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Chapter One: Diamond amongst fruit

The orange haired women sleepily continued to create granite markings', following the book to make sure everything was in place.

As much as she loved Literature, she hated having to interpret what the Author was thinking when writing a certain part. She never really understood anyone but herself, with that it'd be impossible to know what one was thinking. If it wasn't for her textbook, she would probably fail.

"Busy now aren't we?" A voice chimed from above her.

She turned her head upwards to a smiling blonde hovering over, "Hi Milly."

"Hi Shirley. Anyways, why are you working so hard?" She started, "Especially today."

"Well, today no one is swarmed around me, so I thought it was best to get some work done." She smiled, returning to her paper.

Milly smiled devilishly seating herself on the two-man desk, "I think I know the reason why no one is around you today."

Shirley looked at her questionably; she always had a way of distracting her, "Why?"

Milly grinned more, "Lelouch is coming today."

Shirley fell over on her chair, her utensils following, "L-lelou?"

Milly nodded, grin still present, as Shirley got up and started to collect her papers and books putting them into her bag.

"Why in such a rush?" Milly laughed, "He's right outside."

Shirley's mouth dropped, "He's here?"

"Yep, right by the park," Milly told, staring at Shirley's pale expression, "Let's go meet him."

"I-I can't!" Shirley exclaimed, "I can't meet him like this…" She whispered.

Milly twisted her mouth, "C'mon! We both know he's not that type of guy."

Shirley gazed to her, seeing her confident expression, smiling herself.

"Let's go." Milly repeated.

Shirley swung her bag over her shoulder, "Ok."

She and Milly ran to the crowd, which was inevitably where Lelouch was. Milly motioned for her to follow, sneaking into the crowd; Shirley just kneeled down and took in some air, catching her breath.

In an instant, she heard the crowd moving, coming towards her. Before she could look up, a white sleeved hand appeared before her.

"Need assistance?" The one in front of her chuckled.

She looked up to the black haired man, who held a welcoming smile; she took his hand and stood up, staring at his purple eyes.

He leaned in, only to be stopped by a gentle hand blocking his face. He looked pass the hand to the orange haired women looking at her watch.

"You were supposed to be back by the sixth, so your 4 days, 16 hours, 42 minutes late." Shirley announced.

Lelouch chuckled, to think he even got in his royal robe just to try and please her, "Forgive me, I am a foolish 17 year old individual."

Shirley crossed her arms, opening one eye to his apologetic expression, breaking hers and taking him slowly into a hug, "You took your sweet time."

The black haired man hugged back, as he was uncaring and even unaware of the media behind him. Breaking the bond, he took her hand and moved forward.

"Um, your highness?" A news reporter called from behind him.

"Yes?" Lelouch answered, turning around.

"Is that woman…your girlfriend?" He uneasily asked.

Lelouch chuckled as he looked over to Shirley, who was giggling herself, "This woman," He started, "Is my fiancée."

The prince sighed, leaning over the bridge. Recalling what his father said to him hours before.

"….A wife?" Lelouch asked.

"Yes, as being the heir to my throne it is only proper for you to find a woman to be empress." His father told.

"B-but, I'm only 16 and Schnitzel is older then me!" He countered.

"Schnitzel has made it clear he doesn't wish to be the heir, plus I rather have you to take over instead," The emperor stated, "You don't have to get married right away, just find a decent girl, at your age, no older, no younger, and engage her. There isn't a breathing female on this planet who can say no to you."

Sighing again, he stared down the river. That was the exact problem he had, everyone loved him for Vi Britannia, no one for 'Lelouch'.

He broke out of his trance as a force pushed him over and fell on top of him; he opened his eyes to an innocent orange haired girl.

"So sorry!" She yelped, "I wasn't looking at where I was going."

He helped her get up, knocking the dust off his jacket, "It's no problem, but why are you in such a rush?"

She smiled shyly, "Actually I was going to go see that famous play that just came to town, been planning it for wee-"

The girl's expression turned grim and she found her pockets didn't contain the ticket. She desperately looked around until she spotted the ticket flowing down the river.

She became down watching the water take the ticket away, "I was waiting for months to go see that opera…"

The prince smiled as he pulled out something from his pocket, "Let me make it up to you." He said, showing her the two opera tickets."

The woman eyes glinted at them, as he asked if he was sure, he nodded as they walked together to the play.

"So if you don't mind me asking, what's your name?" She asked.

Lelouch froze for a second, if he told her he was Lelouch Vi Britannia, it might cause a riot, so he quickly came up with something else, "I'm Lelouch Lamperouge, you?"

The girl smiled at him, "My name is Shirley Fenette."

The emperor was confused

Not understanding what was told

However he will be mused

For he had just found gold

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