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Run just run

I just kept on running. Raining pouring down hard even in the thick trees. My legs were beginning to slow a little by now. The soles of my feet bare and tore. My lungs burn for every breath. My heart aches for somewhere warm and dry. I badly wanted to stop but the memory of that face, those red eyes full of hate and fury just pushed me harder once again faster. Blood is still lightly running from my head into my eyes is making it very hard to think. As I run more blood spills. I have to think. Where am I even going? So many questions are swirling away in my head like a hurricane. All I know is that I have to go. I have to leave. Get as far away as my legs will carry me from what was my home.

Suddenly my legs just give out from under me. I collapsed into a heap on the floor. I welcomed the rest. I hadn't stopped in hours. I haven't stopped for a real rest since I raced out of the house. I curled up at the base of a tree. I just wanted to die. What was the point of living now? My mum is dead. I never even knew my dad. I had no one now. I hadn't been strong enough. Even though a jolt of adrenaline had burned though me as I raced to my mums side there were just too many of them. I managed to knock a few to the floor, throw a few punches. But I wasn't strong enough to save my mum. She was always much weaker than me so was easily overcome. Her voice is still ringing in my ears "Bella. Just go. Just get out. Run." There were my mum's last words to me. We had been strong enough last time. The last time they came for us. The scar still marks my wrist to this day. But my mum had grown weaker lately her asthma getting worse.

It had begun too rain much harder now. I pulled my jacket further around me. Resting my head against the hard rough bark of a large oak. My legs are numb and shivers are rolling violently through me. A crack of lighting lit the dark sky just for a spilt second before I am back into the midnight darkness. Drops of rain were hitting my face gently washing away the dried blood and tears. I closed my eyes and just waited to die.

"Hello" an unfamiliar velvet voice said close to my head. I looked up into a pair of honey golden eyes looking down at me. Those eyes were set into the most gorgeous face I have ever seen. Pale white skin set in stark contrast to a mess of deep red hair darkened by the rain.

"Hello…who are… are… you?" I mumbled barely stifling a spine chilling shivers running through my whole body. I was freezing. I was soaked from head to toe.

" I am Edward Cullen. Who are you? What are you doing out here all alone?" Edward asked

"I… am…Bella…Swan…" I stuttered another shiver breaking my voice.

"You're freezing. We better get you out of this rain." Edward said as he removed his tan leather jacket handing it over to me.

"I…am…fine…don't… worry… about…me." I don't want to get out of the rain. I was happy in the rain. I just wanted to die. They would just catch up with me soon anyway. So why not make their job easier.

"You're not fine you are going to freeze to death. Come with me my dad, Carlisle, is a doctor." Edward said as he wrapped his jacket around my shoulders anyway despite my arguments.

"Fine I'll come. Where am I?" the extra layer from his jacket already warming me slightly. Even though the coat its self was icy cold.

"You're in forks, Washington." With no more word than that Edward scoped me up off the floor cradling me against his icy cold chest. My head rested carefully against his shoulder trying to stop the tears that flowed down my cheeks.

As the tears began to dry I realised I should feel scared. I should be arguing in with him to put me down. But instead I was holding on to him, clutching him close as if he was my last chance. As very well he is.