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Chapter One: Despicable

The bell rang as children flooded out the building, rushing to the bus, or waiting for their friends to catch up. I stepped out of the hallway and unto the field, putting away my book, and gazing around. Once the limo had caught my sight, I began walking towards it.

The butler took my bag and opened the door for me once I came close to the vehicle. Looking to the left of me I saw him, pulling out a cigar and lighter from the inner pocket of his suit, as he began to talk.

"How was school?" Lelouch asked, the car starting down the road.

"Pretty much the same, we just ended the Unit Project in Science, so were moving on to Biology." I informed.

He nodded, lighting his smoke and rolling down the window a short amount to blow out the smoke. I never do understand why he does that, not like he cares either way.

My father is the man sitting to me, the world renowned Lelouch Lamperouge, the head and owner of the LyTek Corporation, one of the leading businesses in today's world. My father's business is multi- corporate, being multi-corporate it has several different sectors, but it's main sector and its most productive one is, LyTek Laboratories. The main focus of the laboratory is to create new machines, along with finding new uses for them. It also has slighter focuses on medical supplies, and Army weaponry.

My father holds two world record titles. The first being 'Richest Man Under The Age of 50', the other being 'World's Leading Cause of Ending Poverty'. Apparently, as my Aunt told me, Lelouch was a fighter for World peace, and he believes the first step in that goal, is to bring all humans unto fair ground, which is achievable by eliminating poverty. It was understandable, but ending poverty is a hefty task, especially when people whose help is a priority, refuse to help.

Reaching my destination, I stepped out of the limo and began walking to my home. The five story, white, palace like-home. Stepping up the pathway, I saw my father through the glass door, a butler taking off his suit and another handing him some documents.

Walking into my palace – like house, the butlers greeted me by name.

"Welcome home, Mr. Joseph." They chanted.

I hated it, the way they worshipped me. How they love my father so much, they end up directing it to me as well. If I was anyone else they would just treat me normally, the way I wanted them to treat me. The way they treat me, is how I want my father to treat me –

With love.

"Thank you." I managed out, regardless of my anger. A butler came to my side and handed me a drink, as another took my bag from the driver and motioned for me to follow.

"Welcome back, Master Joseph." Sayoko greeted with a smile.

I returned the emotion; she was the odd one out, treating me like a human being, instead of a god. She placed the bag into my closet, and the change of clothes into my bed. Saying she would wait outside to collect my school uniform.

Nodding, I locked the door, and placed on my home clothes. Opening the door to hand the Ashford uniform to Sayoko.

"I'll have your lunch ready shortly sir." She announced, folding the uniform.

"I see, thank you."

I closed the door and walked to my bed. Laying down for some rest. The frame of the picture on my side table, however, caught my attention. I sat up and held the photo with both hands. Staring at it as if I was attempting to decipher a code. I ran my finger over the image of the blushing orange-haired woman, who my father was kissing lightly on the cheek. Letting out a blast of breath, I placed the photo down and walked out of my room, then down the stairs.

"Sayoko I'll be back in a few minutes." I told.

She nodded at me, "Going to see your mother?"

Placing on my jacket I looked over and smiled; she knew the answer. I grabbed some flowers from the table, walking to the limo once again. The butler opened the door, allowing me access into the luxury car.

As we drove down the street I rested my head on my palm. Feeling a bit noxious. I was taken a bit by surprise as the vehicle halted; I walked out and towards the grass, numerous in-scripted stones on my sides. I stopped at one and placed the flowers down, besides Sayoko, this was the only other thing I would smile at.

"It's nice to see you," I started, "Mom."

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