Chapter Nineteen

When Tom had started firing Draco and I had been in the middle of the dance floor. I knew that he wanted to kill me, that I was absolutely certain of. However I was just as sure that he wasn't going to do so without first knowing where Hermione was.

I prayed to whomever was listening that she had scarpered with the rest of the guests. The only person I was aware of right now was Tom. Not even Draco got my attention now. I was overly aware that if I took my eyes off Tom for a minute then I was going to end up dead.

"Why the gun Tom, you don't want to shoot me. If you did then you would have done that months ago instead of kidnapping me. You want to make me suffer. You are not going to shoot me."

"You're right. I'm not going to shoot you but I might shoot him." He motioned towards Draco and instantly I moved in front of him protectively. I didn't want him to get hurt because of me.

"He has nothing to do with any of this. You want me to suffer then make me suffer."

"Oh don't worry, I will but first I need Hermione. Where is your little friend? I know she's here somewhere. I didn't even begin to get started with her."

"If she's got an sense she'll already be long gone by now." I said, my anger kept me going. I wasn't scared of him, he was just a human man, just like me. He was nothing special, I didn't want to live my life afraid of this man.

I heard movement around us. It was the security that Lucius had hired, better late than never. However none of them were armed and therefore useless against the gun wielding Tom Riddle. He was smiling at the sight of them.

The moment before he opened fire on the unsuspecting security Draco pushed me to the floor to avoid the hail storm of bullets. My heart was hammering as I crawled along the floor on my belly, Tom was far too involved in the murdering of innocent men to notice what I was doing. Draco crawled along with me, staying right by my side.

It was an odd thought to have at that moment as we reached the buffet table but I thought about how much Draco had spent on my suit and now I was crawling along the floor in it.

When the bullets ceased I stood up and grabbed one of the unused carving knifes that had been left on the table in the stampede to get out of the ball room. Tom, now realising that I was gone turned to find me.

I hastily hid the knife in the waist band of my trousers before Tom could see it and then I turned to Draco, taking hold of his hands in my own. "You have to go. Trust me, I'll be okay."

"I'm not leaving you Harry. Nothing you say is going to make me change my mind on that."

"Draco, this isn't about you. I have to do this on my own."

"Aw how sweet, a lovers tiff. I could solve the problem for you Harry, I could kill him." Tom raised the gun and aimed it at Draco."

"Don't you dare." I growled, I clenched my fists in anger at the thought that Tom might hurt Draco to get to me. I would kill him myself before he laid a hand on Draco.

"Stop!" Hermione shouted, "You want me, it was my dad who was driving and he's dead." She lied, he wasn't dead but she was counting on Tom not knowing that and apparently he didn't. "Leave them alone, I'm the one who you really want!"

Tom was smiling broadly at this point. He foolishly turned to face the approaching Hermione, giving us his back. I removed the knife from the waistband of my trousers and plunged it into his left side.

I had never imagined what stabbing someone would feel like but it was easier than I expected. The knife had been sharp and Tom hadn't been expecting it.

As I withdrew the knife Tom's blood started to flow from the wound but he didn't fall. He made no sound. All that I heard was the gun shot that he fired in Hermione's direction.

She screamed and fell to the floor before I could register where the bullet had hit her. Panicking I stabbed him again, close to the first wound. Tom then turned and hit me as hard as a failing man could and for him it was pretty hard. Harder than Uncle Vernon had ever hit me.

I was knocked to the floor and I skidded away from Draco, Tom and the injured Hermione who was crying now. The knife flew away from me too but I wasn't to worry about that. As I regained my focus I saw Tom Riddle put his gun to his head and fire.

I watched horror struck as he did this. Suddenly I realised that I could hear sirens outside, reinforcements were here. Draco was instantly by my side trying to get me to stay still but I shook him off and clambered over to Hermione. I had to make sure she was okay.

"Is he dead?" She managed to choke out through her tears.

I nodded at her, "He shot himself."

"So it's over?" Again I nodded and she began crying harder. She was bleeding just below her left shoulder. I had watched enough CSI to know what to do. I applied pressure with my hands trying to stop the bleeding. I heard Draco shout for an ambulance.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Draco check Tom for a pulse but considering his brains were all over the floor I doubted very much he was going to find one.

The paramedics arrived moments later and took her away. Then more came to check me over. I had apparently received nothing more than a ugly looking bruise from the punch that Riddle had delivered to me, which was lucky considering the force he had used.

Twenty four security men and policemen had been caught by the hail storm of bullets and killed. Draco and I sat outside watching as they were all carted out of Malfoy Manor in body bags. I was in a state of shock, my clothes covered in blood.

As we sat there I cried, Draco wrapped his arms around me and let me cry. In the early hours of the morning we were dragged down to the police station and our statements were put to paper. The whole evening was a blur but I wrote down what I remembered.

The police took my clothes but luckily Sirius and Remus brought me more so I didn't have to suffer the indignity of wearing anything supplied by the police station. I wanted this night to be over. I wanted to snuggle into bed with Draco holding me and more than anything I wanted to sleep.

At the break of dawn we were told we could all go home. They had ruled Tom Riddles final death as a suicide and I wasn't going to be charged with murder, man slaughter or even grievous bodily harm. I let out a sigh of relief when I was told that.

Finally I was free from Tom Riddle. Hermione too if she survived the gun shot. Despite my exhaustion I didn't sleep that night and neither did anyone else in the Lupin-Black household. Draco and I ended up on the sofa downstairs watched Remus' Desperate Housewives DVD's. I wasn't in the mood for CSI tonight.

Sirius and Remus didn't join us in the living room but we heard them moving around upstairs and at one point they were on the phone to Lucius and Narcissa who were staying at one of Lucius' hotels for the night. Crime Scene clean up couldn't get there till eleven the following morning.

It was around this time that we got the call that we had all been waiting for. Ron had sat with Hermione all night and she was doing as well as could be expected. Not only that but she was out of the woods and despite losing a lot of blood she was going to live.

It was the best news that any of us could have hoped for. Later that day we went to see her and even though she looked paler than normal she was awake and happy to see us. We had of course brought two huge bunches of flowers, balloons, get well cards and chocolates.

Sitting in the hospital together felt amazing. It was nothing short of a miracle that we were all alive after everything that we had been through. It felt wonderful to still be alive, I was so grateful that I didn't even mind the sore jaw. It was worth it knowing that the man that had caused it was gone.

Not long after our trip to the hospital to see Hermione her dad was declared well enough to be discharged and take care of his daughter again. Even if they didn't have a home. An answer to that came a few days later however when I discovered that as the only living relative of the Dursley's I had inherited everything they had.

Deciding that I never wanted to step foot in that house again I offered to sell it at a hugely reduced rate to the Grangers. At first they refused but once I explained my feelings for that place they reluctantly agreed to at least stay there and pay rent while their family home was being rebuilt.

I kept the money of course. I counted it as compensation for the hell that Vernon had put me through over the years. With the money I went out and bought Draco his first official present from me.

I bought him a promise ring. It was a simple white gold band with one small blue sapphire and one small green emerald in it. On the inner band I engraved Eternally yours.

When I gave it to him his face lit up like I had never seen it before. He cried as I put it on his finger. I knew at that moment that Draco was the one I was meant to be with for the rest of my life. He was my one and only. He had seen me at my worst and loved me anyway. That was what love was to me.

The End

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