Well here it is my new OneShot! Hope you all like it!

Disclaimer: I do not own Shugo Chara or any of the characters, but if I did Amuto since the beginning with out Tadase, I don't hate him I just think Ikuto suites Amu better. Any way here it is!/(^~^)/

Yes! I thought when I opened the pantry door and saw the Chips Ahoy in the middle shelf. I grabbed the whole pack and ran upstairs to my room. I closed the door behind me when I was in, the room was quite my parents went somewhere with Ami and Ran, Miki and Su went to meet the rest of the charas on request of Kiseki. So the house was in complete silence well except for the light humming that came from the washing machine downstairs. So I decided to enjoy the peaceful quite, I don't mean to be mean but I hadn't had any quite in awhile. I opened the pack of Chips Ahoy and took a cookie; I took two bites finishing the cookie off.

"Mmmm so sweet" I said.

Geez I sound like a certain some one haha Yaya. I went to sit on my bed and placed the cookies next to me on the bed. I placed one of the cookies on my lips before I bit in to it, just then I felt something grab my hand and I immediately opened my eyes. I saw two sapphire orbs looking straight at me.

'Oi it's the ice cream thing all over again!' I thought blushing and just as I was about to pull away he leaned forward and kissed me! It was a tender kiss nothing to over the top just a gentle passionate kiss. He pulled away and kept his forehead on mine I blushed crimson ' he kissed me w-wha-wha whaa!'

Then he whispered to me so "do you think cookies are still the sweetest?"

"Um well I-I-I- um" I hid me face with my bangs and finished my response "no I don't think th-ther that s-sw-sweet anymore.."

"Hmm some how I knew you would react that way" he chuckled as he took me in his arms.

"Oi Ikuto!" but I didn't move away from his hug, it felt too right.

Then I mumbled, "You now I should really lock the balcony door more often." he only chuckled even more.

Thanks to you RxR!0~