It was killing me to hold her arm, both for the fact that I had not fed for days, and that she was… her. Something about her fascinated me, just as she had Aro and Edward. Isabella was an amazing human, a half vampire, as I often referred to humans. How she became involved with the coven, I would never know; Jane was Aro's pet not me, though I would never say anything to that affect for fear of Jane's gift. This girl did not deserve to die, for the vampire she had fallen for.

Everything was progressing so fast! I had no clue how I would explain to Jane later why I had flown across the room to stop the girl from throwing herself in front of her lover, but the thought of Jane getting to prove that the Halfling was just as vulnerable as her vampire beau was. It took all of my strength to lock down my body, so that I would not step in front of Isabella and take the pain.

I was proud of her in a way; she was defiant in the face of the agonizing pain. Pain that never reached her, though I knew that Jane had to be pushing her power toward its highest setting. When Aro asked Felix to step forward, I tossed her arm out so that she spun to face to oncoming threat. It was a cruel thing to do, but this way I would not have to see her face when she died.

I watched her try to keep up with the fighting that was centering on her, in the middle of the room. When she almost gave up her life to save the Cullen's my dead heart died once more. Such a beautiful thing should not have to die, not when she could be saved with a single bite, even if it was not likely she would have stayed with us, or that one of us would have had the strength not to drain her of the intoxicating smell.

Again I nearly was not strong enough to not step towards her. Saying that Aro knew nothing of Edward's soul, I could honestly say that she was right. Aro might hear every thought that has ever crossed a person's mind, but he knew nothing about anyone's soul. Moreover, then, when Alice said that Bella would indeed become a vampire, I was over joyed, but also saddened.

She would never be mine… no matter how much I wanted her to be.

A/N: Okay, so I was watching New Moon and thought about Alec, mostly his comment on bring back 'two… and a half'. Then it became what he was feeling as the entire fight scene played out, how did he feel about all this? What if he sympathized with them… Or even thought it too big of a gain to leave the 'liability' human, or turn her themselves and have her join them. I kind of got carried away. REVIEW!