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Chapter Four – Misinformed

"Emperor Lelouch, I have urgent news my majesty." An exhausted soldier announced.

Lelouch looked up from his map, he was outfitted in army gear, being in the middle of an military invasion, "What is it Rumsfeld?

Rumsfeld caught his breath, "Sir, Colonel Nicholas has been taken prisoner by the enemy, they demand a trade with Lieutenant Lucas."

"Lucas has core enemy intel, we can't risk giving him back to them, request them another trade, Nicholas for Major. Siegfield." Lelouch told.

The soldier saluted and went off to his task; Lelouch stared back at the map and spoke to the strategist beside him, "Is second platoon ready?" Lelouch asked, "If so, we can invade base Nova and take the field, that way we can corner them in base Zulu and destroy the AA guns."

"Right sir, but, if I may recommend, we should reinforce second platoon with Squadron Neon, they will cover with heavy support and long range support," the soldier spoke, "then after the invasion of base Zulu and destruction of the AA guns, we can perform an all out air strike on enemy HQ."

Lelouch nodded and confirmed the recommendation, he was in Chechnya, fighting off the Sunfury, he didn't spare any time once he'd heard the Sunfury were killing civilians to start a colony in the region. While his generals were more concerned about the territorial advantage the Sunfury would gain, Lelouch was most affixed on the civilian safety. His generals told the media that the invasion was for national security, but Lelouch told them he only cared about the civilians, which many doubt. Many speculated that after the Sunfury colony collapsed, Lelouch would take over the area, but rather he distributed rations across the population and left the region, sending back resources to help reconstruction, not involving in the countries internal affairs any further.

This one act granted Lelouch endless respect and popularity, but also endless despicability and rage from the Sunfury. From that day onwards they had sworn their revenge.

Lelouch laid beside the woman, kissing her neck and teasing her. The girl laughed and tried to pull away, but Lelouch enchanted her with a kiss and pulled her in further.

"Please Lelou, we just did-"

"Sweetheart, I've been away for three months, remind me how it felt again…" Lelouch stated, in quite a seductive tone.

"I believe that in the last three hours, you've been 'reminded' enough." Shirley countered, getting out of his grasp and putting on her nightgown, "Let me at least take a bath."

Lelouch sighed, "Can I take a bath with you?"

Shirley smiled and kissed him on the cheek, "I'll be back in 10 minutes."

Lelouch grunted and sat up on the bed, turning on the TV and switching to the news channel. In the washroom he heard the water being turned on and Shirley stepping into the bath, for a moment, he pondered on joining her by surprise. But stopped himself when he remembered he had to stay in the hospital for two days last time he tried that.

Turning the volume up the female anchor began talking, "Just yesterday, Zephyrus Memorial in South London was attacked by the Sunfury. The Sunfury have not come out with any statement nor any demands. After consulting with Police, thirteen civilian casualties have been confirmed, seven deaths. The Emperor has not yet come out with an official statement, staying in his resort in Moscow; authorities say the Emperor will release his statement soon."

Lelouch smiled to himself laying his head back, he could trust his men to come up with a believable lie to convince even the pickiest of journalists. It made him somewhat glad that his men weren't complete imbeciles, and had some sort of common sense amongst themselves. Switching through the channels, the emperor came across a gossip show, where he was the top story.

"Many women have gone head over heels for the wonderful Emperor, Lelouch Lamperouge," The woman said, "but, is it true he might already be taken? An anonymous tip said that he saw Lelouch with a woman, their arms locked together."

Lelouch stared intensively at the screen, how in bloody hell did they get this information? "The tip said that this was seen in Beijing."

Lelouch sighed with relief, he never took Shirley to Beijing, so it was just another rumor floating about. Turning off the TV, he picked up the phone, Shirley still being in the bath, and dialed Suzaku's number.


"Suzaku, it's me, your emperor." Lelouch joked.

"Yea yea, don't get all egotistical…if you can get any more than you already are," Suzaku told, "so why'd you call?"

"Well, on the attack at Zephyrus the other day, I believe the Sunfury were targeting General Bradley."

Suzaku thought about it for a moment, "But why General Bradley? And why did they attack the memorial then and not his house?"

"They want Bradley because he's leading an assault force on their colony in Argentina, one of their most rigid bases. And they attacked the memorial because it would have less security than his house would. "

"But even with Bradley gone they still would've been under high pressure in their Argentina base, three other generals are overlooking the operation."

Just then, Shirley came out of the bathroom, wrapped in a bathrobe, she slowly walked to Lelouch and climbed onto the bed, hovering over him.

"Yea, I'll call you back later." Lelouch said, hanging up the phone.

Shirley started peeling off her robe, "Ready for some more reminding?"

"As much as possible." Lelouch replied, suckling her neck.

"The acts of the Sunfury are nothing short of complete treachery and vile doings, ones which threatens the very core of our humanity. Us as a whole people, must stay strong against these cowards, so humanity can once again, be restored!"

The crowd roared furiously with cheers and applause, Lelouch was a great and beloved leader, his speeches were nothing short of excellent.

Lelouch motioned for the crowd to calm down a bit, as he continued, "I apologize greatly for my late addressing, I was renegotiating the Treaty of Persallies when this incident occurred, I had to first complete the negotiation with the Japanese government before I could address the horrible incident. My most sincere apologies."

Lelouch didn't like lying to his people, or to any people for that matter. But for security, the truth had to be stretched.

After the speech Lelouch was praised by the local dukes for his tremendous spirit, he just smiled and thanked them; Lelouch knew that if they had the opportunity, they'd stab him in the back. Shirley was still in her mother's house, she was to be nowhere near Lelouch in a public place, unless that place had been cleared of any population.

He'd arranged to stay with her for two more days, but afterward he'd have to return to the mainland and then to China to settle some issues. He'd be away for about three weeks, so he wanted to make the most out of the two days he had. He decided to take her to an opera, they were Shirley's favorite.

"Wake up." The voice spoke.

The unconscious man stayed still.

"Wake the fuck up!" It repeated, smacking the man across the face.

Another looked up from his book, "What an atrocity to awaken a being with such fury and needless violence."

The other ignored him, he just got to eye level with the man, who was now awake, and take off his contacts.

Revealing a glowing red symbol on his eye.

The Emperor reached for his basket, and gave food to the poor

They were gleefully thanking him at his feet

He only smiled and granted them more

He wanted the lord to be happy when they meet

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