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All the digidestined had gathered in Koushiro's house, Gennai was with them, They were planning a way to rescue Azulongmon. Gennai had located were Luceman maintain Azulongmon captive.

"Azulongmon is in the dark ocean", Gennai said, while showing a map to the rest, Lucemon had put Azulongmon prisoner in a mountain near the sea.

"Is a trap!", Yamato shouted to the rest, "Lucemon obviously let us see how he take Azulongmon".

"Yes, I think the same", Koushiro supported Yamato, "But we don't have other choice, we can't let Azulongmon die".

"If Azulongmon die the digiworld will be destroyed", Gennai explained to the rest how inside of Azulongmon's digicore were the data that maintain the balance of the digital world along with the other Sacred Beast, and if he died the balance will destroyed and the digiworld will follow the same fate.

"But we don't have enough power", Yamato responded, he and the rest know very well that Lucemon had a vast number of servant and most of them were mega level.

"Then we need to drag his attention, while other group go and rescue Azulongmon", Koushiro said, "A group will be the decoy, they will come from the beach, and a small party will go from the forest avoiding the fight and go rescue Azulongmon".

Koushiro explained every detail in his plan, now they need to decide how the were to split in the groups.

"I think Takeru and I should go in the decoy group"; Willis said, that was the logic answer but still left an uneasy felling.

"Is to dangerous, that's what Lucemon want"; Yamato tell to the rest.

"And that why it has to be us", Takeru tell to his brother, "He need to think we had fallen in to his trap to have an opportunity to rescue Azulongmon".

"Still…", Yamato was wordless.

"Yamato is right", Jyou tell, "If you guys go alone he'll suspect as well".

"Then…" Koushiro said, "we should decide the rescue party and the rest will be in the decoy party".

For they flexibility and speed they choose Metalgarurumon and Silphymon will be in the rescue party.

"And you too Terriermon", Willis told to his digimon, "Even if we try to fool Lucemon, he is not going to leave Azulongmon unprotected, they'll need you to secure the rescue". His digimon wasn't happy about the idea but he understood if was necessary to accomplish their goal.

With the groups decided, there was nothing left than let's put their plan in action, Gennai open a gate to the dark ocean, and they crossed it.

In the dark ocean, where Azulongmon was imprisoned.

Azulongmon was cover with black chains to restrain his moves, beside his head was sitting Lucemon.

"They will come soon for you Azulongmon".

"You are not going to have your way Lucemon".

"Ohh, everything is going according to my plans Azulongmon, and you had the best seat to see how I destroy you last hope".

"You're too overconfident about your self, that hasn't changed since the past, and that's going to be your doom Lucemon".

"Enough with the lecture, the actors are assembling in the scenario", Lucemon pointed to where a path that had opened in the beach", "Murmukusmon", he appeared behind Lucemon, "Our guest had come go and receive them".

"Yes, mi lord".

"So this is the dark ocean", Koushiro tell, he never had been there before.

"Is not time to be distracted", Taichi said to him, "Look they're already coming", all of the chosen children look how the demons digimon come to face them.

"Get ready guys!", Daisuke shouted to the group.

Piyomon digimon to… Birdamon

Tentomon digimon to… Kabuterimon

Gomamon digimon to… Ikkakumon

Armdillomon digimon to… Ankylomon

Wormmon digimon to… Stingmon

Veemon digimon to… Exveemon

Birdramon Ultra digimon to… Garudamon

Kabuterimon Ultra digimon to… Megakabuterimon

Ikkakumon Ultra digimon to… Zudomon.

Exveemon… Stingmon… DNA digimon to Paildramon

Paildramon digimon to Imperialdramon

Imperialdramon change Mode to Fighter Mode

Agumon Warp digimon to… Wargreymon

"Are you ready Patamon".

"Yes Takeru".

"Let's go Lopmon".

"I'm ready Willis".

Matrix Evolution

Lopmon digimon to… Cherubimon

Patamon digimon to… Seraphimon

In other part of the dark ocean. Another path has opened in the forest, Yamato, Hikari, Miyako, Silphymon, Metalgarurumon and GoldRapidmon were moving quietly so they could pass unnoticed.

Yamato and Miyako had mounted Metalgarurumon, and GoldRapidmon took Hikari in his back.

"Let's go", Yamato said, the rest nodded, and the six go through the trees.

In the beach, Murmukusmon had come to face the chosen children accompanied with Daemon, Darkdramon, Wisemon, Pharaohmon and Reapermon.

"So, you had come for that old dragon", Daemon tell to the digidestined while taking off his cloak, he gave the order with his hand and the rest of the demons charged to the battle.

"We'll rescue Azulongmon", Cherubimon said, and he prepared to confront his enemies, along with the rest.

Back to where Azulongmon and Lucemon were.

"Did you see Azulongmon, it has begun", Both digimon saw the lights and explosions from the distance battle.

"Even with that number of demons digimon, do you really think they're capable to defeat Seraphimon and Cherubimon combined power?, you should know well that they are two of the most powerful creations of God", Lucemon look with a hatred face to Azulongmon when he heard his answer.

"And what do you know about God!, I glad to remember you that Father disappeared after he created you and the sacred beast, so don't talk like you know Father, Me or the others!".

Talking about the God of the digimons was something that always put Lucemon in a bad mood

"Since I know you, I always have hate you. If I kill you the digiworld would be destroyed, but don't worry, I can assure you that I'll make you wish you have never been created Azulongmon".

"Madness…, you have betray the purpose for your creation Lucemon"

"Tell everything you want Azulongmon, nobody can stop me now!, JAJAJAJAJA!".

While Yamato and his group had finally reached the end of the forest without been noticed, in font of them was the mountain where Azulongmon was held captive.

"Good, the distraction plan worked, let's go!", Yamato tell, he and the rest of the group were going to take the road of the mountain.

Howling Blood

The red attack hit the ground stopping the advance of the chosen children

"Who is it?", Yamato shouted. Malomyotismon descended from the sky cutting the path of the children.

"Did you really think the road to Azulongmon was going to be that easy", The evil digimon said to his opponents.

"Miyako, Hikari, you two continue the way, Metalgarurumon and I are going to take care of him"

"But…", Hikari was going to protest, but she saw the expression in Yamato's face and stopped, "I understand, Let's go Miyako", Miyako took off from Metalgarurumon and she climb to GoldRapidmon's back too.

"Are you implying I'm not going to be able to stop those two from advancing?, interesting…", Malomyotismon said, while Yamato also took off from the back of Metalgarurumon.

"Both of you hold tight in my back", GoldRapidmon told to the girls.

Golden Triangle.

The attack hit on the ground, Goldrapidmon and Silphymon used the smokescreen created to pass flying over Malomyotismon.

"I'm not letting you pass", Malomyotismon was turning around to stop the advance of the two digimon.


Cocytus Breath

The attack hit in the back of Malomyotismon.

"I told you we are you opponents!", Yamato shouted.

"You're going to regret this brat!".

"We have thing to settle from three years ago", Yamato said.

"Yes Yamato", Metalgarurumon added.

"This is for Gotsumon and Pumpkinmon!", Both yelled, and Metalgarurumon charged against Malomyotismon.

While GoldRapidmon and Silphymon were flying the road of the mountain.

"Let's hurry", GoldRapidmon said and Silphymon nodded, both digimon accelerated their fly.

In the battle on the beach…

Seraphimon and Cherubimon were facing Daemon, Murmukusmon and Wisemon, Wargreymon was with Reapermon, and Imperialdramon with Drakdramon, the others were facing Pharaohmon, Ankylomon was protecting the kids.

"Let's go Murmukusmon", Daemon tell to the other demon and both attacked with their flames.

Gehenna Flames

Flame Inferno

The angels responded to the attack.

Heaven's Judgment

Ascension Hallow

The flames crashed with the thunders summoned by the angels creating a big explosion, Wisemon appeared behind the mega angels.

"This end now!".

Eternal Nirvana

The orbs he holds in his hands expanded and imprisoned Seraphimon and Cherubimon.

"Now both of you will be sealed for the eternity".

"He made it!", Yelled Murmukusmon.

But the orbs started to shine.

Seven Heavens

Lightning Spear

The attacks broke the orbs and hit Wisemon who fall in the sea.

"Wisemon", Murmukusmon shouted.

"Those damn angels never die!", Yelled Daemon, and both demons restarted their battle.

While Wargreymon was dealing with Reapermon.

Terra Force

Reapermon dodged the attack and charged.

Bone Duster

Wargreymon was hitting from the attack, but he recover in time, the judgment sickle of Reapermon clashed against Wargreymon's dramon claws, Reapermon, both showed the same strength, without allowing the other completed their attacks, finally they separated from each other.

Imperialdramon was having problems with Darkdramon, his attacks don't make enough damage cause of the armor of Darkdramon.

"Fool my armor is make it from one of the rarest digizoid alloys that exist. I'll let you experience the different!", Darkdramon approached in high speed to Imperialdramon to make a melee attack.

Gigastick Lance

Imperialdramon tried to blocked with the arm were hi had his positron laser.

"I told you this is useless!", The attack broke the laser and the armor in Imperialdramon's arm.


The chosen children were watching the problems of Imperialdramon.

"He is strong, too strong"; Ken said.

"There is anything we can do?", Daisuke asked, Koushiro used his laptop looking for the weakness of the Darkdramon's digizoid.

"Use the sea water!", Koushiro shouted, "His armor loose the speed in the water".

Imperildramon heard the instructions of his partners and descended to the sea level.

"You're not going to escape!", Darkdramon was following him.

When Imperialdramon was closer to the sea, he used the cannon in his chest.

Giga Death

The blast hit the water producing a wave who cover both mega level digimons.

"Bastard!", Yelled Darkdramon and both resumed their battle, but the speed of Darkdramon had fell harshly.

The other three ultimate level were stopping Pharaohmon from getting near the digidestined, But it's look like Pharaohmon was toying with them. Wisemon who had come back to the surface look.

"Pharaohmon if you had time to play come and help us!", Wisemon shouted, they were having problems dealing with the angels digimon, and Pharaohmon was playing around, that angered Wisemon.

"Okay, okay", Pharaomon looked seriously to the three ultimate digimon "sorry the playtime is over".

Decayer Ring

The attack hit the three digimons, Pharaohmon turn around and was going to were the other battle was occurring.

"Too easy…ugh what!", The Zudomon's hammer had piercing him from the back.

"How is this possible!", he asked, "Simples commoners defeating me?".

"We always had faced enemies more powerful than us", Garudamon said.

"You were too confident in your power Pharaohmon, that was your mistake", added Zudomon.

Wing Blade

Horn Buster

The attacks hit Pharaohmon destroying him.

"I can't be defeated like this!", He yelled while he exploded.

"Let's aid the others", Zudomon said, while his hammer returned to him, the other nodded.

"That imbecile fool!", Shouted Wisemon went he saw the destruction of Pharaohmon.

Reapermon also look the dead of his comrade,

"Where are you looking?", Asked Wargreymon.

"Damn it, I'll end this now!".

Burning Cyclone

"We have to see that first!".

Great Tornado

Both whirlwinds clashed with fierce power, till both passed each other, leaving only the two digimons.

"Ugh…", Reapermon said, and his scythe broke apart, "It can't be my judgment sickle!".

"I'll end this!".

Terra Force

Reapermon was still stunned for the break of his weapon that he don't even try to avoid the attack.

"UHGAAAA!…", Reapermon also was destroyed.

Back to Lucemon and Azulongmon…

"Look like your soldier are no match for the power justice Lucemon", The dragon told to fallen angel.

"Yeah, they're a bunch of incompetent, but don't worry Azulongmon as always I have triumph card in my sleep".

"What do you mean?".

"The dark spores don't had the enough power, so I needed your power to release them, that's why I captured you, the power of your spheres were of a lot of help Azulongmon".

"You couldn't possible…".

"Yes Azulongmon, I already bring the bad, the evil, and thanks to you I also bring the WORST!", The fallen angel was laughing to the impotence of the dragon, "Mephistomon", He said and his servant appeared.

"Yes my lord Lucemon".

"It's look like some ants are trying to rescue Azulongmon, I leave him in your care".

"Yes my lord". Lucemon took the fly in direction of where the others angels were fighting, Azulongmon tried to release him from the chains, but was useless, he could only see how the fallen angel take his way.

Miyako and Hikari arrived when Lucemon wasn't at sight, they saw how the evil digimons had imprisoned the sacred beast, both girls took off of GoldRapidmon's back.

"How Horrible", Hikari told, Both digimons were going to release him but Mephistomon cut their way.

"Move Mephistomon!", Yelled GoldRapidmon, and he tried to punch him, but Mephistomon dodged.

"I can't allow you rescue Azulongmon"

"Then I'll open a path to rescue him, even if I have to destroy you", GoldRapidmon Answer.

"How daring of yourself, I'll allow you to see my real power".

Mephistomon digimon to… Gulfmon



Gulfmon is a Demon Beast Digimon, built like a beastial winged centaur. He lurks within the deepest parts of the Dark Area but appears on the surface in order to destroy it. The mouth of his lower torso is said to be connected with an abyss in the Dark Area, and if inhaled, an opponent's DigiCore is smashed to piece.

"Now the real battle begin".

Black Requiem

The dark energy hit Silphymon who devolved to Gatomon and Hawkmon.


"Hawkmon!", Both grabbed their digimons, GoldRapidmon saw how easily he defeated Silphymon. Even for him the battle was going to be difficult.

In the beach, the flow of the battle was going in favor of the chosen children, Wisemon was facing Wargreymon now, and Garudamon, Megakabuterimon and Zudomon were aiding Imperialdramon.

Lucemon appeared in the middle of the battle between the angels and demons digimons, all the others also stop their fights when they saw him.

"Lucemon", Taichi said, and the chosen children look at the leader of the demon digimons.

"Finally the boss had come too!", Daisuke shouted, "Now the rest can rescue Azulongmon!".

"Be quiet Daisuke, don't warn him about the plan", Ken told, and Daisuke cover his mouth with his hands.

"Seraphimon, Cherubimon, this is your last chance surrender and swear loyalty to me now and I'll spear your lives"

"We'll never let you enslave all the digimons", Cherubimon answer to Lucemon.

"We're going to stop all your evil deeds", Seraphimon responded.

"What a pity… you leave me no others choice brothers", Lucemon raised his hand and gave a signal.

A shadow from the sea started to appear where Imperialdramon and the rest were fighting.


A gigantic jaws come from the sea and attacked Imperialdramon breaking most of his armor, he devolved to Veemon and Wormmon, Garudamon catched both of them.

"Who's that!", Garudamon asked.

"Another enemy!", Megakabuterimon also asked.

Another shadow appeared near to where the chosen children were, Ankylomon put himself in front of the kids to protect them.

"Who are you!", he asked.

Double Impact

The impact of the attack also make Ankylomon devolve to Armadillomon, The rest of the digimons took direction to protect they partners, Seraphimon and Cherubimon could only see how the enemies appeared and attacked their friends. When Garudamon and Megakabuterimon were approaching to the beach other shadow was coming from the sky.


Both digimons tried to avoid the attack from the sky but eventually they were hitting and they devolved too, the four rookie digimons come to the shore thanks to waves of the sea, they partner had come to assist them.

Zudomon who had reached the coast without been attacked was trying to protect the kid but other shadow appeared in front of his eyes.

Crimson Flame

The flames covered Zudomon who ended devolving too.

"STOP!", Wargreymon yelled, he was the only one remaining that could protect the chosen children.

Seraphimon and Cherubimon were going to aid Wargreymon but another shadow appeared in their way.

Darkness Love

The angels were hitting and his way was blocked.

"Seraphimon, Cherubimon, let me present you the rest of the gang", Lucemon said and the shadows disappeared and the digimons show their true faces.


Demon Lord Digimon, One of the "Seven Great Demon Lords", it represents Mercury and the sin of Envy. Called the "Devil Beast" out of terror of the exceedingly mighty power that it possesses, it is the strongest monster existing in the Digital World. This extensive monster, said to possess gigantic jaws which could guzzle even the Digital World, is reported to sleep in the depths of the Net Ocean nearest to the Dark Area, and if it is awakened it will despise any Digimon at the top, and will run away even from Angel Digimon, much less other Demon Lord Digimon. However, as the existence of the limits on Digimon are decoded, its own appears similar to nothingness, and it is said that it builds the foundation for the existence of wickedness in the Digital World.


Demon Lord Digimon, One of the "Seven Great Demon Lords", it represents Mars and the sin of Sloth. It is said that Belphemon Sleep Mode awakens from its eternal slumber once in a thousand years. When it awakens, it regains its natural shape and changes into an incarnation of rage, and anything that enters its field of vision becomes a target for destruction. It is said that just by suffering Belphemon Rage Mode's roar, Ultimate Digimon and below will have their data disintegrated and will instantly die, and not even Mega Digimon can escape unharmed.


Demon Lord Digimon, One of the "Seven Great Demon Lords", it has the appearance of a bearded old-man and represents Saturn and the sin of Greed, Residing within the heart of the Dark Area, the Den of the Demons, it manipulates Fallen Angel Digimon to carry out evil to its limit. It is obsessed with all of the treasure which exists within the Network, so out of avarice, and regardless of the means, it has a cruel personality with a greed that would kill Digimon just for a piece of treasure. It is the foremost and most cunning schemer of the Seven Great Demon Lords.


Demon Lord Digimon, One of the "Seven Great Demon Lords", it represent Venus and the sin of Gluttony. While it possesses the power to command the many Demon Digimon, it dares to observe a solitary existence. It is said that it could stand at the peak of the dark army, "Nightmare Soldiers", if it cared to, although it is also said that there exists a Demon Lord Digimon which surpasses even Beelzemon. It possesses its favorite shotgun "Berenjena", and rides on the gigantic motorcycle-type machine, "Behemoth". Although its personality is cruel and merciless, it is also exceedingly prideful, so it would never attack the weak.


Demon Lord Digimon, One of the "Seven Great Demon Lords", it has the appearance of a woman and represents the Moon and the sin of Lust. known as the "Goddess of Darkness". It confounds its opponents with its bewitchingly lovely appearance, and it is said that those who are taken in by its temptations are invariably granted death. Its reputation as the "Goddess of Darkness" is appropriate, as it is tolerant to wickedness, but offers only cold-hearted inhumanity to goodness. The demonic "Nazar Nail" on its right arm corrodes everything it touches.

"They are the others Demons Lords", Kooshiro told to the other chosen children, "With Lucemon and Daemon, The Seven Great Demons Lords had assembled here!".

"Great, why they never get tired of pop-up one after another!", Shouted Daisuke.

Lucemon was confident with his Demons Lords in battlefield now.

"Darkdramon, Wisemon, Murmukusmon, take care of those brats, the rest of us are going to show to Seraphimon and Cherubimon, why all call us the Seven Great Demons Lords".

The Demons Lords who were on the coast took direction to were Lucemon was, Beelzemon was riding in Leviamon's back the rest were flying. Murmukusmon and the others had surrounded the kids, only Wargreymon could to defend the chosen children, He took a battle stance.

"Then brothers lets begin the show", The Demons Lords had begun their attacks on the angels digamous.

Chaos Flare

Daemon attacked Seraphimon, he cover himself with his arm, after the explosion Barbamon was in front of him.

Pandemonium Lost

Seraphimon couldn't avoid the attack and received all the damage, he was falling.

"Seraphimon!", Cherubimon tried to aid him, but Belphemon stopped him.

"Get out of my way!", The angel yelled, but the demon only respond with an attack.

Gift of Darkness

Heavens Judgment

Both attack collided, Cherubimon was going to attack again but other two demon attacked him.


Darkness Claws

Nazar Nail

Cherubimon was hit by both attacks and he also was falling to the sea, but there was no break for the angels Leviamon was waiting them in the sea.


Leviamon's tails hit both of them and throw them back to the sky. Belphemon and Beelzemon who was grabbed from one of Belphemon legs had come to receive the angels. Seraphimon look both demons approaching to them, and somehow he managed to attack them.

Seven Heavens

The attack hit both demons, but a third demon had come from Seraphimon's back.

Slash Nail

Daemon had stabbed Seraphimon from behind.

"Ugh…", Seraphimon hit him with his elbow to separated from him. Barbamon also appeared in front of Cherubimon.

Crimson Flame

Both angels were receiving a great amount of damage without been able to counterattack. The others chosen children could only see in horror how both digimon were been lynched by the Seven Great Demons Lords.

Seraphimon and Cherubimon were back to back, surrounded by the Demons Lords, Both had take it heavily damage.

"We have played enough, Let's end this", Daemon said, The others demons agreed with him.

"Wait!", Lucemon told to the others demons, and he charged to attack.

Paradise Lost

Neither of could defend against Lucemon attack, both were sending flying above the sky, when they were descending Lucemon Grabbed them by their necks.

"Now both of you would feel the power of darkness", Dark energy was coming from Lucemon's hands, and was covering both angels. The chosen children were seeing everything from the coast.

Back to where Azulongmon was held prisioned.

"No!, the darkness!", Hikari kneeled, and put her hands on her head, Gatomon was trying to see what had happen to her.

"Hikari hang in there". Gulfmon took advantage of the situation and attacked her.

Black Requiem

GoldRapidmon put himself in the way of the attack, using his body as a shield to protect them, he managed to block the attack, but the explosion created make it Hikari and Gatomon fall from the cliff. After the explosion Miyako looked around and noticed that neither Hikari or Gatomon were in the nearby area.

"Where is Hikari?", She asked, Goldrapidmon also looked and cannot find the girl or her digimon partner, "Don't tell me he fell from the cliff", Miyako approached to board of the cliff, "HIKARI!, GATOMON!", but there was no answer.

"You will regret that Gulfmon", GoldRapidmon was angry.

Golden Triangle

He resumed the battle but with more fury than before.

Back to the battle in the sky. The dark energy was flowing from Lucemon to Seraphimon and Cherubimon.

"Feel it, feel the power of darkness brothers", The flow of dark energy had stopped and Lucemon released them, a dark aura was covering them, and something happen to them.

Seraphimon Fallen Mode

Cherubimon Fallen Mode

(ShadowSeraphimon and Cherubimon Evil for those who don't know them).

"Welcome my brothers, now the fun just begin, JAJAJAJAJAJA!…".


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