Author note:

Well, in the beginning I wanted to make this story from the very beginning of the second season, but with all the work and study, I'll NEVER be able to come with this story, so I decide to take the best point to make this history fit.

Other think, I don't intent to make this a fic that is centric about pairs.

About the pairs that could happen:

Taiora or Saorato I don't know what would be, I think I'll go for the canon pair, but I don't know yet.

Daikari, I'll said this now, I have nothing against this pair but I WILL NEVER WRITE A FIC WITH DAIKARI AS A PAIR, I respect they fan, but I cannot even see this possible.


And with nothing more to say here it is my fic.


The story take place after the battle of digidestined with Daemon, went they are going to seal him in the dark ocean.

Thing I have changed, the tour around the world never happened,

The battle between Blackwargreymon, Wargreymon and Imperialdramon doesn't occurred yet.

The golden digimental movie is cannon but the ones who release the digimentals were Angemon and Angewomon, and NOT Seraphimon and Magnadramon.

Disclaimer: I don't own digimon or any of their characters (at least for now), digimon is property of TOEI and Akiyoshi Hongo (For now, well they can have the games I only want the rights of the anime).


After Daemon was send to the dark ocean.

In the dark ocean.

"Fools, the dark ocean is thematic park compared to the dark zone, I'll be in no time", And he started to open a portal to come back to the real world, but a silhouette appeared behind him.

"You are not going anywhere Daemon", The silhouette said, Daemon turn around, but he was hit in that moment.

Paradise Lost

Daemon fell on the beach, his attacker was Lucemon Fallen Mode.

"Why…, how do you escaped the dark zone?, and what are you doing here Lucemon?".

Daemon took away his cape, he was furious for been attacked.

"Don't test your luck Daemon, I created you and I can kill you", Lucemon said and looked at the digimon who want to confronted him.

"What I really want to know is what were you doing on your own?", Daemon remaining silence, he never could have thought that Lucemon also had escaped from the dark area, "Did you really think I'll not find about your little scheme. Daemon you don't only acted by yourself, but you dare to come back in defeat?. Give me a good reason to not kill you right here", Lucemon was really angry for the mischief of Daemon.

"Lucemon…, is true I underestimated those brats, but there was man named Oikawa, he wasn't normal, the dark energy was running inside of him, he blocked my way …", In that moment Lucemon grabbed Daemon for his neck, he was going to kill him.

"ugh… Lucemon… I was only looking for a way to release you and the others"

"Don't be naive Daemon, I know very well you only act for your own benefice". Lucemon answers, and he squeezed more the neck of Daemon.

"But…, is… true, I find the way to release the rest, with the power of the dark spores we can release them", Daemon said, went Lucemon heard about that, he decided to release him.


"That man Oikawa has cloned the dark spore, and with all the dark spore that are now we can release the rest from the dark zone". Daemon explained, Lucemon still was angry for the actions of Daemon, but this was a great opportunity to let it pass.

"Fine we'll go with your idea, but Daemon I'll not tolerated your behaviors anymore feel lucky that I still need you, if the rest were here now, I have killed before you started to talk"

"Hmph…", Daemon know very well that the power of Lucemon was higher than his.

"First we are going to investigate this Oikawa guy, if he has the power of darkness, we could make him an useful pawn, Daemon this time both of us will go to the real world, but first".

Lucemon started to concentrate dark energy in his hands and formed and inverse pentagram.

"I summon you my loyal demon come with your minions, and serve me once again", with that a black shadow appeared from the inverse pentagram.

"I live to serve you my lord Lucemon", the shadow said, and revealed his true form.

"Come our time has come… Murmukusmon", replied the Demon Lord and Murmukusmon smiled. "I want you summon some of your minions", with that said Murmukusmon open a path to another dimension.

"Come my soldiers I command you, Callismon, Cerberusmon and Mephistomon", The three ultimate level digimon appeared". Murmukusmon was staring to Daemon, Murkmukusmon was thinking that Daemon wasn't loyal enough to have the title of Great Demon Lord.

"Hey Daemon, were are your precious Daemon corps…, JAJAJA… don't tell me they were destroyed and you come back in defeat JAJAJA!" Murmukusmon and his minions were laughing at him, Daemon was furious but he already have angered Lucemon enough to be destroyed, so he remained silent .

"Stop Murmukusmon, I don't need fight between us right now… je, but you are pretty sharp on these things, like I remember, jeje".

And with that Lucemon open a portal to the real world and all demon digimon crossed it.

In the real world, Blackwargreymon has beginning his search for Oikawa and the digidestined were watching carefully the children with the dark spores. Lucemon and the rest have arrived to this world too, Lucemon and Daemon were carefully watching the children and Murmukusmon and his minions had to keep and eye on Oikawa till Lucemon gave the order to interfere.

Meanwhile Blackwargreymon who had found Oikawa was in his pursuit to finally tracked down to a shrine in a mount (the one where Oikawa and Iori's grandpa meet in the series), he had one of the child with the dark spore, and the rest of the digidestined (Taichi, Koushiro, Miyako, Daisuke, Ken, Takeru, Hikari and Iori) also had followed them.

"You should not exist in this world!", Yelled Blackwargreymon to Oikawa, and he was going to attack him, but Mummymon and Arukerimon put in front to protect Oikawa.

"Stop BlackWargreymon!", Said Wargreymon who appeared behind him from the sky

"Don't stop me!, GET OUT MY WAYYY!", and Blackwargreymon pushed away Wargreymon and continue his charge.

Daisuke and Ken look to each other and nodded with they heads.



Veemon digimon to… Exveemon.

Wormmon digimon to… Stigmon.

Exveemon… Stigmon… DNA Digimon to… Paildramon

Paildramon digimon to… ImperialDramon

Imperialdramon change Mode to… Fighter Mode

And Imperialdramon put him between Oikawa and Blackwargreymon

"Are you going to interfere too?", and Blackwargreymon attacked with his claws, but Imperialdramon blocked with his arms, meanwhile Oikawa was extracting the dark spore from the child.

"We won't let you do that!, Armadillomon!", Iori said.

Armadillomon digimon to… Ankylomon

"Patamon we are going too", Takeru tell to his digimon.

"Yes Takeru", replied his partner.

Patamon digimon to… Angemon

"Iori!", Takeru said.

"Oikawa let that girl go!", Exclaimed Taichi.

"I'm afraid I cannot do that", He responded.

Ankylomon… Angemon… DNA digimon to… Shakkoumon.

The digievolution of Patamon caught the attention of Murmukusmon and the other demon digimons.

"I thought all the angel have died in the last war", said a concerning Murmukusmon with what he have just discovered.

"Yes, the last ones of the angels died sealing the demon army in the dark area", Answer Mephistomon to his lord.

"Should we take care of him?", asked Cerberumon.

"No, we don't know why or how they are still angels here, and maybe he is not the only one", Murmukusmon was thinking and take a decision, "Callismon go and inform lord Lucemon about this, the rest of us we'll stay here and observe what happen".

"Yes my lord", And Callismon disappeared in the middle of the air.

…Back to the digidestined.

"Hikari let's fight too", Gatomon said.

"Yes", She answer and look to Miyako, and she look back to Hikari, the both of them nodded to each other.

"Hawkmon!", Miyako yelled.

Hawkmon digimon to… Aquilamon.

Aquilamon… Gatomon… DNA digimon to… Silphymon.

Shakkoumon and Silphymon tried to stop Oikawa but were stopped by Mummymon and Arukerimon, while Oikawa was almost done with the extraction of the dark spore.

"Guys you need to stop him before he obtain the power of the dark spore", Koushiro said.

In other place, Lucemon and Daemon were looking for the other children with dark spore.

"It's look like the dark spore cannot be taking by us, they are incomplete, that Oikawa guy must have done something to the spores so we cannot steal it even if you had get the children you couldn't have done anything Daemon", A disappointed Lucemon was looking to Daemon, and continued, "We have no other option than use that Oikawa guy, but that could be troublesome for us, if he suspect from us, we'll not be able to get the spores, especially since you tried to take it by force, we need a way to gain his trust"

"There was another being inside him we can use him, I'm almost sure that he is the one who have the power to extract the dark spore", replied Daemon, in that moment Callismon appeared in front of both Demon Lords.

"Lord Lucemon I have an urgent report", Callismon said,

"Speak", answer Lucemon and Callismon resumed his report to him, after Lucemon hear about the angel digimon that Murmukusmon have spotted, he turn to Daemon, he wants answer about this news, Daemon have already fought against the digidestined and he never mentioned about an angel digimon or more to Lucemon.

"What is the meaning of this Daemon?", The furious digimon exclaimed.

"Lucemon, I have fighting against him, he is not for your worries, is a new type, a metal angel digimon, but he cannot pass the ultimate level, he is and aberration, a dead end, his core is fusion with other digimon, even for the ultimate level he is weak for angel digimon", Daemon tried to explain that Shakkoumon was no a treat for them.

"I'm not worry about that hybrid, but the fact that an angel digimon still exist… it could alter our plans, we are going to were the rest are, and Daemon you and I are not over yet", Lucemon ended his phrase and the 3 digimon took direction to were Murmukusmon and the other were.

Back to the temple WarGreymon and Imperialdramon were still fighting with Blackwargreymon, while Mummymon and Arukerimon had not let Silphymon or Shakkoumon interfere with Oikawa's scheme, in that moment Lucemon had reunited with the rest of his minions, he noticed immediately about the being inside Oikawa, and thought a good way to make him cooperate in his plans.

"So that how is it…, Mephistomon can you open a telepathic path so I can speak with the being inside the guy but don't let the human noticed", Lucemon said.

"Of course my lord", he replied immediately and open a channel so Lucemon can speak with the being inside Oikawa.

"I know what you want to accomplish", Lucemon said to the mysterious being.

"What? Who are you?, Where are you?", the being responded.

"I'll conserve my identity as a secret for now, but I can tell you this, I know what are you planning, you want to use the power of the dark spores to open a path to the illusion world, very clever, considering you don't posses a body, that the only place you could exist by your own", Lucemon explained.

"Tch, and what if that's what I want", The mysterious being responded.

"I need, the power of those dark spores to my plans as well"

"Je, I have no intention to give up on my plans to help you"

"No, but I can offer you a better trade for the spores, I have the power to extract you scent from that human guy and gave it a physical form, you can regain your body more stronger than you were and without being limited to only exist in the illusion world, tell me it's not a good deal" Lucemon tried to persuade him.

"Yeah it is, but I'm no servant of anybody", Responded the being.

"Don't be conceited!, I'm much stronger than you I can end your plans right here, right now!" exclaimed Lucemon.

"If you destroy me you would never have the spores", The being responded.

"I could use other methods to accomplish my goals, but the only certain thing is I can put at end to all your ambitions and… your revenge, you want revenge against those children, don't be so negative I reward very well those who serve me, let me show you my good will to you, you can conserve the spore that you are taking now as gift to you, and I'll cover your escape, we have a deal?, Ended asking Lucemon.

"… Fine, is better than nothing", the being finally accepted to help Lucemon.

Then Oikawa finished to take the dark spore, he could feel the power of darkness running inside of him, he gave the order to Arukerimon and Mummymon so the three of them could retreat, Blackwargreymon finally take of Wargreymon and Imperialdramon of his way and went to stop Oikawa.

"Callismon, Cerberumon, Mephistomon, stop that outsider", Lucemon said to his minions.

"Yes my lord", The three digimon answered and go to intercept Blackwargreymon.

"Murmukusmon if those other two try to interfere block their way", Lucemon said without looking to Murmukusmon, and he without responded disappeared in the air. "Daemon you stay with me, is no good if they saw us now, they could ruin my plan, I don't need any more problems".

"You aren't going anyway Oikawa!", Said Blackwargreymon and went after him but his path was blocked.

Emerald Blaze

Rodeo Bullet

Both attack hit Blackwargreymon and he fell to the ground, after that the three digimons who stopped his way landed in the ground to block the path to the rest of digimons and the digidestined.

"Who are you?", Taichi asked.

"The only think you need to know is we are your enemies", When Mephistomon ended his phrase Cerberumon and Callismon disappeared and appeared in front of Shakkoumon and Silphymon.

Emerald Blaze

Rodeo Bullet

Both attacks make a direct hit against their opponents, Silphymon and Shakkoumon devolved to their four original forms.





The four kids cried loud and go to take them in their arm, Callismon and Cerberumon returned to the side of Mephistomon, Imperialdramon and Wargreymon notice the attack of these three digimon and took the way to confront them, but in an instant they were surrounded by fire.

"Sorry but you are not going to interfere", Tell a black shadow that could be see in the flames.

"You are not going to stop us", Wargreymon said and both digimons prepare to attack the shadow.

Terra Force

Positron Blazer

"Je, fools".

Gehenna Blaze

Suddenly sea of flames was covering the two mega digimons, when the sea of flames stopped the three rookie digimon were falling to the ground and the mysterious shadow had disappeared with the fire, Taichi, Daisuke and Ken see they digimon falling from the sky and were to catch them. While Blackwargreymon have stand up and was preparing to attack the three new enemies.

"Are you going to interfere too", Asked Blackwargreymon, but they don't respond instant they put a small smile in they face, like they were mocking him. "You'll see now!", and he charged with his claws.

"Is you the one who is going to see", Mephistomon said.

Black Sabbath

Blackwargreymon started to hear a prayer in his ears, and was slowing down to ended stoping his claws in front of Mephistomon neck.

"What is this?", He asked.

"You are just a mere puppet, created from a small quantity of dark energy. Did you really think you can face the true power of darkness, Die like the fool you were!". Mephistomon ended his sentence, the rest of the digidestined were perplexed with what they have listening.

"Y… YOU!", Blackwargreymon tried to pierce his claws on Mephistomon but in that moment the prayers had stopped, and Blackwargreymon disintegrated to small pieces of red data.

"That's it for today, we're going to come back for you brats later", Mephistomon said, and the three dark digimon disappeared.

"No way", Iori said.

"They destroy Blackwargreymon like he was nothing", Miyako was saying while she kneeled in the ground.

"Who were those three?", asked Taichi.

The attack of those digimon have destroyed the moral and the spirit of the children.

In other place Murmukusmon and the rest had reunited with Lucemon and Daemon.

"Excellent work, I have expected nothing less from you guys", Lucemon praised them for they good work.

"Thanks my lord", the four answer to Lucemon.

"Now everything is going like I planned", Lucemon said and started to laugh.