A/N: Okay...So I've seen quite a few of these floating around in other fandoms and I figured I would give it a try. Keep in mind, the truths are for the way that I see the character, not how wikipedia tells me they act.

I will be using all of the character eventually, but I'm starting out with the lesser known ones. Because I love them and it's harder for your oppinion to be swayed by other stories.

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1. Ray thinks of Jamie as his younger brother, as such, he does not approve of the younger mutants friendship with Pyro in the slightest.

2. Ray is one of the few people that sympathizes with Todd, one of the few people that doesn't mind the fact he doesn't bathe frequently. That's because water's a difficult thing for Ray to handle too.

3. He used to be a Morlock, which isn't widely known fact.

4. An even less known fact is that he left the Morlocks without a second thought. They hadn't been family to him, they hadn't even been team-mates. They were just a bunch of mutants living in the same place. So he took the offer at help controlling his powers.

5. Ray was one of the only people that did not vote for Bobby to become leader of the New Mutants.

6. While Ray understands the reason that they gave him the code-name 'Berzerker', he still resents it. He's not the only mutant there that loses control of his powers frequently, so he doesn't get why he's the only one whose name reflects that fact.

7. Ray can't swim. He was never taught how as a child, and now that he has people to teach him, his powers keep him from learning how.

8. Ray doesn't trust Xavier in the slightest. No one with that much power, and mind-altering abilities, can be as good as he plays out to be.

9. Ray doesn't actually 'mind' Kitty's cooking. His cooking is much worse than hers after all.

10. Ray has been rejected by every girl at the institute but one.

11. Ray isn't sure why he hasn't asked Tabby out yet. She's the only girl there that he actually likes.

12. Ray doesn't care about his grades, has never cared about his graves, and despite what the teachers at the institute keep telling him, he never will.

13. Ray is a very accomplished driver. He doesn't actually have a license, because the teachers think that he'll be 'road-rage', but he's driven plenty of times in the past. And he's a better driver than Scott could ever dream of being.

14. When Ray first moved into the X-Mansion, he had a serious smoking problem.

15. Ray used to have his left ear pierced in three places. He took them out once he heard about Magneto.

16. Ray is absolutely terrified of spiders.

17. The day that the mansion lost power, and every light bulb in the building blew up, was the day that Ray woke up with a wolf-spider on his face.

18. Ray has always loved thunder storms. Even when he didn't have his powers, he would spend hours sitting outside in the rain.

19. Ray is a very talented pick-pocket. Talented enough that he was able to pick Logan's pocket and get eight and a half steps away from the much older mutant before he was stopped. And that was before he had X-Men training.

20. He doesn't know about the other mutants in the house, or their enemies, but Ray would much rather fight the original team of X-Men than the other New Recruits any day. After all, the original team doesn't have anything to prove.

21. There would be a lot less broken light bulbs in the mansion if the teachers got smart and let Ray have a room by himself. Or with any other New Mutant but Sam Guthrie.

22. Though he isn't about to tell any one, Ray actually misses having Evan as a room-mate. They had a lot in common.

23. Ray has tried every hair-gel known to Bayville, and several imported from other states, but it's impossible to smooth down his hair completely

24. Ray wasn't involved in the whole 'stealing-the-X-vehicles' fiasco. He was one of the only New Recruits that wasn't but they had been punished as a whole so he still had to clean the X-Jet.

25. Ray didn't like Scott when he first met him, something about the older mutant just bothered him. He didn't actually start 'hating' Scott until he saw how he treated the other mutants, the New Recruits and Jamie more so than the older X-Men.

26. Ray isn't afraid of Logan. He isn't afraid of Xavier either. Or Beast or Jean or any of the other students. He is however terrified of Storm.

27. Ray is currently developing a fear of 'water'. It's just a lingering thought in the back of his mind that if he lost control of his powers during a rain storm or near a sprinkler that was getting him wet, he could very easily electrocute himself.

28. Before his mutation struck, Ray actually had completely blond hair.

29. Ray isn't stupid. Just because know one bothers to tell him, or any of the other New Mutants, anything doesn't mean that he doesn't already know. He see that resemblance in Mystique and Nightcrawler, and he noticed that Darkholme disappeared the same time that Mystique did. It's a miracle that everyone hasn't yet.

30. One of these days, Ray's not going to be able to take the mansion and its inhabitants any more and he'll end up leaving. So maybe there's a reason that he still has an attitude, or hasn't asked Tabby out yet, he just doesn't want to admit it.