.

"You two better master your kiss scene by next Wednesday okay?" Lavi chirped while an evil glint went past in his eyes as he smiled 'sweetly' at Ellen and Kanda. They both sweatdropped. LAvi was unbelievable!

As class was dismissed, both Kanda and Ellen took their own separate ways. No one must find out they were living together. If not, all hell may break lose.

As usual ,Tyki offered Ellen a ride home, but as usual, Ellen declined politely(not). She sped off and for a frail-looking girl like her, she sure could run fast. She disappeared from Tyki in 5 seconds flat!

Once both of them had reached home and made sure no one had discovered their secret, they started doing household chores since Cross was such a lousy guardian who only knew how to womanise and gamble. Urrgh...

Suddenly, there was blackout. A scream and a clatter were soon followed by. Hearing it was Ellen, Kanda rushed to the source of sound and found her crouching into a ball, trembling. Kanda opened his mouth to taunt her but realised she was close to sobbing, decided to shut his mouth. He rolled his eyes when she clung tightly to his jeans. Sighing, he did not know what to do but to sit there and wait.

"You are such a nuisance."Kanda mumbled sleepily. It was 20minutes later and they were still in the same position.

"Shut up."Ellen replied, still trembling, as she yawned. They were freaking tired from all the hard work they had done for the slave driver, Lavi.

Half-asleep, Ellen nestled closer to Kanda and sighed in contentment. Kanda, in response, pulled her closer to him. Both of them fell asleep in the end, with Kanda's arms wrapped protectively aroung Ellen's small frame.

The door opened and in stumbled Cross. His eyes scan the surrounding and notice the two of them. He grinned and started taking pictures of them.

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