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Chapter Three – Pitiful disgrace

Sayoko rushed through the mansion, going through corridors and doors, to deliver urgent news to her master. The only thought on her mind was why the mansion had to be so damn huge. Reaching her master's quarters she was about to knock on the door before he started to hear sounds from inside. Grunts and moans.

She sighed, the master took Sophia into his room not too long ago, they're probably half way into their 'practice' by now, but she couldn't wait, the matter was not so trivial for dismissal. She took in a breath, and knocked firmly on the door.

"Master? My most sincere apologies for disturbing you but I have urgent news." Sayoko announced.

The sounds seemed to stop, however Sayoko still heard muffled moans from inside the room, and Lelouch telling Sophia to quite down, "Come later Sayoko, I am in urgent matters myself."

He seemed to continue with his actions, but Sayoko was having none of it, "Sir! Please, it is of very dire importance!"

She heard a final grunt from inside the room, before the sounds of someone getting dressed relieved her mind. Lelouch opened the door, disgruntled and covered in a robe.

"What is this matter of dire importance?" Lelouch asked, Sophia coming by his side.

Sayoko looked at both individuals, before announcing the message, "Sir, Joseph is being held hostage."

"I am very pleased to meet you Sir Lamperouge; it is a great honor for both me and my men." The General greeted.

Lelouch smiled, "As it is for me General, I have been meaning to escalate my relations with Austria for quite some time, thank you for this opportunity."

"Thank you for taking it!" He responded, his grouse mustache raised by the lifting of his lips to smile, "Lamperouge…that is French, is it not?"

"Quite, but my family is Norway, dear sir, German decent." Lelouch responded, smiling himself.

The General nodded and took Lelouch's soldier, walking alongside him, "I understand the weapons your company produces are of high magnitude, am I correct?"

Lelouch gave him a slight stare, "The validity of your statement depends on what you wish to use these weapons for, sir."

The General chuckled at Lelouch's statement; Lelouch simply smiled in return, "I only wish for the protection of my land and people, Sir Lelouch Lamperouge."

Lelouch smiled at him once more, before a single thought crossed his mind.

'Just another bastard.'

"Sir, the Police are trying to negotiate with the villains, it seems they have not discovered Master Joseph's identity yet," One of Lelouch's butlers informed, "Britannian government ensures to intercept if the negotiations are unsuccessful."

Lelouch scoffed, taking another sip of his coffee, "As if Britannia loves its people, very well, we shall wait to see if the negotiations are successful, there is no need to rush."

Sayoko felt a sharp sting in her heart, she couldn't help but speak out, no matter how disrespectful it was, "Sir! With all due respect these villains are vile and brutal; if negotiations aren't successful they might…Please sir take action immediately!"

The room fell silent, Lelouch turned his head just slightly to look at the anxious women behind her, he redirected his vision to his coffee shortly after, with an emotionless expression on his face, "Sayoko, answer this question honestly. How much of my wealth do you believe Joseph is worth?"

The waitress swallowed slowly, confidently giving her response, "I believe Joseph is worth all the wealth in the world and more, my master."

The emotionless man spun the coffee in its cup, having not taken away his stare from it, "You and I have very different thoughts on the matter then."

She didn't know what to say, it seemed her soul seeped out the small gap her mouth had made, leaving her speechless.

"Very well, we shall take action on honor for Sayoko's concern, for her years of service I can at least do this much, call the mercenaries, tell them of the situation and have them deal with it."

"What shall be done with the brutes sir?" A servant asked.

"Kill them all." He responded, taking another sip from his cup.

As the servant ran off, Sayoko stood there, her mind in disarray and complete confusion. She couldn't comprehend how Joseph could withstand this amount of pain.

The guard made me keep my head down, I did, I wasn't stupid enough to make them take notice of me. However, I almost wanted them to, I felt it would make my father take notice of me, for him to become enraged with fiends kidnapping his son. That thought lifted my spirits a bit; I reminded I was my father's son, that we were related by blood. But only moments later, I was refilled with sorrow, we were related by blood, but not by soul.

They walked up and down the aisles, keeping everyone in check. I looked around to see people sobbing and weeping, some of them reciting religious chants.

I never understood religion, not in the sense of the typical refuter, but rather because I cannot understand how someone can completely devote themselves to an ideal, or cause. My father never instructed me on religion, nor did he have me taught on the subject. People theorized that he was an atheist, but I have arguments against that. He seems to be looking forward to something, at all times, and it's not material, my father is not that type of person, it seems to be something…greater.

I broke out of my trance when I heard a women scream, turning my head I saw a lady who looked to be in her twenties being pulled by her hair to stand up, she was sobbing, tears running down her cheeks, I looked over to the thug pulling her up. There were scars covering his face, his dirty dark blonde hair running down to his shoulders. Noticing his friends were gathering around with smug faces, I knew this wasn't good.

I looked at my guard, but he shook his head and kept me down, like hell he's going to let me be a hero. The bastards were felling her now, she tried to resist but they held her tight. Rage filled inside me, I tried to come up with plan but couldn't, not one that wouldn't result in my immediate death. I closed my eyes to try and ignore the cries for help, I shut them harder every time she screamed, until I heard a new noise. Opening my eyes a man was getting in between the group and the lady, he must be bloody mad.

"Now listen here bud," The man roared, "you can fuck with the men but stay away from the women and children! Have some honor you sons of bitches!"

The man continued to push the criminals around, he must be completely batshit. I'd never fuck with brutes, I believe individuals should be able to stand up for themselves, I would still help them, but I wouldn't scream at an armed thug for them.

And then the expected happened, the man rose his rifle and blasted six bullets into his head, I almost vomited seeing his inners spread across the walls. The woman didn't hesitate to scream profanely that very instant, I resorted back to my previous tactic, shutting down my eyesight. Bullets flew in the air again, it had to be the poor lady this time, but the thugs were yelling and screaming, so I opened my eyes to analyze the situation. There were mercenaries in the train, they were shooting down the criminals, and holding a few down. I felt someone pick me up, it was my guard, he led me out the train, I quickly picked up some last sounds from the train, the sounds of the thugs being shot.

I walked down the corridor and into the dining room, my father called me, he rarely does, but in this occasion, I think even he would find it profane not to talk to me.

"What were you doing on the train?" He asked.

Sorrow built up inside me, he didn't even ask if I was fine, "I was trying to relax."

"Relax by other means then," He stated, getting up from his chair and walking towards me, "I do not have the time to disturb my schedule, especially not over something so trivial."

He walked out of the room at that moment, I couldn't even move, even after being in such a predicament he still sees me as scum. I had no idea what to do.

"Master Joseph…" Sayoko called from behind me, she was trying to cheer me up.

I faked a smile and turned to her, I made sure no sadness was shown, "It's ok Sayoko, I'm very happy that he took action."

I didn't say any more, I couldn't say any more, I walked away from the scene and went into my room, locking the door. I took out my bag from the closet and placed it on the bed, going through my belongings. I finally found what I was looking for, another item I carry around but can never use. One even worse than the cigarettes.

A fully loaded .45 Winchester Magnum.

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