My First Story, so bear with me that I don't know much. I have read the first and second of the Daniel X books, but I'm currently writing a story called Hex: "The Beginning". So Without Further or Do,


So, today was the day that the Twin Towers were destroyed. It marked a war in history, and it started a battle that we will never forget. Us, the Pioneers, we have the special ability to bend life to our will. We can do things normal people can't. The Pioneers are a group of sub natural humans like me who do such things. The Warriors are our enemies. They have similar abilities but believe in different things. Anyway, the day that 9/11 happened, is the day that the war between the Pioneers and the Warriors started. See, the Warriors said that we created the destruction of the buildings. We disagree. This is a simple we think this, you think that sanario. But they threw the first spear. Two hours ago, the Warriors started launching weapons and magic spells at us. We started to scramble and run. But it's no use. Now there is about 5 or 4 Warriors and 3 or 4 Pioneers. I'm walking in the ruins of the World Trade Center, looking for this rock that is supposed to be enchanting in power. I scrambled around until I heard something in the distance. I quickly grabbed my Magic Book and summoned a bolt of fire to lash out at the area. It quickly hit a stone wall and engulfed it in flames. I snuck around the wall with my arm outstretched ready for battle. I tucked the book beneath my coat and kept cautiously walking around ruins and ruins of the past building. I spotted something move in the distance and shot fire at it. I engulfed a small squirrel in flames as it started flailing around trying to shake it off. Nothing seemed to be there. I looked at the entrance that I came in to get to the ruins and spotted a young boy running away. I figured he must have been a civilian until I saw his robe with the purple binding. A Warrior. I lashed out fire but missed entirely and hit another wall. The young boy kept running. I thought I might never see him again. If only I knew, that boy was to save the world.

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