Inspired by the announcement of a new American Godzilla film, here's a new fanfic of mine. I hope you enjoy it, tell me what you think and we'll see were this goes. This is mainly just the opening 'scene'. Enjoy.

Godzilla: A New Beginning

Uncovering a Titan

Alaskan Bush, Midday, 1989;

The choppers blades sounded like thunder as the craft sped through the frigid air. The crew's leader, 25 year old Dr. Eric Shinmura, huddled in his parka. He was mostly American but had some Japanese blood in his veins, where his name came from. He was rather handsome, his skin tanned and body well built, both from hours on end, digging for the bones of ancient species that lay below the Earth's soil. His eyes gave a small hint to his Japanese nature, though it didn't fully show the shape Asians normally had in their eyes. He had radiant blue eyes, hid behind glasses. Beneath the parka's hood lay short black hair, which he kept well groomed. The expedition's guide, a man of Inuit descent, set next to him. The strongly built, hardy man had brown eyes and a rough face, but that same face also showed kindness and understanding. This man had discovered something most unusual in the vast frontier of the Alaskan wilderness. "We're almost there now," the guide said. "And you haven't said a word," he said to Eric.

"Oh sorry, just don't like the cold," said Eric. "By the way, my name is Dr. Eric Shimura," he said, extending his hand.

The Inuit shook his hand. "My Inuit name is Kazait, which means Wandering Wolves, my mother named me that because I ventured all over the place, ever since I could first crawl," he said. "But my English name is Steven."

Eric nodded. "Alright, Steven." he said. "What is it exactly we're coming to see?"

Steven thought back, remembering the details before answering. "I ventured out here to ice fish on a lake not far from here, I'd gone that way many times but we'd had a recent tremor in this area, or so I'm told, and debris from a rockslide forced me to go closer to the mountain than normally," he said. "There I discovered these massive spikes jutting from the ground, almost up to my waste at the highest point," he said. "At first I thought they were rock but on closer expectation, I discovered they were made of fossilized bone," he continued, thinking back further. "In my travels, I've seen many fossil and I know what they look like," he said. "These were fossils."

"I dug deeper to try to uncover it, thinking I may be able to get some money out of it but I quickly discovered that the tallest spine was at least seventeen feet tall when I hit the back of the creature. And most strangely, the spines below the surface were like a maple leaf," he continued. "And in both directions, the spines went a long distance but I needed to keep my strength up for the return trip back to the village so I couldn't get the fossils all the way up," he said. "I've never seen anything like that before on that path, so it must have been uncovered by the rockslide."

Eric nodded. "I can assure you, this fossil seems quite impressive from what you've said," he said. "And I'm nearly certain it's a new species." Eric was lucky to have been the closest scientist in the field of paleontology to Steven's discovery. "And I'm certain a number of museums will pay a handsome amount for a 20 plus foot dinosaur skeleton," he commented. "And you didn't find the head?"

Steven nodded. "The head is still buried but I found the base of it," he said. "And so is the tail."

"Let's hope it's a complete skeleton, because this could be a major discovery."

It was fifteen minutes before they landed at the base of the mountain. Eric followed the Inuit out of the helicopter, shivering in the even colder air outside the chopper but he carried on, the excitement of what he and his team may find driving him on. As the rest of his team followed, his excitement skyrocketed as he began to see the outline of the dorsal spines mentioned by Steven, as he said, they were shaped like maple leafs, an interesting trait. He was left speechless when they reached what Steven had unearthed, he'd only found part of the back up to the skull, but from that to the most massive dorsal spine was 20 to 30 feet. "Alright people, we've got work to do," he said, some excavation equipment had also been dropped off by other helicopters to help with the excavation. It'd been known from the start just how gigantic the beast would be so it was a necessity to bring the machines.

It would be several weeks before the massive dinosaur was freed from its frozen tomb. It was a saurian creature, its head rounded with a shorter snout, the creature's maw full of double rows of teeth, similar to sharks. The main row of serrated, maple leaf-shaped, dorsal spines began at the neck and ran clear to its tail, starting off small and increasing up to the 17 foot dorsal spine in the middle, then decreasing in size until almost the end of the long crocodilian-like tail bone. Tree long razor-sharp spikes curved out of the end, obviously to be used as a weapon of some sort. In addition to the main dorsal spines, there was a smaller set on both sides. The creature was bipedal, supported by large, powerful legs, its front arms were longer than most theropod dinosaurs and ended with three fingers and an unusual trait for a dinosaur, an opposable thumb, all of which had a sharp claw. The most amazing trait, however, was the creature was 64 feet tall when standing erect and almost twice that from the top of its nose to the tip of its tail. It was easily the largest theropod dinosaur ever unearthed.

Steven looked over the dinosaur. "Its gigantic," he said. "I've never seen anything like it."

"Nether have I," said Eric, examining the behemoth skeleton with great excitement. "And it gets stranger, this creature seems to be at least semi-aquatic, the teeth, spine, and tail all lead to that. And some organic features were preserved in the fossilization, including both lungs and gills," he said. "This creature is a completely amphibious reptile."

"What are you going to call this creature?"

Eric thought it out, wondering what name could possibly describe this thing. One from his Japanese ancestry seems fitting. "Gojira."