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It was 6pm, silence filled NamiMiddle as the black-haired prefect was roaming around. He was making sure that there are no students staying beyond that hour. As he was done doing his rounds, he settled in his office doing his paper work. He could care less about the time since he loved his school very much.

After an hour he decided to lie down on the sofa in his office. He blinked a few times and turned around. In the moment he suddenly thought a person with blonde hair, hazel eyes and a tattoo on the left arm. In that moment only one name flashed into his mind. He snapped out of it and sat up from where he was laying down.

He decided to go to his favorite place in the school. He lay down on the rooftop floor with his head resting on his folded arms. He gazed onto the sky. How he liked the peace and quite that he was experiencing when there are no rule breakers around and people who make a ruckus in Namimori.

He closed his eyes wanting to rest for once but then he felt something cover the top part of his body. He immediately sat up and took his tonfa.

"Alert as always I see. That's good Kyoya" a familiar voice said.

"What business do you have here Bucking Bronco?" Kyoya said as he stood up and took his gakuran and dusted off the possible dust on his pants then walked away.

Dino shrugged and sighed. Kyoya leaned on the metal grills on the rooftop fence.

"Even though I came all the way from Italy just to see you this is what you tell me" he said as he pouted.

"I did not remember telling you to come all the way here" Kyoya said not looking at the blonde haired male.

Dino walked to Kyoya and trapped him between his arms and the grills.

"Is it my fault for missing you this badly?" Dino whispered to Kyoya's ears. Kyoya looked away with eyes widen and slightly blushing.

Kyoya remained silent then the Bronco pulled the smaller male in his arms. Dino placed his hand on Kyoya's cheek and their faces neared each other and ended up in a kiss. Kyoya's eyes widened from the sudden movement of the Bucking Bronco and blushed. After a few seconds, they broke the kiss and Dino hugged him.

"Don't you have more important things to do?" Kyoya said while blushing and still not looking at Dino

"Spending time with Kyoya is the most important thing for me" Dino said not breaking the embrace.

"Let go of me Idiot" Kyoya said not even looking at Dino.

"Let's stay like this a little longer" Dino said as he hugged Kyoya even more. Kyoya hugged him back and rested his head on the Bronco's chest.


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