DN. Angel

Presents "You belong with me"

Riku and Dark

Part 1-Entitled as "My 1st friend and my first love"

It was Riku's first day at school,

Riku: (Combing her hair, puts an R-shape blue clip, & for final touch, her black eyeglasses) I wish Dark and I were still classmates! Please this is my last year and my last chance to tell him I do love him… (Holding her amethyst colored lucky charm)

Mr. Butler: Miss Riku, the limousine is waiting outside

Riku: Coming!

Towa: Attendez Miss Riku, ne courez pas si vite! Vous pouvez obtenir une cicatrice !

Riku: Towa, When did you start studying French Language?

Towa: Don't mind me Miss Riku, Ah, please don't forget to bring you're bentos, Remember the Mademoiselle! Act as a fine princess

Riku: Okay! Okay! Bye! (Mr. Butler closes the car's door)

At the Azumano Gakuen …

Girl 1: Risa is sure lucky to have Dark

Girl 2: I wonder why Dark do love that bitch so much

Girl 1: (sigh)

Riku: Hi, Did you see Dark?

Girl 1: I haven't seen him, oh yeah Riku, What section is you?

Riku: 4-B

Girl 2: Good for you! You're the same with Dark, But Risa, due to her failing grades from first year up to third year, She belong to 4-E—

Riku: Eh? (Beauty without brain) Oh, Thanks for the info, Gotta go bye!

Front Gate of the school…

Dark: Riku-chan! (Hugs her tightly) We're classmates again

Riku: Yeah (blushes) so what's up?

Dark: I haven't finished my drawing again; I'm planning to give this to Risa on her birthday next week

Riku: Let me see it first before her

Dark: Sure thing! You're my best friend

Riku: (FRIEND?) O-okay – (School Bell rang)

Dark: Let's go!

Riku: (nod)

4-B Classroom…

Teacher: Welcome 4th year students!

Class: Thank you!

Ms. Teacher: Okay, since I know all of you now, I guess there's no need to introduce yourselves, let's focus on you're grades for you to be able to graduate! Oh, almost forgot! Let's focus on you're first School Activity, "The Mr. and Ms. Azumano contest", Whoever the winner class will win the following prizes, Free Plasma TV for everyone in you're Dorm! And 1 week free dessert coupon, and a passing mark for two weeks in Physical Education, Let's do out best!

Class: OHH!

Ms. Teacher: First, Let's choose our candidates—Yes Miss

Girl 3: I nominate Riku-chan! And Dark-kun!

Ms. Teacher: Would that be okay Class?

Class: Hai!

Dark: What do you think Riku-chan?

Riku: (Shocked) Ah- ah I mean, how can I handle such things with beauty? I'm sure I'm going to loose to Risa-san…

Dark: Will beat her, Trust me (Smile)

Riku: Ohh! (Nod, this'll be the first step…)

The class 4-B sure is busy, The Clothing Department decides to create a blue tube balloon cocktail dress for Riku with an extension curls with star crystal studs for her hair, While for Dark, a simple but elegant Black Tuxedo and Checkered necktie for his light Navy polo…

They chose Riku to do the Talent Portion; she'll sing (You Belong with Me of Taylor Swift, In this story it's Riku who sang it for Dark, To make it short, They don't know the song but Riku composed this for Dark)

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