Sooooo...Lets get this started!3-4 to 4-1!


"Honestly Phillipean!You talk about me bieng a hog?"I yelled grabbing the iPod.

We made it to Fort was pretty big.

"So this is where that dweeb Francis lives?Pfgght!Whats this castle got over my mine?"Bowser exclaimed.

"Considering the way you sound,alot."I told him.

"Shut up."He told me.

"I wonder if Tippi is OK..."Phillipean said.

"Shes fine,besides,you don't wanna go cheating on Mimi."I said teasing him.

"Shut up!"He yelled at me,the door was locked unfortanutley.I flipped,and went down a pipe.I took out Threou,and hit the switch with that got the key and went back got in there,and there was this cat made.I had a few Gataraddes on me,and poured some on it,and it went BOOM.(Shows clip of Twin Towers exploding.)

"OK..."I said looking around,then headed forward,and noticed that Francises doors were locked.I looked inside to see him taking pictures of Tippi.I keep pouring Gatarade on the cats,and more Twin Tower pictures came up,also,we got to this secret room,with this giant cat maid.I poured a huge bottle of GataRade,and all of a sudden,(SPOILERS!READ AT YOU'RE OWN RISK!)I saw a giant black and white Luigi head explode.I opened my mouth to say something,but closed it.I jumped up,and got the key,and we headed to this other room like it,but this time,(MORE SPOILERS!)I saw Luigi and Dimetnio in this exploding box that went BOOM!I just stood there for few moments,and headed back to were Francises door is.(Also they got Carrie,but whatever.)'Only hot babes,or geniuses like me allowed'it said,we all just walked in.

"Give us Tippi,and no one gets hurt!"I yelled and all of a suuden,I had a machine gun,we saw Count Blecks meeting room,and evryone in there,mouths open about to say somehting,but they all closed them,whats with that?I saw that Francis was green,and I thought Dimension D.(Thankyou Acro111 for leaving that comment,wich gave me this idea!)I begann gagging,and randomly shot everywhere.I looked up,and noticed Francis was gone,and Tippi flew over,and a Pure Heart came out of her.

"What is with this Chapter?We got exploding people,machine guns,and organs!"I yelled,and all of a sudden Dimentio appeared.

"Honestly,I don't know."He said.

"Leave,or I shoot."I told him.

"Fine,and I'm killing you're machine gun."A box appeared around it,and it went KERBLOOEY!Also Dimentio dissapeared.

"OK,lets go."Phillipean said plainly,and we left.

I don't care if its short!You got explosions,organs,and machines guns,so deal with it!