Chapter 6

"W-we're back!" came a small shy voice

But, even though it was a soft whisper, Yamamoto came running out with the others.

"Welcome back Tsuna!" Yamamoto said kneeling in front of the kid. Tsuna reach out his tiny arms to Yamamoto, signaling Yamamoto to carry him, which the guardian did.

"Tch. Baseball-idiot! You should thank me for finding him!" Gokudera said with a huff.

"Hai hai, arigato Gokudera." Yamamoto said with a grin

"Tsu-kun are you hungry?" Fuuta asked as he looks at the said child in Yamamoto's arms.

Before little Tsuna could say anything, his stomach starts growling… his face immediately went scarlet and tried to hide his face in Yamamoto's arms. Yamamoto made a small chuckle "Maa, maa Tsuna, no need to be embarrassed!" Yamamoto patted the boy's fluffy hair.

"T-that's right J-Juu-Tsuna!" Gokudera said

"Woah! Gokudera when did you start calling Tsuna by his first name?" Yamamoto asked with a teasing grin

"I-it's none of your business beaseball freak!" Gokudera yells

"Tsu-kun wanted Haya-nii to call Tsu-kun by his name!" Tsuna said

"Ah souka…" Yamamoto grins "Don't worry Haya-nii I understand…"


"Maman left us some curry, luckily she made lots of it for everyone!" Fuuta exclaimed as he starts heating the curry.

"That's good! Anyway, maybe we should do something while waiting for the food to be heated!" Yamamoto said

"Nyahahaha! Play with Lambo-san!" Lambo suddenly appears out of no where

"No way in hell!" Gokudera throws the talking cow out of the kitchen window.

"I really wonder when Tsuna-nii will come back." Fuuta said as he watches Tsuna cuddling his Bani-pyon.

"Maa nah, let's just have fun with the Tsuna now while we still have time with him." Yamamoto then approaches the child "Neh Tsuna, what game do you want to play?"

Tsuna looks up at him, then looks down in embarrassment as he spoke "T-Tsu-kun doesn't know any games, T-Tsu-kun only plays with boru-san (A/N: ball-san, you know, the poka-dotted ball) …" He clutches his stuff toy.

"Eh? You don't know any games?" Futa said a bit surprise "Nande?"

Tears started forming at the corner of little Tsuna's eyes "I-it's because when Tsu-kun join some of Tsu-kun's classmates as they play games…they won't let me join 'cause I'm no-good…"

"Maa, maa it's alright Tsuna! Cause we'll teach you some." Yamamoto spoke while patting him.

"R-really?" Tsuna looks up smiling

They all nod, even Gokudera! (He looked really eager. xD)

And thus they began playing!

-After the games and dinner-

Tsuna was now sleeping on his bed while hugging Bani-pyon.

"Wow Gokudera, I didn't know you like playing games so much!" Yamamoto exclaimed as the three of them left Tsuna's room.

"U-urusai! I just didn't want Juudame to think I hate playing with him!" Gokudera looks away while blushing.

"I hope Maman comes home soon, so that she can take care of Tsuna-nii." Fuuta said

"Daijobu, we can take care of Tsuna instead!" Yamamoto said while pointing at himself and at Gokudera.

"D-Demo, Yamamoto-nii and Gokudera-nii has school tomorrow."

"Then we'll bring Juudaime with us at school!" Gokudera said stubbornly, he obviously didn't want to be separated from Tsuna.

"I-I don't think the teachers will allow it." Fuuta sweat-drops "But tomorrow, I'm planning to play with Tsuna-nii and Lambo at the park. And we'll go with Yamamoto-nii and Gokudera-nii to school on the way to the park, and pick you up after classes."

"That's a great idea…" Yamamoto said while nodding.

Gokudera, however, still wanted to bring Tsuna in school.

Ten years ago…

"Ah Iemitsu, what brings you here?" the current head of the Vongola family or the Ninth asked as he gave the adviser a warm smile.

"Ah well there's something, I need to talk to you with." Iemitsu said while looking behind him.

Timoteo, followed his gaze, which soon landed on a certain brunette.

"G-Grandpa…" Tsuna said, but immediately covered his mouth and said "I-I mean Ninth…"

"My, my… this is quite surprising…" Timoteo said giving Tsuna a warm smile.

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