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Parental Guardians!

Ch. 1

(Tsuna's room)

Reborn looks at the child in front of him with a frown "Dame-Tsuna…you're really a magnet for trouble."

"W-who are you?" a 5-year-old Tsuna asks as tears starts forming at the corner of his eyes, totally afraid of strangers.

Lambo looks at the kid "Nyahahaha! Alele…you want to become Lambo-san's servant? You should first pass Lambo-san's test!" Lambo took out two grenades

"HIIIII!" he ran towards his bed and hid underneath it, well, half of his body was underneath the bed, his bottom part sticking out. Reborn just kicks Lambo, who was still holding grenades, sending him out of the window and setting the bombs off.

"Oi Dame-Tsuna! How old are you?" Reborn said approaching the small boy.

Tsuna hits his head under the bed in surprise when he heard the stranger call him with the same nickname he was called in his school. He slowly crawls out under the bed, still frightened, and looks at the arcobaleno "F-five…" he said while holding out five fingers.

Reborn stares at him from head to toe. Little Tsuna was wearing a panda hoodie and black shorts. Nana must really love dressing up her own son.

"So you were sent 10 years from the past instead of the future huh…"


Nana, I-pin and Bianchi left for a cruise. They won tickets for it at a lottery and decided that they (only girls) should have a break, and so the boys were left to take care of the house instead.

And so, while Tsuna was doing his homework, Lambo barges in holding his 10-yr-bazoka.

"Oi! Aho-Tsuna~ Fix my bazooka!"

"Eh? Nande?"

"Lambo-san just washed it and then it let out black smoke!"


"Dame-Tsuna, stop slacking off!" Rebron kicks him hard on the head.

"HIIII!" Tsuna was thrown towards Lambo, and Lambo lets go of the bazooka…then the bazooka lands to our unfortunate young Vongola boss.


End of flashback…

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