Author's Note: I know she ends up getting Ginny in the end, yaddah yaddah. :)

Enjoy :3 (Not one of my best.)

It starts when she is a young girl.
She only wants a girl friend.
One who's hair she can comb, play makeovers with.
Molly only wants one girl friend.

But Molly decides, that girl friends are dumb.
She'll just find the love of her life and he'll be her best friend.
(She decides she wants to have a baby girl.)

She goes to Mungos for the fourth time.
Letthisbeagirl, she whispers.
The Healer smiles, Alright, here we go. You have two twins!
Molly gasps, aretheygirls?
The Healer shakes his head, No, they are two boys.

Molly smiles her signature.
Hides the disappointment.
Twins? OhMerlin!
(She hopes next time it will be a girl.)

(It's not.)

"Why," she whispers.