This story will be told by Celeste's,Syrone's,and Phillipean's point of this they are 16.


I sat on my bed staring at a picture,in it were Dimentio,Mimi,Blumiere,O'Chunks,Nastasia,Mr.L,and me.I was wearing a silver colored traditional Japannesse dress,without the patterns.I had pack attached to back that had my ninja stars,my curved sword,and my violin.I remembered how it all started...

Me and Syrone were best friends,and our families decided to get together,you know,meet each other,but my Uncle John messed up cooking the steak and the house set fire on accident,me and Aiden,as Syrone was called back then, decided to run to the woods in the back of our Elementary School,we always wanted to go in,so we decided,'Why not?'As we were running through it,a flash of light appeared,and I woke up in Castle Bleck,in Dimentio's hall of mirrors.I only remembered the fire,so I didn't recognize the place.

Out of story

"OH!Celeste!You're recording our adventure in SPM?"Syrone said coming in.

"Yes..."I grolwed.

"Can I help?"She asked.



So Celeste told you about the fire,and where she ended up?Well...I woke up in Flipside.I remembered everything,except SPM and Bridget,as Celeste was called,then Merlon found me.

"Ho ho!What do we have here?"He said.

"Ugghhh...Hi I'm..."I paused before saying my name,what if hes a nut?And I always did like the name Syrone..."I'm Syrone."

"I'm Merlond,and heres Tippi!"He said as Tippi flew over.

"Hello..."Tippi said softly,"I'm Tippi,sorta of a Pixl,so don't be suprised I can talk."I looked up at her,then I saw the sky...

"Whats that?"I asked pointing up.

"Thats the Void...Count Bleck and hes minions live in it somewhere...He is trying to destroy all worlds,but in a book called the Light Prognosticus,it says a girl who wears a pink top with zebra striped gloves faces the challenge,the worlds can be saved,and that just happens to be you."Merlon told me.I looked at my outfit,I was a hero?Cool!This would be the best way to avenge my families death!

"I accept!"I said with a bow.


"OK,can i have the mic?Thankyou."

So anyway I got up and looked .Cool.I always liked dark colors.

"Ahahaha...So I've found an intruder in my hallway..."I heard a voice behind me.I turned around to see Dimentio.

"Uhhhhh...Sorry,I don't know how I got here and I'll just find my way back home once-.I have no was this world cursed like this?Now if I had control,I would make them all perfect,and have a proper ruler as well...But not me,someone else...Ughhh...I bore you,don't I?"I said turning around to face Dimentio.

"Ahahahaha!You talk as much as the Count talks in third person,and no.I find you're story interesting,you see,my ummm...Boss,is working to destroy the worlds and create new ones,and theres always room for a new minion..."He said in a smooth way,perfect!Somewhere where I can be myself.I was odd,I felt like the world treated me unfair,so now,I had a place where I fitted in!

"Do you have any powers that might prove useful?"Dimentio asked me.

"Uhhhh..."I was concentrating when all of a sudden,my villian out fit,and my weapons appeared.I picked up the violin with out thinking and somehow played the Castle Bleck Theme,out came black,and menacing fire,instead of notes.I smiled evil and cruley...This was gonna be fun...

"Damnit!I have to charge my iPod!"I yelled.

Yes!There story is bieng recorded into an iPod!I want one so badly!I also want a Lady Gaga Cd with Bad Romance,Alejandro,andTelephone!And a Kesha CD with Tik Tok,You're Love Is My Drug,and Blah,Blah,Blah!But noooo!I have to wait...Like,a month for my B-Day!And during that month,I can buy that many things!I think I'm gonna shut up now.