Vy-chan: -pops in- I DO NOT OWN SHUGO CHARA! -hisses and disappears-

Vy: -appears again- sorry if i have bad grammar or spelling in it -disappears-

As each Seiyo student finishes their dinner and their homework, they log into their newly found IM accounts. They had traded screen names earlier that day.


ichigoMilk logged in.

chocolateTaiyaki logged in.

deviousKat logged in.

blueArtist2 logged in.

ichigoMilk: Hey Ikuto. Hey Miki. Hey Yoru.

chocolateTaiyaki: -blows into ear- Amu-koi... I miss you

deviousKat: Hi Amu. Hi Miki -blushes-

blueArtist2: Hi Yoru ^-^

ichigoMilk: -shudders- !

ichigoMilk: How can you miss me! (A/N: she keeps pressing enter instead of typing it all out)

ichigoMilk: You see me whenever we log off.

SportyJack logged in.

SweetSinger logged in.

SportyJack and SweetSinger accepted your invitation.

ichigoMilk: Utau-chaaaan! -glomps- Ikuto's being a pervert again -.- (A/N: yes they shall be OCish)

chocolateTaiyaki: ARE NOT! -glares at amu-

SportyJack: Lols go into private everyone will be logged on soon

SweetSinger: Ikuto stop being a pervert! And yes as Kukai said leave when you plan to do the nasty -glares at amu and ikuto-

ichigoMilk: demo T^T Utau

chocolateTaiyaki: alright little sister i shall -turns and coughs- not -coughs-


Mean while in a private chat room Miki and Yoru are chatting amongst themselves.

deviousKat: Miki-chan How was your day today?

blueArtist2: It was okay Amu was a pain in the butt. Rhythm was being the same mmm everyone else was okay -thinks- how was yours?

deviousKat: Well Ikuto did his thing while I was missing someone

blueArtist2: Who? O.o

deviousKat: ... You -blushes-

blueArtist2: Aww -huggles you-


triplechibilove134 logged in.

beatFrk logged in.

BossyBlonde logged in.

triplechibilove134, beatFrk and BossyBlonde accepted your invitation.

blueArtist2: DIA! RAN! SUU! -hugs-

triplechibilove134: Hey Miki ^.^

beatFrk: Hi Amu-chan. Sup Ikuto?

BossyBlonde: Amu! Utau! -glares- Kukai...

ichigoMilk: Hi all that just logged in ^-^

chocolateTaiyaki: -mutters- great more brats

SweetSinger: Hi

beatFrk: Thats rude Ikuto

deviousKat: Hi Dia, Ran, Suu

SportyJack: Hello all xD

deviousKat logged off.

blueArtist2 logged off.

triplechibilove134 logged off.

ichigoMilk: Well since they logged off what to do -thinks- anyone have a topic?

chocolateTaiyaki: Im logging off =)

SweetSinger: BYE -throws Ikuto out of the room-

SportyJack: I have to go also I have to go on an errand. -sighs-

SweetSinger: Aww call me when you get home -evil smirk-

ichigoMilk: oki doki im logging also bye Utau-chan

ichigoMilk logged off.

chocolateTaiyaki logged off.

SportyJack logged off.

SweetSinger: Damn them -sighs-

SweetSinger logged off.

blondeblueKing logged on.

blondeblueKing updated his status: WHAT! I LOG ON AND EVERYONE'S GONE!

blondeblueKing logged off.


Once Yoru had logged out of the chatroom, I quickly followed. "Yoru chara change we're going to Amu's" I grinned as Yoru nodded. He blushed when I mentioned Amu's place. Guess he is in love, but then again I am too. Shrugging I opened the window of my room as I jump off of the balcony and silently into the trees. I was headed for Amu's place and she knew it. Reaching her balcony I tapped my knuckles against the window for permission to enter. I guess she knew I was already there since the window door swung open before my knuckles could reach the door.

"Amu-koi" I smirked as Yoru unchara changed and headed over to Miki and her friends.

"What Ikuto?" Amu blushed as I watched her from two inches away.

"I missed you" I said as I gave her a hug before sitting down on her bed.

"Yeah yeah I know" Amu sighed as she sat down on the bed besides me. Leaning on her shoulders I sighed, "Can I stay here for the night?" I asked as I knew Amu would either blush or reject my request.

"" She said after stuttering a bit. I looked up with shock in my eyes, "Really?" I asked as the shock changed into happiness.

"Yeah" She said as I looked over at Yoru who was also smiling happily while blushing. "That dumb Yoru why doesn't he just confess." I thought as I gave a sigh. I laid down on Amu's small pink bed as I looked up at her ceiling.

"You know you should really change your room color" I muttered as Amu sighed. "Whatever Ikuto" she hissed as she looked over at me.

"I'm sleepy" I yawned as my eyes drooped. Soon I was fast asleep as was our guardian charas. Amu went to turn off the lights as she looked over at me. Climbing into her bed she shook her head and snuggled into the warmth I was radiating. "Good night Amu" I muttered in my sleep as she blushed as she told me good night before falling asleep herself.

Eisuke: I refuse to appear

Vy/Miki: To late :D

Eisuke: Damn you glares-

Miki: You suck you know that Vy-chan

Ikuto: YES AMU -goes off to 'rape' her-

Yoru: Aww Miki-chan -pouts-


Vy/Miki: Ello guys ignore them and do what I'm about to tell you...

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