A/N: Wow. I have no idea how this chapter turned out so horribly. Todd is, without a doubt, one of my absolute favorite characters in the entire series. And this si what I wrote for him. I should be shot for this. I'm so, so sorry everyone.

1. Todd never thought Magneto was right. Even back at the very beginning, he thought the idea of mutants being a superior race then the humans was stupid.

2. He joined with Magneto anyway because he didn't have anywhere else to go.

3. Todd lived on the streets for almost five years. Three of those years were spent trying to scrape by in New York City's back alleys.

4. Summer is his favorite time of the year; it's warm, there's no school, and there are bugs a plenty.

5. Cold is not something that he can deal well with. Like the animal he's named after, he's cold-blooded. The cold slows him down and puts him into a state of near-hibernation.

6. Winter is the only time that Lance doesn't yell at him, or Pietro, for hogging all of the blankets.

7. Todd can fix just about any piece of electronic that Lance gets his hands on. Tvs, phones, fridges. He can get them all up and running without a thought.

8. Even cars and planes are not immune to Todd's magic fingers. He's hot-wired them both before.

9. The Friends Of Humanity have captured Todd twice since he joined the Brotherhood and three times before he joined them...

10. He's never told anyone what happened to him that first time to make him so terrified of the group.

11. Todd is also a master at picking the power-exterminating collars that they place on mutants when they capture them. He's gotten everyone in the Brotherhood out of them at one point or another.

12. The X-Men see Kurt and Todd as having a long standing rivalry. The Brotherhood can tell that there's more to it then that.

13. Most fights, Todd and Kurt's scuffles turn into a twisted game of mutant tag.

, he's gone under a new transformation. The slime on his tounge has the ability to numb the mind of whoever it touches for as long as it's touching them. During this time, Todd has full control over whoever he's touching.

15. He's stronger then the X-Men give him credit for. The muscles in each leg have the power in them to shatter walls.

16. He just doesn't use that strength in fights because he doesn't want to kill anyone.

17. Todd has webbing between all of his fingers. It's not horribly noticable, but it is there.

18. There's a reason that Todd only takes a shower once a month and it isn't because he doesn't like to bathe. It's because that his mutation has made his skin extremely sensitive and everything except for the expensive soaps burn.

19. Everyone in the Brotherhood has something wrong with them. Todd's problem is depression. He's had it for years.

20. Back before he joined the Brotherhood, Todd tried to kill himself. It was Scott that saved him, though the X-Man doesn't seem to remember doing that now.

21. His yellow teeth? That's a part of his mutation. It doesn't matter how much he brushes them, they just stay yellow.

22. Todd is an amazing swimmer. He taught himself when he was younger and, thanks to his mutation, has just gotten better over the years.

23. He can hold his breath for over three minutes.

24. Todd learnt that he could do that when Storm threw him off of a barge and into the ocean. It took three hours for Pietro to find him.

25. Wolverine and Storm are the two members of the X-Men that he fears the most. Wolverine for the same reasons everyone fears him, Storm because he still has occasional spasms from the time she zapped him.

26. When he's with his team, he can get more than a little snarky.

27. He's not an idiot. He knows that Wanda hates him. But he doesn't care and he's not going to let her be. After all that she's been through, he figures that she needs someone she can trust even if it's not someone she can love.

28. There's a special part in his heart reserved for how much he hates Xavier. Because he sees it as being the Proffesors fault he had to join Mystique. If he hadn't been given that stupid test, which no one else went through, then he might have ended up joining them.

29. Ciggarettes mess with his mutation. They change something in his slime, turning it acidic. That doesn't stop him from digging one out of a pocket and taking a drag when things get really tough.

30. Everyone in the Brotherhood house knows how to drive. Second to Lance, Todd is the best out of them all.