Miki/Vy-chan: -waves- Ello my pretties today will be an awesome day xD yes i said awesome now listen... -points at the computer-

Computer: -screen turns on- I shall be showing you what the students of Seiyo do on their free time -screen turns off-

Ikuto: Yes and it involves the simple characters -glares- WHY am I in this?

Miki/Vy-chan: because amu will join us later -grins evily-

Amu: I heard my name O.O

Ikuto: -huggles amu-

Amu: -blushes furiously- IKUTO

Ran: Vy-chan will state our usernames and Miru/Yomi/YoruMiki will do the disclaimer while i collect Dia and Suu and get out of the room -disappears-

Miki/Vy-chan: Yay Ran GO YOMI/MIRU! anyways the following contains the dumbest things ever deal with it -hisses and types out usernames-

Screen Names/Usernames: [order of importance as listed]

Amu: ichigoMilk

Ikuto: ChocolateTaiyaki

Yoru: deviousKat

Miki: blueArtist2

Kukai: SportyJack

Utau: SweetSinger

Dia/Su/Ran: triplechibilove134

Nagi: beatFrk

Rima: BossyBlonde

Keiseki: IamKing

Yaya/Pepe: 4evrBaby

Kairi/Musashi: SuperSamurai

Tadase: blondeblueKing

Kusukusu: ComedicQueen

Iru/Eru: ItsI-Eru

Temari/Rhythm: TJumper

Disclaimer today shall be done by

Yoru: Vy-chan DOES NOT own Shugo Chara

Miki: Peach Pit does and if Vy-chan did it would be hell

Miki/Vy-chan: HEY! -hisses- I told you to do a disclaimer not do a disclaimer while bashing me -_-